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Seeking a penpal from another state


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Seeking a penpal from another state

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I'm a married black girl with i'm every green moon. Im seeking for a cool, funny, african female that's attracted to me. Nice, sexyfun nude maid house cleaner needed in need of a woman's touch around the house. Country boy for gal 27 m country guy. Are there any real country girls Hello I'm 22 I'm a country boy I work full time an enjoy the outdoors as much as I can I'm an average size man I would like to find someone to get to know an hangout with an see where it goes if your interested send a pic an I will do the same an maybe we can text an get to know each other put your height in the subject line so I know your real I don't consider myself unattractive but I do not post a picture here because I don't want men to seek me out based on appearances alone.


Filter by Age Gender -- Reset filters By using this site you agree to our Terms of Service. We can not guarantee their accuracy or validity. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way. Hello and thanks for taking the time to check out my ad. Right now in here to have some fun chatting with adult women. I'm not looking for a relationship. What I'd really like is to make a friend who enjoys exploring topics we're not normally free to talk about in polite society.

Talk about your fears, talk about your desires, whatever they may be. Talk about sexual things, without it being a write thing or any pressure. It's ALL man-made or, even if it's 'natural' we've put it there, or allow it. Look outside, most places. Uniform mass-production and samey answers to similar problems for interiors, buildings, roads, open spaces ensure that. We pretend that the brutal ugliness of our built environment is tolerable as we only use it to get from A to B.

Just as we live our lives, also nearly all man-made. I am amale Ugandan lives in Uganda in East Africa. I would like to converse with female friends mostly from Canada, Australia, Europe and U. I'm 39years of age,enviromentalist by professional, interested in soccer, adventure, listening to gospel music and traveling.

Females interested in must be between years of age. So don't hesitate to communicate to me my e-mail syusufgmk gmail. Bengali by birth, Punjabi by heart Crazy rule breaker Freedom is most important to me Owns a mind ready to accept every ideas and a heart eager to accept anyone.

I'm just looking for someone to make a connection with Hello, I am Sarah from Uganda, Kampala and am 25 years old. I am a counselor by profession and I love children so much. I love whites, doing charity, sports, dancing, traveling, making and meeting new people. I am a Catholic by religion. I work full time as I do charity through my organization called Make Them Smile Organization for the ophans and needy children. I would love to make so many Friends here.

I'm here to find some people to talk with and maybe some new friends. I'm always open to chat, so don't hesitate to message me. I'm exploring my sensuality and looking for a male to have some fun with. Please note that said fun will only take place on here. If you feel that I'm speaking to you, then you know what to do. My passion was genealogy - now I like senior bus trips to musicals and dinner theatre - playing cards - volunteer work - I'm a lousy golfer. I like cooking soups and stews.

Am an avid reader, an adaptable and keen traveler and like easy listening music, country, Big Band, classical and jazz. I like my age, my looks and my attitude. I like watching curling on TV. My name is Rick I am 54, Divorced male seeking a female pen pal or two to correspond with.

I have no motives or agendas so to speak outside of making a good friend or two. Life gets lonely at times and I relish somebody to express to or listen to. I smoke cigarettes and drink a few beers a couple days a week. I work full time day shift. I like pro football to watch and some baseball. Living in the Midwest most my life I am not looking forward to winter coming I'm going to be honest, I'm a pretty crappy pen pal.

I work in retail so my free time is hit and miss. And I'm not devoting all of it on here obviously. In reality though once you get to know me, and provided you have at least a relative grasp of grammar and the English language; I'm a great friend. I like books, movies, Netflix. I love walks amongst nature, being near the sea, and the sound of rain on the windows when I don't have to be out in it!


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I have a special fondness for lingerie and feminine clothing. Crossdressers and transvestites are very welcome. I also have a fetish for feminine smokers. The act of smoking is so sensual and erotic to me, so you feminine smokes bring it on. I'm looking for immediate fantasy action for my time left in prison, but I am also interested in making long-term friends and connections for when I am released. If you want action, I have it. Take all you want. So anyone looking for your very own personal pet, here I am.

I was born to serve. And being the ever-practical kind of guy, I cook, clean and do windows. No kink is too kinky. No fetish is too nasty. Tell me what you required.

A self-addressed, stamped envelope is appreciated. These replys are just crazy. I once was a prisoner and let me clear up a few things at least in my experience. Why the fuck would a gay male want dick or ass in prison, we too hear about hiv and the risk and you cant obtain a condom. A lot of people in there have burnt all there bridges and will do whatever to get people to put money on there books or send them care packages.

Not all inmates are in there for crazy charges, where I was at it was mostly drug charges. How sincere they are all depends on there morals and values instilled in them. We all know that drugs have hit the gltg community hard as a lot of us have mental heath issues and look to drugs to self medicate.

But hey what do I know im only 23 and most people posting probably have 20 years on me. Gay Prisoners Website A meeting point for gay male inmates and those who wish to have such a guy as a pen pal. Click below to see some gay prisoners seeking pen pals. Mama's mussy will be moist tonight! Can someone just post the best links? Too lazy to figure out that sites format. Where is the site for bisexual and heteroflexible prison dudes?

This guy must have internet access, because he's all over DL. Here is Texas The first guy says he is a pain freak 'I love to git it, I love to receive it. A few of them are nice looking. I definitely wouldn't write to a prisoner, though. You notice the site meter on the side? I saw my place when I logged in right away. About two-thirds of the way down -- kinda hot guy from Texas.

In prison r4 they're all flexible. This is the 'premiere' listings I guess they paid extra to be on the 'special' page. Indecency with child DOB: I'm shocked - no batshit crazies from Florida. I'm sure even desperate prisoners would reject me. R13 doesn't understand the line between reality and fantasy.

Oh please R17 like you would kick him out of your bed. All the girls want to know Who's the cutest boy on death row.

Hard to find any blondes or redheads on that site. R20 You're not looking hard enough. There's seven on the page OP linked to. I thought I was the only one into ginger cagemeat! R17, you can have the short, year-old prisoner with a year-old photo. I was ahead of my time in so many ways We want cagemeat that would want us back. I could have saved him. Delivery and possession of cocaine Bitches, I would consider each letter to be an investment in the future! This thread suddenly got very interesting, R R31, he's up for parole next year!!!!

Now that bit of soap box is out of the way on to crux of the current thread. There's fantasy and reality Any information or contacts of others interested would be greatly appreciated. Ben Waggoner Conway, AR heathen cyberback. Whether or not you're a Troth member, please feel free to contact me, and I'll help out as best I can. I was one of the founding members of the Texarkana Asatru Kindred located at the federal correctional facility at Texarkana, Texas. I served as secretary of that group for many years, and served in the capacity of Gothi during our celebrations.

I am searching for other like-minded individules to meet with in friendship ant to honor our Gods and Goddesses with. Feel free to call me any time. Lauren Little Rock, AR djrendalyn yahoo. To seek out those within our folk worthy to practice the old ways, and to reawaken the Ancestral Soul of our people. Myers, FL tyr mindspring. The primary focus of the Circle of Thorn is obtaining personal power through balance. Power control over ones evironment is detrimental to illumination, and that process has always been achieved through the realization of the self as deity.

The idea is to create intentionally by 'deliberate thought' and 'deliberate action'. Thorn, arguably the most powerful sigel contained within the furthark, is the central focal point for the circle and is an integral part in the original drighten rituals of death and rebirth.

Of course this is symbolic. One must then visualize consuming themselves, piece by piece, until their astral body is no more. Then, through visualized regergitation, the self is reformed through the primordial Thorn primal will, primal power and can begin the journey of true self realization The Circle of Thorn worships no deity, but does recognise the deity of Thor as an archetypal image of Thorns power, a physical representation of that power.

The Circle of Thorn has a full knowledge of all 24 Germanic runes as well as the 18 armanen runes. We are all skilled healers, telepaths, and clairvoyants. We use psychic energy as a way to manifest and believe strongly in balancing light and dark energies as a way to transcend the boundaries of duality.

We have no current affiliation. The Circle of Thorn of is lead by a man named Xyrasqa zeer-aska. Erdkunni Sippa slednog gmail. Erdkunni Sippa is a Folkish Tribe, primarily geared toward restoring family values and restoration of tribal society. Our ultimate goal is to one day begin a commune. We do not condone racial intolerance. Our affiliations with Heathenry are Theodism, Irmenism, and products of historical study.

We encourage learning and intellect among our folc. Before allowing anyone to join our ranks, they must first undergo skalkdom and a criminal background check; as stated, protection of family, hearth, and community are one of Erdkunni Sippa's foremost duties. Fjolskyldann Kindred is a group dedicated to following the path of our northern European ansestors.

We are a family group so you can't join us without becoming a member of the family - but we associate with a wide range of friends, kindreds and organizations and consider our family free to associate and gather with anyone of the faith or outside of it. So please, feel free to email if you're in the area! Hoffgard Kindred Sarasota, FL balliste home. We are a non-political gathering of like minded folk who wish to practice the ways of the Northern European peoples in peace.

We do not descriminate against anyone who keeps the gods close to their heart. Lauderdale, FL hrimfaxi angelfire. Please Call for further info. Kindred Folk Tampa, FL kindredfolk hotmail.

Currently, I am the only member not in Prison. I am Raven Hawksson. The Hearth simply exists to honor the Gods and ways of our ancestors. We wish to establish frith with other groups. Discrimination is not practiced or tolerated. We are formed of a few small Hearths and have a very close working relationship with one another. Asatru Alliance affiliated kindred that is working with others in the local area to get firm roots of a heathen network created in the coastal region.

While we are a part of the Alliance we advocate the need of a geographically local network of Heathens. We are both relatively new as well as numerically small, but we have drive and goals a plenty. We host moots, study groups and other semi-public events namely Feast of the Einherjar weekend in early Novemeber.

Contact us if you are in the South East Region and are looking for other Heathens! Or contact us if you are in another region because we might know someone. Call or email me. Becca La Belle, FL divavalkyrie yahoo.

Chase Ocoee, FL infantryRus hotmail. I have been interested in Asatru for a number of years and would really like to find people who practice it. Would like to meet other like minded folk and to join or form a kindred, feel free to contact me! Danok nacht ulf Tampa, FL redstripe77 hotmail. I am looking to start a Tampa Hall of the Hearth and would like to hear from other Heathens in the area.

Daron Tamarac, FL Atawulf worldnet. Heathen for 10 years. It appears that all the kindreds in Florida live in the south. I am looking for someone a bit closer to communicate with. Drakos Naples, FL drakos naplesnet. Am I alone in SW Florida? Einherjar Hollywood, FL Einherjar-florida hotmail. Lauderdale, FL grimstamm yahoo. Jason Kline Pensacola, FL screwthis78 hotmail.

Background is germanic and wish to have spirituality in the asatru. Justin Robson Jacksonville, FL kenaz86 gmail. Need to find interseted people in the area before anything else can be started. I have been a solitary eclectic pagan for about 13 years and would like to branch out into groups. I am of germanic origins and would like to study the old ways. Palm Beach, FL lokisdottir netscape. Yes, I am a professed Lokean, but believe it not, I'm sane and reasonably logical. Nightshade Nox Orlando, FL treubistod yahoo.

Lauderdale, FL Nnyssa aol. I am new to asatru, and I would like to learn more about my heritage. I am interested in meeting others in my area who share the same interests as me. Raven Tampa, Florida kindredfolk hotmail. Robert Tillander Spring Hill, Florida rtilland tampabay. Being of Nordic ancestry and having feelings of being drawn to the ancient way.

Seek guidence beginning my journey along the northern path. To contact me IM me or E-mail me. I would like meet others that follow the Norse Path. Vanatru Orlando, FL vanatru hotmail. I'm a solo asatruer, have been for 8 years. Not really looking for a kindred. A fellow asatruer, male or female to yack with. Not a cyber relationship, or realworld. Just a chat partner. If your local, great, if not, no problem. Hope to hear from ya. There is no set deadline as to the date of completion for " Communist China " Someone had saved a copy of this webmaster's writing on the June 4th [] Massacre at http: The work on " Imperial China ", which was originally planned for after " Republican China ", is now being pulled forward, with continuous updates posted to Pre-History , Xia, Shang , Zhou , Qin , and Han dynasties, offering the readers a tour of ancient China transcending space and time.

A comprehensive version covering the years of ancient Chinese history, from B. For this webmaster, only the ancient history posed some puzzling issues that are being cracked at the moment, using the watershed line of Qin Emperor Shihuangdi's book burning to rectify what was the original before the book burning, filtering out what was forged after the book burning, as well as filtering out the fables that were rampant just prior to the book burning, and validating against the oracle bones and bronzeware.

There is not a single piece of puzzle for this webmaster concerning the modern Chinese history. This webmaster had read Wellington Koo's memoirs page by page more than ten years ago, and read General Hu Zongnan's biography twenty years ago, which was to have re-lived their lives on a day by day basis.

Not to mention this webmaster's complete browsing of materials written by the Soviet agents as well as the materials that were once published like on the George Marshall Foundation's website etc to have a full grasp of the international gaming of the 20th century. The unforgotten emphasis on " Republican China ", which was being re-outlined to be inclusive of the years of to and divided into volumes covering the periods of pre to , to , to , to , and , will continue.

May 29,  · A meeting point for gay male inmates and those who wish to have such a guy as a pen below to see some gay prisoners seeking pen pals. View Classifieds - Imperials For Sale. Go to Imperial Home Page - Go to Classifieds Front Page - View More Ads. Check out our section on Auto Transporters for . OAPD Board Expands: The OADP board of directors is an all-volunteer group providing leadership, hard work, and financial support. As ends, the board will have provided an estimated 3, hours of volunteer service to the mission of repealing the Oregon death penalty.