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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research Adviser: This study analyzes the public opinion of undergraduate students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines toward Youth Entrepreneurship. This issue arise due to high rate of unemployment among Filipinos specifically the youth. From this, the Government and the Universities all over the Philippines have their own campaign and promotion of entrepreneurship that will open opportunities and jobs among the citizens of the country.

The effectivity of the study will help the congregations of both Educational and Governmental for providing policies and laws that will bring forth progression in the country. Since the study aims to generalize, it used the Quantitative approach for accuracy of issue. Particularly, the descriptive research that will determine the perception of the students toward youth entrepreneurship. The study used a survey method with a total sample of 41, using the multi-stage design for accurate breakdown of sample size.

Results show that majority of the respondents are aware toward youth entrepreneurship and most wanted to be engage in this field in the future.

However, some students disagreed on the University role in promoting youth entrepreneurship which had contradicted the study of Keat that universities are ideally considered the place in shaping entrepreneurial cultures among students while they are studying according to Mahlberg On the other hand, the Universities that promotes business enterprise was recommended to continue campaigning and showered within and across the campuses.

Of the hundred thousand graduates every year, few are being hired by their preferred job and some are not qualified because of job transition including skills requirement.

High demands of the companies lead to joblessness of most people especially in South East Asia. Youth play a big role in the society. United Nations defined it as those individuals who are years old. The capacity of a young person in engaging with the corporate world demands a high gauge of skills and comprehension with regards to his expertise. This is caused by the driving force of fundamental concepts of different jobs, thus, the rising of new ideas and innovation of business processes taking the consideration the chance of gaining profit or loss.

Informal jobs are still pervasive, shifting to indecent work continuously undermines the economy growth. To be able to close this crisis, an additional million jobs should be created by the labor markets. These underutilized young people have a big impact in the economic cost, as their full potentials are not being used.

In developing countries, Philippines trends the youth unemployment in South East Asia as observed, about 9. In Indonesia, the government is supporting the Despite the continuous improvement in educational attainment, highlighting the unemployment among young people is still a very common issue to all regions in the world, hence stimulating the social discontentment of people. Inequality and low wages are still factors of high joblessness and it affect the social outlook of people vulnerable to the changes of the world.

In return, the satisfaction of young people in employment opportunities declines and are compounded in many countries International Labor Organization, According to the World Employment Social Outlook of International Labor Organization , women are disproportionately being affected both the higher rates of unemployment and lower rates of employment thus suffers a lot in pursuing their career and chose to contribute as family worker or self-employment.

The continuous disparity among people will eventually pull down their self-esteem because they are unable to get job either upon graduation or shifting job.

These issues regarding youth employment implies a massive daunting in countries that still facing high unemployment rate. That is why the International Labor Organization came up with promoting a career that anyone can start with, and one of this is Youth Entrepreneurship. As per Karanassios, Pazarskis et al. Philippines is an entrepreneurial country where small and medium sized enterprises are established.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, 99 percent of business institutions and 60 percent of the exporting corporations are accounted in the Philippines including micro business enterprises. One of the significance of Entrepreneurship is the creation of jobs and income, but to be able to continue the consistency, it should be fostered and developed but in the case of the Philippines is very crucial because not all are engage in business.

When starting-up a business enterprise is a choice but it offers a means of attaining both financial and independency Concepcion III, According to Philippine Statistical Authority survey released as of January, 4. They also noted that one out of five unemployed Filipinos is a college graduate. The government relies only to the extant labor that is why more and more Filipinos migrate abroad to work.

The Senate bill no. Through the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, the Filipinos can envision the initiative of young people, being motivated and driven by their best skills in succeeding a business enterprise, providing jobs to neighborhood, and making the reality of inclusive growth through decent work.

The advantage of projecting entrepreneurship is the wealth and generation of job opportunities Gurol and Atsan, which makes it the backbone of the economy in driving its nation to the most competitive and innovative way. Entrepreneurship is also a component to address employment crisis among young people. It encompasses both in profit and non-profit sectors such as private business development, self-employment, social enterprises and cooperatives International Labor Organization, Therefore, once a person engaged in entrepreneurship, it is either the individual create his own business, self-employed, cooperate with other business enterprise, in the government, to partner with profitable business sectors, etc.

But this could be possible if the educational level would do the same intention. Entrepreneurship has become the priority of some Universities because they believe it plays a role of ensuring the employment among the student when they graduate and the continuous development will maintain the platform of improved welfare among the students. The central part of entrepreneurship as the national, societal, and individual development has become the buzzword for most academics, policymakers, economist, and even more to the students.

This means that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest tactic towards economic growth in developing and sustaining in facing the increasing inclination of globalization Schaper and Volery ; Venkatachalam and Waqif To further discuss the importance of promoting youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education among Universities, a combined research study from the Center for Asia Pacific Studies and Smart Communication in said that out of one hundred children enrolled every year, only one will end up getting a job.

Because of increasing labor demand among organization and different sectors, total job probability are inevitably inadequate and the chance of acquiring job upon graduation has no longer reflecting the JONEL S. Thus, students must be secured a job after completing the program as job supply is limited. As per Landstrom , Educational institutions are the ideal environment in molding the entrepreneurial skills among students while they are completing their courses in order to survive the robust business scenario.

Since the Philippine Senate Bill No. Furthermore, the MSME Development Council and Small Business Corporation will provide access to financing, capital, cultivation, and technological skills services through the development of National Youth Entrepreneurship Program to allocate the funding preferential for the young people. By this, students can be equip through business education to succeed in running businesses or starting their own businesses that would open thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Universities and other Colleges in the Philippines are all in favor of entrepreneurial development apart from being the subject taught by means of dialogues, forums, and training programs envisioning the spirit and upright attitude change in every students whether they are undertaking entrepreneurial courses or not.

This development will go towards future career development alternative not just for students but to all Filipinos. The researcher chose this study because it is a national issue. The unemployment rate among Filipinos reflect the stability of economy of the Philippines. This mainstream topic would always be a buzzword to anybody and since entrepreneurship is upheld to youth, this study aims to know the perception of the students of the selected University regarding entrepreneurship, their choice of engagement, would they possess the traits of being a young entrepreneur, and how would they like to start this.

This study focuses on the knowledge, attitude, favorability, outlook, and motivation towards youth entrepreneurship which may bring up their concern in their job outlook.

Added, a total of 3. If in ratio, one out of five unemployed Filipinos are considered in the tertiary level. The Philippines experienced vigorous rates of labor growth hence, the International Labor Organization revealed the high economic growth rates from 7. And also, they highlighted the declination of poverty rate among Filipinos from But ILO stresses to ensure the continuous labor market outcomes by lowering the shares of vulnerable employment and poverty and to foster productive and decent jobs necessary for the inclusivity.

However, the government failed to reduce the massive unemployment among young people even if it continuously intensify the part of labor export policy. Since then the Philippines was hit by typhoon Yolanda, the agriculture and industries destroy the employment of many Filipinos, and now facing poverty together with soaring cost of living. This underemployment challenge give emphasis to the youth, including those who are currently in search for better job options.

The Senator persuaded youth by shifting their mindset, empower the entrepreneurial skills by imparting concepts, tools, and strategies to succeed in business. Furthermore, the idea of entrepreneurship has become the frontline of many countries in underlining the global pursuit of business opportunities. In the Philippine setting, the government, specifically the Department of Trade and Industry made a MSME Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises development plan for to , recorded that 99 percent of all business establishments and 60 percent of exporting businesses in the country composed of the MSMEs and about , business enterprise operates as of Given this results, MSMEs is accounted for providing career opportunities in the country, given that 2,, jobs are generated as of , around 61 percent of the total jobs created by all business companies.

With all these front liners the country have, the involvement of entrepreneurship in this generation and the continuity of generating established and new businesses can be an effective catalyst of growth. Specifically, college students appear to have a big role to be expose to both the theoretical perspective and practical knowledge of youth entrepreneurship in creating business enterprises Cuerdo, They focuses on the education training, protection and promotion of entrepreneurship, the rights of every individual, and many more challenges faced by youth today.

Young Filipinos need to embrace entrepreneurship as an alternative to wage employment and with that, advocating the protection of human rights and employment. The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a state-university that offers entrepreneurial program.

As per Landstrom that educational institutions are the stepping stone of driving the idea of entrepreneurial activities to students to be prepared upon graduation. This will serve as a training systems that will provide young people the right skills and character and to be able to go through the school-to-work- transition without hindrances. The target respondents are the students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila, clustered by different college departments.

This study will show the perception of the respondents towards youth entrepreneurship and their motivation in choosing their desired area of business enterprise. The reaction of an individual regarding the persuasive communication will bring about how the person will think of the point of view it advocates.

There are concepts about Social judgment theory that is important on how people evaluates the content of a message. The first one is Anchors or positions that absorbs all the aspects of the issue.

It can be categorized into three latitude: There are certain prediction whether a person is ego-involved or not. First, the more a person is ego-involved, the more he rejects ideas that does not match his ideas. When the person is very much concern with the issue, he will open alternatives.

Secondly, the more a person is ego-involved, the more he leaves smaller room for no opinion or non- commitment. The responses of the person to a message can be categorized in two process, the contrast effect and assimilation effect.

Meaning, the combination of the issue into your latitude of rejection may not be that far from your own opinion. Meaning, the ability to incorporate the issue into your latitude of acceptance may not really be closely related.

The model below figure 1 shows the structure of Social Judgment Theory. It also conclude that when a message falls under the latitude of rejection, you unsuccessfully persuade the person regarding the issue. And when a message falls under the latitude of acceptance, it does not mean you persuade the person, but only highlights what the person already believes.

You will only know a true persuasion when the message you send to the person falls under the latitude of non-commitment or at the edge of latitude of acceptance Miller These perception is narrowed to the latitude:


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