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Brockton firefighter, Matt Parziale wins U. Transfer wealth with the help of someone dedicated to helping you. The planning involved in preserving your wealth can be complicated, especially if you have a family business.

Proudly located at Navigant Credit Union. No compels attention, and for five glorious The city of Brockton, a. They chatted, took somegolf experience runs deeper into the days April 2 — 6 at Augusta National Champions, hometown to renowned practice putts, and then headed togetherimagination of participants than the Golf Club Matt Parziale basked in it.

The Masters is unlike any other. Throughout the three box and down the fairway talking andMasters by winning the U. S Open and U. I had a nicetournament. When day for others and then does this isdaily newspaper.

Continued on page 38 role of full-time championship golfer. The moment you purchase from us you have a full 90 calendar days to exchange your purchases for ANY reason. See store for details. Visit us online worldwidegolfshops.

The Brockton won out this year. The quality of play May is Golf Month. Lets get out there firefighter came from way by the area juniors is phenomenal, and enjoy it. This spring has been about and we have always tried to publicize the worst that I remember. Golf coursesbehind in one of his early matches in their efforts. Dave Adamonis does a are way behind in their revenue.

Mid-Amateur Championship wonderful job with the U. Challenge get out there and support them. We need to grow your head down and swing easy. Leonard Finkel covers many of the at bruce snegolfer. Good luck to Matt in the products for women. How many under par? Southern New England Golfer is published 4 times per 6. What was on the property year: May, June, August, and September before the course?

Mail all articles, releases, 8. Whose was the first to win Cranston, RI Materials will not Tiger Woods and Jordan Advertising: Southern New England Spieth Golfer is not responsible for advertising 3.

Corrected advertising will be placed in future issues. Before the Civil War website www. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. JnTaacwtikoonNialcklmaeusmbership Connect with us on facebook at snegolfer.

The Health Charity Classic supports the Spectrum Disorder; to supporting Save donations in front of a crowd comprisedCharity Classic will return to the Rhode important missions of a wide range of The Bay, an organization that focuses of CVS Health colleagues, workingIsland Country Club in Barrington on charitable organizations across the region.

This support touches the lives of people the protection of the Narragansett Bay; time during the event series, many of the of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. GFrom the beginning, you had whole picture of what is going on.

The true potential of your golf swing. Please contact Todd Campbell, Golfframes along with comparisons to the Having your swing captured by Academy Director, at Pros. Now armed with high at key spots around your body asframe rate video and a Trackman 4, I well as 6 additional sensors on yourwas convinced that we had access to club.

GEARS also uses 8 high speedthe best golf instruction technology cameras to capture images at a rateavailable…. This can be confirmed possible 3Dso valuable. San Diego State Turned Pro: He is a native of California, but has an interesting heritage as his mother is from Taiwan, but grew up in Japan and his father is half French and German.

Xander won a couple of California amateur championships and earned All-American honors as a senior in college. He was part of the high school class that included Spieth, Thomas and Berger. He played two web. Besides winning the Tour Championship in , he also won the Greenbrier Classic.

The views ofover thirty years, and when the property Lights, with its central bayside location Narragansett Bay from the course andwas being sold recently, we decided to and unmatched amenity package, Open to the public for casual rounds, dining areas are spectacular. Seasonal passes and special rates cocktails, a full restaurant menu, andof Warwick before that. Lights plays to nearly 6, yards and authorized Yamaha sales and service food service have made Harbor Lights from the tips for 18 holes, making it provider a favorite choice for social gatherings The ownership group had big plans an enjoyable challenge for golfers of of all kinds.

The fact that the course isfor the property. I does a nice job there. Golf is not cheap. He has been the RIGA over the years, the needs of the current the younger players so they want toa member at Potowomut Golf Club in as a board member and m e m b e r s h i p. Kids seem to title. I hope to keep the younger Lutz in the finals when I was I was lucky that I got to the He also played basketball there said.

The grow the game. Executive Director attract the younger players, get them win, but I played well enough. Bob Ward and the rest of the staff involved, if golf is going to continue to complete surprise. He has made The RIGA continues to grow, some of its rules, trying to make the reigning president always serves as thehis living for many years as a Certified especially since merging with the game easier to understand and play. We need to simplify it was Tim Geary is an award-winning retired best we can.

Its gotten a little over the sports writer and frequent contributor to top. BA G S right thing. Jim Rooks, the founder and held at private courses. We have members of all ages Private clubs hosting B. It has been the club pros have greatly reduced recommendations. In was a little bit like making sausage. At the best for everyone. Crestwood this to put some associations out of defined geographic areas across thecomputer scoring system.

There will stepped forward and will host the 87th business. In addition, they will serve asbe some changes in the schedule. We were already doing the game. In some cases, localUSGA. Players who take part in the with the USGA. The RIGA was aheadfirst event of the year, the Burke of the curve when it came to meetingMemorial, will see one of the more new requirements, one of the biggestsignificant changes on the local level.

The change is impactful men, women and children. One reason for the change is to putWhile Ward puts most of his focus all agreements in writing. For years, Sprague, the former RIGA directorthe Open was held in late August who has been heavily involved withand featured both local pros and the changes in his role as Directoryoung pros trying to work their way of Northeast Regional Affairs for theup the ladder.

At one point, so many USGA. Now, everyone willyoung pros. Even with Tiger out of contention number of golfers dropped in years since Woods had stuck a wooden over the weekend, many believe that iupnontidnheteresgdcaomoriuent. People were flocking toa very polarizing figure, there is no can actually win a professional golf golf courses all over the world to thedisputing the fact that his presence is a tournament again, it is very clear that point that new golf courses were beingmajor boon for the sport of golf.

Consider the at the Valspar, it is a ratings bonanza for bubble popped. Golf courses were nowfollowing: Because one Eldrick you bet they will! The interesting While it is unlikely to ever go backWoods a. According to the GolfChannel, that 5. The Valspar Championship was alsostreamed for That was themost streamed PGA Tour event forthe network.

When Patrick addresses hisball on the green, his putter accidentally moves his ball a quarter-inch. Patrick then takes his putt and puts it in the hole.


Producing At The Fringe

Tee off at Mission and tennis facilities. He had weekly Golfer will be profitable for both he andmore than 40 years. James, a native of Vermont,is a graduate of the Stockbridge irrigation system, taking down someSchool of Agriculture with a degree trees and improve the soil conditions.

Len French who opened the course in The Platinumcourse and even hosted some U. The green complexes golf anytime, including holidays, cart,are excellent, the layout is challenging. The date has not been decided to grow and an unbelievable pace. The course has been rated favorably commented Mihailides. Only three players broke par and one of the prettiest and best Par 3 last year in the event: I was so proud providing a complimentary charter in tournament history and brought the the Extraordinary.

Moresentiments a year ago and have a mighty variety of special features, including than charities have received fundstough act to follow. That led to the tournament its net proceeds to charity and delivers aand Peter Jacobsen, Fairfield native J. Open the study shows, our local economy andlead every round and the first in PGA everyone, including affordable access, previous week and to join Tiger Woods many businesses benefit, too.

The roar was so it a truly memorable experience. I feel very fortunate to year contract as title sponsor. I thought was going to Annie Verret on Christmas Eve. The school finals in Scottsdale, Ariz. Tour-record 58 and Russell Knox school but kept it out of the spotlight The University of Hartford grad hadmade the foot putt to win, but except for a few posts in Instagram. In his first five startsjust witnessed history.

Rinaud and Brian Zito. TheGolf Club in Port St. Bill Hermanson in Whaley also combined with Ben the first 14 holes in rolling to a 6-and-4 Links Championship, tied for third collegiate titles and helped Duke winPollard of Jacksonville, Fla. Senior Amateur while collecting for the U. Paladino solidified a three-man playoff. In May, Connecticut Senior Amateur. Open qualifier Highfield Club-Middlebury, Greenwich native and former on and off the course.

She spoke to moreWomen in Golf by Golf Magazine. Network Meeting in Orlando, Fla. An even moreleadership and commitment to The First detailed account of the CT. Notebook can be found at www. A Golf Digest can hit the precise combination to shaved about six shots off my handicap. Zone Advertising Alsostudy found that 8 out of 9 Club be custom built for them. Champion custom fit golfers lowered stores use fitting carts provided by premium service.

Club premium club fitting is the answer. They provide a consumerclub fitting is one of the quickest ways Numerous PGA Tour players have experience that is undeniably helpfulto improve your game. Former for all golfers to play better.

With 32of the best brands in golf. The company do at Club Champion. The localTheir approach is unbiased; no specific technology. If you are a committed state-of-the-art studio is convenientlyvendor is promoted.

The only goal, for golfer at any level, I highly recommend located at Great Plain Avenue inany skill level player, is to find the best it. With over 35, Motion PuttLab. Both are consideredcombinations, Club Champion will the gold standard in fitting technologybuild the perfect clubs for you.

Club Champion stands out because they actually assemble clubs in-house to exacting, unrivaled tolerances. The experience and know-how in combining these intricate parts together is what separates Club Champion from its competition. We are confident that Club Champion will fit, service and support the most discerning golfers at the highest possible levels.

Here we spent four hit the ball with a tiny club head continues to grow, as their V. Theyinnovations in equipment, technology, clubs, you will bomb it! Hard to tell the difference. This is just a miss small. Popticals have Zeiss lenses and Elevator fits into the end of youroptimized coloration making it easier to putter and pulls out when you needread the greens. In addition to the cool it to keep your grip off the soggy turf. Perfect Golf dresses by Kaeli Smith look cart bag. They are three times.

The C also comes with shop. Ask Kaeli to createan exclusive print just for your club. One a better way to secure your bag to thething for sure: Perfect for your nextmember guest. Find theapparel has several pieces you will right size clubs with U. Kids Golf, awant to own. Coordinated three uniquely designed hosel and headtops feature moisture wicking, UP shapes. Designed to help you hit straightertried it on my face for four hours on and farther, Tour Edge scores big withthe course in hot sun.

Very soft and silky. Loved gray, navy or black bags popped up withthe lip balm too. Now, the 12th,play in a league. In the first Saturday in April about the go under in Attleboro since Open champion and the golf professional,U. Pennsylvania pleased that Tiger Woods and Steve high school state Striker will be vice-captains. Ryder Cup Captain, was the master of won the U. In our Master of Ceremonies. Jim has a his Dad. We are all looking Marr aboutforward to him leading the U.

And my biggest Club in Canton for 10 years. Kelly, the studentmade the PGA Tour in In , Furyk won three times, His voice cracking with emotion, Richard F. He was captain, he was thrilled to tell the good which has become the largest annualTour victory with his second win at selected that year as the PGA and PGA news to his father. Ouimet Scholars have served at least the final day. For decades, amateur private membership club.

The The new owners of Westminster CCEach event is scored with a quota front nine is fun and friendly and the intend to build on the fine reputationsystem for points, based on individual back nine challenges even the scratch established by the Leblanc family overhandicaps. Depending upon how many handicappers. There is no pre-registration Gustus, purchased the golf course and The course restaurant, Albatross, willinvolved. Eligible golfers just need to its function hall and restaurant from be open to the public 7 days per weekshow up between 7 and 8 a.

The first his sister-in-law Sharon Leblanc, the weekends. The patio bar overlookingtee time is 8 a. The Gustuses and Donnie Lyons daily for golfers and guests. In additionAnyone with questions may contact the At the Bank of Hope Founders Cup the person banquet facility andleague director Pete Demerski at purchased Maplewood Golf Course function staff will be available, as always or or email in mid-March, Altomare finished 26th, in Lunenburg in and renamed to host weddings, meetings, partiesseniormensgolfma aol.

The and golf outings. May 3 at Chicopee CC; carded terrific scores of for to increase the membership and attract at Westminster CC since Players On Tour 26 events in Charles Schwab Cup Rankings. The year-old Quinn, in early state, dating to Devine GC inClassic, his superb rounds of Dorchester.

In late March, Quinn Matt Parziale, the Brockton firefightertied for 11th at the Rapiscan Systems and recent participant in the MastersClassic with an 11th place tie finish. The year- s through the late s, will beold former Shrewsbury High and a qualifying site on May 29 for theUniversity of Virginia star, after the Mass.

The the CareerBuilders Challenge, wheredecades, and this time he decided to Haydenville native off-season project he had posted one of his two topsstay there. Bob Toski had been has expanded the during his rookie season. He was the crown, a victory modernized the Pros honoredhired as a full-time assistant at The at Hyannisport in kitchen, added diningIsland Country Club on Marco Island, GreatHorse created outdoor patio with includes most all of Berkshire opened in space and renovated County in Western Mass.

Kelley, 59, GreatHorse after removed to make courses. Tee Party help maintain first-class conditions. Hillman being named as the RolandChampionships. He also ranks fourth Longmeadow Country Club head The directive follows a plan set in place Stafford Award winner and assistantall-time in the Section with nine golf professional Tim Quirk has by noted Ross restoration specialist pro Peter Egazarian earned the Playerindividual major tournament victories.

Quirk will be honored for his Southwick Country Club was soldover for Kelley. David Pollard, a year For the first time since and Donald Ross design had also worked development. William Najam had member at the hole course on thesecond time in 16 years, a Western in the same capacity at Twin Hills CC owned the hole semiprivate course Eastern slopes of the Berkshires, andMassachusetts golf course will host in Longmeadow and The Blandford since the s, who had purchased wife Helen closed on the year clubthe Massachusetts Open.

GreatHorse Club in Blandford. He began his career it from the Facey Family during the in February. The club is now namedin Hampden will host the th as an assistant pro at Wampanoag CC mids. The South Russ Held is a retired sports writer forchampionship. The championship the Springfield Republican and writes adates back to She is the first woman Convention Center. PGA of America officers, board Hartford has to offer. Originally developed as a place to All information on greens fees andMGA Links, has officially changed expand the game of golf and its inherent course-sponsored events can be foundnames to reflect the significant Additionally, for a 15th straight year, values to juniors, seniors and women online at LinksatMassGolf.

Whilelocated on Route in Norton, will As part of the partnership, the course it will continue to serve as a public print and web. In addition to its name change, and instructional opportunities once again offer various membershipsthe golf course has introduced a new for junior golfers of all abilities. It lastly the finals as Augusta National shortest distance. Get all the latest breakinghappens for me for many Patriots and the following April.

It is the local events have been determined. This is one of the earliest Classic, Preview and It was when officials from yard grid. Longest drive wins 10 events and participants can only sign Player Bios, PreviewAugusta National, the USGA and points, second-9, third-8 and so on up for one local event.

The set up a nationwide Both the Chips and Putts require Links in Quincy on July 25, Bay Clubskills competition for boys and girls two shots and the cumulative distance in Mattapoisett on July 10, The Ranchages seven to 15, with the finals being of both shots from the hole is used to in Southwick on July 11, Cyprianheld at Augusta National. Thousands of young folks on the Cape at Cranberry Valley insigned up.

Harwich on June Windham on Julythe boys age group. Registration must be completed five days before The numbers have grown each year, the competition, but why not do itand now there is a local event, sub- right now. Expanding toSystem IDS and easy-grip more than golfhandle are designed for on-course courses in , Flingconvenience. Double shoulder is fun,fast paced and family friendly.

Fling requires no alterations to thestraps and padded hip protection golf course. The Go Lite Hybrid this year now includes new or hockey athletic styles of play,Fling Golf is the real deal. Available in 10 colors and for resorts, campus recreation and college intramurals. The SXThese flexible, lightweight anti- 3 will train you to properlyreflections, scratch resistant swing a wedge.

The lenses cut out the blue light that is so damaging to the wrist. When you take the club back, the set of your hands will causeeyes. The sunglasses are also great for driving in all conditions with its the leading wrist to move the arm of the SX 3 slightly, producing anhigh clarity. As the actionand come with a hard case and a micro fiber bag for cleaning. You moves forward and through the ball the set should remain producingcan order the glasses by calling or visit their website at the correct impact position.

When done correctly the hands shouldorionsunglasses. BV not release until after impact and will be confirmed by the second click of the SX 3. Matt looked and played themembers and friends of Matt Parziale, part of an experienced professionalto travel to the Masters to support his golfer rather than an unknown amateur. We walked all 36 holes andBrockton was best known as the home the only regret is Matt not being aroundof legendary golf writer Herbert Warren for the weekend.

He expects aNational Golf Club. Brockton is a blue-collar city that calls there who are older than me. Now, Matt Parziale, a year fever during tournament week with and Brian Blanchard. GC His email is teetalk aol. Her entry was some great memories to go back to theofficially received at 9: New England Amateur in andorg.

Susan West of Tuscaloosa, Ala. She played golf at the Floridawhose application was received at 9: She is exempt into theentrant. Here are a few. Tour spin, which makes for a narrower three times.

This power pack has two performance. It optimizes torsionalEdge released three new lofts in their dispersion. The multiple devices at the same time. C a top-selling golf cart bag material and a functional networkhybrid is the first titanium face, including a way top with a putter well,stainless steel body and carbon fiber Highlighting the face is Exotics of uniquesole hybrid design ever produced.

This range provides a loft for every off-center hits and which also promotes of pocket space, The reduced-possible distance scenario plus provides faster ball speeds. It is brazed to stainless Smart Straps taper profilegolfers the ability to expertly choose steel behind the hitting area that that offer a encourages idealthe best gaps throughout the bag.

REKS prescription lenses will be elegantly integrated portable control. Both bags are available in prefer a soft,top of the line Beta titanium, hyper lens manufacturing techniques. Digital four assorted colors: The reduced-taper, straighterhigher CG, located slightly forward military for helicopter windshields shapes. This helps of the material specifically for use in designed to optimize weather performance and durability optical lenses, making Trivex one of performance, comfort and durability, that only rubber can offer.

It characteristics appealing to a wide It combines GPS distance capability has less chromatic distortion than range of players.

Each mode has been reflective coating eliminates light materials that are slightly softer designed for ultimate flexibility. In reflecting from the front and back than traditional rubbers, it retains surfaces of the lenses, giving the lenses a crystal-clear appearance.

All tints and gradient tints are offered at no additional charge. Sun Mountain is supercharging two of its top-selling golf bags with portable power packs. Supercharged C cart bag will be in golf shops in June and the Supercharged 4. COM proprietary polymer mantle infused OR Utilizing patented technology, with high density particles for enhancedStrackaLine creates topographical accuracy and control; and a castgreens maps that are accurate down to urethane cover for a soft and pure feelthe millimeter.

The maps feature easy off the club face for greenside handlingto read arrows and allow players to and durability. World Am 19th Hole winner. Center, providing participants with free food and drinks, live entertainment, Early entry into the event, which celebrity guest appearances, a golf expoincludes at least four rounds of golf, and more. For more information, visit www. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Give me a call or email me at bruce snegolfer.

The Inlet Sports Lodge www. The Hall of Fame time you see metal spikes are worn by Carter Fasick. Looking through the issue, we foundpitcher had come to speak at the New some of the Tour professionals. England Turfgrass Show at the R. The travel page had a story about some advertisers that are no longerConvention Center and was pictured The late Bob Nolan, who was one golfing in Orlando, Florida. The of our favorite columnists, had a story Fire was one of the courses that were Golf Discount, The Club House GolfTurfgrass Show is still going strong, about Casey Martin and his battle highlighted, and it still remains one Works, and Willowdale are no longerand Palmer looks almost as young as with the PGA Tour to allow him to of the top public courses in the area.

Kyle Gallo of Connecticut was our around a golf course. The Tour never Augustine, Florida that was opening up Much better news is that many offeature story as he won the three-day backed down, and Martin is now a on May 19, It has continued to the advertisers in that issue are stillTournament Players Championship successful college coach.

Thanks to themBlanchard finished second. Gately was a fixture with junior at Pleasant Valley C. Nineteen-ninty-eight was the going these past 28 years. Pictured were Brent CVS has continued to have the back in each issue this year. For more information or friends talk about it, or experienced strength exercises like planks. Back pain is prevent the pain from occurring in the and international fame as a musician In fact, one of the biggest and singer, will be returning to NewAmericans will suffer from it at some determining factors in whether or not England to host his Jeffrey Osborne Look for apoint in their life.

The fortunate forward, extends backward, side a safe haven for families in need. Take that an opening day Celebrity Bowlingthe same principles that will help you approach to creating a well-rounded Tournament followed by an All-Starimprove your golf game.

The second season free of back pain! Weight and Performance in Cranston, R. When you play Mountain iconic Camelback Mountain just Shadows you experience everythingto the north. It was on the other side from a Redan to a Biarritz, and I created some fresh green concepts as well. Oneof that mountain where we spent two example is the 16th with its thumbprintdays of sheer enjoyment at Mountain dimple just off-center within a large andShadows Resort in Paradise Valley, a flat plateau surface.

I first wrotethat garnered the name of this iconic about the par-2 in , offering upresort that was first opened in The opportunitybelow the mountain and watch the arose at Mountain Shadows, and I amtemperature drop.

If I were to give up one worddegrees in December while the sun is to describe the Short Course it wouldshining as it does over days per year. We need more funof Hollywood celebrity visits and the began moving to this arid and warm favorite for those Hollywood celebrities in golf, and we need people to haveproperty served as the location for climate from other parts of the country.

Since it was one of the The original golf course was designed unique desert setting. It quickly became a the property by Westroc Hospitality is fun, entertaining, convenient and and Woodbine Development Corp. Club rentals are free for those The golf course was redesigned to staying at the resort that has rooms make it a par 54 Short Course that is that have all been redesigned.

We saw many couples playing the course, and also many juniors. It is not Our stay was very enjoyable. The tees are well designed and property is a completely new build on the greens and green surrounds are the former site. We stayed in a Garden well manicured, but many of the holes Premium King room. It looked right have desert waste area in between the over the golf course with a comfortable tees and greens. The rooms are bright We were able to speak with Forrest and modern contemporary as the Richardson who was mentored by ceilings show the concrete and our Snyder and did the redesign work.

The player has an opportunity for a hole-in-one at each and every tee, The food is excellent and the huge which is the magic of the par Mountain The goal was to create holes that Shadows is 15 minutes from the airport, could be set up for success, but also and is very easy to get to and close to with tee and hole locations that could the many attractions in Scottsdale. For test the most skilled players. I think more information you can visit www. With Travel Writers of America and can be 18 par-3s it is essential that the greens reached at bruce snegolfer.

You fly added Raines. Class of Athletes Pursuing a Student Sport in College A record seventeen senior student-athletes from the Class of will continue their sport at their respective colleges.

The varsity boys lacrosse team had a banner season, successfully defending both the Mercer County and the Prep B Championship titles for the second straight year. Far more important than the wins, losses, and championships was the brand of lacrosse exhibited by these boys. The girls varsity lacrosse team finished the season with their third consecutive State Championship with a decisive win over Montclair Kimberly Academy. Days after the boys returned, they won their first highly contested regular season game against Conwell Egan High School The remainder of the season was a roller coaster ride.

Highlights included a comeback victory against crosstown rival Princeton High School, wins over Prep A opponents Peddie and Lawrenceville, and a memorable victory over Gil St. Bernard, , at TD Bank Park. The team finished the season with a record of 10 wins and 10 losses and many positive memories.

Head Coach Brian Dudeck thanks all the PDS baseball parents for their positive support throughout the season, and his players for their unwavering dedication and commitment. Boys Varsity Tennis Record: Varsity golf enjoyed a successful season with a strong group of underclassman competing in a league with other experienced, talented prep school teams.

The team truly competed in every match and improved each week as the season progressed. Coach Brian Mochnal is excited for the coming spring as he only lost two players from this team. Highlights of the season include 3rd place in the Prep Championship, and 5th place out of 17 teams in Mercer County Tournament. Highlights of the softball season included wins over crosstown rivals Pennington School and Lawrenceville School.

Head Coach Paul Lano felt that the close losses, which brought the team much closer to where they wanted to be, were equally important highlights. The team was made up of eight skaters with a range of abilities. Coach Courtney Hodock is grateful to all of the skaters for their commitment and courage, and looks forward to another great season next spring. Student-athletes from all teams and all grades in the Upper School, as well as 8th grade, were invited to the campus center for a special program about promoting character through athletics.

The film debuted in the McAneny Theater in the spring, and each varsity player and coach was given a copy to take home. For more about Ashley Cavuto, please see page Post Season Accolades A great many players were recognized by our local media post-season, and published on our website in late June.

It is worth noting that two coaches were also recognized: The girls and boys tournaments will happen on two different weekends this year. Minerva Grants for Professional Development These grants provide financial support for members of the Princeton Day School faculty to enhance the craft of teaching through conferences, seminars, graduate study, or other such opportunities as the award winners may determine.

Recipients will have demonstrated records of superior achievement in and beyond the classroom, as well as evidence of great promise in the years to come.

This grant is awarded each year to underwrite an outstanding proposal — submitted by a faculty member s — which in the eyes of the Head of School and Division Heads most clearly advances the pursuit of teaching excellence at Princeton Day School. Ostro Grant for Interdisciplinary Education This grant provides ongoing incentive for increasing and strengthening interdisciplinary studies at Princeton Day School.

This grant provides ongoing incentive and financial support for enhancing science education at Princeton Day School. The Whitlock is an award for the faculty, by the faculty: And while, on any given day, one or more of them may play that role, there is one who regularly both advises the Princeton Day School powers that be, even as he communes with the invisible forces of the universe: An Introduction to Hinduism.

Having every right to be satisfied with the status quo of his courses, Dave Freedholm led a bold reimagining of the ninth grade history and religion course, creating with his colleagues a core experience to inform and enlighten every member of that class.

Through the generosity of the Center, From left to right: Tarshia Griffin-Ley, Tara Quigley, Amy the Fellows engage in interdisciplinary work Beckford, Cindy Peifer, Jessica Clingman, Pam Flory, and share their findings with their faculty Emily Gallagher, Carolee VanDervort, Jason Park, and colleagues, as well as in forums beyond Maryann Ortiz the school community, including national independent school conferences and other discipline-specific professional gatherings.

Here are the Fellows and their projects:. In collaboration with 7th grade science teacher Jack Madani, they will incorporate their new understanding and knowledge into the 7th grade Earth Science curriculum. The objective of their attendance at the workshop is to bring back strategies for increasing engagement, including tools for making connections and increasing motivations amongst students.

The curriculum incorporates real-world, globally relevant issues that incorporate sustainability and are interdisciplinary. Thomas is a recent graduate of Brown University, where he received a degree in Biology and Ecology. They also had the opportunity to learn about the role of teachers as researchers, and to create their own action research project to be implemented at PDS this year.

Schomburg is completing his 25th year as a member of the Princeton Day School faculty. Two Princeton Day School teachers have received this distinguished award in the past: Prior to PDS, Jonathan worked on multi-disciplinary teams at Cornell University, Nike, Beats by Dre, and Apple, where he developed expertise in industrial design, product development, and mechanical engineering. In a conversation with the Board of Trustees at its annual retreat in November, , Head of School Paul Stellato shared his vision of a broad expansion and enhancement of academic and co-curricular program.

By the close of that November meeting, the Board of Trustees had endorsed an expansive, allencompassing plan for the coming decade, elements of which would strengthen the experience of every student and faculty member.

Within the year, Mr. Stellato had empaneled task forces to review and make recommendations for the implementation of twelve curricular and co-curricular initiatives. From those efforts, he and members of the Leadership Team, together with leadership from the Board of Trustees, endorsed the first set of programs to move forward. That first group consisted of four initiatives: With the recommendation of the task force in hand, Mr.

Leon Lee Rosenberg to lead the Committee. Rosenberg has been a member of the PDS science faculty since , teaching courses on genetics to Upper School students. In addition, he served as Interim Science Department Chair in the academic year.

Before joining the faculty at PDS, Dr. Before joining BMS, Dr. With his vast experience in higher education and the private sector, Dr.

Rosenberg was an ideal choice to lead such an ambitious charge. About the Committee, Dr. We knew what we had to do and, essentially, we had nine months to do it. It required a very disciplined effort. The Committee met for approximately two hours each week through the course of the school year, focusing on the deliverables of space and program. In the end, they accomplished the tasks. In this course, taken once a week, students are able to apply what they are learning in math and science to solve real-world problems.

In the year, the STEAMinar theme will be water; students will explore myriad questions and problems about water across all disciplines, ranging from water supply and scarcity, to purity and filtration. I believe the Engineer Your World course is nearly perfect, as it. In doing so, it would create both a new passage from the Upper School to the Middle School and three new Upper School study spaces.

Rosenberg admitted that designing a new space at the same time as developing a program for the space was a bold challenge, but that this plan was necessary since there was only a narrow time for the renovation—namely, summer break June, July, and August of Were our conclusions and actions embraced by major constituencies at PDS?

Rosenberg shared some encouraging results already emerging. First, an extraordinary number of current and new Upper School students entering PDS this year— out of —have signed up for the new STEAM offerings, with numbers for the computer science and engineering courses exceeding all expectations. We are not getting rid of any PDS traditions—only adding new ones.

In short, it needed to be open, well-lit, flexible, modular, and include a minimum of fixed structures. STEAM at Princeton Day School is an educational approach to teaching and learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry and critical thinking.

Its philosophic watchwords include integration, collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Its overarching goal is to blend traditional and projectbased platforms so that they help all our students to see, interpret, and understand fundamental concepts, and to solve real-life problems.

As it endeavors to complete its charge, the STEAM Committee, together with faculty task forces in the Middle and Lower Schools, have begun to emulate that first, most successful process led by Dr. Princeton Day School has never been better than it is right now, and it is poised to shine even brighter in the coming years. At PDS something remarkable can happen any day of the week. Every day students have a chance to grasp a new idea or fact about the world around them.

They get to express themselves vigorously in arts and sports and thus challenge both their bodies and their minds. And every day, too, they may discover something new about themselves and others in our community, and have a chance to make a difference here and in the wider world. This issue of the Journal abounds with examples of how this is happening right now, with our eager students, dedicated faculty, and accomplished alumni making an impact nationally and internationally.

Our alumni excel in many fields of endeavor: This center is already buzzing, integrating the arts and sciences with activities driven by an innovative new curriculum. I am so proud to be able to serve as Chair of the board of trustees of our remarkable school. When the board meets, we dedicate our time to thinking about the whole PDS community, and how we can help to sustain its work and to prepare for the future. I will also look to all of you for guidance and support in the years to come.

Princeton Day School flourishes when we talk, dream, and work hard together. Harvey, Vice Chair Mark E. Thierfelder, Treasurer Cynthia O. Brahaney Kun Deng J. Christopher Dries Georgia Robin B. Gosnell Carol Herring Eleanor V. Richter Lorraine Sciarra David R. Kendall Trustee Emeritus Samuel W. Matthews Trustee Emeritus Andrew M. Okun Trustee Emeritus John D. She worked in the investment banking and fixed income divisions at Goldman Sachs for nine years, and holds a BA from Colgate University.

Both an alum and past parent, Lucy has served in several volunteer roles, on the Development Committee of the Alumni Board, and will serve as the President of the Alumni Board for the next two years. Lorraine received her B. Karen Law is an attorney working in family law matters through her law offices of Karen S. Composed of 25 members, including the Head of School, the Board of Trustees meets four times each year.

Members, who serve three-year terms, are drawn from a variety of constituencies, including alumni, current and past parents and grandparents, and other friends of the school.

The work of the board is completed through its standing committees, each of which meets regularly through the school year. For more information, please visit www. This means that we encourage each and every student to identify and pursue their passions with purpose—whatever those passions may be—from the moment they arrive to campus to the moment they graduate, and often beyond.

We do this by assembling an incredibly talented and caring faculty who is always at the ready to help guide our students as they follow their hearts and minds on their unique paths. In this issue of the Journal, we focus on three sets of siblings, two of whom are PDS Lifers, who have shared their stories with us. It is these stories that illuminate what is special about our school: I earned degrees from the School of Nursing and from the Wharton School, and participated extensively in intercultural and interfaith activism.

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. I stayed for a year after finishing my doctorate and then took up a tenure-track post at the University of Warwick. After achieving tenure in April and being promoted to an associate professorship, I moved to Cardiff University in Wales in September The research agenda I developed during my doctorate sits at the intersection of social epidemiology and medical sociology. That is, my research is oriented towards understanding two things.

At the population level, who gets sick, and when, and what we can do about it? And at the individual level, why do people get sick and what is it like to be unwell? In addition to this, my time at the University of Warwick included substantial work at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to provide advice on which newly licensed drugs represent a cost-effective treatment strategy. How did my time at PDS lead to my current situation?

Fortunately, I have no shortage of examples. Lisa and Bob saved me the same seat in their classrooms every day, a small routine that helped me gear up for the joys of algebra and pre-calculus.

I still remember the small burst of pride when I would get a sticky note on a successful test in Ms. The many hours I spent in the Carriage House with Mr. Gudgel and before that with Ms. Bodel reading texts in classical languages definitely attuned me to the value of reading beyond the words on the page. The time I spent with Ms. Williams learning about multicultural literature helped me to see the value of diverse voices.

And of course, for a career in public health, you need to know a few things about science. There, I was embedded in Senegalese culture and music and got my first taste of ethnographic fieldwork. My time in West Africa radically altered the path that I ended up following through college and beyond; I discovered that I had far less sustained interest in the business world than I did in the realm of creative arts.

Starting in the fall of , I left Penn for a year and a. In , I took a job as a public defense investigator at the Bronx Defenders, a firm that pioneered the model of holistic public defense. Under this model, we helped indigent clients not just with criminal charges but with all the collateral fallout associated with their pending cases, whether in civil, family, or immigration court. My time in the Bronx forced me to recognize, acknowledge, and engage with the kinds of privileges that I had growing up as a PDS student and the ways in which those privileges were and continue to be largely inaccessible to millions of youth right in our backyards.

I eventually realized that in order to sustainably advocate for the ethical and political ideals I held dear, I needed to integrate my pursuit of those with a career that also gave me great personal fulfillment. My new research agenda will examine the long-lasting psychological and social impacts of state control of sonic environments in mass incarceration.

The educators at PDS played an immensely important role in my development as a person and as a thinker. Similarly, Bob Singerman and Steve Gadd both taught me how to think through and construct logical, evidence-based arguments. Nhu Hoang, Laurence Farhat, and, most significantly, Edem Afemeku all instilled in me a deep love for the French language and francophone culture and literature.

David Figueroa, my sophomore year history teacher, was a crucial pillar of my Upper School experience: Bryce Hayes, Kristen Acker, and Tom Buckelew demonstrated to me what quality arts education looks like and how it can change lives by bringing greater understanding of self and others — something I hope to do with my own students when I go out into the teaching world at the end of my doctorate.

I was interested in digging in and analyzing different films, and noticed how no shot, angle, or audio choice is ever accidental—each and every aspect of a film is something the director has planned out for a specific reason. After injuring herself playing ice hockey, the sport she loves, Logan visits her grandmother weekly during her recovery. Through these weekly visits, she strives to discover what defines her as a person. The biggest challenge for me heading into this project is that I had never taken a film class—I had never filmed anything, and I had never even touched the editing software I would need.

The process took a whole year, from when I started planning in June , to when the screening was held in June The year consisted of filming pre-season sessions, player and parent interviews, practices, games, road trips, off-ice bonding, and more; as well as editing and piecing it all together in May. I acquired hours and 17 minutes of footage, which I condensed into a two-hour documentary, detailing the unforgettable season for this team.

I have just begun my freshman year at the University of Notre Dame and I intend to major in Film, Television and Theater, as well as explore extra-curriculars like club ice hockey. I am especially excited to be working for Fighting Irish Media, the award-winning video production, storytelling and athletics communication arm of the Notre Dame Athletics Department. This job will allow me to blend my passions for sports and film by telling stories of athletic teams at the NCAA level.

I feel truly honored to join this incredible media team! A recent conversation with my parents made me reflect on my time at PDS and how it helped shape me into who I am today.

And without David Figueroa Fig , who challenged every single one of the answers I gave him in my American History and International Relations classes, I never would have learned to dive so deeply into material in order to flush out fact from opinion and help me succeed in my courses at MIT.

After graduating from PDS in , I moved on to MIT and, in the process of earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a concentration in Biomechanics and Biomedical Devices, I filed three patents, published two peerreviewed papers, and created an awardwinning company, centered around the design and distribution of a low cost prosthetic device for the developing world.

Through both my studies in the UK and my subsequent PhD work, I will specialize in neuroprosthetics and biologically inspired robotics, with the hope of someday designing assistive exoskeletons for the physically disabled.

Pioneer in Science Day. There are many more reasons why I am thankful to PDS; for without it, I almost certainly would not have ended up where I am today. I would encourage every student to approach it with an open and, more importantly, curious mind; for I think exposure to STEAM is valuable even for those not interested in engineering or the sciences. As fellows of this program, we were invited to play alongside the New York Philharmonic musicians for a cycle of their subscription concerts, conducted by their Music Director, Alan Gilbert.

This prestigious competition, which took place in Taipei, included participants aged 11—22 of Taiwanese heritage from all over the world. The member judge panel was led by world-renowned violinist Cho-Liang Lin. I was honored to be selected as the first place winner of the junior division. I was also given the opportunity to study with teachers such as Donald Weilerstein.

I am extremely thankful for how supportive my PDS classmates and teachers have been of my musical studies. Two particular teachers I feel that I need to give a huge thanks to are Dr. Schafer who both supported my musical education and expanded it through new genres of repertoire and in-depth music theory teachings.

Princeton Day School has not only supported my musical endeavors but it has also enhanced how I approach and study music. However, one group of our alumni has the unique distinction of being able to claim two legitimate class years: The peculiarity occurred because PCD ended after ninth grade, leaving its graduates with three years of high school to complete, traditionally at all-male boarding schools. The possibility of keeping their sons at home was attractive to many parents and having girls in class certainly appealed to their sons, but they also weighed the academic and athletic reputations of well-established prep schools against the untested promise of PDS.

Another alumnus joined them the following year. They came together for their 50th PCD reunion three years ago and, as they prepare to celebrate their PDS 50th next May, they share their impressions of those transition years.

I just had to see the place for myself since I was excited to start and very impatient. And coeducation was great, but I found I had to pay more attention in class because they were distracting! Chandler served as class treasurer, Dr. Fishmann was elected senior class president, and their classmate, the late Bill Rigot, was voted Student Council President.

Athletics, particularly, was impacted by the lack of upperclassmen. Even with a requirement that all students participate in team sports in each of the three seasons, it took a year or two to field boys varsity teams, and ice hockey was played off campus until the PDS rink was completed in The boys also had difficulty with the college process. The school had no college counselors at the time and the boys had to sell not only themselves but also their school to admission officers.

Chandler echoes his feelings: I quickly made friends with many of the girls in my class and I have remained friends with them ever since. Message from the Director of Advancement The strength of Princeton Day School may be seen in many ways, one of which is the generosity and loyalty exhibited by our community. Every person and organization listed in the following pages has helped shape our school. Their shared commitment to PDS allows us to offer our students and faculty extraordinary opportunities every day.

In the Advancement Office, we are also the beneficiaries of the gifts of time and energy. They personally encourage their peers to join them in support of Princeton Day School.

Their outreach is personal and compelling. They allow us to set ambitious goals and celebrate when we achieve them. To all of our team members — thank you! There is one volunteer who stands out among the rest for her commitment to our school over the last seventeen years. Her leadership and dedication to PDS are unparalled. Barbie, please accept my sincere gratitude for all you have done —and continue to do — for Princeton Day School.

We are a better school because of you. Thank you to everyone who supported Princeton Day School this past year. The following individuals, families, foundations and corporations have made contributions from July 1, to June 30, Princeton Day School wishes to acknowledge their generosity and commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities for our students. Joanne Liu Dean W. Forest Company, Incorporated Mr. Christine Grant Halpern and Mr. Johnston Ronald Li, M.

Judson Linville The Edward E. Matthews Foundation The Curtis W. Jintang Chen and Ms. Jain Jain Family Foundation Mr. Kennedy Foundation Kevin W. Joshua Kulkin and Dr. Ashish Kumar and Dr. Kenny Leung and Ms. Jonathan Nicozisis Martha L.

Samir and Arti Patel Alexandra B. Rachel Dultz and Ms. Sanjeev Srinivas and Dr. Lisa Skeete Tatum Mr. Scott Tourville Nils E. Anthony Waclawski and Mrs. Faculty Circle By far the greatest strength of Princeton Day School is its dedicated faculty whose wisdom and patience have guided countless students through the learning process. Darryl Antonacci and Mrs.

Willem Appelo and Mrs. Cathy and Eric Batterman Mrs. Sandeep Bhanote and Ms. Jitender Chopra and Mrs. Jeannie Lin Chopra Marc A. Michael Epstein and Ms. Karen Robbins Scott J. David Frascella Benjamin M. Yunhong Gu and Dr.

Ketan Khandkar and Ms. Emily Liu and Mr. Benjamin Yeh Clinton E. Kewei Ming and Mrs. Henry Nagelberg and Ms. Joel Namm Fund Dr. Albert Pamudji and Ms. Maritoni Colon Shah Marjorie D. Family Fund Craig C. Ramamirtham Sukumar and Dr. Higgins Susquehanna International Group Mr. Suhan Tang and Ms. Yi Tang and Ms. Min Cha and Mrs. Sergey Kriloff and Ms. Matthew Phillips Dorothy C. Max Salas and Ms. Stephenson Jon and Meredith Stevens Mr. Anping Wu and Ms. Yong Qin Li Mr. Haibo Wu and Mrs.

Young Alumni leadership Circle This level recognizes the generous young alumni building the next generation of leadership support at Princeton Day School. Betty Wold Johnson Mrs.

Lynn Dixon Johnston Mr. Consecutive Annual Fund Donors: Class of Alexander S. Class of Carl W. Class of John C. Class of William Edwards, Jr. Kales II Frederick S. Class of John F. Class of Edward S. Andrew Harris Robert C. Class of 45th Reunion Committee: Virginia Myer Kester Alexander D.

Reynolds Ellen Sussman Karen M. Class of Christian B. Cameron Ferrante Jeanine M. Class of Carl G. Briscoe II Eric C. Class of James P. Stephen Judge Gregory E. Class of 40th Reunion Committee: Kerin Lifland James L. Cohen Sampson Caroline W. Class of Anonymous J. Elizabeth Mason Cousins Thomas R. Scott Egner Jane L.

Perlman Donald DeCandia T. Class of 30th Reunion Committee: When I think back on all that PDS gave me as a student on and off the court, I have to find ways to show my appreciation; this is just one of the ways to give back. Class of Laura S. Class of Lylah M. Class of Navroze M. Alphonse Ara Baronian Aly G. Campbell Levy Amy R. Class of 25th Reunion Committee: Carolyn Cooper, Benjamin M.

Henderson, Arthur Rotberg, John D. Susan Dolan Batcha T. Courtenay Batcha Jason A. Class of Griffith S. Dwyer Gilmartin Jason M. Rebecca Lintner Griffith John H. Class of 20th Reunion Committee: Zarzecki Habay Eric D. Class of Anonymous Maria L. Class of Tyler E. Class of 15th Reunion Committee: Alexandra Trenholm Warren Courtney C. Haroldson Christina Koerte Timon F. Class of Jason D. Sanford IV Joshua T.

Class of Jay V. Sabrina Basu Allissa C. Daniel Altman Elena V. Bowen Jeremy Brinster Robert D. Straus Georgia Travers Vinay Trivedi. Francfort Rachel Heller Jennifer M. Langdon Anna Liu Blair A. Sydney Altmeyer Meade F. Crowell Adam Fisch Kevin E. Smukler Jacqueline Stevens Carla M. Huntington Griffith Jason C. Miller Annie Nyce Megan A. Quigley Natasha Rao James C. The Blue and White Society was established in Seniors are asked to make a four-year pledge to the Annual Fund for the years following their graduation from Princeton Day School.

Class of Kalyn E. Denise Sophia Eisenberg Leah G. Hutter Andrea Jenkins Alec T. Nye Allison Persky Andrew M. Seto Brendan Shannon Alexander W. Urisko Adriana van Manen Alexia C. Suveer Bhatia Connor G. Bitterman Lewis Blackburn Andrew D. Clayton Neeraj Devulapalli Justin A. Class of Katharine L. Erickson Morgan Foster Adam G. Haggerty II Brooke N. Latham Grace Lee Caroline R.

Lively Sabrina Matlock Cole J. Radvany Hariharan Rajagopalan Matthew L. Riley Jacob Shavel Brigette A. I pledged to give every year after I graduated, and I intend to keep that pledge. Adam Scott Altmeyer Ryan C.

Gideon Fruchter and Ms. Nanda Kanuri and Dr. Yaolong Lan and Ms. Russell Lett and Ms. Douglas and Wai Lam Ling Dr. Orlando Mendez and Ms. William Segal and Dr. Yongliang Sun and Mrs. Gregg Szabo and Dr. Kovacevich Devika Kumar Katelyn S. Lighte Sarah Lippman Jamie L.

Baseman Cathy and Eric Batterman Mr. Jeannie Lin Chopra Dr. Ivan Darenkov and Ms. Francisco Garcia and Ms. Nikolai Gorelenkov and Dr. Herzer William and Stephanie Hoffman Mr. Roxane Scurlock Jones Mr. Karen and Andrew Latham Mr. Ye Li and Ms. Larry Lu and Ms. Schafer Aaron and Erin Schomburg Mr.

Timothy Trainor Jonathan E. Daguang Xu and Ms. Andrew Aprill Karen D. We have chosen to contribute to the Annual Fund 14 years and counting! Swaminathan Bhaskar and Ms. Cindy Blitz and Dr.

Lichung Chen and Mrs. Robert DiMatteo and Ms. William Flahive and Dr. Andrew Harris and Ms. Fei Jiang and Ms. Kamal Kasera and Ms. Mia Manzulli and Mr. Amando Martinez and Mrs. Mekdes Amine and Mr. Durgaprasad Pulakkat and Ms. Manesh Sindhwani and Mrs. Rajeev Singh and Ms. Kaiyang Tang and Dr.

Leonard Teti II Mr. Malarvel Vijayathevar John E. Yong Qin Li Ms. We believe that PDS graduates will be instrumental in advancing our society, and that our support helps make that possible. Hudgins Nicole and Richard Hughes Mr. Chun Lin and Ms. William Maggio and Dr.

Peter Nowakoski and Ms. Prasad Potluri and Dr. Haritha Potluri Reverend and Mrs. James Salgado and Dr. Suhail Sayed and Ms. Nicos Scordis and Dr. Aditya Sharma and Mrs. Dipti Sharma Eon K. Kaushik Suchak and Dr. Nicholas Van Dusen Mr. Yehong Zhang and Dr. Tim Zhu and Ms. Satvinder Bhens and Dr. Pari Boopalan and Ms. Kevin Carroll and Dr. Kellyann Petrucci John N. Hanzel Cohen and Mr. Mark Fisher and Ms. Bertrand Njanja Fassu Mr. Xiaohang Su and Ms. Jennifer Basselini and Mr.

Lei Chen and Dr. Edgar Cheng FAll Raghuraman Gopalakrishnan and Mrs. Zahid Hasan and Ms. Sanjay Kalra and Dr. Reuben Loewy and Ms. Ronni Blasz Mackles Dr. Marshall Barbara and Ross Martinson Mr. Brian Nowack and Ms. Brent Ozdogan and Dr. Scott Schlenker and Ms. Benny Soffer and Dr. Wendel Thomas and Mrs. Paramesh Venkat and Ms. Asha Paramesh Nils E. Shudan Zhang and Mrs.

Peilin Zhang and Ms. Jianfeng Zhu and Ms. Robert Jaffe and Dr. Randall Lewis and Dr. Zili Ma and Ms. Monroe and Professor Alain Kornhauser Mr. Venu Moola and Ms. Priya Moola Gary A. Hong Ni and Ms. Samir and Arti Patel Mr. Rajan Ramaswamy and Ms. Ashmin Shah and Ms. Pinger Wang and Mrs. Yun Xia and Ms. Leo Chen and Ms. Manikandan Padmanaban and Mrs. Hemanshu Pandya and Dr. Jigar and Hemal Patel Mr. Gerard Sentveld and Ms. Sidhartha Shankar and Dr.

Shailja Dixit Professor and Mrs. Sichel and Sylvia Gomez-Sichel Dr. Baljit Singh and Dr. Jiang Zhao and Ms. Archana Pradhan Lackey Mr. Rachana Singh Eon K. Yong Qin Li Dr. Brent Field and Mrs. Carmen Oveissi Field Mr. Gaurav Khanna and Ms. Jonathan Levy and Ms.

Vivek Malik and Ms. I love to sit in the Campus Center in the morning watching faculty meeting with students and with each other, then to go out and feel the energy in the hallways. Parvez Mansuri and Mrs. Cedrick Phillip and Mrs. Roman Rozenblat and Dr. Shalabh Singhal and Dr.

Bertin Aparicio and Ms. Steven Behnamnia and Mrs. Bryan Choi and Ms. Zog Hamdia and Ms. Lin Jiang and Dr. Antonio Lopez-Torrero and Mrs. Carolyn Salgado Professor and Mrs. Jacob Shapiro Robert L. Sichel and Sylvia Gomez-Sichel Mr. Kevin Streeper Nils E. Anders Svensson and Mrs. David Broeker Geoffrey L. Darren Greenblatt and Mr. But make no mistake; students also make a difference in the lives of teachers. I give to Princeton Day School in honor and in memory of those many advisees, students, faculty colleagues and friends who made PDS such a memorable part of my life.

Life moves on and we all confront new challenges as we reach different stages in our lives. My former students are now the age I was during my years at PDS and they are now raising their own children. It would be fun to compare notes. Thank you to all who helped to make PDS a significant time in my life. Iris and I are forever grateful. William Landhauser and Mrs. Peter Quist and Ms. Alvin Seow and Ms. Seok Fun Tan Dr. Ashish Shah Eon K. Zhanjiang Zhang and Ms. Richard Allen and Mrs. Chelare Baykal Allen Mr.

Shonell Best Brown Mr. Vasilios Chatzigiannis and Dr. Matthew Fede and Dr. Andres Leon and Ms. James Lipuma and Dr. Alan Long and Ms.

Rajesh Madala and Ms. Paminas Mogaka and Mrs. Catherine Gacanja Gary A. Riten Patel and Ms. Mario San Martin and Mrs. Abril San Martin Dr. Sheikh Nabeel Arif and Mrs. Jason Park and Ms.

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