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Want to spend the rest of my life with you

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When I was in Ecuador last year, Mr. Money Mustache came up to me and said he was pissed off. Has writing about happiness and more philosophical topics resulted in him not being viewed as a financial mastermind anymore?

After I finished my presentation to the group, Mr. Do you not care about money or numbers much these days either? Turns out, my presentation had nothing to do with numbers. After the presentation, I was chatting with some of the other attendees and was saying how I wondered why I stopped focusing on money as much. At the bottom of the pyramid, the first human needs that have to be met are those necessary for human survival e.

At first, you need to pay for all the things that you need to survive. On this level, you make more than you spend so you are able to save for future unplanned expenses. The next level is Independence. Finally, you reach the Utilization phase. The Hierarchy of Financial Needs is useful when talking about finances with other people because it allows you to be more understanding of different situations and more empathetic.

When I started writing this blog, I was on the Accumulation level so my primary focus was getting to the Independence level as quickly as possible. In hindsight, this was a big mistake.

After achieving FI and accumulating more money than I had planned, I can now see the Utilization stage more clearly. Is it the top of the pyramid? To achieve immortality, or at least lengthen your impact on the world, I thought there were a few options:. Of course your kids are going to remember you and then you have the added bonus of passing on some of your DNA to future generations. Einstein has been dead for over 60 years but he still lives on due to the things he accomplished when he was alive.

I thought this was the answer for a long time because it seemed like the best way to achieve something close to immortality. When you realize how insignificant we are in the universe and how short our species has actually existed , can one little human actually make a noticeable dent in the grand scheme of things anyway? Because I think everyone faces these questions eventually but unfortunately, many people face them on their death beds, when they are out of time and options.

Any external pressures that have influenced your life in the past can all be ignored because no lifestyle is better than any other so just live the life you want to live.

Because it has allowed me to develop my writing skills, interview skills, and programming skills while helping myself and thousands of others reach financial independence sooner. Once you have a defined purpose, you can judge future plans against that purpose and figure out if what you plan to do has a high probability of improving your life or not. What kind of life will be most rewarding to look back on?

What do you plan to do after you retire? Do those plans align with your purpose? These are important questions to answer, no matter where you are on your journey to FI, so give them some thought and if you come up with your own personal mission statement, please share in the comments below to help inspire others!

Join over 81, others on the Mad Fientist email list and start tracking your progress in the FI Laboratory! Reaching and understanding FI has been incredibly frustrating. I think in some ways, true happiness requires striving. Absolutely love and agree with this. The achievement of the goal brought much less happiness or none in the long term than the actual pursuit of it! I had that exactly happen to my this past November when studying for a professional certification. Measurable, time boxed, specific, all that.

Well I passed the exam and was happy about it for about 2 days. Then I found I was just unhappy and unmotivated. They should be time boxed and specific. They should be daily habits that no matter the time frame you can always work at them. For example, instead of: I want to do things that are going to inch up my happiness long term. And in some cases with that being temporary AND the accompanying financial burden it actually lowers it and you feel worse.

In it he talks about exactly what you have discussed. Progress is what brings us happiness. How do we make progress? By creating habits or rituals as Tony calls them that we do each day and that get us to the vision we have for ourselves. The point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening to it.

It is the same, I feel, with the greater part of our lives, and if we are unduly absorbed in improving them we may forget altogether to live them. I think it would be amazing for the world if we could develop a new economic system that allowed people to pursue their dreams and goals without the burden of earning enough money to pay for their monthly expenses.

Most of us are caught up in just fulfilling our fundamentals needs of shelter, food, etc that we have very little time to conceive how this new economic system could work. The challenge is to find a way to enable people to pay for their expenses so they can pursue their creative ideas but also developing an incentive system where someone or something does the jobs people prefer not to do yet still need to get done like garbage pickup, building sewers, roads, restaurants, etc.

Instead, there are many ways we can structure our lives right now during the accumulation phase to maximize happiness. Hey Andy, I agree with that thought. But I think like you said, the practice starts earlier. Hopping on this thread in agreement. FI may be elusive. Happiness need not be elusive. Still working on that mission statement.

Be honorable and truthful. Have a positive effect on people around me. Love your mission statement Mrs Groovy! No timeframes, no boundaries, just a guide to living your everyday life…great! I too agree whole-heatedly. I am in the Accumulate phase and find myself challenged to find that fulfillment and sense of purpose HERE and NOW instead of waiting for that certain number.

It is tempting to peep over the fence to where the grass is greener, but my focus now is on the now. Completely agree with the sentiment here. Yes, I agree that the trick is to enjoy the journey, not just focus on the imagined destination. It took me a while to figure that out, but life has been a lot more pleasant. When you are in the Sustain level or lower , you basically have to focus on finances. Very interesting thoughts here! Ensuring that the upper levels truly depend on the lower being satisfied 2.

Creating and remembering minimal definitions for reach level. Having the freedom of FI is a huge amplifier, but there is a lot to be said for living purposefully before getting there. This is spot on. What actually brings me happiness, vs. And now…well, the timing of the post is perfect for me as well. The great thing about financial freedom is the luxury of choice, control of your time. How we choose to invest that time is like any other investment decision… some will do it well, some thoughtfully, and others will piss it away.

Finding health, happiness, and purpose has been my main driver for the past few years in the wealth accumulation stages. Your posts on making yourself miserable getting to FIRE fastest helped steer me down that path. My new goal for is to retire from my day job in pursuit of filling my days with more meaning.

While mountaineering all the way up your pyramid, you probably agree that the best view comes after the hardest climb. So, having reached Mt. Time is and remains the most precious asset in life. Time is the same for all of us. Every year we all get days credited into our lifetime accounts, every day consists of 24 hours. Unfortunately for some of us, the credit even gets called-in early and unexpectedly for some of us. Influencing people using your wonderful webpage and your great network is for sure the highest rewarding activity for yourself going forward.

Sometimes I wonder how the ancient Greek philosophers could have had so much time to think brilliant thoughts that will still get printed thousands of years later — this is the gift of FIRE.

Just think of yourself as a modern FI-losopher equipped with keyboard and a vast supportive online community. Spot on agree with this post. I remember a scene from Star Trek First Contact where Captain Picard had gone back in time and was asked how it was possible for future man to afford mass space explorarion, etc. Picard simply replied that there will come a time where man moves beyond looking out only for himself and strives to improve humanity.

That scene has always stuck with me and I believe it is the highest point on the Maslow pyramid. I think Brandon has that in mind with his mission statement! This is similar to a thing I read about in high school when I was studying budddhism. I also saw a painting once at a high school art show when I was doing teach for America that showed a middle aged African American man who had climbed over a wall and then turned around and put his arm out to lift a teenager over.


50 Reasons I Want To Spend Forever With You | Thought Catalog

I've taught this book in our church for the last few years and it has helped countless others. I believe it is a must for all Christians. Next to the Bible itself, it may be the best.

I would highly recommend it to others. Dublin, Ireland "Having struggled with depression, phobia, and shame, I am now experiencing lasting hope, freedom and peace in my heart. It has been so good that people who have bought and read it have bought more to give to friends. We have sold 5 cases of this book.

I have read the book several times and have highlighted it so when I teach I am simply telling the highlighted parts. I am finding in all of my groups that we end up with Ed's book even if we start with something else.

People who have been in such bondage for so long are seeing the light. I truly believe it was divinely inspired. I have been struggling with my inability to enjoy the true blessings of Christianity. But, I will keep looking for opportunities to create a product that can solve problems for people.

I reached FI last year at the age of 51, perhaps even earlier than that due to the fact I wanted cushion in my number. I have been asking myself the same questions what should i do? How do I want to live my life? I am still working but I think once someone reaches the FI Milestone.. My kid brother reached FI as well, we both talk about whats next. A thoughtful, introspective post — Thank you.

This flowchart came from across the pond Belgium , at AmberTree Leaves: Thanks for your post! Will your be able to say your brief time on earth was well spent? Check out the Ikarians from the Blue Zones. They may have life figured out more than anyone else: Thank you Fientist and thank you to all the commenters. To help give those who have made mistakes a second chance.

Fantastic post and a good thing for those of us in the accumulation phase to think about. So I do take some umbrage with your definitions at the top of your period as there are plenty of people in the Survive level or lower that live happy, purpose-filled lives.

We all say his math stinks and that we should do the debt avalanche instead of the debt snowball. But numerate, disciplined, financially savvy people do not call his radio show. His rhetoric is adapted to an audience who includes all types from survival-mode on up. Pay off that small, but lower rate loan first? And if you totally fail, your credit score will reflect a few big bad loans instead of many smaller bad loans.

This post could not have come at a better time. Just pursuing FI might give us the space we need to try something new without fear that failing would bankrupt us.

Your post was insightful and thought-provoking, and I particularly enjoyed each and every comment. While teaching is rewarding in and of itself to the teacher, teachers derive satisfaction not from the mere act of teaching but from witnessing the learning that takes place.

It assumes your kids automatically learn what your teach. We know how that sometimes ends! Thanks for your comment. I am a teacher of 24 years after being in Industry for 7. I too have enjoyed the feelings you speak of. Unfortunately the system is designed to pull out all of your energy with the day to day challenges that you and I are fully aware of. That along with the requirement of teaching the same curriculum many times I have a lesson that absolutely need covered that I have done many times… Like over times.

That is life draining. I am currently dealing with this burnout challenge by taking a sabbatical and doing some traveling, retraining and reflecting. The refecting part is difficult because other things need attention too… Like the roof needs replacing or starting and maintaining an exercise program.

These things are easier to check of your list.. Do you relate to this? Good post…and so deeeeep. We have reached FI and have recently 9 months retired early. We did enjoy ourselves along the way, but were clearly far too committed to our careers to enjoy as much as we might have. We see volunteering and spending time with relatives especially older ones, and of course our kids and friends as an acceptable contribution at this point. Thank you for sharing and causing us to consider your points as we pursue the next level.

Thank you for posting this. This has been refreshing to read. Some say that money can bring you happiness and that may be true to some extent but I do not believe money in itself is the path to happiness. That joy is something money even FI or Post-Money status could never bring you. These people I have met in those poor countries are at the very bottom of both pyramids but yet they are also at the very top of both pyramids living a purposeful, happy, and fulfilling life all while not knowing what or when they may eat again.

They have found their purpose in life and have a faith we could not fathom. I have been FI for almost two years now, and have gone through almost exactly the same cycle of questions and answers. At bottom, the meaning of life is a life of meaning that you create for yourself — it has nothing to do with external validation, or rewards of any kind, just knowing that you have lived up to your full potential as you define and strive for it and positively impact yourself and others as much as you can.

Really I kept catching overtones of Solomon while reading this. The idea that the point is there is no point, all is vanity. Yet at the same time there very much is a point in being present for those you love and those you can help. The struggle is what is fun and gives meaning. We have had a nine year bull market, nearly full employment, and low interest rates that allow many to afford anything. Amazon will bring little packages of whatever your impulse is to buy straight to your door.

The internet will bring you endless binge opportunities so you never have to struggle to create or think. And yet…people are losing their minds over minor inconveniences. Deep down we want to fight and claw and grapple and bleed. When we are too comfortable is the time to find a new source of discomfort hopefully one that benefits others, such as you describe with the skills you develop with this blog.

Sometimes it is so easy to get bogged down in trying to reach FI that you never stop to take a step back and see why you even want to do it. It can be seen as the newest and trendiest thing to do, but it really is just a means to meet your purpose in life. Now, finding that purpose is a bit more difficult, even if you are religious. That definitely was freeing to me as well. I am interested in making the lives of the community around me better.

Of course they should. Great post, I really like your conclusions and appreciate you taking the time to explain the journey of first wishing for immortality. Words are the finger pointing at the moon if you will. Life has meaning in the other sense of the word that we often confuse. No reason to put it down. It means a lot. The point really is to liberate yourself to make a difference in a way that you see fit.

Getting a handle on the money is just the first step, it allows you to look further down the path and not worry about the day to day. And as such their future is bright and they can feel it coming.

The FI lifestyle seems leads you down the road to these fundamental life questions much more quickly. This is a blessing and a curse, but ultimately it allows us to have more control of our own short life experiences, and there is no denying that incredible benefit. What to do with the time, is a question so many from all backgrounds have failed to ask.

I too have found that writing about the meaning of life, FIRE style, can be more enjoyable than writing about just numbers and cents. I wrote a similar post using an ice cream sundae as the hierarchy — 5 Things More Important than Money. I just made it to the accumulation phase so I am still quite fascinated by the numbers; however, I know my why and my mission in life. What really is our mission in life. I remember one day my year-old son came up to me all of a sudden and out of the blue told me this.

I told him, son make as much money if you have the chance. The more money you have the more people you can help. He then gave me that question mark look for about 10 seconds and walked away. Nice post — and nice use of the https: I used to think the French idea of a 30 or 35 hour work week was crazy — now I think we may see it just like we are seeing ideas like FIRE become a reality for more people.

JD and I touched on some of these items in a recent podcast: In terms of purpose, I share the desire not only to learn and improve my own life, but also the lives of others. Helping people manage their money is practical, useful and can give them a leg up your pyramid and more chance to enjoy their lives.

So thanks for reinforcing my sense of purpose. So right one, Brandon. I am a psychologist on the path to FI and this hierarchy has definitely occurred to me in the past so I appreciate you calling attention to it. I really get the whole piece of there being no point except the one that we make of it. One thing that comes to mind is how Buddhism addresses purpose and meaning.

Thanks for noting this! I FIRE about 3 years ago now and felt some similar emotions. Myself, wife and son travelled thru Europe for a while but I found myself missing my relationships with family and friends.

I find having unlimited options becomes a burden and as such I have a hard time narrowing things down. Your post is just the exercise I need in order to narrow things down and find some direction. Looking forward to your upcoming project. Perfectly stated and too often forgotten. Very much appreciate the reminder and timeliness beginning of a new year. Can I steal your life mission statement? Thanks for this post Fientist. Good post, Mad FI.

People who make FIRE the be-all-and-end-all objective miss out on the perspectives you have shared here. The ones that do almost always involve other people — so helping others is the only sustainable pursuit that can lead to happiness, but the process need not be happy especially since the focus is on making other people happy, and not so much yourself.

While accomplishment may make us happy, the process of striving for it need not be. In other words, I see happiness as a byproduct of doing something meaningful and not the objective itself. It will take an evolved soul to calibrate — in equal measure — your own happiness with that of other people. I have seen some Hindu and Buddhist monks have this perspective, which is so visible on their face that always seems radiant and at peace. This amazing video resonate a lot with your post — https: You may enjoy checking out some books by Albert Camus from the local library.

His premise was that life is absurd, and you have to create your own meaning. For the scientist-types who tend not to seek that meaning through religion, that process of defining it on your terms is both intimidating and powerful.

It is so refreshing to read your well written and thoughtful posts. It is a sense of safety I have never experienced before. One day I aim to reach the crowd of FI enlightened!

I love this kickoff to the discussion. The end point of life is not FIRE. FIRE just enables you to do what you want i. As someone who is FI with plenty of padding, the Fientist speaks truth. It gave me satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, but happiness is tough.

And I also spend more time ruminating about life, the universe, and everything. I mean, infiniti bothers the heck out of me. Surely worth reading the work of Viktor Frankl as we all search for meaning, regardless of where we are. What was the intention? Be FI for what purpose? The question might be; what is stopping them from achieving their goals in the first place.

Breaking down the complexities of life into a repeatable algorithm. I can so relate to this. Great post, thanks for sharing. A lot of stuff here rings true to me. This article may come to be a seminal moment in the FI Group think evolution. FI has to be a means to another quite different end. I get it now at age The timing of this post is funny because I was just thinking about the things I want to do but am uncomfortable putting effort into before becoming FI. You would probably like reading more about Stoicism.

They have spent a lot of time thinking about the purpose of life, and I would probably summarize it to doing good for your community. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives. Simple, but I found that concept very freeing. I though the same thing years ago; there is no purpose in our life so wtf, enjoy the journey!

It makes sense, though, since FI is a means to and end, not the end itself. I agree that maybe the best we can do is enjoy ourselves and do things we want to do. So thanks for that. Funny how it all comes full circle. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun. Oooh, one thinker of a post. But before I get into that, are you wearing a bib in that picture?

Is that the custom in Japan? Your discussion about moving on from thinking about money was something that I bumped into when I first started on my FI path too. I told friends about it and read a bunch of investment and FI books. Then I realized that the most efficient path with investments is also the least work.

In fact, in the case of mutual funds, the less I touch them the better. Well, if set it and forget it is the best strategy, then what do I do with all my time? Spread the good word and make sure others know about FIRE.

I researched how to become a CFP. I did informational interviews with CFPs. Thankfully I shared this aspiration with one of my mentors who told me that becoming a financial advisor would be a terrible idea for me based on my personality. Too much stress and responsibility. Add on top of that the robo-advisor competition with nanosecond-response-time advantages.

So I set off on the path of figuring out what to do with my life if not financial planning. It took many years. In fact, I even just recently did Mrs.

It sounded magical, find your life purpose in 20 minutes. It felt a failure and a disappointment…in myself. Do I have no purpose in my life??? Fast forward to , I had had enough of my job. I was close to tears every day and wanted to quit. I talked to the same mentor who told me in that what I should do with my life is cooking and share my love of eating with others. At the time, I immediately rejected the idea. It sounded so frivolous and trivial. And like a ticket to poverty. Teach ppl to make food for a living?

It sounded like a dream I could never realize at the time. So last year, talking to the same mentor I told him I planned to just quit and figure it out. I mentioned offhand that maybe I would create a website about real estate and write about my FI journey.

No attention paid to the gigantic number of other bloggers out there who write about FIRE and do a much better job than me. My mentor started shaking his head. Eventually, we got on the topic of food again and that he still thinks it is the best thing for me to do. Lo and behold, tears were pouring down my face from out of nowhere. Very awkward situation because I was Skyping him while in a conference room at work just as I was about to put in my notice.

I hope this comment helped someone out there figuring out what to do with life and how it fits in with FI. Or maybe I was just embarrassed about having dreams. But I pretty much arrived at the same conclusion you wound up with.

Will probably have to budget 60 minutes, being the more stubborn type. Thanks for the resource! I think one way to make you happier is to not do things that make you unhappy. If you cut this out, your be surprised at how much happier you become. I was designing technology that benefited tens of millions of people and advanced humankind while getting paid millions of dollars to do it from anywhere in the world that I chose.

Love this piece, you broke it out in such more elegant way than I did with my recent post shameless self plug https: Brandon, Thank you for this insightful post. I appreciate your ability to articulate one of the most difficult concepts that people struggle entire lives to reconcile.

And some never do. We must optimize the time we have in the service of ourselves and others. Looking forward to learning about the secret project. Thought this from Jim Carrey might be of interest. People seek relevancy as well as legacy in order rationalize their existance. We can pick a difference theme such as love or happiness and do the same. We would suggest to simplify it by elevating our consciousness doing good things.

Simple things that elevate the spirit of others and subsequently you. BTW, your position in life changes some of these definitions and struggles at each level described. For example, if you reach FI at 40 and another person at A person at 40 has time to learn and experience while someone at 70 does not. FI even sustain mental is not achieved by the majority of the population.

Retirement does not equate FI. Lots of retired people in survival mode early, middle or late. Can people regress from the top of the pyramid? We were gifted a free and quite fancy coffee maker from her coworker before I went out and bought one, and we were offered a free futon from a family friend also before we got around to buying one.

Thanks again for the great post! BUT it means that I have practically no time during the work week to get things done.

But goodness is it hard to make that shift in mindset! I sell vintage items online, so when I get the urge to shop I hit resale shops,estate sales and garage sales to look for bargains for my business. I most always make at least ten times more for an item than I paid for it. I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores and wash everything, regardless of the dry clean only tag. Even fine silk and cashmere can be washed if you use cold water and use a delicate cycle or hand wash.

I was very unhappy for a long time while I was working and it made a negative impact on my physical and mental health. Too funny about the laundry!

I also dump everything together, even whites, after I pretreat any major stains. I have been doing the laundry this way for years, too. I throw everything in together on cold. Clothes get washed and dried on the delicate cycle, sheets and towels etc.

It works just fine. I did notice though, when my younger son was doing ballet, his t-shirts were not the bright white some other kids were sporting. But you know what? Thank you so much for sharing. Adjusting to a toned down life due to my precious newborn and it is hard to be so tied down even to someone so precious.

Your writing had me go pick her up for snuggles after a frustrating morning of cluster feedings while laundry and dishes beckoned. Also, thanks for the book recommendation, put in a request from the library.

I keep wondering if you have read anything from Marie Kondo http: I love your work and having just come back from our 2nd trip overseas this year with no credit card debt and enough cash for the flights for the next trip I credit this blog entirely.

I stopped buying daily coffee Feb after finding you and the change in my finances is staggering. So happy to have you here, Anthea—and yes, this is a judgment-free zone: I find your blog so inspiring. I wish I could go makeup free but I have horrible skin. Liz, I just love your writing. I am realizing we are so similar. I am writing this while my sick 7 month old baby is sleeping in my chest. Sometimes I wish he was older so we could leave the house more than a few hours at a time, but the rare snuggles this morning reminded me how much I love having a baby!

We got rid of our dining room table and put a playmat in its place. He is pretty happy to play by himself as long as he can see us. I shared this post with my husband. One of our friends with a 7 month old just posted a picture of their Disney wristbands for their upcoming vacation?!? You are so correct: Babies want their parents; not Disneyland! Those children had nannies waking them up and putting them to bed, even on weekends and during vacations. They were not happy about it would be putting it mildly.

It really broke my heart to watch how much it hurt them to never be with their parents, and while I tried not to judge their choices, I promised myself that I would never do that to my own children. Been a fan of simple living. The moment I chose that life, I felt like I was gonna have fewer problems and be complacent, and surprisingly, I did. I am glad that I made that decisions and pushed the life I wanted. Having a simple, frugal life has given me a tremendous experience.

She has some recipes in her book for making your own makeup using ingredients like cocoa powder and vitamin E that readers might be interested in. Bea also makes the point that buying or finding secondhand items reduces the amount of packaging that gets thrown away. There are a lot of great tips in her book and blog about optimizing too, organizing shopping trips so that the route is most efficient, creating a compact wardrobe, having experiences with her kids instead of buying them stuff.

I have learned a lot and often recommend her to to others. Quick question, any status update on when your blog will no longer be shortened in RSS feeders or is that a permanent change? Because I know they will add more stress and not bring much more happiness. We use rags for cleaning and cloth napkins instead of paper towels. People think my way is so much harder. I never have to remember to buy paper towels or make a special store run for them or anything like that.

If I clean something super gross like cat vomit , I use a small rag then toss it. We have plenty of stuff and plenty being stored right now in our free basement storage area that we moved out when we had our first kid. Yes to rags and cloth napkins! We do the same! I love my old t-shirt rags—I actually think they work the best—they catch dust really well and wipe baby faces well too: I chop my cabbage in it for cole slaw…..

Also have to comment on Iris reading to her kids at bedtime…. Criticism of a simple life may happen, but building your own ecosystem of positive reinforcement is key to seeing it through. In order to simplify my routine I started buying clothes in mostly solid neutral colors , I avoid stamps and logos as they end up dissolving in my washer and dryer. That took off a huge burden from my early morning routine. I also simplified shoes, will only buy neutrals that go with literally anything such as riding boots and oxfords… My Make up is simple and standard every day and only the shade of my lipstick will vary…have a long way to go make up less but I m wokring on it..

Reading such a post from you gives me strenght to care only for things that truly matter…. What a lovely post. I was really pleased to read that you both say thank you to each other for the things you have done. We have been married for 27 years and this, to us, is second nature. Perhaps frugality and simplicity makes us more grateful for what we have in the way of relationships? One other small thing I have always made a point of doing is to knock and ask if I can come in if my kids have their bedroom door closed.

I did this even when they were quite small as I think that everyone needs a little bit of space and privacy. When I mentioned it to my friends they thought I was mad, but I think that it is just respectful and the right thing to do.

Now my kids are older they do the same to me and my friends moan that their kids just barge into their room uninvited! I thought this was an especially good post. I, too, love the way simplicity and frugality tend to work together. I have always felt like I had to explain almost apologize for my frugality as my family calls it — cheapness until I watched a documentary called Minimalism and a light bulb came on.

I now realize I am not cheap but my happiness does not come from spending money. I get no joy from buying things. When there is a necessity to purchase I can do it on my terms. I love how your site stresses frugal is not about denying but a shift in mindset. That is what I have done and now it is so much easier for me to convey that to others. It took me years to find balance in my life. You have years on me!

How lucky your daughter is to have parents that have their priorities in the right place. We just adopted a greyhound a month ago. We are in love. A greyt addition to our family! This is a great article. The hall and the theater and the church have been invented, and compulsory education. Why not add compulsory recreation? Our forefathers forged chains of duty and habit, which bind us notwithstanding our boasted freedom, and we ourselves in desperation add link to link groaning and making medicinal laws for relief.

Yet few think of pure rest or of the healing power of Nature. For readers who might know Muir only by the hiking trail named for him, his thoughts and observations are inspiring. Love the story of Stickeen! I find it extremely easy for me to keep a tidy place all the time.

Frugalwoods handle it when one or both of you is sick, or if one of you has to go out of town? But, recently for me, I took down the curtains! I had curtain hung up over our blinds. Everyday, multiple times a day I would be annoyed by the position of the curtains. I took those bad boys down and oh my am I soooo much happier! And how much they brought me down! I have to say as a 56 yo. Ive been this way my whole life.

The less I have the more beautiful things around seem to be. I cant explain it, but freeing your life of clutter really does free your mind of clutter. And Id like to add that millenials are infact much more in tune than my generation gives you credit for.

In fact the only people I hear discussing this issue is your generation. Maybe you youngsters will start a new trend of Americans not getting fat and not surviving on perscription drugs to compensate for the anxiety of stuff management.

Your email address will not be published. Simply Buy More Stuff! FW hiking our land. Our Cambridge home pre-baby! And our current home. Babywoods surveys the scene in her baby shades. My laundry drying in the breeze last summer.

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This is a thank you for every hour we have spent together, for every kiss, for every embrace and for every tear shed for one another. It just keeps getting better. I wanna spend the rest of my life. With you by my side. Forever and ever. Every little thing that you do. Baby, I'm amazed by you. I don't know about you, but I find myself appreciating this even more at my stage of life. I now understand that you can't put a value on TIME; you.