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Single mom looking for likewise friends


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Hopefully something ongoing if you're game, preferably during the daytime. I'm not picky about race or color, but I like girls who take care of themselves.

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Single mom looking for likewise friends

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No jealous mans. I just want to have some pboobiesion and fun.

Honestly, male or woman, no preference I would love to get a 3 bedroom house and share it with someone. Age looks marital status not issues. Have used this for about 2 months now.


All my life I always assumed that I would have children, and that at some point, the biological clock and maternal instinct everyone was talking about would kick in and the time would seem right.

I feel like there has been some mistake somewhere, and that someone forgot to include my biological clock. And yet… And yet.

I still struggle every day with whether this is the right thing to do. I feel the pressure from my upcoming birthdays, knowing that soon I will have lost the ability to choose differently. I think about what people might have existed in the future if I chose to have children. It seems like a lot to give up. The more I think that I would feel miserable and trapped, like so many of the women on here. But the choice to me, does not feel like an easy one.

Every aspect of that is miserable. Wtf are you on? How is her having a baby preventing other women from having a baby. They need guidance and parents are the ones suppose to do that. Try getting some hobbies it helps. I miss my hobbies. I miss my independence. I have two kids and, for some insane reason, I am trying to have another.

But it just feels like adding years onto my sentence. Honestly, my husband does the bulk of the childcare and home duties, but I still feel like a shell of a person, stretched completely thin, and like a failure at everything. Part of me feels it might make for a sad future, especially when I lose my mother, who is my only living relative.

Another part of me realizes that I am at heart quite a lazy person. In general, I like solitude, and my peace and quiet are precious to me. But perhaps there is a silver lining—when they get older, for example? I have a concern for your lack of faith in the future generation.

We are not all bad and I bet your parents thought the same about your generation. Your world will completely change with a kid. If you can look at the hard times ahead as character-shaping, then you may want to consider it. I had a friend that wanted a baby SO BAD and when she finally had the kid a few years later she sounded completely disillusioned and said that being a mom was a thankless job. If you really feel like you need to think about it that much, its probably best not to have a kid just because you dont want to be alone.

Where no matter what you do you will be doing it wrong. And all of that is not even bringing pregnancy and birth into it.

A devastating and tramautic experience that your body literally never recovers from, and that you could literally die from. It is horrible and you will never full recover from it. Notice how mothers say it was miserable but worth it? You can avoid that by just adopting if you change your mind and want a kid. You will never be too old to adopt, you can save a child, give it a happy home, AND you can adopt an older child and forego all the miserable baby and toddler years.

It is like a weight had been lifted from my mind. I will be able to pursue my life as I see fit. The freedom to make your own decisions is very important. I am very selfless in other ways. I look forward to a childless future and to being honest with my future partner s , should the topic of children arise. To all the women above who have been so honest about not wanting children, I applaud you. It takes courage to know yourself and strength to vocalise this out loud.

I am glad you spoke your mind Ellie. I feel the same. I wish I never had them! I want to leave my kids in Texas and go to a whole different state that is how done with being a mother I am. I know this sounds so selfish but it is what it is! I am completely fine with them going with the ex and me going about my life!

I just want ME back! I want my life back before I decided t ruin it with kids. I hate that I feel this way because I do love them. My first child was unplanned and is hell on wheels!

He is high energy 4 yrs annoying and requires tons of attention and stimulation to keep him out of trouble. I swear he is adhd and ocd!!! Drives me insane and brings out a side of me I absolutely hate. He does not listen and makes being a mother miserable. Just before I got pregnant i started college and planned on getting a career and a divorce. I had to put everything on hold because my husband helps with only bringing a paycheck home.

Zero support from him and I am miles away from family and friends-even inlaws! My second child 7 mos was planned and is an angel so far.

Hell, I could tell in the womb he was gonna be a tough one!!!! I can only hope my first born does not taint my second sweet baby. I wanted out of my marriage since the first year. I was stuck because I quit a job that I had that was based on seniority and had five years invested in. You cannot just quit a job like that and go back you would have to start over at the bottom. I was promised I could go back and get a college degree. Nope, I was tricked.

I was told this is what I had to do. My only hope is getting my tubes tied, my second sweet son and my two dogs-my first babies. I should have followed my gut and only had dogs and no kids and no marriage. Sometimes I think getting a divorce will help me to at least have a break and force their father to step up and be a dad. My lack of education and lack of family support instill fear in me to not get a divorce.

I think you should follow your gut right now. You seem to be the kind of person that knows what to do, but will stick around thinking it will get better. Take care of business NOW so you can get your life back… at least somewhat… sooner rather than later! Having a family should never be referred to as a mistake you have a responsibility to care for your children despite what you had to give up to have them and if your child is misbehaving then it is all down to the parent.

That is the blunt truth. It sound like you have favourites because of your own doing. I started out never wanting children. No one can prepare you for what being a mother is really like. It never gets easier either, no sleep is replaced by a different concern or worry at each milestone. If you have little support by a partner or family, the stress is twice as bad.

I have two children 11 and 13, a boy and a girl. I love them very much but I feel my whole life has been robbed. I made the choice to have children and I even have a husband to help but your life is never the same. I had visions of sweet smart children who did their best in school and made good decisions. No one prepares you for when both your children have physically and mental problems making it even more challenging to provide and care for them.

I do my very best to make them feel lived and provided for. But honestly my life feels over, I feel unappreciated, and really would advise anyone who questioned whether to have children, to stick to your first instinct.

It rarely turns out like people think it will. Unless you want to sacrifice your life fully to others for the rest if it. I never wanted kids and with two at 16 and almost 20, I still hate it. I was talked into it and am still sorry to this day. And my kids are good kids, but all they do is cost me money and even though they love me and tell me, it does absolutely nothing for me.

It continues to be a thankless job that gives me nothing. Ive heard this so many times… too many to count. Its really annoying how society chastises women for speaking the truth about having kids. You can give the kids back.


Motherhood Shows You Who Your Friends Are - SavvyMom

Who would realize that reading philosophy books are fun? How would I know I can actually learn how to sew? How will I know I have the courage to join a cooking contest and win the 2nd place?

I found out that I can learn anything if I have the determination and persistence to do it. Well, the truth is I have friends. But they sure come up to me when I need them. They give me pieces of advice that sometimes are very hard to swallow when I need one. They hit you right at the core just like real friends do. I met my new set of friends from books I read, documentaries I watch and seminars I listen.

I study them carefully. I try to get to know them better day by day. I write down all the important messages they have for me. Sometimes they keep me awake at night. When I try to solve my problems, they are there seated on a round table brainstorming for the great plan.

They never fail to give me the right message. They always remind me of my goals and dreams. Napoleon Hill is one of my great friends. Would you believe that lots of famous presidents, entrepreneurs and people belong to this set? I trust them, and I believe they have my best interest in mind. Who said friends should only be physical, right?

I define them as people who push me to become better and aid me when I need them. Having no friends right now helped me to strengthen my faith more than ever. It reminds me that everything happens for a reason. It is a belief that tomorrow is going to become better than today. Most importantly, my faith in myself became stronger. It constantly reminds me that I can do it and can push myself even further.

When there is no one to cheer me around, I need to be my own believer. It removes doubts and fears of the unknown. It fuels my determination to soar higher than my current situation. Having zero friends around helped me to become closer to my husband. I learned the value of giving and taking. I appreciate the time I spend with him. Maintain a daily routine: Try to schedule meals, chores, bedtimes, and other family functions at regular hours so that your child knows exactly what to expect each day.

A consistent routine will help your child feel more secure and help you feel more organized. Be consistent with discipline: Children thrive when they know which behaviors are expected of them and which rules they need to follow. If you are divorced or separated, work with your spouse to create and observe consistent rules and methods of discipline there's nothing more stressful than having one parent undermine the other.

If your child has other caregivers, talk to them about how you expect your child to be disciplined. Inevitably, questions will come up about the changes in your family, or about the absence of one parent. Answer your child's questions in an open, honest, and age-appropriate way. Make sure that your child gets the help and support he needs to deal with difficult emotions. Treat kids like kids: With the absence of a partner, it's sometimes tempting to rely too heavily on children for comfort, companionship, or sympathy.

But children have neither the emotional capacity nor the life experience to act as substitute adult partners. If you find yourself depending on your kids too much, or expressing your frustrations to them too often, seek out adult friends and family members to talk to.

Or seek counseling if necessary. Abolish "guilt" from your vocabulary: It's always easy for single parents to feel guilty about the time they don't have or the things they can't do or provide for their children. When I became a mom, the question of where I stood took centre stage in my life. In those early months of motherhood, I struggled to find my footing as a new parent in a strikingly literal and comical sense. Likewise, I discovered that walking around the house barefoot might end with me resting my full weight on a Lego and yelping in pain after.

Once the new mom haze had dissipated, I felt a new pull to assess my footing in a broader sense. I had always observed how esteemed or not I was in my relationships. However, once I had children, I realized that everyone I let into my life influenced my mood and, consequently, the mood with which I parented.

One relationship that had become surprisingly treacherous terrain after I became a mom was that of my friendships. My friendships had consistently brought me great joy throughout my life. Given my high regard for my friends, I resisted the warning of a sage mom acquaintance that, once I had children, I would notice a chill among some of my single and childless long-time friends.

I did not believe that any such chill would occur as I did not have friends who begrudged other people their life choices. Or so I thought. Still, other friends spent hours seeking my opinion on every detail of their dating mishaps but could barely find time to ask about my day or ask to see my baby. This growing lopsidedness in my friendships gripped me with feelings of resentment that often—and unfortunately—distracted me from my child.

If you are a single mom or dad, there are 10 things you can do to help minimize the stress in your life -- and bring While it's tempting to try to handle everything alone, ask friends and family members for help. Take time for yourself: Likewise, it's important to schedule time for yourself. Single Parents: Finding Support. 8 rules for friends with benefits for single moms Your kids, friends and family do not meet your lover. . But, of course, based on your article here, Poindy should not expect that single mommy should be likewise loyal and monogamous. I'm not looking for a father for my children; I'm not looking for. As she pondered the various friends her son might propose, she came up with four names. Observing this recommendation will allow you to query the friend's parents concerning food BECAUSE SINGLE PARENTS GENERALLY are also working parents, planning a You might likewise consider inviting an adult friend.