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Support Science Not Superstition. If you're a pessimist they're full of aliens bent on our domination or extinction. Devious aliens that are busy experimenting on us and our cattle, covertly of course, until the time comes to reveal their intent. By some accounts they are even in league with our governments who are trading our liberty for alien technology.

Where do you think microwave ovens came from? Friendly aliens or malevolent ones? Of course we first need to take step a back and ask whether there are any aliens at all, friendly or malevolent? Before we can decide what their intention might be, we have do decide if they even exist. Introduction Why are we plagued by aliens?

What is an alien encounter? We'll look at the usual reasons people give for believing in aliens and show that in centuries gone by these same people would have been burning witches at the stake or making sacrifices to hawk-headed gods. We'll discover the reason that they believe they've had sex with an alien is the same reason that their ancestors believed they were fornicating with demons.

We'll learn that for all the great advances we've made in knowledge, humans are just as gullible now as they ever were and many still select simple, desirable fantasies over the truth. Why are we plagued by aliens? Why is there a belief in flying saucers and aliens? Mainly, it seems, because there are quite a few people out there that believe they've actually seen flying saucers and aliens. Then we have a much larger second group who generally support this first group, even though they haven't had a personal encounter themselves.

So have this first group really shook hands with, been inappropriately touched by or conversed telepathically with aliens — extraterrestrials, beings from outer space — or at the very least, spied their spacecraft blazing across the sky, hovering over their neighbour's barn or in the queue at a KFC drive-through? Aliens really are visiting earth, people are seeing their spacecraft and some are actually meeting aliens face to face.

No longer do we have to tell our associates and risk being laughed at. Better luck next time. Then you get people like us, who are skeptical of these alien claims. So we repeat our original question: As we see it people have two options regarding this claim of alien visitation: Aliens are here, and descriptions of them reflect reality. It's all a fantasy and their descriptions are just as flawed as past sightings of ghosts, demons and gods in fiery chariots.

If it's true then the claims about aliens should make sense both scientifically and logically, plus the evidence should support their claims. While we can state right now we believe that alien visitation is certainly possible, the real question is whether it is likely and whether there is good evidence that it is happening.

Not whether it could happen, but whether it is happening. If the claim of alien visitation is false, we need to explain where this belief in aliens came from and why some people mistakenly accept it as true. If false it's also likely that many of the claims won't make sense scientifically or logically, plus evidence will be lacking.

We hope readers will agree that there is no concrete, indisputable evidence or widespread acceptance for aliens. If there was we wouldn't be having this discussion. And it's no good mentioning conspiracies. It doesn't matter how many aliens the US government have hidden at Area Evidence that is supposedly suppressed by governments is not evidence as long as it's suppressed. There is no proof of aliens at present anyway so it all comes down to weighing up the statements and available evidence from both believers and skeptics and deciding rationally and honestly what the most sensible conclusion is.

It won't come as a surprise that we at Silly Beliefs take the stance that claims of alien visitation are false. That said, it's probably the first belief we've looked at that we accept could be true. We believe it's possible that an alien could land tomorrow, or may have already landed, whereas we don't believe gods or ghosts have or will ever turn up. So please don't write stating that we're arrogant to claim that aliens couldn't exist. Once again, aliens are definitely possible, what we're talking about here is alien visitation , we're saying that the evidence for them coming here and abducting hillbillies is non-existent.

We'll attempt to show that what believers offer as evidence of aliens is nothing of the sort. Then we'll examine why even more people, those that haven't had any personal experience of aliens, still go on to support these bogus claims. So where do we begin?

Since we believe the claim of alien visitation is false, we need to explain what conditions in society could generate false sightings of aliens.

Why do people see aliens and not witches? We'll start with what many people consider is the best evidence of aliens — first hand accounts of alien encounters. Most people on the planet have never seen an alien spacecraft, an alien or experienced an alien abduction.

In fact there is no good evidence that anyone has. But a minority claims that they believe they have had an 'alien encounter'.

Do their statements stand up to scrutiny? Basically one of two things makes up a typical 'alien encounter': That's right, UFOs are real. This has been proven time and time again.

Unfortunately confusion arises around the term UFO — what it actually means and what the general public takes it to mean. It simply means any apparent object or phenomenon that we happen to observe in the sky that appears to be flying or hovering and that we can't identify. The term unidentified is crucial. An aircraft, a planet, a weather balloon or a Frisbee is not a UFO once you identify it as being an aircraft, planet etc.

Unfortunately in the public mind UFO is not so much an abbreviation but a term that is synonymous with alien spaceship, extraterrestrial craft and flying saucer fill of little green men.

When people hear the word UFO mentioned their minds immediately turn to aliens and flying saucers, not to possible weather balloons or the planet Venus. When most people claim to have seen a UFO they're not saying they saw something that they couldn't identify, just the opposite in fact. They believe they have positively identified a strange object in the sky as an alien craft. In reality it makes no sense to say, 'I saw a UFO last night.

It was an alien spacecraft. You either see a UFO or an alien craft. You can't see both. You're simply not justified in saying, 'I couldn't identify what I saw, therefore I know it was an alien spacecraft'. When people say, "I don't know what it was" , why won't they just stop right there? Why do they have to continue with, "Since I don't know what it was I can safely assert that it must have been an alien spacecraft"?

Why can't some people stop themselves from making this illogical leap? And many even realise that the object remaining unidentified is an important component of their sighting. They acknowledge that they believe it was an alien craft simply because they couldn't identify it. The fact that they have no knowledge of what it was leads them to believe that they do know what it was.

The less knowledge they have the more confident they are. In the true sense of the phrase UFOs have always been with us.

This is what we mean by our statement that UFOs are real. Throughout history humans have seen strange things in the sky and wondered what they were. Comets, shooting stars, 'stars' that moved and later called 'planets' , auroras, lightning, fireballs, eclipses, unusual cloud formations and tornadoes etc.

Today we have added to the list enormously with aircraft, weather balloons, satellites, rocket launches, secret test flights, advertising planes, reflected city lights, searchlights, laser displays, fireworks, emergency flares, hang-gliders, kites etc.

Coupled with this is our general ignorance of the sky, especially the night sky. Ancient man may not have understood what he saw in the sky but he did know what was normal and what was unusual. Most modern people today, urbanised or rural, seldom look at the sky and can't tell a planet from a star, don't understand the phases of the moon or the apparent nightly rotation of the stars.

Many are confused if they ever spy the moon in the daytime sky or see a shooting star going straight upwards instead of down towards the ground.

While today we may know what a planet or shooting star really is, ancient man would still laugh at what modern people in their ignorance now often claim to be UFOs. In the past ignorant and uneducated people thought that strange sights in the sky could be best explained by gods and demons. Today many people think the best answer is spacecraft piloted by aliens.

Is this modern belief reasonable or is it just as fanciful as those from the past? Have we just replaced one delusion with another? So we definitely do need experts and organisations that we can turn to for advice when we see something strange in the sky. These experts are scientists, especially astronomers, meteorologists and physicists belonging to universities, research companies, planetariums and astronomical societies.

Ok, so now that we know that UFOs and alien craft are different things, and that seeing a UFO is nothing unusual, is there any good evidence that some UFOs could well be alien craft, even though we can't positively identify them as such?

Of course some believers in aliens mistakenly claim that because we can't identify a UFO this suggests that it's something unknown to this world, ie extraterrestrial. But in the same way a child could argue that UFOs could be Santa's sleigh and are therefore evidence of Santa.

Since the object is unidentified you can't prove it wasn't Santa in the same way that scientists can't prove it wasn't a flying saucer. Of course as regards Santa an adult would say that there are nevertheless good reasons why it probably wasn't Santa, the flying reindeer problem for example. And in the same vein there are good reasons why it probably wasn't aliens either. Of course believers will also argue that there are plenty of photos and videos of real alien craft.


Silly Beliefs - UFOs and Aliens

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Aliens sell, prosaic explanations don't. Many people read voraciously about mysteries — aliens, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, other dimensions, the paranormal, conspiracies etc — but know almost nothing about how science really views these topics. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.