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Phoenix and sensual passion


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Phoenix and sensual passion

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I know most women think ''Guys only want sex'' well yes it is nice, but I am not going to try to jump in bed with you for awhile the less I think of you as a slut, the better I do have respect and standards, as should you. The category is M4W. I didn't catch your name, but you were born in 92, smoke camel lights, m4w and have epic glboobses. Oh and he is tall, slim, and sexy.


That is a cry to you. Lay your mouth on my mouth until all dissolves in mist about me Our lips meet and our eyes close. I feel the shuddering of your breast and the beating of your throat against mine We know nothing but the thunder of our veins We are swept out into a sea of infinite oblivion.

I feel the ivory of thy petals fair Brush lightly on my belly as I woo And I would sting thee, if I did but dare, So sweet you are. I suck the honey from your dewy bowl And drunken mad, with wild, delirious bliss, Within your cup, I yield to you my soul And drink your kiss I want to gorge you with all the joys of the flesh, so that you faint and die. I want you to be amazed by me, and to confess to yourself that you had never even dreamed of such transports When you are old, I want you to recall those few hours, I want your dry bones to quiver with joy when you think of them.

He sucks her tongue softly, feeling ecstatic dizziness Or else a cherry double graced Within a lily? Or ever marked the pretty beam, A strawberry shows, half drowned in cream? Or seen rich rubies blushing through A pure smooth pearl, and orient too? So like to this, nay all the rest, Is each neat niplet of her breast. My fingers a velvet caress My love is as moonlight to the shadows I know not now, what courage made me dare, But, pillowed close, upon her bosom fair, A truant hand went wandering far astray And found — that night hath greater charms than day Do you feel me wrap you Up with myself and my warmth, like a flame round the wick?

I feel that we Are a bonfire of oneness, me flame flung leaping round you, You the core of the fire, crept into me. Cover me with frenzied kisses, — even as I would drench my body in the cruel torrents of the rain. Envelop me from throat to ankle in delirium intolerable Rain drops fall all over you—your face, hair, skin—and your clothes cling to you as if you are melting. And your man is holding you tight as you hear nothing but rain and feel nothing but his touch on your body and the wet grass between your toes.

The moment lasts, the moment you feel alive and as one with nature. A few wet drops break the passionate seal of your two lips as you taste the beautiful rain and your lover in one glorious sensual motion.

To hear the wild beating of your veins; to feel flame shuddering your blood and to agonize you with my ardor. To crush you as a flower upon my breast, To bear you away to some secret valley where I would love you into insensibility Who can tell the thrilling pleasure, When the nymph resigns her treasure!

Silk clothes fly open so easily. It seemed as though along each quivering sense, Swift rivulets of fire had found their way And burned their hearts. They knew not night nor day, Nor life, nor death, nor aught that mortals know. They only knew they loved each other so Let me bite you. Let me suck you. Let me inhale you to your bones' own marrow. But when we make love beneath our quilt, we make three summer months of heat.

The way you bite my fingers— When I try to make you hush Spring birds pour out grief. Spring winds come with exuberant love— they lift up my silk skirt. But love can never of madness tire, And I must drown in your passions waves, And you consume in my hot desire But, then, so are you. You wouldn't make love the way you do if you were not adventurous, and bold, and slightly nuts, just like I am. I love all those things about you. Riding the tide of passion, Pushing my love into you.

On the waves of your emotion— In slow motion, so sweet and true. Pulse pounding in resounding rapture, Taken to the hilt, then just past Growing giddy in the windy shadows of brittle leaves, I have a powerful need to dally with what is plump, voluptuous, kinky Withal its beauty and its faultless grace Your body, dearest, is a haunted place I want it flimsy and cheap, I want it too tight, I want to wear it until someone tears it off me. Let me suck thy balmy breath, And fainting, glory in my death.

Take me dying to thy arms, Ah me! I die with pleasing pain, O kindle me to life again I have reached out in my pain to the love-frenzied grouse. I have called in my understanding to the deer in their rutting season. I have come with gentle words to the mating chirpings in the eaves. I have touched tenderly the seeking pollen. I have come with bated breath to the spawn at the beginnings of streams. I am the ache of overfullness.

My breasts are crowded with containing. My hands tremble with the eagerness of me. I am rent and torn with the pain of the unexpressed. He will draw me close to him — and a little closer, And his strong arms will soothe my quivering body: And his tender kisses will cool the fever of my burning lips Ungirdled treasure, warm and bare Make me fire your blood with new desire, And make me kiss you — lip and limb, Till senses reel and pulses swim This mellow autumn night!

On the late flowers I linger at thy feet. What fierce convulsions of delight! Bodies mingling, sexes blending, Which should most be lost contending, Darting fierce and flaming kisses, Plunging into boundless blisses; Our bodies, and our souls on fire.

Tost by a tempest of Desire; Till with utmost fury driven, Down, at once, we sunk to heaven. Then give me your lips that we may stand united beneath the downpour of its sunlight. Let us be intermingled as two trees that have bent one single root Ah, but if I am cruel what then are you?

I am bruised right through A gentle, throbbing, trembling, beauteous maid, Fair as the man, but with a softer shade, Endowed with beauty and a thousand charms That sought the sheltering clasp of loving arms The lightnings flung Long, passionate arms about the earth that clung To her wild lover. Suddenly above her The whole sky tumbled in a sweeping blaze, Gathering earth in one tight-locked embrace, Drenching her in a flood of silver flame.

Hot thunders came; And still the storm kept plunging, seeking ever The furthest cranny, till the faraway Streams felt each penetrating quiver And the most hidden river Rose and became released On your white breast I shall breath the perfume of numberless lilies.

Therein I shall die a thousand deaths and arise reborn in the awful splendor of your love Graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry, Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie. And like this downy swelling breast, They rise, and languish to be pressed There is the murmur of a million nightingales, — and the flash of brilliant lightning.

These curves conceal, this dear perfection shrouds A soft, miraculous nest


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