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Mixed in shape ripped abs for black female


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Mixed in shape ripped abs for black female

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This lady likes water sports including fishing, snorkeling, sailing and swimming. Looking to have some fun. Or do you.

Seeking for a friend I'm seeking for a 'friend' I don't do relationships any more (it just never seems to turn out well). PUT BLINDFOLDED IN SUBJECT LINE IF INTERESTED THANKS. Small, tall or short. I am willing to meet MY MAN TO SHOW HIM HOW like GOES. I love to be outdoors and big into the trap shooting.


People grossly underestimate the difficulty level of getting and keeping a six pack. Like, I cannot express that enough. The six pack is such a serious mastery level of fitness that not even the average fitness model or fitness competitor can keep one looking lean and tight for the entire year. They have on- and off-seasons just like the average athlete.

Let me make this clear: As a female, your abdomen is one of three places on your body where fat will cling to for dear life. There are theories that presume that this has to do with preparedness for the potential of reproduction, or genetics, or whatever.

For whatever reason, that is frequently the most difficult place to lose body fat. Men have an easier time losing body fat and developing six-packs because the level of testosterone they have makes muscle development easier, thereby making fat loss easier, thereby making a six-pack easier to achieve. Your body fat has to be low, low, low, low.

This graphic from BuildLean is great for helping people take a rough estimate of their body fat percentage prior to getting it measured in a more official fashion.

You want to not only lose pounds, but you often have an actual goal in mind for what you want to see when you look in the mirror. I could go on and on, and break over 2, words on this list alone. For the average fitness professional, that explains why they rarely have a social life—their social lives involve the gym, revolve around the gym, with activities engaged in with other people from the gym.

Those are the Alpha dogs people are often complaining about. Speaking of the average fitness professional—the ones we frequently see with six-packs—part of the reason why they work so hard to stay so lean is because they do this for a living. Are you starting to understand why some people are incentivized to maintain that coveted six-pack? Is it clear now that I think this might be one of the most difficult fitness goals to ever attempt? My advice is to be very realistic about how much of your life may have to change to accommodate this kind of goal.

Everything has to be on the table to change. And, as PN is where I was certified in nutrition, I obviously trust their insights. Most importantly, be realistic. The proud leader of the bgg2wlarmy, Erika Nicole Kendall writes food and fitness, body image and beauty, and more here at bgg2wl. After losing over lbs, Kendall became a personal trainer certified in fitness nutrition, women's fitness, and weight loss by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

She is also certified in sports nutrition by Precision Nutrition. She now lives in New York with her husband and children, and is working on her 6th and 7th certifications because she likes having alphabet soup at the end of her name. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Are you ready to join the bgg2wlarmy and achieve your weight loss goals?

Join the squad, and let's reach our goals together! Black Hair Body Image All. Losing Weight, Losing Hair —…. Protecting Your Edges From Breakage…. Which Diet Is the Best for…. Fat Is Converted to Energy…. Do I Eat Back the Calories…. Welcome to Your ScaleFreeSummer, ! Spot Reduction is Real. Protecting Your Knees During Training. Knee and Joint Pain, Part 1: Fat Loss Plan vs. Corn, Chickpea, and Cod Ceviche.

Cook It Like a Boss: Give up all sugar-sweetened beverages —these calories rarely fuel actual activity, they rarely serve to nourish, and frequently do little more than trigger an insulin response that stalls fat loss; they are primary sources of belly fat gain thanks to the flux of sugar impacting the liver, and are the enemy of six-packs Give up all processed foods— processed foods frequently are overloaded with sodium and under-supported by potassium, which is a recipe for bloating, also a frequent enemy of six-packs everywhere.

Give up all desserts and dessert-like pastries—sugar, carbs, carbs, sugar, bloating, salt, sugar, carbs, carbs, sugar, liver… enemy. You follow that, right? Give up carbs outside of your post-workout window. Having carbs in your blood stream while your body is burning through energy protects you from losing muscle, which would be extremely difficult to rebuild.

It requires absolute adherence to your plan because each gram of each macronutrient has to be accounted for by the end of the day. Ask yourself— do you even know about macronutrients? Exercising for a dedicated and un-distracted hour at least 5 days a week—you have to be committed to constantly burning calories and being covered in sweat at the end. Like, no games, no jokes, no selfies, no obnoxiously long breaks inbetween sets. An obscenely low amount of carbs—for the average female?

It needed to be said again: All in all, be patient. And be willing to put everything on it. Erika Nicole Kendall The proud leader of the bgg2wlarmy, Erika Nicole Kendall writes food and fitness, body image and beauty, and more here at bgg2wl.

You may also like. What Is Couch To 5k, and Should She Go Lap-Band? What Football Team Mandated Yoga and The Older I Get, the Less Lena June 18, - Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


Are ripped abs actually healthy for women? | BUF Girls

Today we have big muscle from the gorgeous Tina Chandler! Today we have two galleries of the shapely and fit Shianne Behan. See for yourself in today's update! Today we have the sensual curves and muscles of the very hot Christina Toon.

Today Michelle Trapp poses in a tight black dress that really brings out her biceps and back. Today we want to wish the beautiful Melissa Rex happy birthday.

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Today we have a photo gallery of Holly Leggs who has some of the biggest most muscular legs around. Today we are adding a photo gallery of the beautiful and toned Moira McCormack posing in a hot yellow outfit and high heels!

Today we have an update from a massive Emery Miller looking ever so lovely in a blue bikini. Karen Garrett is known for her massive quads, calves, and biceps. See why in today's update! Today Holland Canter shows off her rock hard abs in a two piece bikini. Tierany Chretien won her pro card in the season. It comes as no surprise since she has a huge physique and great symmetry.

See for yourself in today's update. Today we welcome the beautiful and fit Lisa Hahn to the site in a photo gallery of 60 pics! Kashma Maharaj in contest shape is truly a sight to see. Huge muscle woman Aleesha Young flexes her massive arms and legs in today's update. Today we have the long lean legs of Tammy Cazares posing in the hot Vegas sun. Curvy muscle girl Arlin Rodriguez Mossholder shows off her hard body in today's update. Today we have the tight physique of the beautiful Nikki Warner.

Kelly Grossman has a very tight physique. She poses and struts her stuff in today's update. The hot muscle chic Jessica Dunn moves her physique for the camera in today's update. Today we have the beautiful and intense Michelle Trapp posing in a sexy black dress. Today's update features Lisa Geisbrecht. A Canadian pro with vascularity you wouldn't believe.

Today we have the massive and muscular Alina Popa flexing in a sexy dress. Today we have the best legs in the business with Holly Leggs. Kashma Maharaj is a muscular island girl with a physique that is sure to wow you.

Melissa Rex can flex her hard defined muscle better than most. Check out her unique movement and flexing in today's update.

Today we have Heidi Hegg posing and showing her offseason mass. Today we have huge dense offseason muscle from Kashma Maharaj. Today we have the amazing abs of Divalicious in a new photo gallery. Holland Canter has an amazing physique. Her massive quads and calves are amazing. Today we have the slim and tight physique of hot blonde Abby Marie Johnson. Today we the fantastic posing and flexing of a true pro Emery Miller.

Today we welcome Michelle Trapp and her amazing physique to our site! Karen Garrett has some of the biggest and most muscular legs in the business. Watch her flex and pose in today's update. Curvy and muscular figure girl Shianne Behan slowly flexes her muscle in today's update.

Slim and fit figure girl Jessica Dunn poses and flexes in today's update. Today we have the lean muscle of Erykah Blockman. Carrie Walend keeps the most impressvbiceps year around. Shawna Pierce has a pair big dense bi's, tri's, and quads in today's update. Today we have the massive muscle of the ever so impressive Aleesha Young. Today we have part two of the hot posing from Christina Toon. She really struts her stuff in this video.

Today we have the massive muscle Anna Mikhaylenko. Sue Scheppele poses with her massive and ripped physique while rocking a tight black dress. Today we have the extraordinary posing and flexing of Christina Toon. Today we have full defined muscle of Angela J. Pearson in 60 pics!.

Today we have the amazing posing and physique from Lindsay Mulinazzi in today's update. Today we have the tight and toned physique of Theresa Cross. Alina Popa is a bodybuilding marvel with an amazing physique to match. See her in today's update! Today we have the amazing legs of the one and only Holly Leggs!

Today we have posing from the impressive physique of Moira McCormack. Today Amanda Folstad Ptak and her amazing physique is featured in today's update. Today we have Emery Miller posing in the Nevada sunset during the Olympia weekend. Today we have the massive legs of Karen Garrett. She looked great in Vegas forthe Olympia. Olympia brought many fitness stars to Vegas.

One of those stars being Abby Marie Johnson and her tight physique. California figure girl Shianne Behan flexes for the camera in today's update. Today we have pics of the muscular young newcomer Holland Canter. Christina Toon poses her amazing physique in today's update. Today we have the dense muscularity of Jennifer Scarpetta. Today we have pics of Heidi Hegg posing in the hot Las Vegas sun. Today we have Jill Rudison and an impromptu kitchen workout. She gets pumped and then poses for us.

Today we have Michelle Devere and her amazing physique! Emery Miller is always muscular. Here we see just how muscuar she can be. After a long day of shooting Jennifer Scarpetta relaxed and showed off her dense yet defined muscles.

Today we have the sensual elegance of Lyris Cappelle posing in Tampa last year. Today's update features posing by the massive muscle of Angela J. Today we have the elegant flexing of Melissa Rex and her bulging bi's tri's and abs. Arlin Rodriguez Mossholder can pose with the best of them. See her move her muscle in today's update.

There are few ladies that have an impressive off season physique. Lada Plihalova is one of those ladies is one that does. Today we have the dense upper body of Maria Mikola. Her upper body is nothing but full hard muscle.

Today's update features the fit and tit physique of Theresa Cross. She is lean and extremely fit. Kashma Maharaj is known for always maintaining an impressive physique. When she went to the Arnold in March she did not disappoint.

Today we welcome huge bodybuilder Heidi Hegg to the site. She poses for us while in amazing offseason shape! Today we have pics of Melissa Rex and her dense muscle and fantastic posing. Today we welcome hot figure girl Shianne Behan to the site.

She has long lean muscle. Canadian bodybuilder Lori Steele flexed her way into today's update with impressive off season muscle. Today we welcome future physique competitor Holland Canter. This young muscle girl is well on her way to having a great physique. Today we have the full sexy legs of Christina Toon.

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Check out Arlin Rodriguez Mossholder in today's update. Lada Plihalova has big full muscle and shows it in today's update. Today we have the great physique of Christina Toon posing and flexing in Las Vegas! Today we have the tight bodied Misi White-Guilbert posing in a jacuzzi! Fern Assard has some of the best abs in the business. Here we have her relaxing and stretching on a bed. Today we welcome another model to the site! The very muscular and lean bodybuilder Tammy Cazares poses for us in the hot Nevada sun!

Today we have the massive island girl Kashma Maharaj in contest shape! Today we welcome the sexy figure girl Kelly Grossman to the site. See her and her amazing abs in today's update. Today we have a photo update featuring the very hot Lindsay Mulinazzi the fitness inferno! Today we have the thick and muscular legs of Jill Rudison. She can flex her legs for days! Today we have the huge off season muscle of Sharon Mould.

The super sexy muscle goddess Alina Popa soaks up some sun in today's update. Brigita Brezovac is in todays update showing her massive upper body. Today we have the huge muscle of the massive Aleesha Young flexing away. Today we have the elegant posing muscle woman Melissa Rex doing her thing. Big muscled bodybuilder Tierany Chretien poses and struts in front of the camera in the Vegas sun! Tina Chandler poses in a sexy dress. Showing off her big muscle in Las Vegas! Large and muscular blonde Sue Scheppele is in todays update posing in black lingerie.

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Karen Garett is a muscular marvel with her tight full physique. CHeck her out in today's update. Big muscle woman Cindy Johnson shows her impressive muscle and vascularity.

Today we have slim and fit bikini girl Sarah Ingmanson. In todays update we have the huge legs and back of the gorgeous Kashma Maharaj. We had the luxury of seeing the super muscular Janeen Lankowski turn pro. Here is a few clips from that weekend.. Today we have more canadian muscle from the very impressive physique of Sharon Mould.

Canadian muscle girl Lori Steele is in todays update. Today we have the amazing and vascular calves of Sarah Hayes! Today we have the sensual posing of hot muscle girl Brandi Mae! Jill Rudison has legs that are some of the best around.

Check her out in todays update! New to the site we have the beautifully fit Nikki Warner in three muscle flexing clips! Today we have the shredded muscle of Sally Anne Taylor. Today we have Brigita Brezovac 's massive upper body. Watch as she flexes her arms and back. Check out the incredible bi's and tri's of the amazing Debbie Bramwell in today's update.

Alicia Alfaro poses in the Miami sun in today's update. New to the site is physique competitor Theresa Cross. Theresa maintains her defined conditioning year around. Muscle woman Lisa poses and flexes her legs and arms in today's update. Big muscle girl Karen Garrett has some fun in the pool at the muscle mansion last year. The muscle phenom Melody Spetko flexes her impressive abs and legs in today's update. Kim Buck is in today's update flexing her big muscle in the sun.

Today we have Pamela Hannam lounging and flexing her tight physique. See what I mean in today's update. Muscle woman Carrie Walend flexes her biceps and calves while soaking up the sun. Bikini girl Sarah Ingmanson struts her stuff on the beaches of Miami. Divalicious showed up in Miami with a lean and hard physique. Check her out in today's update with four clips!

Today we have three clips of a very lean Danny J. Suzanne Germano displays her amazing physique at the Nationals last year. The super shredded Sherri Enos flexes her arms and back. Check out the detail in her physique. Up and coming muscle woman Holly Leggs shows of her legs that may possibly be some of the best around. The beautiful and ripped Abby Marie Johnson poses in the hot Miami sun. The off season physique of canadian Sharon Mould is a site to see.

Her full and vascular muscle is impressive to say the least. Andrea Carvalho looked great while flexing in Florida. Today we have the muscles of Deanna Harvick.

Christina Toon lived it up in Miami by walking the beach and playing in the ocean. The amazingly massive Sue Scheppele flexed for us this weekend!

Her muscle is so impressive we put it up tonight! Kimm Winn is in our update today heating things up in the pool by flexing some nice hard muscle. Kashma Maharaj is quickly making a name for herself with her size and definition.

Up and comer muscle girl Shawna Pierce displays her impressive off season physique while lounging in a chair. We gladly welcome her to our video section. The massive and muscular canadian Sharon Mould poses in today's update showing her dense muscle and impressive vascularity. New to the site is mysterious girl next door Miss Abby.

This young lady has great legs! Today we have the lean muscles of Divalicious who met up with us at the Nationals last year. Today we have the full dense muscles of Lizette Pegueros. Today we have the sensual muscle of Brandi Mae. She flexes away in the hot Vegas sun. If you are a leg fan, well, more specifically a calf fan then Katka Kyptova has to be on of your favorites.

Today we have Kate Cooper posing in a two piece at the pool. Flexing her impressive muscle. This fiery muscle lady knows how to move.

Lindsay Mulinazzi strikes a pose in today's update. Lori Steele went to the Nationals last year and looked amazing although she was not competing.

We had to work with her. Here are a few clips from that weekend. Check out the clips from that weekend. Today we have the extreme muscle of the phenomenal Alina Popa. Pamela Hannam does some elegant posing on a pool table the weekend of the Olympia last year.

The young and beautiful Erykah Blockman shows that she has soe nice defined muscle while at the beach in today's update. Muscular island girl Kashma Maharaj is making a splash in the bodybuilding world.

Today we have Karen Garrett and her full muscular physique in a pool. Up and comer Shawna Pierce put her amazing legs on display in Miami. Today we welcome the super muscular, super vascular Sharon Mould to the site.

Today we have the brazilian muscle pro Andrea Carvalho. Today we have the amazingly muscular legs Angela Rayburn. Check out her detailed muscle in today's update. Gillian Kovack is in our update for today. They really got things hot on the beach.

These two beautiful ladies were posing and flexing in the ocean, showing off their amazing physiques. Today we have the massive muscle of canadian Melody Spetko.

Carrie Walend has very ipressive biceps. Her peaks are rock hard. See her flex her bi's in today's update. New to the site is a model that heated things up in Miami. Abby Marie Johnson shows of her hard body in today's update. Today we have an update of Alicia Alfaro showing off her physique in some sexy lingerie.

New to the site today is the blonde bombshell Divalicious. She has some very strong lean muscle! Today we have the amazing legs of Pro Claudia Partenza. The striations in her muscles are insane! The shredded canadian Maria Mikola strikes some poses in 6 clips! Sally Anne Taylor flexes her vascular upper body in a hot pink outfit. Dana Richards has very powerful and vascular legs. Today we have Kate Cooper.

An impressive competitor with a lot of big muscle. Today's update features the amazing muscles of Lizette Pegueros who is also an excellent poser. Another new addition for the week is hot bikini girl Sarah Ingmanson having fun on South Beach. New to the site. Island muscle girl Kashma Maharaj. She is quickly making a name for herself with her amazing body. Today we welcome the young up and coming figure competitor Erykah Blockman. Her physique is tight and her smile was brighter than the Miami sun that day!

Jill Rudison has an amazing physique. She gives us a little peek into her cardio routine that helps her maintain that body. Today we have the amazing physique of Claire O Connell flexing her body in Orlando. Today we have footage of the sexy Lyndsay Dejager posing and flexing with some boxing gloves on. New addition to the site! Shawna Pierce came to Nationals last month with a full muscular body. Terri Harris hits all the right poses in her white outfit.

The detail in her muscles are just as impressive as they are sexy. Today, we have the lean yet muscular blonde Lisa. She has a peak on her bicep that is quite impressive. Then she continues on to do some pec bouncing. Today, we have the muscular legs of Alicia Alfaro. Her quads are massive. Today we have the tight physique of Fern Assard.

This footage was taken at the Muscle Mansion earlier this year. Tonia Moore has amazing legs but she also has amazing arms too. Check out her guns in today's update. Today the very muscular Karen Garrett shows off her physique while laying in the pool. Today we have the muscular islander Candice Carr-Archer flexing in a sexy white outfit that shows her muscles off.

We haven't had an update of this model since Angela Rayburn shot with us at the Muscle Mansion this year and she looked fantastic. Her muscles are full and defined. Misi White-Guilbert has a very toned physique. Not only is her muscle grade A but her flexing is as well.

Melissa Rex is gem of the bodybuilding world. She is strong beautiful and smart. Her posing is art in motion. Today we have a pretty young pro from Canada that has some big and impressive muscle.

Gillian Kovack soaks up some sun. Check out the full bodied muscle goddess Lizette Pegueros. Her physique is impressive to say the least.

The beautiful figure girl Gemma Santos shows off her tight physique. Today we have six clips of a very muscular Kimm Winn. She does some slow posing out in the sun. Today we have the muscular legs of Kate Cooper. She flexes away in some blue jean shorts. Brazilian muscle girl Andrea Carvalho shows off her post Tampa Pro physique in three hot clips.

Today we have the impressive muscle of Brigita Brezovac doing some leg flexing and bicep pumping. Today's update has two clips from the Japanese hottie Tomoko Kanda. There aren't too many women with muscle with as much energy, enthusiasm, and muscle like Karen Garrett. Check out her muscular leg clips in today's update.

Super sexy Alicia Alfaro is in our update for today with her big muscles and massive sex appeal. Today we have the big muscles of Wendy Watson. This cute canadian knows how to flex. We met with Suzanne Germano at the North Americans this year and her overall package was amazing!

Today we have the amazing arms of Kristy Hawkins. She shows off her massive and veiny biceps! Today we have another new addition to the site.

Michelle DeVere has a smile that is mesmerizing. Well her muscles are mesmerizing too. Today we add the beautiful and sexy Christina Toon to the site. At just a glance you will be caught in her incredible physique.

Czech hottie Lada Plihalova struts in a leather pants outfit that is sure to get the blood pumping. Sally Anne Taylor flexes her defined leg muscles and then her amazing upper body in three clips of sexy bliss. Today the amazing legs of Katka Kyptova are put on display for all to see. Get ready for 3 clips of those gorgeous quads and calves flexing away.

Today we have the sexy and lean biceps of Skye Fisher. Today we have an update featuring the beautiful and muscular Oana Hreapca courtesy of Len B. New addition to the site. We added a model page for Lizette Pegueros. This young lady has some very impressive muscles. Today we have an update from the ever so lovely Rene Marven who put on some impressive size since we last shot with her.

Today Sarah Hayes moves her amazing leg muscles for the camera. She also shows off some great abs. Today we have a woman who's physique is just simply amazing.

That would be the wonderful Kim Perez. Head to toe she looked great at the Olympia. Today we have the gorgeous gams of Athena Siganakis. Her quads look amazing as she flexes them in a bikini.

It's been awhile since we had the sexy Jodie Bruce on an update for the site. We caught up with her at the North Americans this year and her physique was amazing.

Her abs looked phenomenal! Today we have the muscular blonde Kate Cooper flexing her legs and chest in a little black dress. The very sexy Lyris Cappelle poses for us in a very hot two piece swimsuit.

Wendy Watson has big arms, tight abs, and thick defined legs. She has a total package and she shows it off in today's update. No denying the beauty of Debbie Bramwell. Her smile wows the crowds and her arms do the same in today's update. Today we have the tall blonde bombshell Shawn Tan outside in the pool getting her hot muscles wet! Today we have the super shredded Claire O Connell flexing her amazing legs in three clips that show just how defined muscles can get!

We welcome the very sexy Fern Assard to the site. She has an amazing set of abs! Today we have the always shredded Sherri Enos in our update. Her muscles look great and you can see them here in three clips! Karen Garrett came to the Muscle Mansion this year with big and impressive size. Her fishnet stockings could barely hold on to her massive legs. Today, we have the lovely and muscular body parts of the beaufitul blonde Lori Steele.

Today, we have the dense and vascular arms of Jennifer Sedia. She has the looks and the muscle and she's not afraid to show either. Today, we have the hot legs of Lisa on display.

They look great as the sun shines down on them. Today, Kate Cooper does some of her ripped muscle flexing in three clips. She looks great in her black dress that lets you see her size and definition.

Today we have the gorgeous brazilian hottie Andrea Carvalho in three clips of her in the sun. This update is hot in more ways than one.

Brigita Brezovac spreads her wide back in three clips. The detail in her muscle is definitely something worth seeing. Today, we have the sexy legs of Tracy Mason. Her quads are massive and ripped. Kris Clark has an amazing upper body. When we shot with her the week of the USA's her massive biceps were impressive to say the least. Terris Harris is sexy and muscular in today's update. She flexes her upper body giving us a lot of hard muscle to look at. Today, we have the massive arms and legs of Shawn Tan while she flexes in the sun by the pool.

Today, Kimm Winn gives us a look at her ripped legs and then does some flexing outdoors in a two piece bikini. Today we have the lean muscles of Hayley Michaels.

Watch her flex her upper body showing some very nice vascularity. New to the site is muscle hottie Sirvan Hefta.

She is as beautiful as she is muscular. The sexy brazilian pro Andrea Carvalho met with us in Tampa and her physique was hot to say the least. Today, the beautiful and vascular Sarah Hayes flexes her massive arms in six amazing clips!

Kate Cooper showed up to the USA's in amazing condition. Her muscle was massive from head to toe. The very hot Tennille Ray flexes her body in 2 clips. She shows off her sexy abs in one and her bicep in another.

Today, we have a very lean Danny J flexing her legs and back in six clips! It's been two years today since Lyris Cappelle has been in our updates. She showed up to the USA's this year looking fantastic!

Take a look for yourself at this elegant muscular beauty. Today, we have the massive legs of Kaylie Perry in today's update! Today, we have the extremely hot body off Sally Anne Taylor. Her muscles are a sight to see! Today, we have an update of Jennifer Benda flexing her sexy calves and biceps. Today, Amy Lynn Nichols shows off her veiny forearms in our update. Today, we have more sexy flexing from Melody Spetko. Her swimsuit can hardly contain all that muscle!

She has big muscles and a big beautiful smile. Today, the beautiful blonde Skye Fisher does some bicep flexing with some nice vascularity popping on her full muscles. Today, we welcome the hot figure girl Misi White-Guilbert to our site. She showed up to the USA's looking lean and fit.

Today, we have the muscular Janeen Lankowski flexing in a sexy dress that shows off her massive back. Today, Jill Theobald flexes her impressive arms in two clips. New to the site we have a bodybuilder from France. The explosive body of Nathalie Foreau is displayed in 6 clips. Today, Jennifer Benda gives us beauty and muscle of the leggy kind. Check out three clips of her flexing her sexy legs. Monica Mollica is in todays update showing her hard and sexy muscle. This hot lady really knows how to flex.

Today we have the massive bodybuilder Gabrielle Nicander in a bikini flexing by the pool showing off her huge legs and upper body.

With a lean body and a cute face to match Jessica Rohm poses her body in three clips. Today, the always shredded Claire O' Connell met up with us in Tampa to show off after her pro debut. She looked great to say the least! Today, the amazing Kris Clark displays her massive upper body and her sexy legs in our update for today! Today, we have the beautiful Debbie Bramwell. Two things you can count is she's always smiling and always so muscular! Today, Kimm Winn flexes in a small black dress showing off her gorgeous legs!

Sherri Enos does some very sexy posing in today's update. Her biceps and legs are amazing in these six clips! Today we have the rock hard biceps of Maria Mikola in today's update. Today, gorgeous blonde Lisa flexes her bi's and shows off some vascularity in three clips!

Today we have the Canadian new comer Wendy Watson. She already made her presence known at the Southern States Show and today she shows her massive size and definition in six clips! The beautiful and fit Deanna Harvick is in our update for today wearing a bikini and soaking up the sun. Maria Mikola shows off her huge upper body.

Her wide back and boulder biceps are impressive without a doubt. Muscle hottie Miranda Rai does some very sexy calf rases for the leg fans! Today we have 6 clips of the impressive muscle of Melody Spetko. These sexy clips will surely get your heart racing. Happy 4th of July to our American members. While you barbecue and watch fireworks come check out todays update with the dense and sexy muscles of Dana Richards.

Six clips of this beauty and the forearm clip is a must see! She shared her impressive physique the day after hitting the stage. As we work diligently to bring you the hot footage from the Tampa Pro Show I give you 5 muscle filled clips of Suzanne Germano. Head to toe she hits some good poses and shows some ripped muscle. Today, we have two clips of the very beautiful Britt Miller. We also have one clip of Isabelle Turell pumping iron. The thick and muscular Alica Kavuljakova flexes her dense back and biceps in two clips.

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Try to do something along the lines of when running take a few weeks to work up to this and 3. My number one tip for you is to make sure you have absolutely zero carbs in your system when you workout. I guarantee that if you do this and workout like you described you will get lean at a rapid pace. Steady cardio for 30 minutes is fine…no need to do more on those days.

Thank u so much! Will doing extra cardio benefit me? Hi just a question. I have been doing reverse lunges and sqats for my butt for years. While I have a great round, firm butt, I have noticed my hips and thighs are also bigger. I used to be much more narrower in the hips. Will sprinting reduce their size now after doing this for years? Sprinting will help big time. Stop doing those reverse lunges for a while and jut sprint.

This will work well for someone in your position. Hey I saw you guys talking about distance runners neglecting their upper bodies. This is VERY true for the most part. The new American record holder in the mile with a time of 3 minutes When Webb graduated from High School in he was already muscular for a distance runner, and has continued to gain lean strength since then. Webb can run a meter sprint one lap in under 47 seconds and has finished some races with 50 second s.

Hist is top level sprinting speed is partially due to his upper and lower body muscle strength that most distance runners do not have. Here is a picture of Webb after he annihilated the US olympic trials in http: Looking jacked while winning the American championship for m. Last year he ran the fastest mile and times in the world, and second fastest half mile 1: With his training adjusted to peak about a month later this year he should have a realistic shot at bring Gold back to America in the mile.

Haha sorry to ramble on about a distance runner but thought some people might find this interesting. The athletes in the Summer Olympics are the best of the best. Rusty, I dont know how I missed this one! Ive read almost all of your discussions. I know in the past Ive really focused on squats and lunges but I always ended up making my body bigger rather than toning it up.

I eventually focused more on cardio and then was able to lose those inches I added. I actually have worked out for years but have been doing it all wrong. I am making so much progress since following your advice. I measured again tonight and Im done 8 inches! Im also down 6 pounds.

In the past I used to run but got tired pretty quickly after a couple months, so I jumped on the you-only-need-weights bandwagon. I have been working out with heavy weights and kettlebells and packed on ten pounds of muscle and now none of my jeans fit.

It is very frustrating. I always felt like I have to choose between cellulite butt or big huge muscle butt.

I would like to lose about ten pounds. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate them all, because if you have a question it is very likely that someone else reading this will have the same question. You are actually helping a ton by commenting! So on a low carb day…eat just a few carbs after working out…on a high carb day, eat more carbs after your workout. I want you to begin jogging, because this is going to slim down your lower body quickly.

All my female friends that have incredible bodies end their workouts with running. Get back to me in a month or two if you still look bulky. Both jogging and sprinting have different benefits.

Once a week do HIIT sprints instead of jogging…but jog the rest of the time. This will give you all the great fat burning benefits without the bulk. One other benefit of jogging…it is healthy for your heart. It is a win-win for sure. I heard swimming is a great activity for fat loss and muscle tone. On one hand, I think it is an incredible workout for your overall health…but studies have shown that it is really tough to reach low body fat levels from swimming.

The truth about swimming and weight loss…. Read this article, It will shed more light on the subject. Thanks for the compliment about my site. However, I am capable of getting over-developed hip and thigh muscles when I over-exercise them. Fortunately I have really, really great posture years of great ballet training , sleek, slim but toned arms, and even somewhat wide shoulders for a female which can make the waist, hips and legs look leaner. But overtraining the legs and glutes, etc, can really wreck your figure, I am now sadly discovering — the hard way!

For the past couple of years, I decided I needed professional help to get my figure in shape, so I hired a pretty good professional trainer.

In general, he has really helped me quite a bit, teaching me how to use freeweights using good form, etc — BUT — he has been having me do high-rep lunges and squats and the muscle has been building up faster than the fat has been coming off!

Last year, for personal reasons, I had to drastically cut down the amount of exercise I was doing, in order to sell my house, buy a new house, move, etc. All of this without really trying! And my hip and thigh and waist measurements went way down, also. Upper body seemed to look the same… somewhat toned, but very slim.

Even on Weight Training Days, I do some running immediately afterwards. That just confirms for me what you are advocating… eliminating heavy weight training for lower body, especially for girls, but doing a little upper body work to keep toned. Even a little bit of bulk there is not the look I want.

I understand why swimming and biking may not be the best answers. How about the 2 g of carbs in coffemate? I hate black coffee and am not crazy about green tea, either. So should I just stick with plain water before and during the workout? I like it when new people start reading and commenting. There is a growing number of people who are regular readers and it makes it fun to connect with many people.

I am one of the rare trainers that advises against squats and direct leg work for most people. I know that is what women want! Do you have a Stepmill in your gym? This is a great substitute for the treadmill. Also…if you begin your workout with a hard HIIT workout on the treadmill for minutes, then ellipticals keep the heart pumping really well.

You hop on for 20 minutes after your HIIT. Same with the stairmaster. You are doing the right think to get the look you are shooting for! So, that sounds like a good plan… I will do minutes worth of very intense HIIT on the Treadmill, and then I will follow up with some steady state cardio minutes more , sometimes on the Treadmill, but maybe occasionally alternating with some steady state on the stepmill and ellipticals, and stairmasters to stave off injuries.

I am pretty excited and motivated with all of this new info and I expect some great results in short order. I will check back in a month of two and let you know how it is going. Is sprinting really capable of building a bigger butt though, not just shaping up the gluteal fold? I need help building a bigger butt. Do some squats if you want a bigger butt.

Hi Rusty, I just started reading your blog and love the advice! I just have one question: Is this the best way to work upper body muscles? First, thanks for this website.

I discovered it ab a month ago and have been doing HIIT 5x per week since then. I love it and feel absolutely amazing!

I just love the energy boost it gives me — it literally changes my outlook! Is it even healthy for your heart to do it so frequently? And finally, what is the benefit of a min jog which I have been skipping immediately after 20 min excl warmup and cooldown HIIT? Does sprinting build a bigger butt or makes it smaller?

I store fat easily at the abs and lower body region. And, i tend to develop muscles easily around my thighs, so will sprinting develop big ugly muscles around my thighs and butt?? I heard that sprinting can also reduce abs fat efficiently but if sprinting also bulks up my thigh and butt muscles what kind of exercise I can do without developing bulky muscles and reducing abs fat at the same time??

HIIT burns many calories and jacks up your HGH levels, but the added benefit of steady state cardio is that it is good for using fat for fuel. You are taking advantage of a great situation that your body is in right after doing HIIT.

You can do the treadmill every day, but days a week should be a little less intense. Sprinting will not build up your legs and butt, like lifting weights. I recommend to avoid direct leg lifts for this reason. Sprinting is better at tightening up you entire lower body, however.

My problem is the opposite. I want to increase my hip size. I have been doing butt exercises for years and my butt is very toned but this does not seem to help with making it bigger or making my hips bigger. Running in general is really good at toning those muscles, but sprinting especially helps to tone and shape your bottom. I am a track coach and I tell people trying to improve legs and glute area they need to sprint and not jog. You are able to take full recovery in between reps.

I think its important to note the biomechanics of sprinting. If you are reaching when you run you wont recieve any of these benefits. Good Luck to any and everyone trying to improve themselves and I hope this helps a little. Im a size 8 in oz sizes which is pretty small, with a decent amount of fat on my butt for someone my size.

It could be a great butt, but its not because of the gluteal fold side view. Im ready to try anything as far as excerices goes as nothing ive tried so far has worked. I was squatting daily with no changes. Im just having a hard time understanding how toning these muscles will help. Isnt it the overlying fat thats sagging over causing this deep fold? You cant tone fat.

Ive also tried losing drastic amounts of weight til i was only 48kg thinking as the fat reduced so would the fold, i guess it did, but not enough. So ive put the weight back on so that i look normal again! Which makes me think its like a defect or something?? Also there is a seam sort of thing between the hamstring and the gluteus maximus where it crosses it diagonally. So im not quite sure how toning these can make the change as they are not joined. Anyway im not saying you are wrong, i agree the sprinters i see on tv have great glutes.

But just trying to understand if this could apply to me before i get my hopes up again. Sprinting is one of the best way to tone the muscles in your butt. Running can help you tone it also but its best to add sprinting in the exercise routine.

Although there are a lot of way to tone your muscles, its best to try one and know what really works for you. Ok I have only been working out for three weeks now with a friend we do speed walking and through a little bit of jogging Or sprinting up hill through out it. When u talk tone butt what does a toned butt look like I heard it makes it flat. I want mine just to be round and big again. Also when u talk about the right protein and foods what am I suppose to eat though out the day to make this work?

Please oh please help me. Its like my butt list all the roundness on top. Just want to loose the weight and have a big butt like your pic on top. I use to do squats and lunges and noticed my legs getting bigger.

I thus turned to the stepmill, using it for about minutes at level Will this still give me more muscles and make my legs bigger, or does it help decrease leg size? However, now I have a different problem — my butt. When I had more body fat it looked fine but now it is really flat. Is there any way I can make my butt bigger without making my legs bigger?

Thank you so much for all your tips!! I am a woman, but I actually do want my butt and legs to get bigger, like a sprinter!! What is best for this? Thanks for all the motivation and tips; I am a big fan of your site. I agree with you completely. Sprinting is anaerobic alactic energy systems work.

I personally like 30 and 60m sprints for that purpose. Perform the alactic session on the same day as another workout. Your workout Could look like this: Heavy lifting Day 5: OFF Notice that I also included steady state cardio.

Carl, Yeah…sprinting is an extremely underrated way to build a great body. Tee, You are doing the exact thing I would recommend. Helder, Great testimonial to how well sprints work. Trif, Good work buddy. Thanx again for some good and useful advice. Julian, Thanks for the compliments! David, I did a post on the Tabata Protocol.

Steve P, I bet it would be tough to get too much below 7 minutes. Jennifer, Any jumping movement is going to work your butt and calves really well. Tee, I believe the longer sprints are designed a bit better for burning more calories and less likely to work the muscles as hard. Katie, Spinning is good if you do it under a carb depleted state. Hey Rusty, This is actually my first time posting, but I am a long time reader.

Steve P, I will try them soon. Thank you, you guys are great! I read a response above. Caroline, You know what is funny…I just strained a calf muscle. Kristen, You answered your own question perfectly.

Julian, I really suggest to not add sugar to coffee or tea. Oz, That link is from my local paper in Seattle. Ryan, Thanks for the mention over at Fitconnect. Running m in 47 seconds is out of this world fast! Will the kettlebells have a bulking effect specifically lower body? I use 25 lbs for swings. Amanda, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

I am going to suggest a simple solution, that should help a bit. Amanda, Both jogging and sprinting have different benefits. Have a great one, Rusty. The truth about swimming and weight loss… Read this article, It will shed more light on the subject.

Now, I do have a couple of questions for you: Nan, Do some squats if you want a bigger butt. Farah, Go over to youtube and look up squats. There are great instructional videos there. Rusty, First, thanks for this website. I have a few questions. Rusty My problem is the opposite. Wow nice butt… i think girls with nice firm butt just have good gene and eat better.

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