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Sex cyprus game this weekend

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Correspondence concerning this article should be send to: Tel ; Fax ;. Essentialist machismo practices, effectuated by masculine gender role socialization, help construct a mechanistic and limiting male sexual ethos that exploits female sexuality in sexualized work environments.

A critical site for exploring the intercrossing of sexual and economic differentials is the cabaret—an intermediary of a strip club and a brothel—whereby males and females utilize their financial assets and sexual appeal, respectively, to benefit and exploit each other.

In this investigation, we provide an understanding of the macro environmental contexts and micro intrapersonal and interpersonal factors that have contributed to the historical evolution of the cabaret industry in the GreekCypriot Republic of Cyprus.

Such industry has evolved from a place of family entertainment to one of economic and sexual exploitation of GreekCypriot male cabaret patrons and EasternEuropean sex workers respectively. Various themes are explored, such as the limiting effects of patriarchal socializing practices, male sexual anxiety, and sexual preoccupation.

The current study will attempt to investigate the various social structural and social psychological processes involved in the evolution of a codependent sexual ethos of male cabaret patronage in the GreekCypriot Republic of Cyprus. Specifically, it will seek to explore the various push and pull factors associated with becoming a GreekCypriot male cabaret patron within the changing sociocultural setting of the cabaret sex industry.

We, the authors, will also provide a historical trajectory for the evolution of the cabaret from a place of family entertainment to its current status as a place of female exotic entertainment and sex work.

In the GreekCypriot society, a considerable number of men tend to assume an emasculated gender identity and abide by the prescribed rules of masculine sexual comportment Francoeur, ; Lancaster, Gilmore explains how the Greek Aegean seafarers of the island of Kalymnos demonstrate strict adherence to dangerous and irrational masculine standards in their endless quest to achieve the machismo ideal.

Just like the seafarers of Kalymnos engage in risky occupational behaviors to prove their masculine status, so too GreekCypriot males attempt to prove their masculinity through cabaret patronage. Informal interview data and participant observations were collected for two reasons. First, to assist us in describing the social psychological dynamics of becoming a GreekCypriot male cabaret patron.

Second, to obtain retrospective accounts—through informal interviews with retired cabaret management and patrons—of the state of the cabaret industry in the decades past. The first step in designing this study involved the arbitrary selection of 10 cabarets from the greater Nicosia metropolitan area. Cabarets were selected through convenient or snowball sampling. The sampled cabaret population consisted of a total of 9 male cabaret patrons and management crew between the ages of and one 65 yearold retired schoolteacher.

All interviews lasted from approximately one to two hours and took place at a location that was most convenient and comfortable for the respondent e.

Following the gathering of demographic data, semistructured interviews were conducted in the form of openended questions designed to determine the social psychological variants of cabaret patronage as well as the evolution and current status of the cabaret sex industry as seen through the eyes of cabaret patrons and management. The second step included frequent visitations to the 10 cabaret establishments and the conducting of careful, detailed observations regarding interaction patterns between sex workers and patrons, patrons and management, and workers and management.

Having been socialized into GreekCypriot cabaret sex life from an early age, has afforded the first author, Andreas Philaretou, the opportunity to obtain contextually rich informal knowledge about the inner workings of cabaret patronage and cabaret life in general Smith, Insider status to social phenomena, and the associated gain in personal experiential knowledge, provides the researcher with the much needed security, agency, and legitimacy to transform personal issues of inquiry into formal scientific knowledge.

The GreekCypriot cabaret industry, in its present state, epitomizes essentialist gendering and socialization into polarized masculinized and feminized behaviors, traits, and attitudes. Cabarets of the decades past were not characterized by the blatant sexualeconomic exploitation that is abundantly present today.

Sexual relations were, therefore, the prelude of a somewhat lengthy process of courtship and dating that also involved male gift giving and paying for entertainment. As one male cabaret veteran has put it during an informal interview: In order for the girl the female cabaret artist to sit down and drink with you the male cabaret patron , she had to like you a lot.

I mean, she had to like your overall demeanor, character, and the way you carried yourself. But she had to trust you, like you, and date you a lot before she would agree to have sex with you.

Gift giving was a big thing back then but paying directly for sex was a big no, no. They did not sell the girls and did not force them to sleep with clients. As a 65 year old retired schoolteacher, wife, and mother so eloquently put it: The cabarets, years ago, used to be actual places of family entertainment.

My husband and I used to go to cabarets on Saturday nights to have a good time. They were not remotely similar to what they are today. The female artists usually from England, Europe, and Latin America were true entertainers engaging in dancing, singing, and performing acts. There were even acrobatic shows performed in cabarets as well as all kinds of circus like performances. There were, of course, single men who bought drinks for the girls and courted them and even paid the owners to take them out on dates.

I think that the girls sometimes slept with their male customers but they did so on their own accord. They were never forced to sleep with the customers by the cabaret management. Whatever the outside dating relationship turned out to be was strictly a matter between the girl and the customer. With increasing costs of recruiting female entertainers from abroad and with the number of licenses reduced, it became financially impossible for cabaret management to rely on artistic shows as the main source of revenue.

With no other financially viable alternative to save their businesses in view, cabaret owners substituted artistic, familylike entertainment for cheap female exotic entertainment and sex work. Personal problems tend to be manifested in terms of intrapsychic trauma resulting from inadequate caregiver identification, limiting male adolescent sexual development, sexual rebellion, as well as the development of male sexual anxiety in adolescence and throughout adulthood.

Negative manifestations tend to also take place in the interpersonal domain primarily in the form of promiscuous sexual behavior Philaretou, In the GreekCypriot sociocultural environment that continues to reward men with strong masculine personas, those with weak masculine identities tend to become marginalized.

Therefore, GreekCypriot men tend to be in a constant quest to prove their masculinity by developing a generalized cognitive preoccupation and ideation for the pursuit of female sexuality, manifested through a recurring physical desire for indiscriminate sex with multiple partners. The following personal recollections are intended to show the unrealistic sexual standards set by GreekCypriot male cabaret patrons who frequently find themselves agonizing over their sexuality and masculinity: I must admit that I feel very guilty paying for sex at the cabarets so what I do is try to befriend the cabaret girls and make them shortterm girlfriends.

I feel very proud showing them off to my friends and relatives. They make me feel good just by being around them. I will never forget one time when I ordered the owner to close the cabaret and bring the ladies in a circle around me and buy champagne for everybody. But the best incident happened when I run short of cash and I ordered one of my farm workers to pay the cabaret tab that was in the order of several thousand dollars in live stock.

He actually drove tens of small pigs to the cabaret and set them free inside as a form of payment for my debt to the astonishment and amusement of everyone of course. Price is always negotiable with the cabaret girls but the main thing is to have as much sex with them as possible in the shortest possible time span.

But, there is nothing I like most than hooking up my best friends and relatives with cabaret girls. My rules of thumb for entering into the sex work game are: Second, the generation of unrealistic thinking and feeling sexual states experienced as male sexual anxiety and externalized through sexual preoccupation with sex workers.

Fifth, the fun male bonding times experienced throughout the process of cabaret patronage. Patriarchal sociocultural environments promoting machismo practices provide men with little, if any, guidance for seeking alternative ways to promote healthy sexual intimacy in their interpersonal lives.

Schnarch describes the difficulties faced by a considerable number of men reared in patriarchal masculine environments who lack knowledge of to how to seek sexual, psychological, and emotional wellbeing out of positive monogamous intimate interactions. Casual sexual relationships with sex workers are devoid of true intimacy, mutual love, caring, and understanding. Through revisiting and celebrating their feminine side, men will be enabled to abandon extremist and addictive behaviors with sex workers by replacing them with strong emotional connections with their intimate partners, wives, and children.

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A contextual approach pp. An evolutionary and crosscultural perspective on prostitution. Symanski, The immoral landscape: Female prostitution in Western societies pp. Perspectives on the use of case studies: All it takes is one. The poetics and politics of ethnography.

University of California Press. An international handbook on trends, problems, and policies. Telling and performing personal lives.

Research on lived experience pp. Postmodernism and gender relations in feminist theory. The reversal of the ethnological perspective: Thesis Eleven, 34, The promise of gender equality. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Manhood in the making: Cultural concepts of masculinity.

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Toward the reconstruction of masculinity. A new psychology of men. On the Level, 3 4 ,


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