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Delta Burke owns this thread she was very thin and curvy when the show started, then blimped out. During his drug rehab, Perry became frighteningly thin.

LeBlanc was usually fighting to keep the weight off. Lisa Nicole Carson was dealing with a bipolar disorder and became enormously heavy before leaving the series. In the meantime, the other female cast members were pressured allegedly by David PK himself to keep their weight down, and with the exception of Jane Krakowski, who consistently resembled a healthy adult woman, the others became skeletally thin over the run of the show.

Check out one of the later episodes sometime. Most viewers have no idea how many actors struggle with weight and eating disorders. It's gotten so much worse in the past decade or two.

They were very thin at first. Not an actress, but the much-loathed Kelly Osborne is one who loses drastic amounts of weight quite rapidly, only to regain it all again gradually in front of the camera, again and again. Current topic boy Tom Welling started out young-boy skinny then sort of let himself go in the middle of the series and started looking ripped again toward the last few years.

R2, actually, if you look at shows from the 90's, the weight drop is really frightening. TV actresses today, while still thin, look much more healthy.

And yes, David E. Kelley is to blame for the insane prevalence of eating disorders in the s. In Delta's defense, she was more like a Southern woman when she gained her weight.

It served her character better. R2, I couldn't even watch the latter seasons of Ally MacBeal for that reason. Portia was gorgeous, but, suddenly had the horrid lollipop look, which Calista had down. CF always looked like he left set and was put on several IVs to keep her alive.

Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. Went from husky and barrel-chested to beach ball in a couple of seasons. Delta was drop dead gorgeous in the first couple of seasons when she was thin. When she porked up she started to look like a drag queen playing an aging Southern belle.

R6, I remember when David E. The seriously underfed Calista Flockhart sizes up the equally underfed Lara Flynn Boyle and advises "Maybe you should eat a burger," to which Lara responds, "Maybe we should share one. Yep R12, Alec Baldwin got heavier during 30 rock. But the biggest weight change was Tracey Morgan of stab your gay son fame , he gained so much weight over the show it was shocking.

They even make jokes about it in the later seasons because it wasn't really something that could be ignored. First season of Prison Break he looked amazing, then suddenly turned into a flab. Jessica Alba on Dark Angel also lost a lot of weight between season one and two.

I used to think he was gorgeous but now? In the early seasons he had a lovely body and then plumped and grew a beard. Jonathan Frakes is the male Delta Burke. Started clean shaved and thin then ballooned. The costume department had to keep altering his uniforms. It was even mentioned in the show. Aussie soap time now.

Emily Symons who plays Marilyn Chambers who constantly yo-yos with her weight was fat shamed by the producers. She was whisked up to the producers office asked why she was so fat and told that they have spent a lot of money on her characters clothes and none of them fit. She was told to diet quickly and lose the weight pronto. This was back in the 90s. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They threw a hissy fit at Melissa George for dying her hair red when the character was supposed to be blonde and had a go at Sharni Vinson's over tanned leather skin by making her character get all sun conscious and praising sun screen and saying how bad and gross sunbaking was.

R18, in all honesty, I don't think she won the Oscar for her acting in Boyhood. I think they gave it to her because she allowed herself to be seen as a young sexy woman at the beginning of the film then slowly gain weight and become a heavy middle-aged woman over the course of 3 hours. Actually R2, Matt Perry didn't lose weight because of rehab,but because of his addiction to speed. Ken Olin was so hot the first 3 seasons of Thirtysomething and that last season he ballooned.

And now he looks like Jabba the Hut. Nell Carter was actually at her fattest in the early years of [italic]Gimme A Break! I don't know if he gained it all back. Incidentally, he was was charged with a DUI and speeding earlier this month.

I can't believe no one has mentioned Mariska Hargitay. She's really thickened up the last few years of SVU. They try to disguise it by having her wear long shapeless coats, but it doesn't help much. She's gained a lot in her torso, so much so that she's got linebacker shoulders. Nathan Fillion in "Castle" owns this thread. He turned from a hunky leading man they wanted to a chubster. I remember someone on the DL even said it affected his paycheck because he violated his appearance clause. In the early years she weighed about what was considered normal for a teenage girl in the s.

It wasn't until the Edna's Edibles years that she started gaining weight, and even then she never got into Mindy Cohn territory. Compare this to today when most people are overweight or obese, and they were like the canaries in the coal mine! I remember the actress who played Monica in Friends gained a few pounds. But she went from anorexic to skinny. It was also funny since Monica was supposed to be a chef.

Chefs tend to enjoy food and are not bone thin. Mindy was considered heavy back then, but compared to now, she really isn't that overweight. Plus, she got very svelte towards the last two seasons of the show. The guy who played Leo on Charmed was a hottie when he first joined but gained a lot of weight, especially in his face. By the time the movie was made, he must have doubled in size.

Maybe he ate all the commissary food Laura Flynn Boyle threw away. When Sherry Stringfield returned to ER, she got heavier and heavier with each season. Then she had a baby actress and character and lost the weight. Then she left again. Jared Pada-Whatever got porky at one point in that ghost hunter show. Of course, now that he's depressed, I'm sure he's slimmed down. Kirstie Alley was a bit heavier at the end of Cheers, but it wasn't a big deal.

Then she got somewhat svelte again for Veronica's Closet where Kathy Najimy was cast as her chubby sidekick. But as the show progressed thru three seasons, it was like they had morphed into each other.

By the end, Kirstie was bursting the seams, and Kathy looked thinner than Kirstie at the beginning. Kevin James actually lost some weight for a while and they made a plot point of it with his wife becoming jealous that he started getting the attention that she usually did.

Of course there's that guy from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but he gained the weight to protest that TV stars always get really skinny when their shows are successful. I listened to Mindy Kaling's first audio book on Scribd sometime back. I was interested in juicy stories.

She talked about her weight in a few essays. Her weight has fluctuated since she was a teenager. One essay was about her being bullied by African kid in high school and she lost weight because of the bullying. Towards the end of the book, Mindy talked about how she did a photo shoot for People's Most Beautiful issue in or She and Ellie Kemper were picked partially because they both went to Ivy League schools.

I think Mindy is ugly and Ellie is very average looking. But anyway, Mindy broke down crying at the photo shoot because she couldn't fit into some of the dresses that stylist brought. Katey Cuolo from Big Bang Theory has gained weight since the show started. So has Johnny Galecki. ALL the Facts of Life actresses battled their weight during the show's run. There are episodes where Tootie is as big as Natalie. True, a lot of that weight is her breasts but she got big in the hips as well. Nancy McKeon had quite a few episodes where they dressed her in awful matronly getups to try and hide her weight.

Sasha Pieterse on Pretty Little Liars. In the first four seasons, she was mostly a guest star and then this past year she gained weight when became a regular.


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I was never sad for Mindy or the other ugly women on The Office. I was lucky to have the "pretty girl of the cast" title. I googled Ken Olin and Ken Wahl He was a brown haired hunky type - possibly on night time soaps and action series - mainly in the 80s. I only found out a while back that he'd moved into directing episodic TV Can anyone supply his surname? No, it's not Ken Olin.

Think more lightweight hunk type - like a Maxwell Caulfield. But his name was Ken. Ken Olin and Ken Wahl both were smoking hot in the 80s. I misdirected you all with the director thing. Apparently he expanded into producing. Alex Winter is not fat. I have figure like hers and if I dressed like her character does on MF, I would look chubby, too. There's a pic of her in a bikini and she looks fine.

I'm not into the actresses looking like matchsticks for me to watch them on TV. Plus, she got a breast reduction. Her waist, her face just tell that. She's still a good looking woman for her age. Not sure being thin would do any favor at her age either. Yeah, r95, menopause makes women thicken at the waist no matter how skinny they were before. Not sure why that is.

Somebody give him Lady Mary's corset. Considering that he was supposed to be the leading male character on shows like "Boston Legal", it's amazing how fat the producers let him become. Imagine being a teenaged girl and having a bunch of grown men ridicule your weight every day?

She seems to have a healthy attitude toward it, surprisingly. She's written a lot about her struggles with weight, but from what I've seen of photos over the years she was never anywhere near obese. She was average weight in season one and two But in all honesty, she never looked that big to me.

It seemed like most of the weight went to her boobs and hips, so she still had a nice shape. One of the things I liked about the Facts of Life was that all the girls looked like normal girls. It would be refreshing to have a show like that now. She figured it worked for a total schlub like Adam Sandler, so why shouldn't she do the same thing? He also played a student-cum-stripper in a Mark Harmon vehicle called Summer School.

He's aged better than the other two Kens. Lisa Whelchel was "normal" the first season of the FoL and then blimped out during the high school years. She was also fat the first year of Edna's Edibles, then she dropped a ton. People like Matthew Perry gained weight bug weren't Delta Burke fat. Novak is a kind of a fug. That, and mancrush Michael had on Ryan, especially when it came out after HR demanded to read M's journals.

David Boreanaz during Angel. Nathan Fillion owns this thread. Oh come on, r, I don't think Lisa was ever really fat. This picture is her at what I would say is her heaviest on the show I wouldn't describe her as fat, chubby maybe, but not fat. Nosy thing always getting everyone into trouble Tootie was like the annoying "little sister" of the show.

Jo was the no-nonsense type sister, Natalie is the sweet and chubby sister and Blair the bossy and vain sister. To the poster that asked about Mindy Cohn--her weight battle was much different. As she went though puberty, she lost weight, and the producers were always on her to gain it back.

A lot of times they layered her up to give the illusion that she was heavier than she actually was. Why don't you all turn off the TV for an hour a day and take a walk around the park, yourselves! He really chunked out.

For a second, I thought it was Wayne Newton. Steve Howey from "Reba" went from a tall, good looking guy with a swimmer's body to a noticeably chunkier version by the end of the series. The Two and a Half Men kid. You might call it karma. If you're not a nice person. Lisa Whelchel on Facts of Life. Lucille Ball when she was pregnant with Little Ricky. Vincent d'onofrio in criminal intent Anthony lapaglia on without a trace Jason Alexander on Seinfeld Anna Maria horseflies on amen Leah remini on king of queens.

I just gained mass. Patricia Arquette wasn't slim to start out, but during Medium she really packed on some weight. Newman gained a shit ton of weight on Seinfeld. Kirstie Alley gained some weight during her time on Cheers. Keely Shaye Smith ballooned up during her last season on Unsolved mysteries. Ken Olin on Thirtysomething. R22, Norman reedus has alcoholic bloat. Roseanne owns this thread. One should never indulge the servants. Wasn't Lisa Whelchel chubby from the beginning.

I don't remember a svelte Blair. Courtney Cox was never anything but rail thin during Friends run. That's why I never believed her as a former fat girl. Lisa was never fat. She had breast reduction surgery, supposedly to avoid back problems.

The cast of the Sopranos. George Eads is not gay, r He is married and has several children. Married to who R52? I heard that he and Monica split up awhile back. Wyatt was against her using it because of his job and relationship with Hope. Quinn sent Ridge an e-mail of some jewelry pictures and the sex photo.

Ridge was shocked and confronted Quinn who told him they had an "affair". Ridge showed this to Eric before he left for the Middle East. Eric confronted Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn brings up her relationship with Eric but that wasn't really relevant. Eric assured her she won't be losing her job.

Ridge flew to Dubai and after they exchanged their "I Do's" yelled "Logan. Ridge punched Bill and took off with Brooke. Bill chased after them and Ridge and Brooke got in a helicopter. Bill nodded to the pilot and once they lifted Justin Barber the pilot swayed and Ridge fell in the middle of The Persian Gulf. Everybody thought Ridge could have been dead. Liam blamed Quinn for the possible death of Ridge Forrester.

Rick fired Quinn and Wyatt from the company. Liam was badmouthing Quinn and Wyatt punched Liam down to the floor. Hope dumped Wyatt for the punch and Quinn's involvement. Quinn entered a bar and started drinking. Deacon sat next to her and started talking to her. Quinn explained she had a terrible day. She lost her job,son, and life. Quinn later mentioned that her son, Wyatt Spencer, is in love with a girl which she later mentions as Hope Logan.

Quinn saw his face and asked if he knew her. Deacon said "Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy. Deacon lets Quinn know that he talked to Hope and Ridge is still alive. Quinn was happy and relieved. Quinn and Deacon talked about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. Quinn asked if he has heard of Wyatt fro Hope in which he said he has.

Quinn plans for her and Deacon to get Wyatt and Hope together again. Deacon needed something in exchange and told her he needed a place to stay. He asked to stay there and Quinn allowed him to stay in the penthouse. Deacon told her he can see what he could do. Hope had told Brooke and Liam that Deacon paid her a visit. Deacon asked Hope if she was over Wyatt while Hope stalled the situation. He told her she didn't answer the question.

Wyatt came by the Forrester Mansion to tell her how happy he was for her that Ridge is alive at Ridge's welcoming back party. Liam came out and interrupted. Quinn told Deacon she's going to kill Liam. Deacon shows up at Wyatt's beach house and they had a couple friendly drinks while talking about Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. Quinn stabbed Liam with his sword and says "Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Quinn came by Liam's at night and scared him while he took a flashlight and looked out the window and saw Quinn's face. Liam was shocked and tripped spraining his ankle. Liam told this to Hope who told Wyatt. Hope came over to the penthouse and questioned Quinn while Deacon eavesdropped unseen. Quinn lied to Hope and went to Liam's again. Quinn kicked him and told him she'll kill Hope too before she sees him with you. Liam and Hope told Wyatt who talked to Quinn. Later, Quinn made a sword and finally let Deacon see.

Quinn left as Wyatt came. Deacon informed Wyatt about Quinn. Wyatt left while Quinn was threatening to kill Liam with the sword. Wyatt arrived just in time to push Quinn out of the way and save Liam. Wyatt told her she's done and Quinn teared and left. Wyatt thought about contacting the police but Liam told her to let her go. A doctor said that his mother checked herself in to the mental care facility last night and she's getting help.

She told him Quinn still loves him and will reach out to him when she gets better. They were all happy for Quinn. Quinn texted Wyatt and apologized for what she did to him, Liam, and Hope. He left it in the hands of Wyatt. Wyatt showed to Deacon and Wyatt said he promised to give it to Hope one day. She was uncertain because she has her company is Australia she has to run.

Eric suggested she goes back and forth but still. She needed somebody to help her along with the jewelry line. Hope and Liam automatically thought Wyatt. They asked Wyatt to rejoin Forrester in which he gladly accepted. Wyatt is stunned to see Quinn back home and she insists that she is better, but is still in treatment for her issues. Wyatt filled her in on everything that has happened since she's been gone from Hope going back to Liam, getting rehired at Forrester, and Ricardo willing him the Hope Diamond necklace after his sudden death.

During a press conference, Wyatt reveals the Hope Diamond in his possession and, keeping his promise, gives it to Hope. Feeling humiliated and believing that Wyatt is back to his old tricks again, Liam tells Hope to give the diamond back to Wyatt and fire him again.

Wyatt and Hope then leave for Paris for photo shoot business trip. Hope insisted that Liam go with her, but is hesitate since Wyatt is also there as well.

After convincing from Ivy and Aly, Liam decides to go to Paris and meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower where they can finally be able to solidify their relationship. Ivy tags along with Liam, unbeknownst to both that Quinn is following them.

After the photo shoot and a walk around Paris, Hope tells Wyatt that she plans to stay with Liam. As she waits for Liam at their special spot by the tower, Wyatt secretly watches from beyond, hoping that Liam will not show up. Liam finds Hope patiently waiting for him while Ivy planned to snap a picture of them together. While sitting up on a ledge, Quinn discretely pushes Ivy into the river and Liam jumps in to save her. Quinn arrives at a rooftop restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and steals a tourist's binoculars and secretly watches Hope getting aggravated waiting for Liam.

Liam ran to get to Hope and mistook her for another girl. Hope had left and was on the Forrester jet to Monte Carlo with Wyatt. Quinn called Wyatt and after informing her, Quinn convinced him to marry Hope there.

Wyatt took Hope on a romantic boat ride. Wyatt asked her to marry him and she agreed. The boat's captain held the marriage ceremony and in Hope's vow she said he dives right in and Wyatt asked her to dive in with him. Hope ran to the back of the boat and held her arm out and Wyatt and Hope both jumped into the water. The captain pronounced them man and wife. Aly and Ivy distracted Wyatt with a bunch of questions about the wedding ceremony while Liam told Hope the dilema in her bedroom.

Wyatt decided to go see his wife soon after and realized the situation. Hope was teary but stayed faithful to Wyatt when Wyatt put the wedding rings on her.

Aly began to notice that Ivy likes Liam. Ivy informed Aly she was thinking of inviting Liam to they party at Bikini Bar. Ivy asked Liam to go and he agreed wanting some fun. Aly wanted to hear everything that happened between Liam and Ivy from Ivy.

Hope eavesdropped hearing about the party and the kiss. Hope made herself present and Aly left. Ivy brought up the conversation and Hope claimed she shouldn't date Liam to give him more time. Ivy stated that Hope's married to Wyatt now and she can't have them both. Hope accused Ivy of purposely falling in the Seine. Ivy told Hope that she's a lot like Brooke. Hope got defensive telling her that she's her boss.

Ivy said that her uncle hired her because she's talented and a Forrester. Ivy invited Liam to a couple's party at her home, and she and Liam were the only persons not apart of a couple there. At the end, Ivy told Liam how she felt about him. She then opened the door for him to leave and he kissed her. Hope confronted Ivy once more about giving Liam space and she told her that she was helping him get through his heart break. Charlie and Pam came up to the conclusion after watching several camera footage that Quinn was in Paris and she was the one who pushed Ivy into the river purposefully so that he could miss Hope.

Ivy held an Australian themed party inviting: Aly and her boyfriend, Oliver, Caroline and Rick, and Liam hoping to share a moment with him. Everybody was having fun but Liam still had his head wrapped around the whole twist of fate. After everybody left, Ivy feeling guilty apologized to liam and admit she has feelings for him but it's too soon. Liam kissed Ivy again. Hope was still fretting over this.

Charlie showed Liam and Ivy footage of Quinn arriving in Paris, stealing a random person's scooter, and pushing Ivy into the Seine. Charlie also dug up Quinn's arrival records from customs. Liam thought this could change everything while Ivy was nervous about her relationship.

Whether this is true or not, Ivy told Pam she'd be happy if Liam was to get back with Hope if it makes him happy. Ivy compared Hope to Brooke again. Hope was thinking what it would be like to start a family with Wyatt. A curious Hope took a pregnancy test, and was shocked to learn that this time, she was actually pregnant with Wyatt's child.

A terrified Hope rushed to Liam and told him the news. Liam at first was mad with Hope, but then seen it her way, and tears filled their eyes wondering what the future will be like.

However, Liam decides to let Hope go and pursue a relationship with Ivy. Hope and Wyatt agreed that Quinn can't be part of this child's life. As Wyatt left to tell her, Quinn stopped by. Quinn stopped over while Hope was spazzing. Quinn apologized once more and Hope eventually calmed down but restricted her from her grandchild's life and their house. Quinn thought this was unfair and argued with Hope. Wyatt was going to tell Quinn the same thing. At the same time, Deacon started having romantic feelings for Quinn and had kissed her twice.

Deacon stopped by Hope and Wyatt's to announce he has a woman in his life. Quinn came in and Hope spazzed. Hope didn't want to accept this and exiled Quinn from the baby's life and Deacon if he'll stay with Quinn. Hope tried to convince Deacon that Quinn is using him but he denied it. Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy were doing a photo shoot in Amsterdam and Quinn is excited to hear that Ivy invited Liam to tag along. Quinn suggested to Deacon flying over there but Deacon insisted she doesn't.

Quinn is excited to hear that Wyatt arranged a boat tour for Liam and Ivy to help get Hope and Liam over each other. Quinn stops by the Forrester Mansion for Thanksgiving bringing yams when Hope comes to the door and insists that she's not welcome. Hope was having her baby shower which Quinn was uninvited to. Quinn overheard Deacon talking to Hope on the phone about it. Quinn planned on stopping by but Deacon tried to convince her otherwise.

Quinn walked up to the balcony and hid behind a fake plant watching Hope receive her presents. Quinn dreamt her coming down the stairs begging for Hope's acceptance, and Hope calling her mom and hugging her.

While all of the ladies see their way to the garden to play party games, Quinn strolls down the staircase and steals a slice of cake with a napkin over it and leaves. Meanwhile, Liam stopped by Quinn's because he called Ivy making sure Quinn wasn't gonna crash, and was informed that Deacon was with Quinn were together which disgusted him.

Quinn entered her penthouse to find Liam asking where she was. Quinn claimed she was out and Liam observed the piece of cake questioning her. She claimed she went to a bakery because she has a sweetooth. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Quinn stopped by and had an argument with Hope. They took it out to the garden.

She asked Nikki to join her with her anti-aging product, and took it to Jack who promptly shot it down as not feasible considering Jabot's instability. So Nikki and Phyllis presented the idea to Victor instead, and he agreed to fund the project, joined the partnership, gave them an office in Newman Towers, and they called it NVP after Nikki, Victor and Phyllis.

Sharon signed on as Spokesperson for NVP. Not long afterward Victor became afflicted with temporal lobe epilepsy and was duped by Jack into selling him NVP, with a stipulation that Victor would have final say on all decisions, and Nikki was made CEO.

Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis became attracted to each other, and began a steamy affair. Sharon found out, she and Nick separated. Sharon went to Brad for comfort, and they ended up having sex on a business trip to New York City. But after Daniel walked in finding his mother and Nick half-naked on the couch, the couple decided to call off their affair.

After Nick had a vision where Cassie showed him how he imagined life would be had she not died including a new baby girl named Faith , Nick showed up at home, and Sharon took him back. Nick and Phyllis continued to be thrown together by business, and they ended up stranded in New Mexico.

They stopped at a place called Pepe's Roadhouse, danced and had a great time. The attraction was so great, but they resisted and spent the night separately. Phyllis turned up miraculously pregnant after being told she could never conceive, she admitted to Nick that it could also be Jack's, so Nick took a paternity test.

When he received the test results he disappeared to think about his options. He returned a few days later, informed Phyllis that he was the father, but that he intended to stay with his family. Phyllis was disappointed, but insisted she could raise their child alone. Jack was disappointed too since he'd always hoped for a reconciliation with Phyllis.

Nick told Sharon the pregnancy news. She decided she didn't want Nick to stay out of obligation, ran out of the office screaming divorce. The next morning Phyllis and Nick showed up at Newman together and told Victor and Nikki about the divorce and pregnancy.

Nikki was appalled, but Victor congratulated them. Nick and Sharon divorced with joint custody of Noah, and Sharon received their house on the Newman Ranch in the settlement. Nick and Phyllis moved into the Tack House on the ranch so Nick could be close to his son. Nick and Phyllis became engaged, and Nick threw Phyllis a fun engagement party hoedown style modeled after their place, Pepe's Roadhouse, in New Mexico which included a visit from Rocky the dancing cowboy whom they had met there and a ruby engagement ring.

Sharon and Jack Abbott began having an affair. After an attempt to get married prior to the 6 month waiting period was turned down by the judge, Nick and Phyllis eloped back to New Mexico at Pepe's, and returned to Genoa City married, and looking forward to the birth of their daughter. Paul Williams managed to track Sheila Carter to Argentina in October and discovered that she had undergone plastic surgery to look just like Phyllis, then she had killed the plastic surgeon. Later that month, Paul discovered Sheila buying baby things in Genoa City, and followed her to a warehouse where he trapped her in the cell she had constructed with the intention of imprisoning Lauren and stealing her baby Fenmore.

Paul made Sheila pose for a death photo at gunpoint and made up DNA samples to convince Lauren and Michael that she had been killed when struck by a car in Argentina. Paul also told the same to Phyllis and Nick. Paul kept Sheila imprisoned undetected until December when Michael put a tracking bug on Paul's car and caught Paul bringing Sheila food.

Michael picked the lock and was shocked to discover "Phyllis" behind the bars. Paul appeared and tried to convince Michael that it was really Sheila, but only a cell phone call to the real Phyllis convinced him.

Knowing the authorities could never keep Sheila contained, Paul and Michael shared the secret and the dilemma of what to do with her. Meanwhile Lauren and the real Phyllis were bonding through their pregnancies, and later as Phyllis helped Lauren get through her post partum depression and anxiety attacks over Sheila.

As a winter ice storm took out the power, Phyllis and Jack became trapped in the Newman elevator. Phyllis had been on her way to the hospital for a caesarean because her baby was in the breech position, but went into labor in the elevator instead.

Fearful that the baby would not deliver normally and die, Phyllis implored Jack to cut the baby out of her using a nail scissors. But Jack ended up turning and delivering the baby, who was later named Summer Ann. Meanwhile, Nick was out in the storm rescuing Phyllis' son Daniel from a car wreck. All were united later, Phyllis and her baby were fine, and Daniel recovered with only broken ribs. Jack developed a close bond with Summer, and later set up a nursery for her at Newman. As similarly injured parties by Phyllis and Nick's affair and marriage, Jack and Sharon began an affair and were married.

A remarriage in Genoa City was planned for Nick and Phyllis to make them legal, but it was postponed due to the disappearance and presumed death of Dru.

Detective Maggie Sullivan and Paul Williams began dating, and in her curiosity about Paul's frequent absences "on a stakeout" she tracked him by his cell phone to the warehouse. Sheila conned her into believing that she was Phyllis, Maggie let her loose, then Sheila shot Maggie with her own gun.

Paul arrived later and was trapped in the cell too by Sheila when he came to Maggie's aid. Sheila then went to Phyllis', tied her up and waited for Lauren and baby Fen to arrive while taunting Phyllis about how great it would be to take over her life with her hot husband and new baby. After Lauren arrived she was tied up, and Sheila took Phyllis and babies Fen and Summer to a retirement home where she had an apartment.

Michael eventually rescued Paul and a near-death Maggie from the warehouse cell, then they rescued Lauren. While Michael and Paul followed Sheila's walkie-talkie signal which she planted to lure them elsewhere, Nick and Lauren, with the aid of Kevin Fisher, enhanced the background noise from her latest taunting call. Nick realized where they were, and while they tried to find Paul, Lauren snuck out with the gun Paul had given her for security.

Lauren found the apartment, broke in, and confronted the two Phyllises. Phyllis managed to convince Lauren that she was the real one, and Lauren shot Sheila dead. With her dying words Sheila still taunted Lauren that she would never be rid of her and she had shot the wrong one.

Phyllis was livid with Michael and Lauren for endangering her and her baby, and refused to reconcile. Maggie recovered from her gunshot wound and did not tell the police about Paul or Michael holding Sheila against her will, so they were not charged. Jack, Victor, Phyllis and Nick felt a large development would revitalize a dying town, and Nikki, Brad, and Victoria were opposed because it would wipe out some historic structures.

Nikki and Neil ran for the vacant Newman board seat to boost the votes for their side, and thanks to Phyllis' blackmail of Brad over his affair with Sharon, Victor's yes-man Neil won, so they appeared to have the upper hand on Clear Springs.

But Brad got Phyllis arrested for extortion. When all lost hold of the cell phone they were fighting over, they lost their balance and fell backward. Dru sailed off the cliff into the river below, and Sharon was left hanging onto the edge for her life.

Phyllis tried to save Sharon, but she lost her grip and also fell to the river below. Rescuers combed the area and found Sharon's lifeless body, but she was revived and lived.

Dru was never found. Only the jacket she wore was found below the falls, so she was presumed dead. Victor and Sharon were scheduled to fly to Clear Springs, then Jack was going in Victor's place, but had to cancel. So Sharon and Nick ended taking the trip instead.

On the return trip the Newman jet went down in Lake Michigan with no survivors. Sharon surprised everyone when she walked in on the Newmans and Jack just after they'd gotten the news. She was just as shocked to hear that her taking another flight had saved her life, and that Nick was missing and presumed dead. Noah and Nikki were devastated, but Nikki carried on with her State Senatorial campaign with the help of her campaign manager, David Chow.

Victor abandoned them in their grief after Hope called, by taking off for Sri Lanka to search for their missing son Victor Jr.

Nick turned up lost in the woods, found by internist Logan Anderson and brought back to Genoa City and his family. But Nick had lost his memory of the past two years of his life, including his marriage to Phyllis and their baby Summer.

Remembering only his love for Sharon, Nick tried to win her back even though she was married to Jack, but Sharon though tempted, wasn't interested. Nick began seeing Phyllis, curious as to why he ever hooked up with this person he remembers not even liking very much. When Noah started acting out for Sharon, Nick agreed to move back in with Phyllis so Noah could come live with them.

Nick did not regain his memory, but it didn't take long for him to fall in love with Phyllis all over again. Then Phyllis was tried, found guilty of extortion, and went to prison. But Michael got her off after serving only a few months. After Jack lost his senate seat and Nick was fired from Newman, they got together and decided to start a new Internet and print magazine.

They asked Phyllis to join them, and Sharon requested to work with them later. They named it Restless Style. Nick bought a dilapidated warehouse which was turning into a money pit, and was financing it and his share of the venture on money borrowed from his trust fund, which he could not receive until he was They hired Daniel as a photographer's assistant and general go-for, and Amber begged to be hired as receptionist. Victor labeled it foolhardy, and was sure it was going to fail.

As the launch date for Restless Style approached, the foursome began having problems getting along and determining who was to make the needed decisions. Then, last minute, Jack hired Jamie Whitfield as a consultant who hated everything and convinced them to change it a lot; most notably the cover, and Lily's cover was axed. Jamie brought in professional model, Samantha Cresswell and Kathy Hilton for a last minute revamp.

The printer couldn't handle the last minute changes and still get it out on time, but other printers were found to take up the slack. The magazine was launched in time, just as the website crashed due to a virus that Amber had unknowingly allowed to infect the server. At the rate the partners were bickering over who was in charge, Restless Style would never succeed. Amber and Daniel officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, Daniel moved in with her, and Phyllis did not approve.

Just as Daniel and Amber declared their love, and he appeared to be discovering a hidden talent for drawing and caricature possibly leading to a new career, his father, Danny, made a surprise visit and asked him to go on the road as tour photographer for six months.

Sharon came up with an idea for the webzine which would feature an animated avatar guide in the form of "Restless Amber", a character based on Amber Moore. Phyllis was skeptical about the idea, the budget, and the flakiness of Amber, but Jack and Nick supported it. Meanwhile Amber got a chance to go to Europe to see Daniel, but had to stay to work on creating "Restless Amber". Danny sent Phyllis a photo of Daniel partying on tour with a cute girl on his lap, which Phyllis made sure that Amber saw.

Amber, unable to reach Daniel, reacted by getting drunk and having sex with Adrian Korbel, who had been recently dumped by Colleen Carlton. When Daniel returned, Amber felt so guilty she had to tell him, and Daniel dumped her.

He came back to her place once thinking he could forgive her, but after having sex, he decided he could not, leaving Amber heartbroken. Phyllis, who never approved of Amber, was thrilled and evicted Amber from her penthouse, but later Daniel made Phyllis allow Amber to stay.

Daniel and Amber confessed their love on their favorite talk radio show as "Herve" and "Marlana" again. Amber moved out of Phyllis' penthouse and in with Daniel at his artist studio, making Phyllis crazy once again. Then Adrian Korbel was hired to do an article on Victor's new wife, Sabrina, and the Newman Gallery for the third issue, to which she and Victor approved.

Victoria stepped up as a last minute replacement for the cover which was done in a Hollywood retro style.

Though Adrian stumbled upon a rumor that Sabrina had wrangled an exhibition for her lover Phillipe when she was Art Curator at the Pompidou Museum in Paris which could shed new light on the latest Mrs. Victor Newman, he decided not to make a big deal about it. Jack had sent Adrian off to Australia to do another article, so he was furious when he returned and found out what Jack had done to his article.

Jack's success-by-any-means business style with Sharon's undying support was making it impossible for the two couples to co-exist at Restless Style, so they let a coin flip decide who would buy out the other. Jack and Sharon won, giving Nick and Phyllis a price to buy them out or take the same price to leave. Knowing Nick didn't have the funds, Sharon visited Victor asking him to give Nick his job back at Newman.

But Victor surprised them all by giving Nick a line of credit for the buyout instead, and Nick and Phyllis ended up with the magazine. Knowing they needed someone with contacts in fashion, and with Nikki now out of a job and full of great ideas, they took her on as interim Editor in Chief.

Nikki got Ruby Aldridge for the cover of their first magazine on their own and Phyllis was in charge of the farewell letter from the editor to Sharon and Jack. Phyllis avoided the urge to trash them and wrote something nice.

But after Nick spent a little too much time with Sharon resolving a problem with Noah, she changed it back to trash. But after a little loving, Nick forgave her as always. But neither Phyllis nor Jack were none too pleased when Nick's first act as advisor to Newman was to rehire Sharon as their 'Beauty of Nature' spokesperson.

After Victor's wife Sabrina's tragic death, and the man Victor held responsible was murdered, Victor disappeared and was under investigation for murder. Nick received a call from a Priest in Paris concerned about Victor who was hiding out at a monastery there.

Nick arrived in Paris, and ran into Sharon who was there to meet Noah on his class trip, so Nick showed her around Paris. Phyllis arrived later to surprise Nick after putting the latest issue of Restless Style to bed, but he was off sightseeing with Sharon. So Phyllis supervised a Paris photo-shoot for the magazine, then went sightseeing herself; one of the sights being Nick and Sharon kissing on a bridge.

They had gotten caught up in the moment, and that was as far as it went, but Phyllis took the next flight home and did not mention to Nick that she was even there. After witnessing the kiss in Paris, and convinced that Jack and Sharon's marriage was on the skids, Phyllis did all she could to keep Sharon from falling back to Nick. Phyllis approached Brad to let him know the field was open for him again, and if he needed any help, she was willing.

Brad found Sharon at the Athletic Club bar, and worked on getting her back himself. Phyllis then arranged for Sharon to find out some more of Jack's lies causing a further split between them. Phyllis was forced to admit that she'd been in Paris when the Paris photo-shoot came out in print, and she told Nick what she had seen there.

Nick apologized and assured Phyllis that it was just a moment between them, and that Phyllis was still the only woman for him. In late January of , Sharon went up to the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone and think about what to do with her life after divorce papers were served on Jack and became stranded there in a snowstorm.

Brad showed up and declared his love, but Sharon sent him away. On the drive home, Brad had car trouble, got out, and heard the screams of Noah Newman who had gone skating with Eden and fallen through the ice.

Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, when he fell through himself and drowned. Meanwhile Nick made it through the snowstorm to the Abbott cabin to let Sharon know what had happened to Noah and Brad. Just as Phyllis had suspected when she begged him not to go, Nick and Sharon ended up stranded there together, reminiscences got the best of them, and they made love in front of the fireplace.

Nick admitted it when Phyllis guessed. He thought about his options for a few days, but decided that Sharon was his past, and Phyllis was his future. Eden and Noah took off together for the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone and have sex for the first time, but they reconsidered and had left by the time both Sharon and Nick got there to stop them.

Nick admitted to Phyllis what had happened and suggested they separate until he could decide who he really wanted. Nick spent the night at Victoria's, and Phyllis went crazy in Sharon's hotel room, screaming and cutting up her clothes.

Phyllis discovered Sharon's stash of stolen items, and notified the police. When Sharon arrived back at her room, she was arrested for theft. Jack bailed her out, Nick accused Phyllis of setting her up, and Victor decided it was time that Noah came to live with him. Sharon told her mother Doris that she was pregnant and there were three possible fathers. Later Cassie appeared to Sharon in a dream saying that the baby girl she foresaw on her deathbed had been Summer.

Sharon tried to tell Nick that she was pregnant but was interrupted, then told Jack, who confided in Billy not realizing that Billy was the third. Jack told Sharon he wanted her back and the baby, whosever it was, so they reconciled. Memorial Day , the anniversary of Cassie's death, found Sharon and Nick still grieving, and Nick finally feeling remorse for not being there for Sharon back then.

Sharon tried to avoid Nick, but they ended up running into each other at Cassie's grave where emotions ran high. Nick referred to Cassie's prophecy of another baby girl, causing Sharon to admit that she was pregnant and that it may be his, which was overheard by Phyllis. Phyllis lambasted Jack for letting this happen, and because she overheard Sharon say that Jack knew everything and he forgave her, she asked Jack how he could forgive Billy being the third possibility.

Jack was shocked and later attacked Billy for it. Sharon admitted to Jack that Billy may be the third possibility of father of her baby, while Nick admitted to Phyllis that Sharon was pregnant and it may be his.

Jack was understanding and loving even though it ruined his relationship with his brother, but said he still wanted her and the baby no matter whose baby it is. Phyllis reacted calm and accepting, and gave Nick an ultimatum to choose between her and Sharon. Sharon made an appointment for a paternity test. Nick remembered the wonderful parts of his life with Phyllis, comparing them to memories with Sharon. Sharon walked in and they kissed passionately. Nick told her that he was leaving Phyllis, and wanted to be with Sharon.

But Sharon turned him down, saying she and Jack were back together and would raise the child, and the she could not break up Nick's family. Despite that, Nick went home and told Phyllis that it was over.

Later at the Athletic Club Nick came out of his room, caught Sharon coming down the hall, convinced her that they were meant to be, and they again made love. Meanwhile Phyllis was pouring her heart out to Jack, and they ended up making love as well, with Jack's new girlfriend Mary Jane scowling through the window. But after Jack left Phyllis', he went to Mary Jane and they made love too.

With Nick and Sharon getting back together, Mary Jane decided to work on getting Phyllis out of Jack's life so that she could have Jack to herself. Sharon got the paternity test results back and was ecstatic that she and Nick were expecting the daughter Faith that Cassie predicted on her death bed and in Nick's dream.

Mary Jane befriended Phyllis, and once she had her trust, she made her daughter Summer have an allergic reaction and go into a coma by kissing her with peanut butter on her lips. Mary Jane then led Heather to believe that Phyllis did it intentionally.

After seeing Nick so distraught over his daughter Summer being in a coma, Sharon realized that Nick needed to be there for Summer and Phyllis, and not run off with Sharon like he did over Cassie, so Sharon told everyone that her baby was Jack's. Phyllis was later exonerated when it started looking as though Mary Jane had something to do with it, and had disappeared.

Summer came out of the coma, but with brain damage affecting her speech. Meanwhile Sharon admitted to Jack that Nick was really the father of her unborn baby, and Jack refused to forgive her for lying to him. Sharon watched from the bushes as Nick and Phyllis renewed their vows.

Later Sharon walked out of the jewelers in a daze with a duplicate of Phyllis' new wedding ring, was arrested, and institutionalized for thirty days for mental observation. Her mother Doris visited her and questioned why Jack, the father of her baby, had not been by to see her, causing Sharon to admit that Nick was the real father. Later as Doris left, Sharon opened her door and cautioned Doris not to tell anyone, but Nick was outside and overheard. After Doris was out of sight, he returned, confronted Sharon with truth, and she admitted it.

Nick told Sharon he could not walk away from his child. Jack told Phyllis the truth about Mary Jane being his unstable ex-wife Patty after plastic surgery. Victor avoided the question, claiming he would never intentionally hurt a member of his family. Then Phyllis left to take Summer to Switzerland for expert help with her recovery from her disability.

And Sharon, after delivering her baby Faith, was told by the doctor that she had died although he had really given her to Ashley as her own. The baby was cremated, so by the time she told Nick there was no way to prove differently. Phyllis was reluctant, but decided that it was no fun anymore without Nick, and she could spend more time with Summer if she went back to work at Newman.

Adam and Sharon became romantically involved and impulsively flew off to Lake Tahoe on the Newman jet, and got married. The jet crashed on the way back, and as they were going down, Adam showed Sharon a note that said that her baby was still alive. They survived the crash, but Sharon suffered a head injury, and didn't appear to recall the note. But eventually, Jack joined forces with Victor to take Adam down. They plotted to get Sharon to lure Adam to the Abbott cabin, and with all he had wronged in attendance, they confronted Adam with what they knew.

Adam later set off an explosion during a ball at the Athletic Club and was presumed dead. Patty, as Emily, would follow them and get jealous, plotting to get rid of Phyllis.

Sarah made a deal with Emily who was tired of Jack continually going to Phyllis for solace, that Sarah would kill Phyllis if Patty would kill Michael. Sarah turned out to be Sheila Carter's sister who had plastic surgery to impersonate Lauren and Daisy and Ryder turned out to be Sheila's twin children. Sheila visited Phyllis with Daisy waiting outside ready to strangle Phyllis. But when Lauren heard that Daniel was on his way there, she called Daisy and told her to stop him.

Sarah attempted to kill Phyllis herself but Phyllis got away. Meanwhile Daisy kept Daniel at his apartment by drugging him, and was having sex with him when Amber and Little Eric walked in on them. It kept pointing to letters that spelled out zoo, so Murphy helicoptered the three of them to find Jana with a heat locator. Once on the ground they searched separately, and Kevin found Jana suffering worse headaches than when she had a brain tumor.

After Michael found Phyllis barricaded in her room, they drove to the zoo and arrived to find the real Lauren and Sarah having a gun standoff in the fun house mirrors. Meanwhile Daisy held Kevin and Jana at gunpoint, but Ryder stepped between them and convinced Daisy to give him the gun and run away with him. Kevin picked up the gun where Ryder had dropped it, but Ryder convinced him to let them go.

Michael was able to tell them apart, and tried to convince Lauren to drop the gun, that the police would take care of Sarah. But Lauren was well aware that police never could contain Sheila either, so started shooting. A ricocheting bullet hit Phyllis in the cast on her broken leg, and she and Michael were caught between the two Laurens, each with a gun.

Daisy and Ryder left together by car, and Daisy promised she would be back someday as her mother Sheila would want.

Phyllis and Sharon came upon a poster for missing person Richard Hightower, and Phyllis recognized him as the man who was costumed identically to Adam at the ball. Nick put it all together, the resemblance between the missing Richard Hightower and Adam, the bone marrow which was used for the identification would have the same DNA, the body burned beyond recognition, and realized that Adam had killed Hightower and faked his own death.

He and Phyllis shared their theory with Victor and Nikki, and Sharon produced a letter from a bank confirming that Adam had withdrawn all his cash on the day he supposedly died. Viewers saw a bearded Adam lounging on a beach with a drink in his hand.

They confirmed that the body was Hightower, and Nick was arrested for his murder. Adam rolled over in bed to his old girlfriend Skye Lockhart, who supposedly had been murdered and dismembered two years prior. Skye assured him that they had covered his tracks well. But Victor tracked him down and forced Adam to return to Genoa City with him, leaving Skye behind with a briefcase full of cash. Pomerantz refused to exonerate Nick, but did let him out on bail, and proceeded with the case against Adam.

As Phyllis had promised herself, now that it was over, she left Nick due to his inability to let go of Sharon. She kicked Sharon out of her penthouse and moved back in. Determined to change the tire herself, a car stopped and Deacon Sharpe got out. After Phyllis got cut on her hands, he convinced her to let him change the tire. Finding her spare to be flat, he left to get another tire. Nick came upon the still stranded and wet Phyllis, but she sent him away. When he returned later, Phyllis grabbed Deacon and kissed him to make it look like they were necking, which sent Nick away angry.

When Nick came to see her the next day, she let him know she was done being his doormat, and was leaving town for a week with Summer. She later arranged to meet Jack at Gloworm, and while she waited for him she was served a drink by their new bartender, Deacon. Jack walked in just as Phyllis slapped Deacon for trying to kiss her. When Billy became overwhelmed with the responsibilities of Restless Style he offered Phyllis the job of editor in chief, and she accepted.

In October , just as Jack and Phyllis were celebrating their reuniting, the Abbott manor doorbell rang, and there stood Diane. Diane claimed to want Jack to get to know his son, but Phyllis refused to let history repeat itself and warned her that she had better not try. A week later, a storm was brewing with a tornado right behind it. When the power went out, they started a fire in the fireplace to roast wieners, popcorn, and marshmallows.

Daisy was arrested and jailed. Once Phyllis learned that she may become a grandmother, she insisted on a DNA test. The test revealed that Daniel was the father, and that the baby was a girl.

Daniel refused to have anything to do with Daisy or her child. But when Daniel saw that Daisy was keeping Phyllis and Summer apart, he petitioned the court to take Daisy to live with him, so Summer could live with Phyllis. Motivated by one night of desperation sex initiated by Kevin, Jana made a deal with Daisy for Jana to raise the baby in hopes that it would bring Kevin back to her for good.

In exchange, Jana promised not to testify against Daisy when her case went to trial. Sharon flew to Hawaii, but the proprietor of the general store where the box was located claimed no knowledge of Skye, even though he had just spoken to her. Skye was there alone looking very plain with no makeup and braids, and they met when Sharon was separated from her group. After Skye refused to return home with Sharon, Sharon took a photo as proof that Skye was alive.

Sharon was unable to convince the authorities that Skye had ever been there, and Victor had made sure when he found her glove and tossed it into the volcano. Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Adam and his attorney, Leslie, believed Sharon, but the police assumed she had made up the story as an attempt to free Adam. Later Jack saw someone turn in a set of keys found on the volcano with the mailbox key the perfume was delivered to, and the same key ring Skye had had been photographed holding in a Newman elevator security tape.

Then he later inexplicably posted her half-million dollar bail anonymously. Phyllis and Jack in Hawaii, discovered that the general store owner, Koa Aneko, had suddenly come into a lot of money and left the island. Then they found a guy who sold them a video showing a quick glance of Victor lurking in the shadows as Skye fell to her death. Once back home, Phyllis showed Nick the video, and Nick confronted Victor, calling him a damn liar. Adam tracked down Koa and left on a plane for Bangkok, Thailand where he found Koa in a beach bar.

Adam couldn't trick Koa into telling him about the night that Skye died in Hawaii, nor could he after telling him who he really was and what he knew. So Adam paid the bartender to get Koa drunk, then Adam followed him to his hotel. After Koa passed out, Adam searched his room, and found a video of Skye's death. As he turned to leave Koa hit him over the head and knocked him out.

Because she was still out on bail and could not leave the country, Sharon got a fake passport in her daughter's name and boarded a plane for Bangkok with Phyllis following her. Phyllis watched unseen as Sharon was arrested and removed from the plane, and she continued on to Bangkok convinced that Sharon was going there to meet Adam. Adam awoke but the camera was missing, so he returned to the bar looking for Koa, and ran into Phyllis who informed him that Sharon was back in jail and a warrant had been issued for his arrest for perjury.

Adam explained what had happened with Koa, and they went back to Koa's room to look for clues and to wait for him to return.

Finding a pair of weighted dice, Phyllis and Adam paid a bellman to find a crap game where Koa might show up, and he did. Koa told them that Skye had given him the dice as present, and he had sold Sharon's camera at a flea market. Adam and Phyllis tied Koa to the hotel room bed, and searched the flea market for the camera, which they found, but it was missing its memory chip.

So they gave up, went back to the hotel to get Koa to testify at Sharon's trial, but he was gone. Sharon's murder trial began with the famous Vance Abrams as her attorney. Adam returned to Genoa City where he testified about the video at Sharon's trial, but no one believed him, and Sharon refused a plea bargain.

Phyllis stayed in Thailand and bought every memory chip she could find that would fit the camera. She brought them back to Genoa City where she enlisted Malcolm's help to try to find and retrieve the video from one of the erased memory chips.

Sharon was found guilty, but Adam arranged an elaborate escape for her from the courthouse. After subduing her guard in the restroom, Sharon escaped out the barred window which Adam had left cut for her. Sharon headed for Sedona, Arizona where she would eventually meet Adam.

Meanwhile, Adam led Phyllis and Nick on a wild goose-chase in St. Sharon called Adam to let him know that she had arrived and was waiting for him at a hotel. But the more Sharon thought about her situation, she decided that everyone would be better off without her, and wrote apologetic goodbye notes to Adam, Noah and Faith, leaving them behind as she drove away.

Sharon was carjacked by a man and a woman and left alone on the road. Later, the car wrecked out, the female occupant was killed and badly burned, and Sharon's ID was found nearby. Adam got on a ferry to St. Barts, but got off leaving Phyllis and Nick while he went to Sedona to meet Sharon.

Stranded together on a romantic island in a luxury hotel, Nick and Phyllis made love while agreeing that it was very wrong. Adam arrived at the motel in Sedona, found the notes that Sharon had left, and was disheartened to realize that she had run away.

Adam heard a radio broadcast announcing the accident and that fugitive Sharon Newman had been killed. Adam identified the burned body by his engagement ring, her body type, dyed hair color, and clothes. Meanwhile Sharon heard the news of her "death", and made it to a ranch in the Arizona desert, where she spent the night in a barn.

Sam asked her to stay and they eventually became lovers. After Sharon's funeral, Phyllis confessed to Jack about her liaison with Nick, and she and Jack broke up. Once Phyllis found out that Victoria and Billy Abbott's adopted baby Lucy was actually Daniel's and her granddaughter, and remembering what it was like living her life without her child, she decided that Lucy needed to be with her real family. Lauren and Daniel both objected, fearful that the baby's mother, Daisy who was a dangerous fugitive, would hear about it, return, and demand her parental rights.

So with Michael and Rafe's legal help, they arranged a private meeting among all parties, and Phyllis was convinced to agree to let Billy and Victoria keep Lucy, provided that she would see Lucy one weekend a month, that Lucy would know Daniel was her father, and that Phyllis would be involved in major decisions in Lucy's life.

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