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The written as opposed to oral history of the San Diego, California, region began in the present state of California when Europeans first began inhabiting the San Diego Bay region. As the first area of California in which Europeans settled, San Diego has been described as "the birthplace of California. Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claims to have discovered San Diego Bay in , roughly years before Europeans settled the area; in truth, Native Americans such as the Kumeyaay people had been living in the area for as long as 12, years prior to any European presence.

A fort and mission were established in , which gradually expanded into a settlement under first Spanish and then Mexican rule. San Diego officially became part of the U. It remained a very small town for several decades, but grew rapidly after due to development and the establishment of multiple military facilities. Growth was especially rapid during and immediately after World War II. Entrepreneurs and boosters laid the basis for an economy based today on the military, defense industries, tourism, international trade, and manufacturing.

San Diego is now the eighth largest city in the country and forms the heart of the larger San Diego metropolitan area. The area has long been inhabited by the Kumeyaay Native American people. His landing is re-enacted every year at the Cabrillo Festival sponsored by Cabrillo National Monument , but it did not lead to settlement.

After holding the first Catholic service conducted on California soil on the feast day of San Diego de Alcala, also the patron saint of his flagship , he renamed the bay. He left after 10 days and was enthusiastic about its safe harbor, friendly natives, and promising potential as a successful colony. Despite his enthusiasm, the Spanish were unconvinced; it would be another years before colonization began. In the following year the Kumeyaay indigenous people rebelled against the Spanish.

They killed the priest and two others, and burned the mission. By the mission had become the largest in California, with a population of more than 1, presumably converted Native American " Mission Indians " relocated to and associated with it. The tile-roofed adobe structure was destroyed by an earthquake but replaced by a third church in The San Diego Mission was secularized and shut down in and the land was sold off. Beyond town Mexican land grants expanded the number of California ranchos that modestly added to the local economy.

The location was not ideal, being several miles away from navigable water. Imported goods and exports primarily tallow and hides had to be carried over the La Playa Trail to the anchorages in Point Loma. In the population was about There were only two guns, one of which was spiked, and the other had no carriage. Twelve half-clothed and half-starved-looking fellows composed the garrison, and they, it was said, had not a musket apiece.

During the Mexican—American War the control of the city was exchanged three times: Following events near San Gabriel in early January , peace returned to California. Alta California became part of the United States in following the U. The resident " Californios " became American citizens with full voting rights.

California was admitted to the Union as a state in San Diego, still little more than a village, was incorporated on March 27 as a city and was named the county seat of the newly established San Diego County. San Diego promptly got into financial trouble due to overspending on a poorly designed jail.

In the state repealed the city charter, in effect declaring the city bankrupt, and installed a state-controlled three-member board of trustees to manage San Diego. The trustees stayed in control until , when a mayor-council form of government was installed under a new city charter. Although some 10, men stopped briefly in San Diego on their way to the San Francisco gold fields, few stayed, and San Diego remained sparsely settled during much of the s.

Despite its small population, this decade brought investors who saw the potential of San Diego. They bought lots, and built rough houses and shops.

Remembered as "Davis' Folly", it was completed by August , but was seldom used. In , the steamer Los Angeles collided with the wharf. The damage was never repaired. Unused and poorly built, the damage was not worth fixing.

Davis tried unsuccessfully to sell it. Finally, in , the Army destroyed it, using timbers for firewood. The failure of the wharf was only one indication of depressed times. Houses were dismantled and shipped to more promising settlements. By , many of the enterprises that had been established during the early s had closed. The few businesses that survived suffered from water shortages, high costs of shipping, and a declining population.

He laid out the grid system the streets, speculated in land in the business district, and constructed hotels and stores. When he ran out of money, leadership in boosterism passed to Alonzo Horton.

He began promoting San Diego by enticing entrepreneurs and residents. The area was referred to as New Town or the Horton Addition. Despite opposition from the residents of the original settlement, which became known as "Old Town", businesses and residents flocked to New Town, and San Diego experienced the first of its many real estate booms. In , government records were moved to a new county courthouse in New Town, and by the s New Town or downtown had totally eclipsed Old Town as the heart of the growing city.

To prevent that, the manager of Central Pacific Railroad Charles Crocker , decided not to build an extension to San Diego, fearing that it would take too much trade from San Francisco. In , a transcontinental railroad route came to San Diego, and the population boomed, reaching 16, by Spreckels was built to provide San Diego with a direct transcontinental rail link to the east by connecting with the Southern Pacific Railroad lines in El Centro, California.

In the Spreckels heirs sold it to the Southern Pacific Railroad. In Council restrictions on soapbox oratories led to the San Diego free speech fight , a confrontation between the Industrial Workers of the World on the one side and law enforcement and vigilantes on the other. The city grew in bursts, especially in the s and again from to , when it reached , In the — period the nation became greatly interested in Pacific naval affairs, as seen in the Spanish—American War of ; the U.

San Diego was in a strategic location and sought to become "the Gibraltar of the Pacific. Collier and other leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, assisted by Congressman William Kettner actively lobbied the Navy and the federal government to make San Diego a major location for naval, marine, and air bases. With the reduction in naval spending after , the Chamber turned its focus to tourism and conventions. San Diego had the great harbor and the weather; it seemed poised to become a world-class metropolis.

But it was overshadowed by both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Spreckels expressed the enthusiasm of San Diego's boosters in , as well as the disappointment that it had not fully developed The southern portion of the Point Loma peninsula was set aside for military purposes as early as Over the next several decades the Army set up a series of coastal artillery batteries and named the area Fort Rosecrans.

Navy presence began in , with the establishment of the Navy Coaling Station in Point Loma, and expanded greatly during the s. The Marine base Camp Matthews , which was joined by Camp Callan from to , occupied a mesa near La Jolla from until ; the site is now the campus of University of California, San Diego. It remains one of the main Marine Corps training facilities.

In the early s, twenty percent of the San Diego region's economy was dependent on defense spending. San Diego gave strong support to the Progressive Movement that swept California in the early 20th century in order to purify the state from oppressive bossism and corporate rule. Reformers organized and fought back beginning with the municipal election. In , they formed the Roosevelt Republican Club, and in reformers backed a Nonpartisan League.

The mayoralty election of marked a sweeping victory for the League, as did the election of Hiram Johnson as governor. Marston was defeated for mayor in against Charles F.

O'Neall and again in against Louis J. The race in particular was a classic growth-vs. Marston argued for better city planning with more open space and grand boulevards; Wilde argued for more business development. Wilde called his opponent "Geranium George", painting Marston as unfriendly to business.

The phrase "smokestacks vs. The expositions left a lasting legacy in the form of Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo , and by popularizing Mission Revival Style and Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture locally and in Southern California as a regional aesthetic and nationwide design influence. He was inspired by his studies of the architecture of Mexico.

From the s through the s, the American tuna fishing fleet and tuna canning industry were based in San Diego, acclaimed by boosters as the "tuna capital of the world. Portuguese began arriving to San Diego in the s, and began immigrating in large numbers in the early 20th century, becoming the largest population of foreign-born fishermen in San Diego. By , there were about boats in Southern California engaged in the tuna industry, and ten canneries in San Diego. By the fleet's tuna catch exceeded million pounds.

During World War II when fishing was not possible, 53 tuna boats and about crew members served the U. Navy as the " yippie fleet " so called because of service numbers beginning with YP, for Yard Patrol , also called the "pork chop express", delivering food, fuel and supplies to military installations all over the Pacific.

In the s tuna fishing and canning was the third largest industry in San Diego, after the Navy and aviation. Arnholt Smith , a top civic leader, was a major investor. With Japan offering cheaper tuna after , Smith worked to break the union using new technology and Peruvian canneries. The industry suffered due to rising costs and foreign competition. The legacy of the tuna fleet is still felt in Little Italy , where most of the Italian fishermen settled, and in the Point Loma neighborhood of Roseville , still sometimes referred to as "Tunaville," where many Portuguese fishermen and boat owners settled.

There is a sculpture dedicated to the cannery workers in Barrio Logan [56] and a "Tunaman's Memorial" statue representing the fishermen on Shelter Island. Philanthropy was an important part of San Diego's expansion. For example, wealthy heiress Ellen Browning Scripps underwrote many public facilities in La Jolla , was a key supporter of the fledgling San Diego Zoo , and together with her brother E. Scripps established the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


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The mayoralty election of marked a sweeping victory for the League, as did the election of Hiram Johnson as governor. Marston was defeated for mayor in against Charles F. O'Neall and again in against Louis J.

The race in particular was a classic growth-vs. Marston argued for better city planning with more open space and grand boulevards; Wilde argued for more business development. Wilde called his opponent "Geranium George", painting Marston as unfriendly to business. The phrase "smokestacks vs. The expositions left a lasting legacy in the form of Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo , and by popularizing Mission Revival Style and Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture locally and in Southern California as a regional aesthetic and nationwide design influence.

He was inspired by his studies of the architecture of Mexico. From the s through the s, the American tuna fishing fleet and tuna canning industry were based in San Diego, acclaimed by boosters as the "tuna capital of the world. Portuguese began arriving to San Diego in the s, and began immigrating in large numbers in the early 20th century, becoming the largest population of foreign-born fishermen in San Diego. By , there were about boats in Southern California engaged in the tuna industry, and ten canneries in San Diego.

By the fleet's tuna catch exceeded million pounds. During World War II when fishing was not possible, 53 tuna boats and about crew members served the U. Navy as the " yippie fleet " so called because of service numbers beginning with YP, for Yard Patrol , also called the "pork chop express", delivering food, fuel and supplies to military installations all over the Pacific.

In the s tuna fishing and canning was the third largest industry in San Diego, after the Navy and aviation. Arnholt Smith , a top civic leader, was a major investor. With Japan offering cheaper tuna after , Smith worked to break the union using new technology and Peruvian canneries. The industry suffered due to rising costs and foreign competition. The legacy of the tuna fleet is still felt in Little Italy , where most of the Italian fishermen settled, and in the Point Loma neighborhood of Roseville , still sometimes referred to as "Tunaville," where many Portuguese fishermen and boat owners settled.

There is a sculpture dedicated to the cannery workers in Barrio Logan [56] and a "Tunaman's Memorial" statue representing the fishermen on Shelter Island. Philanthropy was an important part of San Diego's expansion. For example, wealthy heiress Ellen Browning Scripps underwrote many public facilities in La Jolla , was a key supporter of the fledgling San Diego Zoo , and together with her brother E.

Scripps established the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Wanting to see Balboa Park become a grand city park like those in other cities, he hired architect John Nolen on two occasions, and , to develop a master plan for the park. In he bought Presidio Hill, site of the original Presidio of San Diego , which had fallen into ruins.

Recognizing its importance as the site of the first European settlement in California, he developed it into a park planned by Nolen with his own funds, and built the Serra Museum designed by architect William Templeton Johnson. In he donated the park to the city, which still owns and operates it; it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. San Diego met the challenge of the Great Depression better than most parts of the country. There was money enough to build a new municipal golf course and tennis courts, to improve the water system, and open a new Spanish-style campus for San Diego State College now San Diego State University.

In the entire Pacific Fleet assembled with 48 warships, naval aircraft, 55, sailors and officers to demonstrate the importance of sea power to the city, and to exhibit to Japan and the rest of the world America's interest in the Pacific.

The expansion of naval and army aviation led Consolidated Aircraft Corporation of Buffalo New York to bring all its employees to San Diego, opening a major assembly plant, Convair , which built Navy flying boats. Ryan Aeronautical Company , which built the Spirit of St. Louis for the famous flight of Charles Lindbergh , also flourished. Since World War I , the military has played a leading role in the local economy. World War II brought prosperity and gave millions of soldiers, sailors and airmen en route to the Pacific a view of the opportunities in California.

The aircraft factories grew from small handcraft shops to gigantic factories. With 40, to 50, sailors off duty every weekend, the downtown entertainment districts soon became saturated. The red-light district was officially shut down, but opportunities were easily available a few miles south in Tijuana, Mexico. Workers poured in from the towns and from across the country, creating a severe housing shortage.

Public transportation trolleys and buses could barely keep up with the demand, and automobiles were rationed to only 3 gallons a week. Many wives who relocated while their husbands were training stayed in the city when their men shipped out and took high-paying jobs in the defense industries.

Convair was the largest employer in San Diego, with 32, well-paid workers in the mids. In it was bought out and became the Convair Division of General Dynamics , a large aerospace conglomerate based in Texas. Convair had been highly successful in the s with the B , a very long-range bomber that became the workhorse of the Strategic Air Command. General Dynamics refocused Convair on commercial aviation as the Convair , a two- engine passenger plane, proved highly successful in the world market.

Convair decided to move up to the very rapidly growing world market for medium-range jet passenger planes with the Convair It was designed to rival Boeing's proposed , and Douglas's proposed DC Financial and technical delays left Convair lagging far behind.

After heavy losses, General Dynamics moved all the airplane elements to Texas, and left the San Diego factory with small-scale space and missile projects. As the Cold War ended, the military shrunk and so did defense spending. San Diego has since become a center of the emerging biotech industry and is home to telecommunications giant Qualcomm.

Starting in the s the city and county developed a nationally known craft beer industry; the area is sometimes referred to as "America's Craft Beer capital". After acquiring the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in , the University of California UC built up a presence, with an emphasis on scientific research and cultural opportunities.

For years UC operated an extension program in San Diego. In , following wartime and postwar increases in population and economic growth in San Diego, UC broke ground for a new campus there, and classes at UCSD began in Atkinson , chancellor from to , UCSD strengthened its ties with the city of San Diego by encouraging technology transfer with developing companies, transforming San Diego into a world leader in technology-based industries.

In it moved to a larger location on Aztec Mesa, overlooking Mission Valley, at what was then the eastern edge of San Diego. In it expanded its offerings beyond teacher education and became San Diego State College. SDSU has grown to a student body of more than 30, and an alumni base of more than , The landmark Immaculata Chapel also opened that year.

In the s and early s, the area around Fifth and Island had a concentration of Asian American businesses, specifically of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino American communities. Up through the s the downtown area was a focus of civic and cultural life, featuring elegant hotels like the U. Grant and the El Cortez , as well as Marston's, an upscale department store. During the s that focus shifted to Mission Valley with its modern shopping centers. The hotels fell into disrepair, Marston's closed, and the downtown area developed a seedy reputation.

Its urban renewal project focused on the Gaslamp Quarter beginning in , with the goal of making the area a national historic district and bringing upper- and middle-class tourists and suburban residents to downtown San Diego. Since the s the city has seen the opening of the Horton Plaza shopping center, the revival of the Gaslamp Quarter, and the construction of the San Diego Convention Center. A recent boom on the construction of condos and skyscrapers especially focusing on mixed-use facilities , a gentrification trend especially in Little Italy , and the inauguration of Petco Park in the once blighted East Village highlight the continuing development of downtown.

Center city population is expected to rise to 77, residents by ; 30, people currently reside in downtown San Diego. This renewal extended to the surrounding neighborhoods in the s, especially in older urban neighborhoods immediately north of Balboa Park such as North Park and City Heights.

In July the Republican National Committee chose San Diego to be the site of the Republican National Convention , despite initial opposition from the city's mayor, Frank Curran , and despite the fact that the city did not initially bid for the opportunity.

It was widely believed that San Diego was selected because it was the preferred choice of President Richard Nixon. In addition, there were ongoing problems with the proposed venue the San Diego Sports Arena and concerns about adequate hotel space.

According to Forbes, it is the "largest convention of its kind in the world". It failed in in the largest bank failure to date. The cause was bad loans to Smith-controlled companies, which exceeded the bank's legal lending limit. Smith had used the bank's money for his private business and bribed bank inspectors to cover it up. He was convicted of embezzlement and tax fraud and served seven months in federal prison in During the s the city was rocked by the disclosure that J.

Dominelli was convicted in and served 10 years in prison. Hedgecock was forced to resign from office; his convictions were eventually overturned, except for one which was reduced to a misdemeanor.

A civic scandal exploded in with the discovery that city finances had been manipulated with massive losses in the pension fund scandal. One result was replacing the council-manager form of government with a mayor-council system in Deputy Mayor Michael Zucchet took over as acting mayor but had to resign three days later, when he and fellow city councilmember Ralph Inzunza were convicted in federal court for taking bribes in a scheme to overturn the city's "no touch" law at strip clubs.

A third accused councilmember had died before trial. Zucchet's conviction was later overturned. In July , Mayor Bob Filner was accused by multiple women of repeated sexual harassment , [93] [94] and many individuals and groups, including former supporters, called for him to resign.

On August 19 Filner and city representatives entered a mediation process, as a result of which Filner agreed to resign, effective August 30, , while the city agreed to limit his legal and financial exposure.

Beyond the issues regarding the city government, San Diego has experienced scandal on the Federal level as well. On November 28, , Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham resigned after pleading guilty to bribery charges; he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

After the Californios comprised a numerical majority and owned most of the property; they secured cultural and social recognition, but they failed to control the political system. By , most had left the area and the remainder were on the decline economically.

They profited from the new skills, contacts, and experiences provided by the military, filled many newly opened unskilled labor jobs, gained some high-paying jobs in the military installations and aircraft factories, and were welcomed by the labor unions, especially the Cannery Workers Union. In recent decades advertisers have recognized the purchasing power of the local Latino community.

The younger generations of Hispanics in San Diego and other ethnic groups as well seldom can read Spanish and rapidly abandon the spoken form except in dealing with their elders. Immigrants from China began arriving in the s and settled in two waterfront fishing villages, one in Point Loma , the other in the New Town area where the San Diego Convention Center now stands. Chinese were harshly discriminated against in California and forced into Chinatowns.

In San Diego there was much more freedom; there were no attacks on the 50 or so Chinese fishermen based there. Indeed, they were pioneers in the industry in the s; their peak came in the s.

They specialized in abalone for export to Chinese communities up and down the Pacific coast. One journalist reported, "Even the fins of the shark are eaten by Chinamen, and are by them esteemed to be a great delicacy—as much of a delicacy as a Chinaman would be to a shark. The Chinese continued to settle in San Diego and found work in the fishing industry, railroad construction, service industry, general construction work, food industry, and merchandising.

They were forced into a closed Chinatown but otherwise received less violent attention than suffered by Chinese elsewhere in the West. They soon formed district associations, family and clan associations, secret societies, and business guilds, including the Chee Kung Tong est.

In the s and s, two Chinese Christian missions were organized to help the Chinese with housing, employment, recreational activities, and English language instruction. The Chinese population increased dramatically, especially after the Immigration Act allowed large numbers of businessmen and professionals to migrate from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

The lateth-century San Diego Chinese community is made up of a heterogeneous population that includes Cantonese-speaking, Mandarin-speaking, and Hokkien-speaking members, as well as those from a variety of places of origin, including Southeast Asia. Many in the San Diego community have joined together to determine and further their Chinese-American identity. This neighborhood, together with Downtown and Sherman Heights , was one of only a few areas where blacks were allowed to buy and live in homes.

Logan Heights is still home to a great many black churches, some as old as years old. On any given Sunday, hundreds of blacks return to Logan Heights to attend the churches they grew up in. Old Victorian homes still dot the Logan Heights area. There are streets named after some of the founding fathers in Logan Heights including Julian, Irving, and Logan. The neighborhood has complained that it does not get suitable respect or attention from city leaders because of its minority status.

The history of the African American community in San Diego from the s to the s is documented in the Baynard Collection, an exhibit of selected photographs by Norman Baynard, who ran a photography studio in Logan Heights for 46 years. San Diego has historically been a popular destination for Filipino immigrants, and has contributed to the growth of its population.

Navy in one form or another, even in the late '70s and early 80's more than half of Filipino babies born in the greater San Diego area were born at Balboa Naval Hospital.

As a port city San Diego always had a gay and lesbian community , but it was largely closeted. Beginning in the s the neighborhood of Hillcrest began to attract large numbers of gay and lesbian residents, drawn by low rents, high density, and the possibility of an urban dynamic. In the s gay men founded a Center for Social Services in Hillcrest which became a social and political focus for the gay community.

In June they launched the first Gay Pride Parade , which has been held every year since, and Hillcrest is well recognized as the focal point of the LGBT community. All of this helped to promote public understanding. Many LGBT politicians have successfully run for office in San Diego city and county, including Christine Kehoe , former state senator, state assemblymember, and city councilmember; Bonnie Dumanis , county district attorney; Toni Atkins , state assemblymember, former city councilmember; Carl DeMaio , former city councilmember; Todd Gloria , city council president, former interim mayor; and Dave Roberts , county supervisor.

In San Diego was the first city in the country in which active and retired military service members marched openly in a gay pride parade, in anticipation of the imminent removal of the " Don't ask, don't tell " rule for U.

They did not wear military uniforms, but rather T-shirts with the name of their branch of service. Department of Defense granted permission for military personnel to wear their uniforms while participating the San Diego Pride Parade. This was the first time that United States military personnel were permitted to wear their service uniforms in such a parade.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on the. Maritime Railroad Highways Slavery. Retrieved 26 October Who Were the First Californians? Two years before the mast.

Page of the first Penguin edition, first published in Penguin San Diego Police Department. Retrieved 26 June Griswold del Castillo, Richard Winter Journal of San Diego History. San Deigo Historical Society. Retrieved 5 December Naval Coal Station, — Shragge, "'I like the Cut of Your Jib': Cultures of Accommodation Between the U. California State Military Museum. California State Military Department. Townsend, "The Hand of Hope," U. Naval Institute Proceedings 9 pp 38— San Diego's mayoralty campaign of ".

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Just ten bucks a year. New weather talent coming to LA: Crystal Egger Kevin Roderick September 18, Vin Scully will be the grand marshal of this coming Rose Parade, but it won't be his first brush with getting up early on January 1.

The layoff reaper finally came for ABC7's bureau chief in Sacramento. Fox 11 News in Los Angeles reported that its investigative reporter and producer Martin Burns was the hiker who died Sunday in a hiking accident in the foothills above Altadena. Documentary to say five new J. Salinger books are coming Kevin Roderick August 25, The New York Times says new books could start to appear in Watch the trailer inside for the upcoming film, to screen in limited release starting Sept.

Blankstein will take his deep law enforcement contacts list to NBC as an investigative reporter based here. This time he alleges that KABC did not consider him for the job due to illegal sex and age discrimination. The job went to Bri Winkler. Channel 13 is going to stop airing a re-packaged version of the Fox 11 news next month.

Look for more "Simpsons" and "King of Queens. Is Obama the first president to sleep in Woodland Hills? Not counting Reagan in his acting days because who knows, he was local for a long time, and a lot of actors lived in the West Valley. Obama's visit will have distinctly Valley flavor Kevin Roderick August 6, 9: All of the streets that the LAPD is warning drivers to avoid during President Obama's brief visit to the area today and Wednesday are out in the Valley.

NBC4 at 6 p. Daisy Lin of Channel 4. Video and link to full list of winners inside. The former team of the award-winning news series has mostly dispersed, but KCET is actively raising support for a sixth season with a tentative launch date in January. The location is relevant. The Channel 7 photojournalist popular among his colleagues and the LA press corps died Wednesday about two weeks after suffering a stroke. The network launches Aug. Oakland Fox affiliate KTVU has reportedly dismissed at least three veteran producers after an internal investigation into how the station's news anchor read obviously fake names on the air, calling them the pilots of the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed at San Francisco's airport this month.

Olbermann, Regis getting new sports shows Kevin Roderick July 16, Two former Los Angeles TV guys who went on to national media fame are getting new television shows, but you'll only find them deep on your cable grid.

You know it's bad when the most surprising thing isn't that the station aired the names. First, the NTSB confirmed them. The former anchor and reporter showed up today on the tough story of the 19 firefighters who died in Arizona. You can almost hear the cheering for her from Channel 4 friends on Facebook. Yes, she's moving from TV to public radio — but that's a route that could become more common as KCET abandons the on-air news coverage it was known for.

Richard Matheson wrote "I Am Legend," which was turned into films three times, and also wrote 16 episodes of the original "Twilight Zone" television series for Rod Serling. TV Guide's Michael Schneider says at his blog Franklin Avenue that he has figured out the location of the run-down former Pennsylvania whorehouse depicted in the season's final scene. It's an home that is often filmed on Carroll Avenue. This just went out in the newsroom at KNBC.

We wish her the very best in her future endeavors. Here is a list of all nominations for Los Angeles area Emmy awards. Channel 4 received the most. It's interesting to see how the categories are framed and what gets rewarded. Good lede from Associated Press: Nikki Finke certainly doesn't sound fired.

Today she announced the hiring of new television columnist Lisa De Moraes, who spent about 15 years covering TV at the Washington Post. Pussy Riot 'one of the most important documentaries of the year' Kevin Roderick June 7, Don Oliver covered the Vietnam War, the civil rights era and the assassination of Dr. He was with the network for 25 years.

Brian Williams pays tribute. Game 4 would be on Thursday, June 6. Before airing a documentary about the Park Avenue building where Koch and a lot of other rich people live, the president of WNET gave the mogul a call and offered to water things down.

Koch still resigned from the station's board. May is always a busy month for local TV's investigative teams. Hader is the next "Saturday Night Live" cast member to leave. He wants to do movies and TV in Los Angeles. We'll say this — he knows his way around the city video. Mario Machado, newscaster and voice of soccer was 78 Kevin Roderick May 5, 4: Girls play soccer today because of Mario Machado, a friend posted on Facebook.

Lu Parker hits the banked track Kevin Roderick April 24, He hints that the award-winning 'Connected' team hopes to stay together somewhere else. It looked remote then, given the station's financial mess, and looks even more remote now. Jonathan Winters, comedy legend was 87 Kevin Roderick April 12, Jonathan Winters had one of those long, varied entertainment industry careers after working New York comedy clubs and moving to early television in the s.

We might be back Kevin Roderick March 28, No replacement has been named. Co-host Madeleine Brand posted on Facebook that Wednesday's taping day was the show's last one. Next year's Oscar awards will be held on March 2, moving later in the year to avoid conflicts with the Winter Olympics from Russia.

The show will then move back to February Feb. In between pieces on Pussy Riot and Anderson Cooper diving with Nile crocodiles, tonight's "60 Minutes" reported on the former Long Beach Poly High football player who served several years for a sexual assault he did not commit.

Vulture compiled every facet of sex, relationships and New York that Sarah Jessica Parker's lead character wondered aloud about during the six seasons of "Sex and the City. If you're NBC 4, you probably figure you have the TV footage of police chases, might as well cut the video together and put it on the web. The greatest hits reel from recent chases runs 2: New managing editor named at Fox 11 Kevin Roderick March 15, Ramona Schindelheim, a former producer for the 10 p.

I'm told that what could be the final episode of the television drama "Southland" will shoot tomorrow morning in front of the Police Administration Building. Chief Charlie Beck is supposed to make a quick cameo appearance sometime between 11 a. Archdiocese put abusive priests in Latino parishes video Kevin Roderick March 14, Olivas' experiences with an abusive priest are featured. Los Angeles TV stations generally won't do Sacramento news ABC 7 is the exception , but most sent their own people to Rome to cover the selection of the new pope — even though it is already one of the world's most adequately covered news events.

Here's who is there. It's nice to see inside the walls and have a mental picture of how they do things. Santa Barbara anchor's issue was medical, family says Kevin Roderick March 1, 1: I only report this to finish the thought from earlier in the week. Paula Lopez, the news anchor at KEYT in Santa Barbara who was reported missing for several hours on Wednesday, was "experiencing a medical condition" that day, her family said in a statement.

John North's last presser? Kevin Roderick March 1, 1: North is scheduled to retire from ABC 7 on Friday after 34 years. She was reported missing this morning to the Santa Barbara County sheriff's department. It's a tough room. Channel 7's long-time political reporter, John North, is retiring at the end of this week.

The newsroom in Glendale got a memo announcing North's departure from news director Cheryl Fair. It's transition time at some of the local TV stations, if the drumbeats I'm hearing are accurate. His classy farewell note went out to the Bundy Drive newsroom tonight.

Oscar ratings are up despite the reviews Kevin Roderick February 25, Most but by no means all of the reviews for last night's Oscars show and host Seth MacFarlane have not been favorable.

But the early ratings for the TV show are up about four percent over last year's show hosted Billy Crystal — and much younger. And that's entirely logical, says Richard Rushfield at BuzzFeed. NBC's prime-time schedule looks as if it will finish the February sweeps period for the key age demographic segment behind both Fox and Univision.

Because the State of the Union speech by President Obama was going to depress TV viewership numbers on the West Coast on Tuesday night, the local stations sold half-hour blocks for infomercials on the movies. But then, voila, lots of eyeballs were watching TV in Southern California. TV Guide's Michael Schneider explains.

The Hunt for Christopher Dorner. Weird story o' the day: Dorner's mom at bar watching standoff Kevin Roderick February 12, Ten minutes later, she went inside the home he sometimes shared with his mother. CBS 2 gets pranked. Beck calls on Dorner to surrender, says will re-look at grievances Kevin Roderick February 9, 5: Beck told Harvey that his motive in re-opening the case that led to Dorner's firing was to keep the department's trust among African-Americans.

CBS 'wardrobe advisory' on Grammys nudity is very A pre-Grammys email from the CBS standards and practices department all but dares performers to show a little skin at the upcoming show.

How many ways are there for a musician or an audience member to violate the CBS code? Channel 4 is expanding its weekend newscasts, beginning this Saturday. Robert Kovacik and Kathy Vara, who now co-anchor at 6 p. The Pantages has put up a Channel 5 story on reporter Lu Parker getting harnessed up to fly like Cathy Rigby does in the upcoming production of Peter Pan.

Unsung hero of drivers at 7th and Broadway Kevin Roderick January 16, 9: He lives near the corner and noticed that LAPD traffic officers were always writing tickets there. Thus began a little crusade.

Story on 'SoCal Connected. Huell Howser's death certificate cites metastatic prostate cancer Kevin Roderick January 15, The Riverside County death certificate for Huell Howser says that the television host and producer died early on the morning of January 7 from metastatic prostate cancer.

Howser was cremated and his remains scattered off the coast of Los Angeles County on Jan. This ran on this week's episode of "The Simpson's.

There is a sunset memorial to Howser scheduled this afternoon at Griffith Observatory. O'Neill gained a measure of Los Angeles radio immortality when he became the first voice heard on KRLA when the AM station switched to rock and roll from country western music in He went on to become LA's top radio deejay, then at age 24 went national as the host of ABC's short-lived rock music show "Shindig" in Temperatures have plunged into the 40s and the local news is freaking out.

Reportero, which debuted Monday night on POV on PBS, follows a veteran reporter and his colleagues at Zeta, a Tijuana-based independent newsweekly, "as they stubbornly ply their trade in one of the deadliest places in the world for members of the media.

KCET has posted some great tributes to Huell Howser, including video of the longtime production team and the station's three-minute obituary from Monday night's "SoCal Connected. Arellano based his story on sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. Except for the unbleeped f-bombs, technical glitches and unplanned brawl. I've never said no to anyone that wants to take a picture.

Fontella Bass, soul and gospel singer was 72 Kevin Roderick December 27, Fontella Bass, a church choir singer in St. Louis who recorded as a soul singer for Chess Records and had a hit with "Rescue Me" in , died Wednesday at age 72 in her hometown. She suffered a heart attack three weeks ago. Executive producer Wendy Harris, at Channel 4 for three decades, is retiring from the station. Here's the newsroom memo earlier this month from the VP for news.

This is big in the world of broadcast news, considered by some to be their Pulitzers. NBC's chief foreign correspondent and his crew were held five days then freed Monday in a firefight at a checkpoint in Syria, NBC News announced this morning. Jenni Rivera, who was born in Long Beach, is a popular performer and songwriter in the Mexican Nortena and banda styles and a rising television star on both sides of the border.

She recently signed a deal with ABC to develop a comedy around her. Rivera is divorced from former Dodgers pitcher Esteban Loaiza and leaves five children. Channel 9 news team Kevin Roderick December 6, Listen to some of the audio. Howser feared retirement - back in Kevin Roderick November 28, Tamar Brott profiled Huell Howser for Los Angeles magazine and found him to be defensive about his enthusiasm and his affection for finding the positive, or denying the negative, in any situation.

Well would you look at this: Howser is "retiring from making new shows but does not want to make any formal announcements about it," says an email. After the city Department of Building and Safety quietly posted the location and permit status of every billboard structure in the city, KCET mapped the data and drew some conclusions about billboards in Los Angeles. The producers call it a rare, "unflinching portrait.

Geffen in love with Cher in The great migration to California begins in tonight's second part. Federal regulators gave the go-ahead for Tribune Corp. I'm now at ch. They will talk about John and possibly take calls from the legions of listeners who have listened to the show or been guests in its nearly four decades on the air — the odd duck among the politically charged news, talk and revolutionary rhetoric at the Pacifica-owned radio station. Channel 4's Robert Kovacik was live on the air from West Los Angeles when a roach crawled across his shoulders.

No big changes on the air for now. The longtime morning news anchor is the third high-profile woman let go by Channel 11 in recent months. Val Zavala will remain the show's news anchor, with Brand doing mostly interviews, it sounds like. After 35 years at CBS, assignment editor Steve Crawford left the newsroom at Channels 2 and 9 on May 23 without revealing to anyone that he had stage 3 esophageal cancer. He insisted that no one know, his wife says in a note posted at the station today.

He's a proud husband, per Twitter. If you didn't grow up in the Los Angeles area during the baby boom, you can leave the room for a couple of minutes. Though if your parents fit the description, you might want to stick around.

Schwarzenegger's image rehab tour hits a bump Kevin Roderick September 30, 6: Reynolds tweeted this morning that she was just informed that her "Good Day L. Steve Edwards' new co-host is Maria Sansone. If things go right, there will be fewer media choppers hovering pointlessly above the ends of the closed freeway during this weekend's traffic event.

Speaking of the bomb squad and dubious media promotions Kevin Roderick September 25, 8: Impossible III" went awry. HBO's "Real Sports" on Tuesday night is a double Dodgers episode, with Magic talking about his role with the team and an update on Bryan Stow, the firefighter and Giants fan who was left brain damaged by a beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is busted on "The Daily Show" for his presiding over that bogus voice vote on the platform changes re: Former co-host at "Good Day LA" says the new boss told her she "made his eyes bleed.

Everyone got down safely, but there was a scary moment over Hollywood Monday afternoon. KTLA sportscaster Rebecca Hall's weekend oops — in which she jokes during an on-air tribute to Vin Scully that he "should get his shit together" — has been pulled down from Big Lead Sports.

Copyright claim by Tribune, which owns Channel 5, is the explanation. Well, the Tribune suits haven't made it to Deadspin yet, apparently. Vin Scully to return for 64th season Kevin Roderick August 26, Dodgers fans can breathe easy for another year.

Check out our new story on Scully's five most memorable calls, by guest author Paul Haddad. The new leadership team at Channel 4 continues to make changes in the newsroom lineup. Today the station will announce that Michael Brownlee will be getting up really early from now on as co-anchor of "Today in LA" with Alycia Lane. Plus some other moves. This is a few years old. But with producers announcing the end of "The Office" after next season, here's a look back at a clip of LA Observed video showing the filming location on Saticoy Street.

Jimmy Kimmel moves to Once the LA Weekly dropped his longtime comic strip, the end was inevitable. Longtime Channel 7 photographer Artie Williams died over the weekend while diving with a friend off Catalina Island, the station announced.

The actress has tweeted that she won't lose any fingers, despite a breathless report by TMZ from expert bystanders. The undefeated Olympic champion shows she can handle 'The Daily Show' too. The episode re-airs tonight at 7: The center in Berkeley will announce tomorrow a partnership with Univision to jointly produce investigative stories for Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and Latin America.

At Saturday night's local Emmy awards, the Governors Award for lifetime achievement went to Susan Stratton, Chick Hearn's producer on Lakers broadcasts for most of three decades.

Link to full list of winners inside. The latest case involves a Sacramento area man who says his new car has never been in LA. Jennifer York back on the air, but on the ground Kevin Roderick August 7, A couple of readers have noticed the familiar voice of Jennifer York doing traffic reports for KNX radio.

York was the very popular airborne traffic reporter on KTLA Channel 5 for 13 years, until she and the station parted ways in This seems more than a little embarrassing for Twitter. These will be stationed in Business, and include yet another body devoted to coverage of entertainment industry awards and another covering TV, plus the return of a slot based in New York.

I really shouldn't be needling anyone else over typos, but reader Donald sent this in amused. Is she just enunciating an O at that moment? Asher directed episodes of "I Love Lucy," brought the Gidget character to television, directed the popular series of s beach movies starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, and produced the "Bewitched" TV series that starred his then-wife, Elizabeth Montgomery.

Tribune's plan, endorsed by several of the company's largest creditors, would transfer ownership of Tribune Company — owner of the Los Angeles Times, KTLA and numerous other media outets around the U. No timetable was given. Zay Harding will host. In a piece being well received at the Los Angeles Review of Books , television critic Phillip Maciak calls Aaron Sorkin "one of the only commercially bankable and socially conscious screenwriters now working; his writing style is fast, fluid, and instantly recognizable KTLA reporter Lu Parker's rep confirmed today that she and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa have split up, ending their relationship after about three years.

The LA Times has been asking Villaraigosa in recent weeks to explain his status with Parker, but his answers had been evasive. Banfield, a television presence in Los Angeles for 43 years, had cancer. Cindy Frazier, city editor. Channels 2 and 9 went off the air for more than an hour Kevin Roderick June 23, Who wants to lick Padma Lakshmi's spoon?

Kevin Roderick June 18, Nationally, though, the game was down from last year's Game 6 in the Stanley Cup Final series. Go inside to watch her video clip. Game 3, starting at 5 p. Rios, who had been the news director at Channel 2 in Los Angeles before going to Fox 11, where he became the top news executive, moved over a year ago to a corporate job as vice president of digital news applications at Fox Television Stations.

Here you go - bigger inside. Paratore was a television producer and president of Telepictures, a production division of Warner Bros. Then they exchanged "I love yous" and hugged. Sascha Rice's film on her grandfather, the late two-term governor Edmund G. Pat Brown, aired tonight at 10 p. A lot of good that does you, I know. I see "California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown " on the schedule again for Wednesday at 9 p.

It airs tomorrow night at 8 p. The morning show on Channel 11 has kept the same chemistry since or so, except that it became clearer through the years that Steve Edwards' female co-hosts didn't much like each other. Now Lucey's contract was not renewed, Jillian Reynolds will switch to freelance status, and on-air auditions will be held. Sure, a lot of Angelenos have no interest in hockey and no idea about the Kings, the Ducks or anyone else. But the local team is the hottest thing in the sport right now, their games are on national television, and they pack more fans into Staples Center and downtown bars than the Clippers do.

So what's the local sports media's excuse? Here's a little infographic to help them. Evelyn Taft is there, and you're not Kevin Roderick May 19, Channel 9 weathercaster Evelyn Taft tweeted her 5,plus Twitter followers a personal note this afternoon from Palm Springs. Included was a pic of her reclining on a hotel room bed. Murder, Hitmen and the Making of L.

Muckraker Jerry Schneiderman," spins out the tale of a truly interesting Los Angeles figure and a bunch of intriguing episodes. It's a murder mystery and more, but nonfiction despite the interviewer calling it a novel. Does anyone care where Jim Rome does his gabbing? Kevin Roderick May 17, As if he were in the Marriott or one of the other buildings at LA Live. Daily News sports columnist Tom Hoffarth is concerned enough about this to do some checking. The Kings open Sunday evening in Arizona.

Tonight, Fox Sports West will re-air the two most memorable games from the only time the Kings ever made it to the third round of the Stanley Cup finals before.

It's not just Lara Logan. The presence of Anderson Cooper probably helps too. But it's an interesting ratings trend. High fives all around — the McCourt pox has passed from Dodger Stadium. The new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be introduced Wednesday at 10 a. The Berman campaign is rolling out a video spot with the backing of Betty White, the seemingly timeless former star of TV's "Golden Girls.

Brad Sherman in the June primary. Berman is "the Valley leader who fights for the humane treatment of all animals," says White, who is known as an animal activist. Transferred Miramonte teachers wait - and learn to sew Kevin Roderick April 27, 1: Remember all those teachers who were summarily moved out of Miramonte Elementary School after two teachers were accused of sexually attacking children at the school?

Fox 11's Phil Shuman found out what they are doing. This is more interesting than the exercise of tweeting the sinking of the Titanic, because as you read the mundane tick-tock of events from the trial of the officers who beat Rodney King you know that something really big is coming.

There is no way, "absolutely no way, that KCET can survive as a television station," says the former head of the California Community Foundation. Television legend Dick Clark has died. The popularizer of "American Bandstand" in Philadelphia in the s went on to become a true TV programming impresario. John's hospital in Santa Monica.

The Kings have wrapped up their morning skate in El Segundo and tonight try to upset the NHL's top team and advance to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Everyone has been told to vacate by 3 p. The new home is in Burbank in a media building adjacent to NBC. The television newsman who pretty much invented the style of the tough interview in the early years of the medium died Saturday at a care facility in Connecticut.

We have vintage video as tributes pour in. He accuses Al Gore and Joel Hyatt of reneging on agreements and bungling the television channel. Current calls the allegations "false and malicious. George Lewis, the recently retired NBC News correspondent in Los Angeles, reflects on the wars he has covered and a career "running toward the guns.

Chuck Hollis, assignment desk editor was 76 Kevin Roderick March 30, Suzanne Rico, the former morning co-anchor on Channel 2 who hit the road after losing her job two years ago, is back living in the Los Angeles area and blogging If you are still hearing in your head the French sex song interlude from last night's 'Mad Men' season debut, Slate's David Haglund provides the original above and some January Jones guests on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Jon Hamm is on Tuesday. Hope we can return in the fall, but who knows. Channel 4's news chief is headed back east. Susannah Rosenblatt, a Los Angeles Times staff writer for five years until part of that time on the county beat who is now living inside the Beltway, will appear on "Jeopardy" on Thursday night.

Channel 7 gets a jump on Japan tsunami anniversary Kevin Roderick February 28, 8: David Ono goes to Japan to see how things stand a year later. The Florida newscasters don't seem cool under pressure as much as Not a bad line by the in-studio anchor about high gas prices. The final episode of "Downton Abbey" season two on Sunday night attracted a 2. Lohan, a former inmate of the Los Angeles County jail system multiple times now, will host the next "Saturday Night Live" on March 3, the show announced on the air on Saturday.

She has no movie or TV projects to promote. Jane Yamamoto back on the air Kevin Roderick February 17, 1: All of the news operations at the longtime NBC home on Alameda in Burbank will move to a building formerly occupied by Technicolor on the Universal Studios lot. KTLA brought in a full crew, I'm told, to pull together a nearly five-minute news piece on Whitney Houston's rise and fall.

If the player doesn't show, here's the link The Channel 4 anchor was in Philly pursuing her lawsuit against CBS and a former co-anchor who snooped in her email. She claims he damaged her career, though the backstory includes plenty of signs that Lane may have helped her own downfall. LA at the Super Bowl: Los Angeles is likely to be well represented in the commercials that air during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Like this one showing a flying saucer crash near Downtown. The date of this episode is probably Oct. Police responded this morning to his Mulholland Drive home and found Cornelius dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot. Mister Los Angeles, getting ready for his 63rd season in the Dodgers press box, is the local sports broadcasters' choice for best radio play by play.

What's he doing today, on his last day in the field? Covering the Oscar nominations. Quinn Memorial Award for journalistic achievement and distinction. Curt Sandoval of Channel 7 tops Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth's annual list of the top 10 sports anchors and reporters on Los angeles television. A local female reporter leads his bottom ten list. Here's where he goes. Paula Deen confirms diabetes and endorsement deal Kevin Roderick January 17, The Southern TV chef known for her Krispy Kreme doughnut bread pudding and similar recipes went on "Today" to explain that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago.

The opener of the AMC show's fifth season will run two hours, it was announced Saturday. Dodgers and Fox make up, clearing way for sale Kevin Roderick January 11, The Dodgers won't try to sell the team's television rights now, and Fox agrees not to object to the settlement between baseball and Frank McCourt.

For the first time that I remember, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa talks about hiding under the bed with his sister while his mother was beaten by a drunken father. He does a story on bomb-sniffing dogs at LAX. Shervin Lalezary, the Beverly Hills real estate attorney and reserve deputy sheriff who made the bust of arson suspect Harry Burkhart, was on Ellen DeGeneres' show.

Look at the photo. Then anchor Megan Henderson stepped in. On this morning's show, the weatherman and his colleagues made light of him storming off a live camera the other day. KTLA's morning weatherman stalks off camera after his segment is cut. Sex, cheerleaders and Jackie Johnson? Kevin Roderick December 19, I can't imagine that Channel 2 weathercaster Jackie Johnson could be too happy at how the station's website arranges its photo galleries. Shock and dismay in the Burbank newsroom over News Director Vicky Burns deciding to let reporter and sometime-anchor Jennifer Bjorklund go.

Even though Mayor Villaraigosa's office now admits the boss approved the sweet golden parachute with Rudolf Montiel, interim Housing Authority chief Ken Simmons "is resigning at the Mayor's request. Tonight's report, at 8: Fox 11's Reynolds becomes a citizen Kevin Roderick November 30, 9: Art of the morning anchorman Kevin Roderick November 26, 1: Newsman-turned-artist Bill Lagattuta's latest project appears to be photographs behind the scenes of Channel 2 anchor Kent Shocknek at work.

What the heck is going on at ESPN? Kevin Roderick November 14, 4: This is notable for two reasons. Rick Perry and the debate Kevin Roderick November 13, 9: In the cold open from "Saturday Night Live," Gov. Perry has a bit of trouble finishing his points. Colbert makes a few Cain ads of his own Kevin Roderick October 26, Stephen Colbert offers up alternatives to the campaign ad showing Herman Cain's campaign manager smoking.

It could have been worse. The show will air next Tuesday, the night after fundraisers in the Hancock Park area. Rancic, the longtime host of various E! Entertainment shows and recently the co-host of the Style Network reality series "Giuliana and Bill," went on NBC's Today this morning to talk about her treatment for breast cancer.

Old police cars and other emergency vehicles, many from TV shows and movies, will be on parade Tuesday starting at Shane Goldmacher to leave LAT. Two minutes of Zen: Rooney has been on "60 Minutes" since and this weekend's bit will be his th essay for the show. Fox 11 is flubbing its golden opportunity at 5 p. With the news that R. Durkee confronted on camera by Fox 11 Kevin Roderick September 20, Kinde Durkee, the campaign treasurer suspected of absconding with the funds of many California Democrats, has been avoiding the cameras since her release on bail.

Fred Mamoun was an L. Press Club journalist of the year in June. Twitter user veisandrew posted a cellphone picture of an NBC truck burning up just now on the freeway in Sepulveda Pass.

Matt Chambers of Canyon Country brought home a safe he bought at Home Depot and inside it found family papers dating back to the s. Police are at the Channel 5 studio on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Disabled activist goes for a vigorous hike Kevin Roderick August 27, James Farkus Cohan says he has end-stage emphysema and, according to Channel 7, he has filed at least lawsuits against small businesses claiming they violate his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But the camera doesn't lie. Vin Scully announces he will return next season Kevin Roderick August 26, 9: The Los Angeles corner of Twitter and my email box just lit up with the news. Frogtown Kevin Roderick August 23, Channel 4 took home 13 awards at last night's local Emmys, including a sweep of all three regularly scheduled newscast categories.

Jerry Lewis dumped from telethon Kevin Roderick August 4, Actor Jerry Lewis said in May that he was retiring from the muscular dystrophy telethon he had hosted since , but that he hoped to make an appearance on this year's show.

Actually, he's in town to appear at the TCA press tour. Deja vu all over again. Mark Lacter August 1, 1: When dealing with pro football, don't ever assume anything. KNBC makes an anchor change at 6 p. Ana Garcia is moving back to the investigative team full-time.

The new 6 p. Parking cop who appeared in porn film fired Kevin Roderick July 21, 2: The Los Angeles city parking and traffic officer who was filmed in uniform spanking and fondling the breasts of a porn actress has been fired, the city says. Interesting stats from Carmageddon weekend Kevin Roderick July 20, Supervisor Yaroslavsky's website team has pulled together some insightful data points from the weekend closure of the freeway.

The best cooking show on television Kevin Roderick July 20, 9: It isn't even close , says Slate's Jennifer Reese. Schwada has a few words to say Kevin Roderick July 19, 8: He's not happy about it. A press release from Time Warner Cable says these were the movies its On Demand customers in Los Angeles demanded the most this past weekend: The Lincoln Lawyer All green on the Kevin Roderick July 15, 6: Best traffic on the through the Sepulveda Pass in years.

Free flow in both direction under the Mulholland Bridge — at 7 p. Political and investigative reporter John Schwada has been with the Channel 11 a long time, and last month picked up the L. Press Club's Joseph M. Quinn Award for journalistic excellence. Channel 2 interviews text message murder suspect Kevin Roderick July 14, 5: CBS 2 says it has an exclusive with the local murder suspect who was released from custody in Puerto Rico then disappeared.

Television writer and producer created Gilligan and "The Brady Bunch," TV sitcom milestones from the s that remain popular in syndication. Countdown to Carmageddon, the trailer Kevin Roderick July 12, 6: It's a "Primetime" special airing tonight on ABC. Emmy nomination ads are on L. The question, Patrick Goldstein asks , is why? As part of the deal NBC agreed to with the International Olympic Committee last week, NBC says it will start with the Olympics to make every event available live on one platform or another.

NBC 4 reports tonight that police have a jersey with blood stains that was dropped off at a cleaners. Ron Rapoport, the author and former sportswriter and columnist, stops in as an LA Observed visiting blogger on the occasion of Dick Ebersol leaving NBC and the network getting the rights to keep airing on delay the Olympic Games.

Scott Pelley took the anchor chair on the CBS network's flagship news program tonight, and the only real suspense was how would his show cover the Anthony Weiner sex scandal. Armstrong's lawyers reportedly demanded that "60 Minutes" make an on-air apology for last month's report, and called the story "extraordinarily shoddy to the point of being reckless and unprofessional, or a vicious hit-and-run job. CET says that all of the money raised during the three-hour telethon it aired on May 24 will go for Japanese tsunami relief efforts.

At the end of the news at 11, Channel 2 anchor Pat Harvey's voice was thick with emotion as she announced the unexpected death of colleague James Kang.

Traffic officers behaving badly, part 2 Kevin Roderick May 25, 3: Good lede from Channel 4 investigative reporter Joel Grover on his latest story about L. Where is this place: Turns out it's actually the historic former home near Malibu Canyon of razor heir King Gillette, one of the more interesting Angelenos of yore. KCET is devoting the 8 to 11 p. All proceeds will go to tsunami and quake relief efforts A little follow to Saturday's post about the Channel 2 alumni who are burning up Facebook.

Armstrong grand jury 'may change history of sports' Kevin Roderick May 22, 8: Actually, tonight's "60 Minutes" says it's the testimony of Lance Armstrong's former teammate and confidante, Tyler Hamilton, that threatens to rewrite the story of bike racing and its biggest American legend. Barbara Stuart, actress in six decades was 81 Kevin Roderick May 21, 9: Stuart worked in episodic television during almost the entire run of the genre, starting with "I Led Three Lives" in and concluding with the Showtime series "Huff" in Channel 2 alumni flock to Facebook Kevin Roderick May 21,

Barack Obama's greatly overrated intellect President Obama's problem is not just inexperience or the fact that he'd rather play golf or basketball than sit in his office and make difficult decisions. There is a lot of evidence (presented below) that he's just not terribly bright. minube es mi compañera de viaje, la que siempre me acompaña en el bolsillo o en la mochila, donde sea que lleve el teléfono. Es con quien comento lo que veo o a quien pregunto sobre qué ver, restaurantes, hoteles y hasta vuelos si me hace falta. Y después de un . Business and Market News. Read the latest business news and breaking stories on Australian and World business, economy, finance and market news on 9Finance.