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Innie meenie Heath fat adult match

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They make others feel. And if it costs something, well life is like that. What do you live on now, after retiring due to illness? Before I was in a wheelchair or beginning to walk with canes. I should use one to go out in the street, but out of vanity I almost never do. After 28 years of service I retired with the minimum salary: My children help me out.

Frank worked in the Jonson provincial warehouse from to and in the Diego Tamayo Polyclinic in Old Havana from to He was a model worker in both centers. Frank owes these friends a lot more than his current remittances. In the 90s when you were diagnosed, they would come look for you and you had to be admitted to Los Cocos, a live-in sanatorium. I went out on a balcony and asked them if they wanted to carry off a corpse. No one should be locked up for being sick. The patients there were assured of their medications, diets.

The only thing I received was my medical attention. I had to go to Los Cocos to get my certificate so I could be paid at work. I had to support myself because I had children.

I was a shambles. My wonderful Antonio Tony would just finish bathing me and I would throw up all over myself again and get dirty. He would patiently bathe me again. I think I was bathed four or five times a day. How did you survive, being so weak by nature and more so with the illness? The mother of my small children would bring them; but neither my mother nor my brothers came. My friend David Martinez who now lives in Miami found out about my situation and sent me any HIV medication he could find.

I would ask the doctors if it would help me, and they would tell Tony: Thanks to the medications my friends sent I began to get better, including my will to live. Yes, to them too. The Cuban health system did help me, despite their errors.

There was none for anyone. During the 90s many AIDS patients died due to the blockade. They could then send him to jail for propagating a disease. It was a very difficult era.

You got in line for something with the rest of the public and announced that you were the last one, and people moved away from you. But the entire block found out and when we went by, people would spit on the ground. And you know what was the worst part?

Many of those who looked down on us later got sick themselves and are in the cemetery. I used to be retired, but they took away our pensions. By coincidence I have heart problems and for that reason I still receive a pension. My mother was a writer. She was never published, but one of her plays was produced.

I inherited her genes. In her last years, I would bring her my pieces she would edit them. They were really great years. A little novel that I wrote in high school caused me great public shame, and from then on I stopped showing my work, although I continued writing.

As an adult I began participating in a literary workshop, but a poem of mine was stolen and I never again went to one. I would write and hang onto it. During my convalescence I began going through my poems. One day, by chance, my daughter saw them and wanted to borrow them. A week later she sent four musical pieces to my cell phone that she had composed with my poems.

It arose at a time when I was very sick. The patient who shared my cubicle had a father that was very religious. He converted his son and later he tried to convert me. I began to yell, demanding that they get me out of the room and declaring: She received a huge applause, and I brought flowers onto the stage. Frank has composed two pieces for the National Campaign against Homophobia: In this way, his poetry began to be heard and they began to interview him on the radio.

Even though she was initially interested in the novella, she wanted to hear his poems over the telephone. The short road to publication in Cuba is to win a prize, or to underwrite the publishing costs.

Jesus and two other friends paid the costs of publication. What life expectancy do the doctors give you? Whatever I choose to have. We take very good care of ourselves: You make your own life expectancy by loving yourself. I fear solitude more than death. What other effects has the illness had on you? Happily, the little blue pills exist. Now I place more value on a caress. Also present in the room was Nonardo Perea, a writer and artist, who did the illustrations for the book. In life, nothing bad happens.

He might have been weak physically, but his inner strength was the crank shaft which spurred him on. Life is like a boxing match.

You can be dealt some vicious blows which knock you down, but, if you are strong willed, if you have the determination to fight back, you will never stay down on the carpet and allow yourself to be counted out.

You struggle up and continue the fight to victory. You must never give up the fight! To master the art of living, Find peace in place of strife, This is but the gift of giving, And this is the joy of life. This quotation is for Antonia, who has demonstrated what true friendship is all about. Your email address will not be published.

May 29, June 2, Circles Robinson 1 Comment. Juan Suarez Frank and Tony. We remained very good friends over a long period of time. In the Hygiene department they treated them likeā€¦ Frank: People were terrified of us. The love is always there HT: The love is always there. When the thing ends, the other person goes through the door and out.

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Enough time with social engineering is required for hacking. Greed usually has grave consequences. So since I'm not a beggar or among the impoverished ones in the situation, it's better to leave the suitcase there and run away with dear life. No one will leave a freaking million dollars in a suitcase that too with a bloody note, in the forest just for fun.

It's either a hideous trap or there's man-eating wild animals around. So running away is best. I can just inform police authorities later. I won't become a millionaire anyway if I just die there.

The dont word is only for paper, i will leave the paper there it self , and i will take money to home! I wouldn't take the suitcase. But not cause of the blood thingy. It's soemone else's hardwork money hopefully and it is a lot of money. I cna take like a dollar or something. Gonna give it to the police. I wouldn't, I would call some authority because 1. Someone lost something 2. It's in the forest 3. And of course, I wouldn't touch it because I believe in paranormal stuff so it could be cursed a suitcase with a lot of money in the woods with a creepy note?

Sounds like a horror movie with a ghost or demon. No I will not take the suitcase home. I'll give it in police station or I would ask whose suitcase is this to the people near me. Something tells me I should run from the suitcase straight away and called the cops. I would take half the money then turn in the suitcase with to blood to the police and say I found this with half a million dollars in it.

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It would be very interesting to be a man for a week. Mrs Alison is giving out the card just to help the poor and needy though it is illegal but it is something nice and she is not like other scam pretending to have the blank ATM cards.

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Nunofyobusiness female yes,I always welcome changes Yeah. I'm open to new experiences. It's not like it's permanent. It'd be cool to finally see what all this talk about dicks is about. I don't have any issue with being female, but denying the opportunity to experience life differently for a week would be dumb. Nope Male Seakgech te no never do it www. The Illuminati is mainly from Egypt and Kenya, and note that our present head office is now in USA, it is no longer in UK again due to the fraudulent that are now existing there.

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Szandor Lavey no Hell yes. I hate being a man. But def male is easier by way far. RS No i would not. We should be contented what gender God gave to us. Why not be thankful of what we are and who we are. This is the gender given to us be contented and happy. Being a male or female is not easy because they are somethings that male can do but the female cant and vice versa. Lhen No, I would not change my sex gender from male to female and the reason to this is not connected to any sort of privileges that any gender would have but due to the weak mindset that one would have to have the audacity and change themselves.

One must embrace their weakness and work on becoming a better person themselves rather than taking an unknown road that who knows what problems would become out of it the gender change occurs. I don't think it's easier being a female, I want to feel the feeling of being change of sex. XD kaecy I would not change my sex from male to female for a week.

Not even for a day would I consider it. Buying condiments like tampons would be far too expensive, not to mention annoying. Have sex Hi No, I see no change except enjoining dat female privilege. But this disinterests me. Yes I want to try it.. I will get all beautiful girls phone numbers and i will change again mahesh I'd become a guy so I could flirt with girls, but it's hard to say which gender is better.

Each has their perks. Jess Well, I am not going to try it. I am contempt with what I am. Nothing changes even after changing my sex, as I think heart and thoughts are important for a human being, not the physical appearance.

There are pros and cons in both the genders. Just curious about how to deal with things from male's perspective. I think we actually do not have such an opportunity,we have our sexes arranged by God,we are born with a sexual division from God.

Thefore I would think about it. It would be against the lows of nature and God as well. I would be a super man whore. PooP In a heartbeat. If I'm a pretty one then I might enjoy it; for smartness, well, I'm already an A star student. So with the combination I guess I might enjoy it. For the period stuff, well that's the disadvantage. But girls are more emotionally intelligent, and I guess there are other advantages too. Chester male jerry No, not interested.

I wanna get inside their heads so I can understand why shit always happens when their PMSing. I touch myself Yes i would want to touch my girly parts ooh kitty kat male No, I would never change my gender as I'm completely happy being a female.

I think it's easier being a female because everything is so much better in life. Yes, I would try it. I think both have there pros and cos. Martin As I have the emotions, interests and orientations of a stereotypical girl but am male I would love to do this.

It would be a dream come true as I already feel I am female but it would be nice to have the body to go with it. Daniel Morgan its easier to be a male because the male only who has ability to do every thing without any control. Marlon Yes I would! I would love to be a male for a week.

Coz I think it would be easier to be a male.. I think I could do a lot of things being a male. Kemfet It's easier being male cause we don't get periods. But society is annoying for both male and female. Mastouril Yes, and probably not. All i know is that i'll be immature about it! I'd certainty want to try being a female, if not just to suffice sexual curiosity, but maybe for a life change thing to I spose. But to say being a female would be easier, would be using the knowledge I gained from being male so it's kinda a paradox and it'd be vice versa.

For all I know, there is another one of me who would rather be a male and would only regret it if she followed through Human Person Harder being female but certain things are easier.

Alex Mironov Yeah I would. It's easier being male sense we don't bleed monthly Next Question. I would like to experience a lot of things from the perspective of the opposite gender, and always like to try new things.

So yes, I would probably want to change sex for life. I would say that being female would be easier than being a male since males tend to have to worry about more stressful problems since they're more of the leaders in society. Not to mention having to provide for their family units. Even though one may think it should be tough for both genders in the 21st century. Kathy Jane yes, and I think it would be easier to be a female especially if they're hot. Evan Tart Yes I absolutely would as long as I have an option to remain that way when the week is up.

Man breasts aren't fun to play with. Easier being a bloke for most things. I want to know how having sex feels to a guy. Melissa it is hard being a female dreamcharm No,coz it could be complicated to live a life of other sex with feeling of opposite sex vksecretheaven gmail. When asked "hypothetical questions", I reply: Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become rich famous and popular and your life story we be change totally my name is Dan Jerry I am here to share my testimony on how I join the great brotherhood Illuminati and my life story was change immediately.

If you are interested in joining the great brotherhood Illuminati. I'll leave the peace of paper after writing on it "I didn't" and take the suitcase I will take it and then I will tear it into pieces and shall bury it in the ground Call the police and ask them to take the suitcase for me. If no one claims it then it's mine, that's how law works according to ABC Mysteries. Nah, because it would be the whole question of explaining to the police about where I got the money from.

If some poor person takes it and they die later,then I never touch it. If they live,I steal it. Hello viewers, it is unfortunate that our secret fraternity have become what most people now use as there aim of getting money, I would say sorry to those who have falling to the once who claim of being an agent of our secret fraternity called Illuminati, any Illuminati member who doesn't show you his or her identity card is a fake and besides avoid those claiming a real agent on facebook there is no real agent on facebook due to the issue of fraudulent.

I would take a stick and use it to push out the bloody piece of paper and then take the suitcase home. And find it's real owner.. That's paper help me real owner.. No i just leave it there because in the first its never been mine. Or maybe Yes im bringing it home or to cops and find the person who owns the money. One, the million probably isn't legit. Two, it is probably a trap. I mean, it could be ketchup or paint, but I'm not willing to check.

Untraceably extract the money. Remove all traces of me. Plant some traces of Clinton. All of it will carelessly blow over in a month or 2. May be the word ''don't'' means '' don't leave it here'' Take the money, send the piece of paper off for DNA identification, then relax because I don't believe in horror movies. I'd open up a bank account with it. Only a little bit would make it in while the rest would stay at home with me.

I don't want people from IRS coming for me. Have the blood scanned for DNA and find the murderer Then keep the money as a PI fee. The blood could be blocking the rest of the sentence on the note which says "Don't leave the money. Burn the case and all And spread the ashes in the same place. Take the money, use part of it to hire security guards, give the rest to charity.

To all the don't-ers here, what if the message is don't leave it behind? I'll take the money. If no problem then money is mine. Otherwise take risk and then face it up. I would take the money and keep it and if it gave me bad luck I would donate the money I didn't spend to charity hoping the bad luck would leave.

I wud rather take the money wid me and leave the balack suitcase and a leave a new note behind "i did". If I would found a black suitcase in the forest that holds a million dollar but has a paper with strained of blood saying Don't I would take home the case.

It is because I am not sure whom blood is that maybe that blood belongs to an animal, And the word the doesn't says complete thought so maybe that don't means don't leave the case. That Is why I am going to take home the suitcase.

I would scratch n't and keep Do. I don't need one million dollars and the poor person with the paper cut clearly wants it to stay in the spooky woods. Coming from a deeply ingrained superstitious culture, I would leave it. Maybe even burn it but that might cause more harm than good. If you could change sex for a week, would you do it? Do you think its easier being male or female? I would do it, and then see if I could get laid, and see whatever would result from that when I changed back.

If someone would ask me the same question a couple of months ago, then I'd answer- "Sure, why not. I'm better off being a girl: I think it is easier being a boy even though i'm a girl because they don't have to go through all that weird period stuff during puberty. The better question would if you would change sex forever. With that you would have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of switching.

Plus theres that pesky dysphoria you might have to deal with if you make the switch. Both genders have their benefits and disadvantages.

Women get more options to dress in and its even acceptable to dress in "men's clothing". Men have an easier time going through puberty and they don't get periods.

Women have an advantage when it comes to the courts. Men are stronger on average and stay attractive for longer. Well if I turn into a woman I would check myself out and masturbate, if I was a girl I would do the same if I was a guy, check myself out and masturbate.

For me, being a male appears to be somewhat "easier. I wouldn't change my gender but for a week, maybe, just to get see what the opposite gender goes through. And whether being male or female is easier all depends on what age and who is speaking I dont think its easier to become any sex. Cuz for girls you'll need to pass pregnancy to have child,U get judged if u dont do as what other girls do, etc etc. You gotta work again and again.

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It is funny because, sometimes, we ask that questions amoung friends, in fact i have a answer for that questions, if i were a girl for a week I also think men have easier lives. No i would not. No, I would not change my sex gender from male to female and the reason to this is not connected to any sort of privileges that any gender would have but due to the weak mindset that one would have to have the audacity and change themselves. I would love to be a female. I would not change my sex from male to female for a week.

No, I see no change except enjoining dat female privilege. I will get all beautiful girls phone numbers and i will change again. I'd become a guy so I could flirt with girls, but it's hard to say which gender is better.

Well, I am not going to try it. Yes I would like to try. Yes I would because being a man hoping to be a woman is not hard for me to try it since it is my dream to become a woman but only for a week and not to go further. I don't think I would change my sex,if I had actually had a chance to do. Yeah, I'd like to try become female for a week and explore my new self. I would change sex for a week so I would experience the emotional head trip of be a girl on a cycle.

No, I would never change my gender as I'm completely happy being a female. As I have the emotions, interests and orientations of a stereotypical girl but am male I would love to do this. It's easier being male cause we don't get periods. I always sort of feel like I could relate more to females than males.

Yes I absolutely would as long as I have an option to remain that way when the week is up. No,coz it could be complicated to live a life of other sex with feeling of opposite sex. There are two birds and two doors, one door leads to heavens the other to hell. One bird lies, the other tells the truth. They both look the same and can't see eachother. What would you do? Access to Bohemian Grove.

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Thus, choose the right door. I never knew it existed but until i tried my best to look for how i will get money to start up a business and pay my bills, i visited some sites so many times. I have the faith is real and it will work because i saw many comments talking about his card. He told me Yes and that it is a card programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind.

As one bird which door would the other bird tell me to take. If the bird says that the other bird would choose door 2, then take door 1, if the bird says take door 1, then take door two. You would say to one bird "what would the other bird say was the right door? Butcher the birds for their meat, tell someone else who is willing to take the odds, and go through the correct door.

Obviously ask what is hell like. One lies so one would say It's a good place as such since they lie but can not trick you the other would tell the truth and say it's a bad place. I'd turn around and leave the area, immediately, because choosing to enter through either door would mean to me that I was DEAD. You ask what color each one is. So if I point to a door suppose it's hell One answer will be hell and another will be heaven And if I ask what the other door is one will be heaven and the other is hell What is the point of them not seeing each other?

And can't I just ask them questions like "What is my name? Flame both of the birds and use the force to bypass,both doors at the same time. You ask the birds the following question. I'd just ask are you a bird. The lier would say no wile the bird that says the truth will say yes.

I have heard this riddle once, except it was with brothers and not birds, and the brothers could see each-other. Also, in the other riddle, you could only ask one question. The answer to that riddle is "What would your brother say the door to heaven is? The lying bird would lie about what his brother would say, which would be the truth.

And the truth-telling bird would tell the truth about what his brother would say, which would be a lie. If you don't get it, read "Goodbye Stranger", It's an awesome book, but I do not suggest it if you are under the age of Ask any of the birds which door leads to Heaven. Throw both birds into that door and take the other one.

Ask a bird if it can see the other, then ask which door leads to Heaven. If the bird says it can see the other, take the other door. Hey are you a bird? Are you a bird? Is this the door to heaven? Ok great see ya. Ask both birds a 3 simple questions. And the last question will be the answer to the door way to heaven. I will ask to 1 bird that "if i ask from other bird that which door lead to heaven and what answer did the bird gave"and after listing the bird's answer i go just opposite door.

I would ask each bird if they were a bird and the one that said no would obviously be the liar. Then I would ask the other one which door was the door to heaven? Ignore the birds and open the door to look in the truthful bird first, that way if you are sucked in Also, there is a grammar error here. Which ever one tells the fib go with the opposite. Ask one of the birds to tell a lie and if he cannot he is the bird who only tells the truth.

Then simply ask which door leads to heaven. Go up to one of the birds and ask which door would the other bird say to go through. If it's the lying one he'd say the truth telling one would say to go to the wrong one so you go to the opposite one.

Same with truth guy. He'd tell you the truth, that the liar would say to go to hell so you go in the opposite door either one tells you to go through. The liar will point to the door to heaven because he always lies and the one who speaks the truth would point to heaven. You forgot the the rest, you can only ask one question and the answer is "what would the other bird say if I asked which one leads to heaven" and take the opposite door.

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