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In recent years, human rights analysis has evolved to take into account the context in which discrimination occurs. Under the Code , individuals are protected from discrimination and harassment on the grounds listed above.

However, there is an increased recognition that discrimination is often based on more than one ground, and that these grounds may intersect thus producing unique experiences of discrimination. The phenomenon of intersectionality is frequently evident in complaints of discrimination in the area of rental housing accommodation. Often, tenants will experience differential treatment based on more than one ground, and these grounds will play off one another.

For example, a young lone mother in receipt of public assistance who is looking for rental housing could potentially experience discrimination on the basis of her gender, age, family status and receipt of public assistance. While the following sections discuss each Code ground individually, it is important to be mindful of the potential for more than one ground to be at issue simultaneously, and for these grounds to intersect. As such, this Paper highlights some of the more common intersections of grounds, where appropriate.

In addition to race, the Code prohibits discrimination in rental housing on several related grounds, as outlined above. These grounds include primarily the grounds of colour, ethnic origin, ancestry, place of origin, citizenship and creed religion. Depending on the circumstances, a human rights complaint of discrimination based on race may cite race alone or may include one or more related ground s. However, as a social construct, the ground of race is capable of encompassing the meaning of all of the related grounds, and any characteristic that is racialized [90] and used to discriminate.

Racial discrimination in rental housing may take a variety of forms. It is likely that the most common problem that racialized persons continue to face is the denial of opportunities to apply for rental housing or to view properties. In this regard, landlords may use subtle screening methods to bypass certain individuals in the tenant selection process. Racialized persons may be advised that an apartment has already been rented only to have a White friend inquire about the availability of the accommodation and be told that it is still available.

There are several human rights cases in Ontario that have dealt with this type of racial discrimination. For example, in Richards v. Waisglass [91] , a Board of Inquiry found that the respondent discriminated against the complainant, a Black woman, because of her race when he refused to rent her an apartment. When the complainant and the respondent met, the respondent appeared reserved, refused to take any information from her and stated that he wished to keep showing the apartment to other prospective tenants.

The Board found that the respondent could not have come to a reasonable conclusion that the complainant would be loud and have noisy parties during their brief encounter and concluded that he had decided it was unlikely that the complainant would be financially stable and would likely have parties. The Board found that both assumptions were based on negative stereotypes about Black people. One of the ways in which researchers have attempted to gauge the extent of racial discrimination in rental housing is through auditing studies.

For example, in the s and s, the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development backed several broad housing audits that produced significant evidence of discrimination toward and differential treatment of racialized persons across major U.

For instance, Black and Hispanic auditors posing as prospective apartment renters were shown 25 percent fewer units than White auditors with comparable income qualifications. The authors relied on socio-linguistic research that shows that individuals are able to make fairly accurate racial attributions on the basis of linguistic cues alone. These racial effects interacted with and were generally exacerbated by gender and class.

Lower-class blacks experienced less access to rental housing than middle-class blacks, and black females experienced less access than black males. By far the most distinguished group, however, was lower-class black females. Across all measures, female speakers of Black English Vernacular consistently fared the worst.

As a result of this unusually intense discrimination, poor black women in Philadelphia are forced to spend far more of their time and put in much greater effort making phone calls just to reach prospective landlords. Comparable audits conducted in Canadian cities, albeit on a smaller scale, have revealed similar themes.

These audits indicate that individuals from Black and Aboriginal communities, in particular, are subjected to discriminatory treatment when seeking to rent housing.

There has also been an increase in discrimination against persons identified as, or perceived to be, Muslim, Arab and South Asian since September 11, The Commission has heard several reports of individuals being subjected to Islamophobia [98] by housing providers when attempting to secure rental accommodations.

Racial discrimination in rental housing accommodation is not just about the denial of access to housing opportunities. Racialized tenants may experience unequal access to housing-related services or may otherwise be subjected to differential treatment throughout the course of their tenancies. For example, tenants may be subjected to substandard living conditions or a failure to carry out repairs. In Ontario Human Rights Comm. Elieff [99] , the Divisional Court reversed a finding by a Board of Inquiry that found that no discrimination had taken place against the complainant in her tenancy.

The complainant, a woman of Cambodian ancestry, alleged that her landlord had provided substandard maintenance of her apartment building to both herself and other tenants of Asian ancestry. Further, she alleged that he had discriminated against them by making derogatory comments about Asians in a newspaper article. The Board found that while the lack of water, broken windows and appliances, cockroach invasions and raw sewage on the property constituted substandard conditions, a successful complaint could not be made out for discrimination or harassment based on race since these conditions affected both non-Asian tenants as well as Asian tenants.

It also gave little weight to the comments the landlord had made about Asians. The Board did, however, award compensation for reprisal actions taken by the respondent after the complainant had launched an action.

On appeal, the Court upheld the reprisal judgment but reversed the finding that there had been no discrimination towards the complainant. The Court found that the derogatory remarks made about Asians resulted in differential treatment for members of that group, even though all of the tenants of the building were subjected to the same deplorable living conditions.

It held that a poisoned environment had been created, which was a violation of the Code. Racialized tenants may also be subjected to unequal rental requirements, particularly in a low vacancy rental climate.

Discrimination may also occur as a result of issues being made about the cultural practices of racialized tenants. For example, cooking odours have been the subject of two Tribunal decisions. Norkam Seniors Housing Cooperative Association [] , the complainant was found to have cooked foods in her home that were an expression of her ethnicity and ancestry which produced odours. She experienced differential treatment when she was ordered to cease producing these odours or face eviction.

Moreover, the landlord was not found to have a reasonable and bona fide justification for its conduct. Racialized tenants may also experience harassment after a tenancy has been granted. Bura [] , a Tribunal found that the respondent owners of a shared house harassed and discriminated against the complainant for several years, which had a serious effect on him both emotionally and physically.

The Tribunal was satisfied that this behaviour constituted discrimination and that it created a poisoned environment for the complainant. Tenants may also be subjected to discriminatory treatment due to their association with a racialized person. Johnstone [] , a housing provider was found to have breached the Code when he evicted his tenant, a White woman, after she had a Black friend over for dinner.

The complainant, a White woman with two bi-racial children, was deeply offended, and even though she did not disclose to the respondent that she could not rent the apartment because of her family, the Board found that discrimination had occurred and awarded compensation.

While the Aboriginal population is subjected to many of the same experiences as other racialized groups in the rental housing market, this group also seems to encounter unique and distinct difficulties when attempting to secure rental housing.

It has been observed that:. Aboriginals and the Aboriginal homeless are easy targets of discrimination in the housing market. There are Aboriginal males and females who fall into the hard-to-house category. They face particular difficulties in locating housing, and many never really succeed or are evicted. In most cases, needy Aboriginal families and individuals do not have the financial resources to secure adequate housing.

DGN Investments [] , a Tribunal found that the complainant was discriminated against because of her Aboriginal ancestry and family status. After the complainant had viewed an apartment, she contacted the respondent owner to tell him that she wished to rent it and set up an appointment to give him the deposit. He then informed her that he had to show the apartment to other people and would need references. When she contacted him later to provide the references, he avoided her phone calls and then informed her later that he was looking for a married couple to rent it instead.

The Tribunal recognized the intersectional nature of the case and found that the respondent had based his decision not to rent to the complainant on the characteristics he attributed to Aboriginal people, in combination with his stereotypical views of lone mothers as being unable to shoulder childcare responsibilities alone. This was an improvement from when they were 80 percent more likely to be in core housing need.

Access to acceptable rental housing is a crucial step in the adaptation process for new Canadians. Housing is a portal through which one may access a whole range of other essential resources, including language training, employment opportunities and schooling.

For this reason, housing is often used as a gauge by which to assess the degree to which new Canadians have adjusted successfully in their new homeland. In addition to facing racial discrimination, new immigrants and refugees must cope with numerous barriers relating to their citizenship status in the area of rental housing accommodation.

New Canadians often do not know their rights under provincial or federal law, and may be too intimidated to speak out if they have been taken advantage of. According to Statistics Canada, seventy-five percent of new immigrant households settling in Canada use the rental market to satisfy their housing needs. Housing workers have consistently complained of landlords asking newcomers to pay their rent up to twelve months in advance, despite such practices being illegal.

The Commission has also received complaints from recent immigrants and refugees who have been asked to provide exorbitant security deposits in order to secure rental housing. Other obstacles include having to meet rental criteria that disadvantage newcomers. For example, new Canadians will generally not have rental or employment histories, credit ratings or landlord references in Canada.

According to a Statistics Canada report, many new Canadians are not able to access acceptable housing and end up as renters in core housing need. There are several possible explanations for this. A study conducted on Africans who had recently immigrated to Calgary concluded that discrimination was a major obstacle to finding acceptable housing.

For example, the number of immigrants arriving in Toronto between July 1, and June 30, was , This number comprises Statistics Canada and the CMHC have reported that not only are new Canadians at high risk of being in housing need, they are also more than twice as likely as non-immigrant households not including Aboriginal households to live in substandard housing conditions e.

Statistics Canada and the CMHC report that women living alone are at high risk of being in core housing need. One of the main reasons for this is the high incidence of very low incomes affecting this group of renters. Women are frequently unemployed, employed part-time, or out of the labour force altogether and, in many cases, spend more than half of their incomes on housing. While both men and women may be subjected to sex discrimination, it is typically experienced by the latter.

Due to ongoing gender inequality in society, there may be other challenges that women face in relation to rental housing. As one organization has observed:. Women assume disproportionate responsibility for dealing with needs which may suddenly arise from illness and disability within the immediate or extended family.

Pregnancy and care of young children often results in interruptions in earnings. Sex discrimination in the area of rental housing may occur in a number of different ways.

For example, women may be subjected to gender-based stereotypes in their pursuit of housing accommodation.


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I want a man who will be there for me through thick and thin. I want a man who will be my lover forever Someone who will always be with me. Cambridge Singles Looking for Love. I'm the textbook response of who a hopeless romantic represents, and I'm not ashamed of it. I've always been the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and often times end up being hurt. But that doesn't mean I'm here to give up.

I think I have the craziest sex ideas to share with an interesting man. I have yet to find a man to explore them with. Meet Singles in Mississauga. No one wants to be alone, well, I guess I do not like being alone. I like having a man right beside me to keep me going. I want a man who will be there for me when I want him to. Casual Encounters in Richmond Hill. I have been experiencing these terrible aches and pains all over my body. What I want is a tension freer, I need something to take away my aches and pains.

People always say a pearl is not a pearl until it's out of its shell and I think the same goes for me. Behind this shy shell of mine is something beautiful and I want to find someone who'll help me break free of this shell. Niagara Falls Free Personals. Mouth to mouth contact is my biggest turn on. Kissing in the moonlight on top of the roof usually get me wet. I am a romantic woman and I enjoy cuddling and kissing. I want to enter a kissing competition with a romantic man.

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I like when a man sucked on my nipples like a babe sucking to save his own life. That usually left me breathless and weak in the knees. I guess you know where my weak spot is now. Burlington Adult Dating Sites. If I should sit around and wait for Mr Right to show up, I would be waiting for a really long time and I would be missing out.

I learnt that the hard way. I am tired of waiting and I want to make up for lost time. Smooth bodied gay top looking for smooth men for serious discreet fun. Prefer smooth men and men under I'm a bit of a quiet guy, I'm a hockey fan, learning to play guitar, blah blah blah lol Looking for Sex in Cornwall.

I am always the submissive woman in the bedroom and I enjoy being one. I want you to have your way with me, do what pleases you and what makes you happy.

I want you to have it your way. I am a student and want to explore my sexual side. I am active and athletic, but heavy. I am like the energizer bunny, I can go on and on all night long. I usually last longer than my partners, yet my sexual needs are not always satisfied. I am known to be miss long lasting when it comes to sex and other sexual activities.

I'm pretty laid back and easy going most of the time, and not easily irritated by negative talks. I have found that subtle calm, that enables me to be at peace with my surroundings and channel that energy into positive feelings.

In the day, I am miss perfect, but when it comes to midnight, I am the woman of the night. I am like a wild beast on the street. I do enjoy getting naughty and kinky.

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