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I have often thought things like Wow she really puts the C in community after dating our communities finest.


She tweets at annemwilson and blogs here. I have to admit, I cringed a little bit reading this. I want to trust everyone, love everyone, and think the best of everybody. I encourage you to write down your own little list, for you. I had just moved to a new city for an internship and found Pam, a friend from home, was living about an hour from me. I asked her to mentor me and she gladly accepted.

So, we met once a month at Starbucks halfway between my home and hers and got to talking, growing, and laughing. One Thursday morning, she asked how work was going when I casually mentioned that I had just been to a conference with my co-worker, who happened to be a man. She got a little bit of a nervous look and said,.

She looked at me sympathetically and then launched into the speech. The speech about boundaries in dating, work relationships, and marriage. I had no desire for any of the men I worked with, nor did I seek their interest. The very thought of a romantic relationship with any of them made me feel nauseous. Because although I my intentions were pure, no one wakes up to an affair.

It is a slow process of boundary-less decisions. Not in manipulation, but as a way of reassuring them and allowing them to feel safe and comfortable with me. This actually quickly became a requirement when looking for a potential job. When my husband and I got married, the boundaries changed. None of these are 11th Commandments, or necessary for every couple on the planet, but for us, they are agreements we made for the sake of protecting and nurturing our marriage.

A wise person told me once that no one is above an affair. And I think they are right. Or the Word becoming flesh in my subconscious. Or the Holy Spirit. All of those are viable options. And would you know it? I want a healthy marriage. Who wants to read a novel about my boundary-filled, healthy life? Love sets us free. Free to laugh, cry, dream, give, and receive.

In a paranoid, nervous relationship, you are placed in a hopeless cage of anxiety and guilt. Boundaries set you free to love your spouse in a way you can never love anyone else. Trust, loyalty, and promise win out over the flesh. Follow Good Women Project on Twitter: If you'd like to donate, you can here. We're also doing fun stuff on Tumblr , Instagram , and Pinterest!

This entry was posted on April 12, It was filed under Boundaries , Marriage. After some close friends had an affair, my husband and I decided to protect each other with similar boundaries. We also took a vow to never criticize- even jokingly in public. Why let others see a breach in the wall? Unity with God and each other first! These are boundaries I have set my whole life and in my marriage. Thank you for sharing this! Boundaries keep us safe! We just have to guard our fragile hearts with all diligence.

This is fantastic and I am so thankful to see someone put into words many of the boundaries my husband and I have set. I think a lot of people might think we are crazy, but we both come from divorced families and past relationships that were not healthy — so it was important for us to understand each others' and our own boundaries from the get go. I am so encouraged by reading this! Thank you for posting this! It made me realize how unaware I am of boundaries. However, I am 19 and single.

Do you have any advice for boundaries with my Christian guy friends? Do you think that the same rules as above are applicable? Very true, and applicable to both sexes! Funny how we tend to avoid talking about boundaries for fear of offending someone by implying that they, or I, might actually need them! I think it is so important to have boundaries.

I think boundaries are important for healthy marriages. But I also think boundaries are important for us to be free to grow, mature, not live in fear, and not become Pharisees in spirit of protecting purity. Sure, we can fall into sin and affair. But focusing on this as Anne does really sets us up for such a shallow sexuality that corresponds with Hollywood and pop Freudian assumptions.

These rules, which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use, are based on merely human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence" 2: I would suggest it's a shallow spirituality that relies upon external boundaries such as never ride in alone in a car with a married man.

For some, these external rules are wise because they just have a difficult time with maturity. But to portray those external rules for "good women" or "good men" is a shallow spirituality leaning more towards the spirit of the Pharisees.

I also think boundaries are important in order for us to be free to stand against those who insist on fear rather than love. It's one thing to know yourself. It's important to know yourself. It's important to know your weaknesses. But really, I am sure plenty of women reading this will be dead sure they will never sleep with their biological brother.

Yet, we know this happens. But I am also sure many women reading this would not think twice about being alone with their biological brother. So, if we can be so gullible as the title of the blog, says, what's up with that???

In the New Testament times, the closest, deepest emotional bonds between men and women were not between husbands and wives but with biological siblings.

This is documented by scholars. I would suggest the brother-sister metaphors in the New Testament give us something much more to think about discerning boundaries than this blog post does. So looking forward to a conference on the very subject of sacred friendship between men and women this month: It happened to me, with a woman, with whom I thought I was completely safe.

Afterwards I was so burned and hurt and damaged that I was fearful to have any friends at all. After six months of hibernation and reconnecting my marriage, my first friendship was with another man. I was too frightened to be friends with women again. He was the key to rediscovering non-sexual love and caring. Now, 7 years on, I have my happy marriage and friends of both sexes without any fear.

And I refuse to put into place the rules for relating to non-spouses you have listed above — instead I ask myself the question "What was it about Jesus that made him a SAFE person to be with, a safe person to be intimate with and a safe person that women could talk to alone?

That's who I want to be like. That's real, grace-filled, sacred, fearless, friendship. While I'm firmly in favor of boundaries, I think we severely limit ourselves when we only look at the opposite sex as possible sex partners.

How can I be one with someone if I am constantly on guard in my interactions with them? I look at the Mumford song that you quoted and it says that love frees us. I believe this with all my heart. Perfect love casts out fear, rather than allowing it a prominent place. The more genuine love that we have, for our spouses AND for our friends male or female , the less we want to do anything to hurt them. If you succum to temptation easily then maybe this is for you.

On the other hand in my personal experience Im on the job by ourselfs 10hours out of the day. Im a paramedic on the road. We share our likes and dislikes, our hardships with our significant ours and it means nothing more then friendship.

I do have one question that some of you could probably help me with though. He got out of a 12 year relationship that was unhealthy and they were always off and on.

She has texted him a couple of times which I can understand you need some closer, but I found a txt convo very short between the two.


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Affairs don't "just happen" they are intentional acts of deceit. But I suppose if you can't trust yourself in a situation with a person of the opposite sex — burying your head in the sand and avoiding all possible contact with anyone of the opposite sex is a great idea. If you can't trust yourself or your spouse not to have a conversation with someone of the opposite sex and not have it lead to an affair — you may want to rethink the foundation trust of your relationship.

What I find interesting to this common response to "protecting" the marriage is the fear of falling into sexual sin. I have rarely met believers who refuse a raise, salary increase, or a job promotion because it may lead to them missing out on following Christ in his kingdom.

Yet, Jesus had some strict words about rich people entering the kingdom. Most third world Christians consider most of us rich. So where is the fear here? Using this kind of boundaries logic, one stands not only in danger of adultery because they don't know how to relate to the opposite sex except thru romantic impulse but of missing the beauty of love in the kingdom.

I do agree, if we can't resist sexual or romantic impulses, we should not be alone with the opposite sex. But to bury our heads into the sand romantic love blind to a greater love, sets up ongoing temptations for spouses not less.

It isn't as if you'll hop onto any member of the opposite sex once you're alone with them. Most of my friends are of the opposite sex and I'm not attracted to most of them, but it isn't as if I feel compelled to make a move on them because I find them attractive. I feel like if I used these boundaries in my adult life most of my friendships would be damaged beyond repair. It seems wrong but maybe it'll make more sense when I'm older.

I commend the intentions that are behind in setting boundaries however I think it can be dangerous to set such rigid rules for ourselves. I have many married male friends and we have extremely healthy interactions. Every situation needs to be discerned individually and with wisdom. I think the real reason people have affairs is because their needs are not met by their spouse. There's always room for improvement in anything, and continually finding new ways to connect with each other can help you through challenging times.

Communication, openness, and willingness to hear the other person's side are the keys. This goes both ways — you also need to be open to hearing what doesn't work and willing to compromise. It is a decision — we are adults and have full control over our actions and responses to tempting situations… but if you are happy in your marriage then you won't ever be really tempted because your needs would already be met at home.

It's like food — if you're starving you'll eat whatever you can get your hands on, but if you are satiated with healthy food you won't eat dessert and you won't miss it. Sometimes people marry when they shouldn't — sometimes one person's needs are directly opposed to the other person's needs. In a perfect world we would all KNOW, before we married, that the other person could meet our needs and that we could meet theirs, without anyone compromising their true selves.

But this isn't a perfect world and people aren't perfect either, and sometimes we just need to let go and admit that the compatibility isn't there. Don't get me wrong — I believe that the vast majority of people who divorce could have tried harder to save a relationship that they once valued so much they chose to commit to it for the rest of their lives. But I also know that in some cases it just isn't possible.

I know I kind of slid off-topic into divorce, but affairs and divorces are pretty closely related. Both are indications that one or both people in the relationship have decided something else was more important than that relationship. Both can be devastating. And one can cause the other. But I think that if you respect the other person at all, in marriage or dating, you will end it before you begin a romantic relationship with anyone else.

Boundaries are commendable, but the boundaries in the article are not for everyone. I think if you are putting yourself in the position of thinking every opposite connection as a possible affair or sexual partnership makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you think of the opposite sex as human beings with a variety of ways of connecting, you are probably less likely to succumb. Sometimes these "boundaries" are just really the pendelum swinging the other way— you're still thinking SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX all the time, just in a negative way that cuts off any relationship that could be a temptation— we need to learn to deal with temptations instead of merely hiding from them because they will exist in other ways outside of just relationships.

It's in the media, in the papers, and on the internet, and even in conversations with the same sex. If the opposite sex is viewed as a person instead of a possible sexual connection, it's easier to turn off the TV, recognize the bad images, shut down the conversations, and move on with life.

One of the biggest problems with your boundaries is that in the world of non-Christian employment, some of them would be problematic. Don't be alone in an office with a married man. I work in IT. It is not uncommon for me to be alone with a woman in an office. Sometimes we're alone in a windowless closet. When you're working there's no time for physical involvement. What an interesting thread and responses. First, as an afterthought, it would have been great for everyone who commented to have added their age because it's pretty sure that our voices about this and opinions are going to change thru the years.

I am 56 I can see just reading the dichotomy of viewpoint that at one time or another I have stood solidly in both camps. It bears noting however, that the suggestions for the boundaries are just that. The real merit here, however one may feel about any one of them, is that she the author Has them and that many folks don't recognize the need until after the car goes over the proverbial cliff.

Being careful in a hot kitchen is important but that doesn't mean you never go there and so on. One thing I hardly ever hear mentioned in these types of dialogs tho is concern for the "appearance of the gospel".

I think the idea in this discussion might be a new consideration. Also, we are Not usually aware of the warning signs of 'danger, danger, Will Robinson' when the idea of trouble is finally upon us—or it's too late. It's the price of hindsight here…looking back we see the myriad of poor excuses, signs we ignored or even lack of real consideration for possibly Possibly, I said!!

And all of a sudden you are trying to put out a fire with a squirt-gun. I think this is what Anne is trying to address here.

The naivete expressed in some responses are a testament to the huge impact that the media can have shaping mentalities…I really appreciated the wisdom of the one young person who understood the possibility of feeling differently about all this when she is older. The boundaries can be shaped and arranged hopefully with prayer and wisdom , tweaked!

There is so much more to be said here but let me end with this. Choosing boundaries carefully, executed with decision and poise is probably Not going to hinder any really important relationships. I think an angry or defensive posture to this article should lead to real soul searching as to the best way to use this tool.

Thanks for the article and the comments. So glad I am not the only one out there who lives them. Just wishing my husband believed in them, too. If he did, many years of hurt and insecurity could have been avoided. Been on both sides, in both camps wrote a book on the subject: Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions.

Also sponsoring a conference at the end of this month on the subject of friendship between men and women from a Christian perspective. I am all for a deeper, richer conversation about boundaries.

I respect Anne's boundaries as suggestions. And while Anne presents these as suggestions for her own story, how she portrays the wisdom of staying segregated is typical of those look at wisdom from only one angle: I think there needs to be a deeper conversation about what does the Gospel about men and women flourishing. Truly, there is much in the Gospel story for men, women, unity, and love not only within marriage but beyond. If we are going to have a conversation about boundaries setting us free to love we also need a deeper conversation about boundaries setting us free to love beyond fear of being alone with the opposite sex.

If Anne had presented a deep vision of freedom on how boundaries may help us in nurturing love in marriages alongside deep vision of freedom for deep, meaningful friendships with the opposite sex, there might have been a richer understanding of love setting us free. The tendency for some is to restrict a Gospel flourishing to a circle-around-the wagons for marriage only. I know she states that, but the use of 'you' after all the commandments sure made it feel like they were for the reader.

My husband and I both have really great friendships with the opposite sex. Time and time again, I have to defend these relationships to my christian friends. I had a friend that I had to distance myself from a female because she constantly talked about how disrespectful my husband was by having female friends.

In reality, he doesn't hang out with them by himself all that often and nothing inappropriate ever happens. They might have been his friends when we first met, but his female friends and I are now really close as well.

Am I supposed to be upset when a female from his class texts him a question about an assignment? No, that's absurd and places shame and guilt on both that female and my husband when none is deserved. My boss and I regularly meet in his office alone and yet nothing has ever been inappropriate. It also perpetuates insecurities. Instead of making a list of commandments or rules of how we can relate to the opposite sex, I think I will create a list of ways in which we actively reaffirm our love to one another on a daily basis.

I trust him to sense when a relationship is inappropriate and to then take steps to protect himself and me. So many marriages can be saved from swimming in the deep dark waters my husband and I swam in and walking that long dusty road we traveled upon.

Your post for me is one of those "If only" moments in my life. If only we had seen the importance of boundary setting, healthy boundary setting I wouldn't have laid naked on the floor of my shower screaming in torment after hearing of his affair.

My husband would not have laid in the fetal position screaming and crying as a hopeless child unable to deal with his own pain. I praise God that I can tell you that we have been married 18 years now and that we fought for the marriage we now have. But we know we are rare…oh, if people could only get what you have said above and adopt the stated boundaries as gospel truth. Bless you for your heart to share! Keep telling this story! I write about the journey I speak of on my blog.

Like so much in the Christian life, it's a careful, but often difficult balance: I believe those boundaries must be set by being honest with ourselves before God, and not making excuses for our sin; often easier said than done, but should always be our goal. The Lord knows each of our motives, and he is the one we have to answer to: Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. My heart goes out to Jennifer Upton.

I hear the pain and anguish. If anything, the comments to Anne's post shows some very deep differences from across the spectrum on this issue. It has stirred some deep, intense emotions from all sides as is evidenced from comments. Some of us have been hurt by deeply by betrayal. Others have been hurt by Christians imposing "wise" boundaries as if abuse of boundaries means we can't ever grow to healthy, flourishing relationships between men and women within marriage and beyond.

I think one thing is clear from these comments is that the subject of boundaries between men and women in marriage and community is a complex conversation. There is no monolithic, one-size-fits-all martial sexuality among Christians as these comments have revealed. I am 57 years old. I have been married 35 years, and have had many good opposite gender friendships.

I have never been anywhere near having an affair nor has my husband — nor was I close to "going too far" before we were married either. I would not want to be alone in a private place with a man I did not know and trust, common sense says I need to protect myself, and we all know that there are predators in this world, but with men I know and trust, I have never had a problem.

I grew up in an all girl family, and those guys are my brothers. I also have studied in areas that are strongly male-dominated as a mature age student sometimes I was the only woman in the class which would have terrified me at 20, but at fifty I didn't turn a hair.

My life would be so much poorer without male friends — their friendship and acceptance has mended places inside me that were wounded from male rejection in childhood issues that were not sexual and they are also mostly the only people with whom I can have those deep discussions about subjects which neither my husband nor female friends have any interest.

My advice for what it's worth is that each of us needs to be really honest with ourselves. What are our temptations? What are our unmet needs? What are we giving and receiving in various scenarios?

How were we brought up to view the opposite sex? I have many close friendships, male and female, beyond the special marital friendship I have with my husband. I share deeply, laugh, spend time alone, eat, work, and go for long walks with all of them. Each friend is valuable and irreplaceable to me.

Precisely because I love them, and know them, I also I know that I could never replace any of them — and that includes my husband. Allowing myself to truly know others, truly love them in a way that puts their best interest at heart has illuminanated the reality of everyones uniqueness in this world.

I love my friends deeply, and this experience of knowing and loving has cemented in my mind even more how unique and irreplaceable my husband is, and our marriage relationship is.

The friends I trust are the ones In which we hold each others best interests at heart — male or female. They are the ones that reflect back to me, making me a better friend, parent, and spouse. I would be a different person without them, no doubt in my mind that my marriage is stronger because of them. They are like brothers to me, always watching out, always have my back. I feel lucky to have found safe men. I admire boundaries that set up a healthy lifestyle.

However, I find it patently ridiculous to say that we should not ride in cars with those of the opposite sex, or be alone with them in an office.

As an adult who is capable of monitoring my own emotions, I think I am perfectly able to be in a car traveling with a coworker or acquaintance and not cross inappropriate boundaries.

I think this bizarre requirement that you never be alone with the opposite gender both infantilizes and hampers us as humans. Just stumbled on to your blog. As a minister, I can attest to those who never thought they would have an affair, but fall into that temptation. What an outstanding post.

Each blog entry from The Good Women Project blows me away. Are you kidding me? A friend posted this article and I just had to read it to see just how stupid it is. Try working in law enforcement. Never be alone in the office, car, etc. Just tell me how that is supposed to work. But guess what I did do?

Make friends with a lot of men!!! Get a life and quit telling others how to live in a shell. I know I am late to the party on this blog post. But, I wanted to say, I appreciate this conversation immensely.

I think two things are huge in this discussion — watering your own grass. Keep being diligent to keep your love thriving. It is so true that no one just wakes up in an affair.

And, no one is above an affair. I can interact comfortably with guys. I can see my husband is comfortable with female interaction also. But, neither one of us would be okay with the other having a friend of the opposite sex who is a confidant. That creates a problem. I have a guy friend who has asked me to confide in him on multiple occasions.

I will not do it. I confide in my husband. About being terribly honest with yourself. This must be done, whatever your physical boundaries are. You must have boundaries on your heart. And you must be aware of what is going on in there.

We can't counterattack the lies with truth, if we won't even admit to entertaining the misplaced feelings in the first place. I really appreciate your conviction Anne!

And I'm proud of you. Ive recently faced something I never imagined. My father, after 30 yrs of faithful marriage to my mom seeking out inapprpriate relationships with women. After years of disrespecting my mom's wishes she is now left to decide to live with it or leave.

This is a man that practiced your suggested boundaries the first 25 yrs of their marriage and at some point fell prey to temptations. We are never above temptation. It's not abt insecurity or fear. It's about "love always protects". As a traveling executive I find this ridiculous. It creates a logistical and financial nightmare in renting separate cars, location of seats on the plane, location of hotel rooms, etc. And as for working alone in the office together?

I've always viewed it as rather insulting when wives treat me as the single vixen and rather arrogant to think I'd want to steal her man. I should be your best friend, because I will be the first one to spot your husband's wanderlust and convince him to back away from the edge not only is it immoral, it's bad for business. Ask yourself what the thought process has in affecting the single women and men. They eat alone, sleep alone, shop alone and now you want them to work alone?

Good for you girl! Trust me, break it off now! It will hurt like hell but it can hurt like hell now or it can hurt like hell later, either way it is going to hurt! Might as well break it off now before you waste anymore time on this married man. He may send you flowers, candy, call you baby, tell you he loves you, makes future plans with you, plans trips with you, talks about moving in with you, goes apartment shopping for you, opens a separate bank account, etc.

All these things my MM did, by the way. A lot of people will tell you he lied to you, some of them do, but some of them get caught up in the moment, like you do. They aren't just lying to you, they are lying to themselves. They are living the fantasy, as you are, and you are eating it up. Don't waste your time ladies, if he hasn't left her by now, he won't leave her.

And if you go tell his wife that he has been messing around, she doesn't always kick him out and that can backfire. His wife deserves to know, and then run…run far away. Make smart decisions and be strong ladies…you will get through it, I promise.

It hurts now but you will get over it. Just learn from it and never ever date a married man again…EVER! Trust me if he hasn't done it by now, he ain't doing it. If you are with a married man, you are most likely an love addict. This post took me by surprise. I first want to say that I found this post tonight while looking for some Godly advice on the subject of "men and women being alone together when one or both or married".

I began to search the internet for things like "what does the bible say about men and women being alone together" because earlier today my husband and I got into an argument. We are currently separated and live over an hour away. I have been having some car troubles and today is began to rain heavily. Since I am a full time student I have been getting rides to and from school from friends.

Today my friend whom I will call Mike offered to give me a ride home. I of course said yes because he is my friend and I needed a ride home. Before I left school I texted my husband saying that I would call him when I got home and that I loved him. When I got home I called him just as I promised and began the conversation with "Hey Babe, You wouldn't believe how horrible the weather is outside! I took a video it! I told him it was Mike and and he asked who this guy was.

He went on to question why I would even be alone with another man? And we argued via text for hours. Finally I just went online and typed in my previous search request and this article was the first to come up. I thought that this article made a lot of sense. I found it so enlightening and humbling. I called my husband at midnight and had to gracefully apologize to him. I was very wrong for insisting that I have whatever male friends I wanted among many other things.

I have been in situations where those male friends have become my outlet when my husband and I have had issues and I now see how wrong, dangerous, and scary that all is.

Financial Blogger Conference is a great platform for people to share their views. As far as the fear of crowd goes, we all experience the same emotions. I know I'm late to the party but I can't help but comment. I am 38 and have been married for 8 years. I know some couples who have the same boundaries that Anne proposes, and I don't have any less respect for them because of these boundaries.

Because communication and honesty and avoiding temptation are important! I'll share what we've come up with but only as a "what works for us" not necessarily as a guideline for other couples. Although we live together! Going to lunch in a public place with an opposite sex friend or co-worker, especially if you want to talk about sports or Dr.

Who, is perfectly acceptable. Going out to fancy dinner or for a drink alone with an opposite-sex friend or co-worker… pass on that. Unless my hubby's traveling out of town with a female co-worker and there's no one else to have dinner with, and it's a casual, well-lit place. This happens once every few years and I've never been given cause for concern. Driving in a car alone with some-one of the opposite sex… not a problem.

Hugging opposite-sex friends upon greeting or parting… not a problem. Kissing opposite-sex friends upon greeting or parting… no problem if it's a cheek-kiss with family friends who are our parents' ages. And we totally demonstrated acceptable and non-acceptable kisses to each other. Calling, emailing, texting or private-messaging opposite-sex friends we've never dated… not a problem. This has come up, once for each of us, with exes who were also good friends.

It was a limited-time, for a specific reason thing. Sharing a concern about each other's general health, workload, non-private topic with a close opposite-sex friend is perfectly OK i. Discussing of our sex life, anatomical measurements, etc.

My husband would be fine if I went to a sci-fi, horror movie, or opera with one of my male friends. I would be fine if my husband went to a sporting event, sports movie, or some other movie that I didn't want to see with one of his female friends.

He hasn't since we've been married, but I would be OK if he did. If I found them showering naked together, then I might want an explanation. Since we haven't had any issues with infidelity yet, and please God, never , it's probably easier for us to be light-hearted or silly about some of these things than it would be for a couple struggling with trust and betrayal.

But we don't take the issue, or our marriage, lightly. I was dating a man for almost twelve years and was rather ignorant talkingto the fact that he was regularly talking to his MARRIED x- lover. He said he did that because of the way I overreacted and got all hysterical. Well, I think any woman would feel the same as I did about the phone affair. I am broken inside about it. For about the last year she has had my phone number and has called me.

I have fasted and prayed about it all to utter physical and mental exhaustion. I loved this article. I am really struggling with my husband over this issue.

He is friends with nearly only women. They call, text, and email each other. They turn to him for advice and he takes our maritial problems to them. There are at least 10 women in his life right now. He works alone in a secluded office with young pretty girls that he has hired against my wishes. One has even titled herself my Sister Wife. He has had a woman and her child over to watch movies together at night, without me there.

He has struggled with staying faithful in all of his adult relationships, even ours at the beginning. For me, I have always wanted to live without the "appearance of evil". He does not understand this or value this.

I ask him what others must think when he has pictures of him hugging other women on his facebook. When we make plans with other families, he always calls the wife, never the husband. I just feel that it is improper and no matter how much I try to trust, all of this behavior makes it impossible. Do I think he is having an affair with any of these women? But having women to turn to for comfort and adoration has shown me the greatest disrespect. I only pray that he would find boundaries like this, if only to prove to me that he is a man of honor.

I met a married man I am single about a month ago. We met at a gym where we both live. We just started talking about exercise, losing weight, living where we live, children, etc. He never once mentioned that he was married.

I saw that he had a ring on his left ring finger so I just assumed he was married. About 2 weeks after talking to him, he started flirting with me…telling me I was attractive, etc. The sad part was that I found myself attracted to him. I confronted him about him being married and he said that he was unhappy. I told him that nothing could happen between us because he was married.

If he was single, then it would be okay. So, nothing happened but things got really weird between us and then about a week later he stopped talking to me. I just left it alone. I didn't ask why we don't talk anymore we still say hi and bye…but nothing else.

I prayed to God about it and I asked for forgiveness because I felt like in a way that I should not have been so friendly with him. I feel like I just fell into it, and even though nothing happened…boundaries were definitely crossed.

I should have shut him down when he started telling me about his marital problems. And when he told me that I was beautiful. Has anyone ever had this experience? Maybe a mid-life crisis thing going on. Sounds good but is it necessary?? In any event, should I continue the frienship or cool it? Am Ramsey residing in Italy but am from Australia, Every Christmas dinner was a real mess for me and my two sons since when my wife left us.

This then make me get drunk with my coworkers and. I had to get on with life and look for another woman that will bring life in to my life, but i couldnot because my self and my wife have gone too far to let go, we have been married for 22years now and this is how she's just going to leave me and my kids, i never did anuthing wrong to her, she just woke up one morning and said she is leaving to her country because she is from New Zealand.

This seems so difficult for me to carry on with. Things have been so weird in with me until last 2months i met a spell lady who worked for my friend and have resuts in 2days, I have never done something of this nature but i had to because i could not take it any more, The spell lady email contact i collected from my friend that i was reaching her was priestessifaa yahoo.

Now as am writing this, my wife is on a picnic with the kids. I beg anyone who have any issues to meet this priestess on her priestessifaa yahoo. Or incase you want to talk to me my email is. I need help with this you all! I agree with just about everything in this post. I just believe it's better to be safe than sorry. But my husband does not. He feels these types of boundaries are not Biblical and that they just show how paranoid and untrusting of the Holy Spirit Christians are today. I'm not sure how to handle it.

We have discussed this about four or five times within the past year and we just can't get on the same page about it. My name is mary snoop I live in USA,. My husband and I have been living a very happy and lovely life.

So as time went on, I began to notice this strange attitude that he was possessing. He was now having another girl friend called jane, to the extent that he was no longer picking up my calls, and he was not even sleeping in my house anymore because of this new girl friend. I became confused and didn't know what to do. So i became worried and stranded, , because I have never experienced a thing like this before in my life. So I decided to visit a spell caster online, to see if he can help me out.

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And he also told me that once my heart desire has been granted unto me that i should go and testify of his work right here on the internet. Right now I am the happiest woman on earth today as I am writing this testimony, and I want to really thank " Dr odudumoyoyo" for bringing back my husband, and for bringing joy and love to my life.

My Name is Mary, My boyfriend always bring his female friends home when I am not there. I get very upset when he does that.

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No problem is too big for him to solve.. Contact him direct on: I wish I had learned this much, much earlier in life, but I foolishly learned it the hard way.

I laughed really hard. But at the moment I find it extremely challenging to hold to my standards and values. This post just changed my life. I had a short relationship with a man who was very disappointed and wounded by his ex. He loved my warmth and my loving presence and told me, he wants me sooo much. Even planned to move together and to spend the Christmas holidays at my brothers house in Sweden. He said that he needs intimacy with me.

He even did some things to me but made me feel guilty with it, he claimed to have the same amazing mindblowing sex again and again and then I said, No! Love is no deal, love is a gift! I even got sick, very sick with this but I know that the sickness is only a cry for help of the soul. And we should decode this cry, so I found out that I got to tell him the truth and take a stand for my needs and desires of a warm and loving relationship. By the way, wonderhealing within one day was the result: I invited him for Christmas but without sex.

I felt sooo bad and used and I was looking for the reasons I have done wrong. But fortunately you have shown me that I was right. I only feel guilty and ashamed because of my kids. But right now, my little one is sooo cheerful and trying to get me out of the computer space to play with him: And my elder son is hugging me right now. So ok, to all ladies outthere: Stick to your standards, even when you have a compassion filled heart like mine!

Your love is first for yourself and your kids! Thanks again Matt and Steve for saving my day and a big loving and compassionate hug for all wonderful precious women and men of course who were in the same situation. Stephen- To preface, I always enjoy you articles and your writing style. In regards to the whole GTG cannon…I find it difficult that there seems to be so many rules to remember, most days I am happy that I remembered to brush my teeth and not forget to get the kids from daycare.

Like I said your articles are lovely because of them I have started following your wordpress stuff too: However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the source? Hey there exceptional website! Does running a blog like this take a massive amount work?

Anyhow, if you have any ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share. I know this is off topic however I just had to ask. If someone is reading your blog or coming to you for advice, I believe they are looking for certainty and conviction.

However in the comment I quoted above, it seems like your advice is very wishy-washy. Whether it be 2 dates or 2 months. I think it would save a lot of heartache. I respect you both and just felt compelled to reply.

Most of my long term relationships years, I slept with the guy on the first date. I knew them for a little bit, a few months before our first date but I slept with them because I wanted to for me no them. Of course I am mind blowing as well as other parts in the sack so within the next 24 hours these guys wanted to be exclusive with me.

These relationships ended on my terms as time grew by I realized they were not the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with so I broke it off. They still call and have repeatedly asked to marry them but they are just not compatible for me and my values and lifestyle.

So sex on the first date can work if one is not doing it to please or keep the guy she is with. If you have sex and take charge for your own orgasm, he can tell you are sleeping with him for your pleasure not his. This makes a man turned on to know that his body is a major turn on for you. Not that you are trying to please him. Reading your comments made me feel compelled to say something similar to your views about sleeping on the first date.

What good can come out of it? For me it has been the topic of having an affair — what good can come out of this one? And yet people are ok with it not just one time but many times.

If you ask me, my opinions would be so different from those of my friend that unfortunately I would have to respect her opinions on the matter. Yes I agree, it is too short time to know each other, our souls would never feel comfortable with this … you are right Pilar. No one can tell you what you are okay with. In culture, religion, and sexually, everyone is different. I would tell you about my best friend who has been with her now husband for 10 years and they slept together on the first date.

They have the best marriage of anyone I know. So sometimes I think you just have that connection right away and there are no rules about life. I totally understand standards, in fact i have always followed my standards and my man has respected me. We got married almost two years ago. A couple months ago I noticed he was watching porn constantly, with his construction crew in the truck they all watched it for an hour on the way to the job site and an hour back to the shop.

I started to see him watch it at home all the time. I am sure he watched it before our relationship but when we got together porn was something he never watched. Maybe it is technology or the men he works with. I tried to see if something similar to this was in your blog however I am not sure it is a topic. I think I just need your opinion. Maybe you should show me a different view or give me some great advice.

I really need it. By the way, I am still very attractive I weight with blonde hair blue eyes, proportioned correctly and have other men flirt with me. Show him some studies?

I clearly understand your feelings. You are also correct in saying that there are not a lot of articles on this topic. I lived through a marriage like this. I caught him with pictures printed out of porn. My thoughts are one.

If you let it go you ate handing your value away. I feel it will lead to more problems if not addressed properly by your standards. In a marriage this is important! Calmly tell your spouse that your aware his buddies on the way to work watch porn but that it is hurtful and demeaning.

Using the other men are subjecting me too it is an excuse! He is a man. I went through this and of course I realize all situations have differences but this is pretty common thread! I know you feel a bit angry, betrayed and probably feel like why do you have to watch that when you have me? Even if your child is little they grow up knowing! I have 4 girls. Two young adults,two teenagers. I know how they feel about watching a man disrespect their mother.

I also get it when you said your still attractive. Best friend in which we shared everything was no longer the man I knew. After this he got scared.. Think about who you are. Why what your husband is doing feels wrong. Respect goes both ways! No one should be a doormat. Just remember your value. If he loves and respects you.. Ride to work separate.

Get a different job. A man will naturally have these urges! But last I checked they made a choice and vow to a woman which includes respect and can control what he does with his mind and body!

Be brief unlike myself and to the point. Praise his positive attributes. I hope this helps. I have lots of thoughts on this. I have faith in you! I initiated a conversation with a guy through text messaging, he texted back and we talk through text a couple of times he seemed interested , then he stopped texting.

I have a question I am confused about. How should I act when I see him? Just as friendly and fun as before. He might not have seen it in time. Go have lunch with your friends.

If not, nothing lost. I am in a new dating situation 7 weeks in which I made the unfortunate mistake of not communicating my needs upfront. And I started letting him get away with bad behavior not returning calls, or minimal effort on planning dates. Is it too late? Do I give him the chance to try and meet my needs? And if so, HOW do I communicate those needs now? I have a lot of self respect but I do not have a man in life. Not that I would give up self-respect for a man but I have seen in most relationships that the girl has to give up a little of her self-respect to be with a man.

Most self-respecting women I know beautiful or not, feminine or not, successful and intelligent or otherwise are single and refuse to compromise. If not single, they usually become single because the men keep hurting their self-respect and expect them to be submissive.

I have not seen this is real life. But I have seen that those who maintain their self-respect are happier whether or not they are in a relationship. Their relationships are also of better quality, should they manage to find a man who respects them. I have to agree with this, on balance. However, the culture is so preferential to men at least where I live that I see highly self-respecting women making huge accommodations along the way….

Is this really true? I know one couple who completely contradicts this principle. In this relationship, the girl seems to always do and say what she thinks the guy would like. She even admitted that she never has her own opinions in this relationship because she hates conflict. She does everything to please him and is extremely agreeable yet he is head over hills for her and they seem to be very happy. How can this relationship work?

How can he respect her? Is he blind or something? I would really appreciate your answer Stephen. I think a desirable woman especially needs to recognise this level of self-respect if she is also quite a feminine person. Only give Matthew some of the credit Stephen. Kathryn X PS I worked in a very macho environment once where the new girls were actually score-carded on arrival. I was later told I scored 10 with another girl. I was blissfully unaware and quickly promoted to work on the all male scoring section where we all worked as a great team.

Barney and Robin start out as friends, but he falls in love with her after they impulsively sleep together in " Sandcastles in the Sand ". Throughout Season 4, he struggles with his feelings for her, until they finally get together in the season finale " The Leap ". They become a full-fledged couple in season 5, but they break up in " The Rough Patch " when they find that they are making each other miserable.

They never truly get over each other, however, even while they are dating other people. In the eighth season, he launches an elaborate plan to win Robin's heart encouraged by Ted's future wife that ends with Barney proposing to her. She accepts, and they get engaged. The final season revolves around their wedding weekend.

After much doubt and soul-searching, they get married in " The End of the Aisle ". The series finale, " Last Forever ", reveals that, after three years of marriage, they get divorced because Robin's work schedule prevents them from spending any time together.

They do not see each other again for several years, until Ted's wedding. Barney has two other serious girlfriends throughout the series: Nora Nazanin Boniadi , on whom he cheats with Robin; and Quinn Becki Newton , a stripper to whom he proposes, but with whom he breaks up upon realizing that they don't trust each other. In , the book The Bro Code , ostensibly written by Barney, was published.

What to Expect When You're Awesome , were also published. In the show's pilot , Barney first utters the phrase, "Suit up! The phrase "Suit up! According to creator Thomas, this is a sign that Barney "thought of his suit as some kind of superhero outfit that separated him from the pack. He also uses the word "awesome" to describe anything that he finds remotely pleasing, and invents different kinds of " high-fives " for every occasion.

However, Barney's arguably most famous catch phrase is "Legendary! When saying something is legendary, he typically says "it's going to be Legen And also he often uses the word "Nice" to express when he enjoys something or someone. In the show Barney frequently approaches attractive women with Ted in tow and asks "Haaaaaave you met Ted?

Thomas says that this phrase is based in real life, as a one-time friend of his often used a similar line to meet women. Barney often uses the phrase "Challenge accepted" when someone mentions an outlandish task that supposedly cannot be done; he takes this as a personal challenge and attempts, usually successfully, to perform the task.

According to The Early Show , Barney is one of the main reasons that the show has been a success. Barney's signature phrase is one of only four from contemporary television shows, as writers are now less likely to have a character repeat a phrase in many episodes.

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February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson. How I Met Your Mother. Retrieved February 13, Retrieved June 10, Dransfeldt, Jeffrey April 26, Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved May 2, Archived from the original on May 17, Archived from the original on May 9, Archived from the original on December 5, Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved July 13, He does have a life-size Stormtrooper in his living room after all.

Call Barney Stinson at ". Vary June 1, Here's our full list! Retrieved July 7, Retrieved June 30, Chicago Tribune in Japanese. Archived from the original on April 19, Retrieved April 15, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved April 5, Bro on the Go. Retrieved from " https:

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