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Horney people in Sugawa

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For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. College of Science and Technology Tokyo, Japan. Apr - Mar Graduate School of Engineering Fukuoka-shi, Japan. One-pot synthesis of monodisperse CoFe2O4 Ag core-shell nanoparticles and their characterization. However, their synthesis method needs numerous processes such as solvent substitution, exchange of protective agents, and centrifugation.

A simple and rapid method for the synthesis of monodispersed core-shell nanoparticles makes it possible to accelerate their further applications. This paper describes a simple and rapid one-pot synthesis of core CoFe2O4 -shell Ag nanoparticles with high monodispersity.

The synthesized nanoparticles showed plasmonic light absorption owing to the Ag shell. Moreover, the magnetic property of the nanoparticles had a soft magnetic behavior at room temperature and a hard magnetic behavior at 5 K. In addition, the nanoparticles showed high monodispersity with a low polydispersity index PDI value of 0.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article This work demonstrates that incorporation of hydrogen bonding sites is an effective methodology to induce intermolecular electronic interactions in solution. More information can be found in the Communication by Joe Otsuki et al. We have fabricated hybrids of two-dimensional silica colloidal crystals and gold nanospheres for the development of platforms showing effective SERS phenomenon with a high spatial reproducibility.

The SERS signal of 4-mercaptobenzoic acid immobilized on the hybrids was enhanced up to We propose that the effective enhancement is induced by hot spots generated at the junction regions between the silica nanospheres. Enhancement of Raman scattering from single-walled carbon nanotubes on densely-arranged two-dimensional gold nanoparticle assemblies. The Au nanoparticle assemblies were prepared by an organic solvent-mediated liquid-liquid interface assembly technique.

The assemblies showed a strong longitudinal dipole coupling mode, which lead to the generation of hot spots at a near infrared region. Chemical stability and surface-enhanced Raman scattering property of platinum-modified silver nanorods. In the chemical stability test using H2O2, we found that the stability was significantly improved by the modification of Pt.

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering properties of Ag nanostructures fabricated by galvanic reaction using nanostructured Al thin films. We succeeded in fabricating Ag nanostructures by a galvanic reaction using nanostructured Al thin films as templates. The Al nanostructures were fabricated by a thermal deposition in a vacuum condition. The fabricated Ag nanostructures showed a clear peak, which is attributable to the localized surface plasmon resonance.

Furthermore, we demonstrated that the Ag nanostructures showed an efficient surface-enhanced Raman scattering activity using rhodamine 6G as a probe molecule. The perovskite solar cell is one of the most promising next-generation solar cells.

The problems associated with this hole-transport material are its high cost and poor durability. Here, Wu et al. The LUMO energy levels are much higher than the conduction band edge of the perovskite, which makes these materials suitable as an electron-blocking layer. Finally, the efficiencies of the cells with the new hole-transport materials were the same or even exceeded the efficiency of a spiro-OMeTAD-based cell at the 10th day after fabrication, which shows that the new hole-transport materials are better in terms of on-the-shelf durability than spiro-OMeTAD.

Three low-cost triphenylamine-based hole-transport materials HTMs with spiro[fluorene-9,9-xanthene] SFX skeleton are synthesized through a facile three-step procedure. BTPA-6 also exhibits a power conversion efficiency of A donor—acceptor—donor molecule with a 2,1,3-benzooxadiazole moiety, named BTPA-3, was successfully synthesized and employed as a hole-transporting material HTM for Cs0.

The higher Voc is attributed to larger recombination resistance and the resulting longer photovoltage lifetimes in the cells with BTPA In the meantime, for the Cs0. The morphologies and conductivities of the hole-transport layers were also investigated, and the results are discussed in relation to the performances of the PSCs.

The localized surface plasmon resonances LSPRs of the arrays were strongly excited at and nm, respectively at which the imaginary part of the dielectric function of Cu is small. Plasmon-induced charge separation PICS at plasmonic metal-semiconductor interfaces has been used for photovoltaics, photocatalysis, and many other photofunctional materials and devices.

In most of those cases, dispersed and disordered metal nanoparticle ensembles have been used. The present system exhibits broad light absorption over the visible to near-infrared NIR range, leading to wide photoelectrochemical responses. Here we report that this system is characterized not only by localized and propagating surface plasmons but also by light propagation through the colloidal crystals, which enhances plasmonic light harvesting.

Effects of the SiO2 core size were examined, and the middle-sized cores were found to be optimum for efficient PICS processes because of strong electric field at the photoelectrode.

Spontaneous ligand nitrosation and self-assembly into a pentacopper metallacrown complex. The lability of the core Cu ion in the complex is suggested.

This complex exhibits panchromatic absorption spectrum extending up to nm. The DSSC devices employing these complexes as the dye sensitizers generate electricity in response to light over the whole visible range and into the near infrared region over nm.

The transient absorption and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy have been conducted to get insight into the mechanistic details of the DSSC cells, which suggested that the presence of NBu4 cation was beneficial in retarding the unwanted recombination reaction.

Considering the efficient charge injection and regeneration as manifested by the large short-circuit current, modification based on the present structure would be a promising strategy toward higher efficiency dyes for DSSCs. Effect of different auxiliary ligands and anchoring ligands on neutral thiocyanate-free ruthenium II dyes bearing tetrazole chromophores for dye-sensitized solar cells.

For the anchoring ligand, the introduction of 2-hexylthiophene unit leads to narrower spectral response and lower molar extinction coefficients and a smaller driving force for dye regeneration.

For the ancilliary ligand, the cyclometalating Ru-C bond induces a red shift in absorption compared with a Ru-N bond and thus affords a photocurrent generation at wavelengths of up to nm. We have demonstrated the usefulness of Cu light-harvesting plasmonic nanoantennae for the development of inexpensive and efficient artificial organic photoelectric conversion systems. The systems consisted of the stacked structures of layers of porphyrin as a dye molecule, oxidation-suppressing layers, and plasmonic Cu arrayed electrodes.

In order to accurately evaluate the effect of Cu nanoantenna on the porphyrin photocurrent, the production of Cu2O by the spontaneous oxidation of the electrode surfaces, which can act as a photoexcited species under the visible light irradiation, was effectively suppressed by inserting the ultrathin linking layers consisting of mercaptohexadecanoic acid, titanium oxide, and poly vinyl alcohol between the electrode surface and porphyrin molecules. The reflection spectra in an aqueous environment of the arrayed electrodes, which were prepared by thermally-depositing Cu on two-dimensional colloidal crystals of silica with diameters of , , and nm, showed clear reflection dips at , , and nm, respectively, which are attributed to the excitation of localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR.

While the first dip lies within the wavelengths where the imaginary part of the Cu dielectric function is moderately large, the latter two dips lie within a region of quite small imaginary part.

Consequently, the LSPR excited at the red region provided a particular large enhancement of porphyrin photocurrent at the Q-band ca. These results strongly suggest that the plasmonic Cu nanoantennae contribute to the substantial improvement of photoelectric conversion efficiency at the wavelengths, where the imaginary part of the dielectric function is small. Thiocyanate-free asymmetric ruthenium II dye sensitizers containing azole chromophores with near-IR light-harvesting capacity.

A new series of thiocyanate-free bis-tridentate Ru II complexes containing azole ligands as well as an organometallic Ru—C bond are synthesized, characterized, and evaluated in dye-sensitized solar cells DSSCs. Despite their different structures, all the three complexes exhibit similar absorption features and panchromatic absorption covering the visible and near-IR regions.

By switching from a pyrazolyl via triazolyl to tetrazolyl moiety in the ligand, the photocurrent value, open-circuit voltage, and overall efficiency are increased accordingly under the same conditions. We prepared novel cerium meso-tetrathienylporphyrin double-decker complexes with 2-thienyl and 3-thienyl substituents.

The X-ray structures show that the porphyrin rings are distorted in a half-pipe fashion, which seems to be a common type of distortion for double-decker complexes of tetraarylporphyrins. The side-arm thienyl groups rotate more than two orders of magnitude faster than the phenyl groups of the corresponding double-decker complex of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin in solution at room temperature because of the lower rotational barriers.

The photocurrent obtained by the Q-band excitation in the plasmonic electrodes even exceeded that obtained by the Soret-band excitation in a normal, nonplasmonic electrode.

Fabrication and optical property of metal nanowire arrays embedded in anodic porous alumina membrane. Nanowires embedded in nanopores are potentially tough against surface scraping and agglomeration. In this study, we have fabricated Au and Ni nanowires embedded into anodic porous alumina APA and investigated their reflectance to study the effects of surface plasmon absorption properties and conversion from solar energy to thermal energy. Au nanowires embedded into APA show typical gold surface plasmon absorption at approximately nm.

On the other hand, Ni nanowires show quite a low reflectance under nm. In the temperature elevation test, both Au and Ni nanowire samples present the same capability to warm up water. It means that Ni nanowires embedded into APA have almost the same photothermal activity as Au nanowires. Neutral and anionic tetrazole-based ligands in designing novel ruthenium dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells. Refractive index susceptibility of palladium nanoplates with plasmonic resonance in the visible region.

We synthesized anisotropic Pd nanoplates for use as a novel refractive index RI sensing material in the visible region. It was found that the peak was red-shifted with increasing the RI of the surrounding medium. The susceptibility was calculated to be nm per RI unit, comparable to some anisotropic Au nanoparticles that are excellent RI sensing materials.

A coupled light-harvesting antenna-charge-separation system, consisting of self-assembled zinc chlorophyll derivatives that incorporate an electron-accepting unit, is reported. The cyclic tetramers that incorporated an electron acceptor were constructed by the co-assembly of a pyridine-appended zinc chlorophyll derivative, ZnPy, and a zinc chlorophyll derivative further decorated with a fullerene unit, ZnPyC Comprehensive steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopic studies were conducted for the individual tetramers of ZnPy and ZnPyC60 as well as their co-tetramers.

Intra-assembly singlet energy transfer was confirmed by singlet-singlet annihilation in the ZnPy tetramer. Electron transfer from the singlet chlorin unit to the fullerene unit was clearly demonstrated by the transient absorption of the fullerene radical anion in the ZnPyC60 tetramer. Construction of dendrimers with a square-shaped core consisting of zinc chlorophyll assembly via intermolecular nitrogen—zinc coordination.

The first dendrimers consisting of self-assembled zinc chlorophyll derivatives are reported. Coordination-directed self-assembly of pyridine-appended zinc chlorophyll derivatives tethering a dendron moiety results in cyclic tetramers peripherally functionalized by dendrons via intermolecular axial coordination interaction between the nitrogen atom in the pyridine ring and the zinc atom in the chlorin ring. Four different types of dendrons were introduced in the zinc chlorophyll component to investigate the tolerance of the self-assembly to the dendron structure.

We succeeded in controlling the wavelength range in which the photocurrent of porphyrin is enhanced by tuning as well as expanding the wavelength ranges in which the localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR occurs. The system consisting of the mixture MAgPRs showed enhancement of the photocurrent over the entire Q-band region nm. Finally, the total EFs of the photocurrents were evaluated by irradiation with AM1. Furthermore, the system showed stability without loss of the enhancement property for at least 10 min under the solar irradiation.

Surface properties and device characterization. This work deals with the synthesis, characterization, and application of carbon nanoparticles CNP adorned graphene oxide GO nanocomposite materials. Here we mainly focus on an emerging topic in modern research field presenting GO-CNP nanocomposite as a infrared IR radiation detector device.

GO-CNP thin film devices were fabricated from liquid phase at ambient condition where no modifying treatments were necessary. It works with no cooling treatment and also for stationary objects.


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A system, in certain embodiments, includes a spray device including a frame having a receptacle configured to receive a self-contained spray can. The spray device further includes a first conductive element configured to contact the self-contained spray can, and a first electrical conductor extending between the first conductive element and an earth ground such that a first electrical potential of the self-contained spray can is substantially equal to a second electrical potential of the earth ground while the self-contained spray can is in contact with the first conductive element.

The spray device also includes a corona-charging electrode positioned adjacent to a spray nozzle of the self-contained spray can. The corona-charging electrode is configured to emit a stream of ions toward the self-contained spray can such that a spray of fluid from the spray nozzle passes through the stream of ions and becomes electrostatically charged.

Finishing Brands Holdings Inc. Baltz, Jessica Rose Bryant. An electrostatic spraying device comprises a capillary spray electrode having a spraying end, a reference electrode, and a reservoir in fluid communication with the spray electrode. In use, the electrodes are connected across a generator in order to establish an electric field between the electrodes and cause fluid in the reservoir to be sprayed from the spray electrode. The spray electrode has a focus that defines a point at which the electric field is focused on the spraying end.

Method for multiplexing the electrospray from a single source resulting in the production of droplets of uniform size. The present invention is directed to a multiplex system for electrospraying an electrosprayable fluid to produce essentially uniform droplets in the cone-jet mode from multiple cone-jets anchored at the outlet of at least one atomizer when the at least one atomizer is in the presence of an electric field.

The system comprises at least one electrode spaced from the outlet of the at least one atomizer such that the electric field is between the outlet of the at least one atomizer and the at least one electrode.

The at least one atomizer is shaped for intensifying the electric field at discrete points at its outlet such that the electrosprayable fluid partitions into multiple monodispersed cone-jet electrosprays that anchor to the discrete points about the outlet of the at least one atomizer when a sufficiently intense electric field is present.

Fire prevention equipment and spraying method. Fire-extinguishing agent supplying equipment pressurizes a water-based fire-extinguishing agent and supplies the agent via a pipe; and the water-based fire-extinguishing agent is pressurized and supplied via the pipe to an electrification spray head installed in a protection area A, and the jetted particles of the fire-extinguishing agent are electrified and sprayed from the electrification spray head.

A pulsed or alternating electrification voltage is applied to the electrification spray head from a voltage application unit 15, and an external electric field generated by applying the voltage between a water-side electrode unit and an induction electrode unit is applied to the fire-extinguishing agent in a jetting process to electrify the jetted particles.

Toshihide Tsuji, Tatsuya Hayashi. Hair building solids dispenser. Atomization cooling equipment and atomizing method. Cooling water is pressurized and supplied via a pipe to an electrified atomization head installed in an atomization cooling area. The jetted particles of the cooling water from the electrified atomization head are electrified and atomized. An electrification voltage is applied from a voltage application unit to the electrified atomization head, and the external electric field generated by applying a voltage between a water-side electrode unit and an induction electrode unit is applied to the cooling water in a jetting process so as to electrify the atomization water and facilitate adsorption to people.

An electrostatic sprayer for spraying a liquid includes a nozzle formed from a nozzle body that has an inlet for receiving a liquid and a liquid tip having an outlet for ejection of the liquid to form a liquid spray. The nozzle also includes an electrode disposed around the outlet of the liquid tip for charging the liquid.

The electrode is captive in a removable cap that is that is detachably secured, e. The nozzle includes a calibratable stop mechanism for controlling a position of the electrode with respect to the outlet of the liquid tip when the cap is installed. The stop mechanism may be provided by a locking ring around a barrel of the sprayer that stops rotation of the cap. VOC-less electrostatic fluid dispensing apparatus. Systems and methods for rapidly atomizing and dispensing electrostatically atomized insecticides and similar low electrical conductivity active materials without the use of VOCs.

The active materials are dispensed via insertion of a disposable cartridge in a dispensing apparatus. The dispensing apparatus is hand actuated and the exhausted cartridge is minimized to the size of a wad of chewing gum and it is doubly sealed to prevent any residual active material from leaking into the environment. Spray flow and configuration may be user selectable. A sachet 1 having walls of flexible material is disclosed. The walls are joined so as to form an impermeable seal, thereby defining a cavity within the sachet 1.

A conduit 2 passing through the seal and having inner and outer ends is disposed with the inner end within the cavity and the outer end outside the sachet 1 such that the cavity is in fluid communication, via the conduit, with the outside of the sachet. The cavity contains a volume of liquid 8 in use, and the conduit 2 is adapted to prevent the liquid 8 flowing from the cavity without the application of an additional stimulus, irrespective of the orientation of the sachet 1.

David Waterman, Alastair Pirrie. Electrostatically atomizing device and electrostatically atomizing system. A high voltage is applied between an emitter electrode in an atomizing barrel and an opposed electrode supported to the atomizing barrel to electrostatically atomize a liquid supplied to the emitter electrode into a mist of charged minute particles. A silencer duct is attached to the front end of the atomizing barrel for reducing noises developed when generating the mist of the charged minute particles.

Accordingly, the silencer duct can absorb the noises developed around the emitter electrode and the opposed electrode at immediately downstream thereof for effectively reducing the noises. An electrostatically atomizing device has a housing and an electrostatically atomizing unit accommodated within the housing. The electrostatically atomizing unit includes an atomizing barrel and an emitter electrode disposed within the atomizing barrel and is configured to atomize water supplied to the emitter electrode at a tip of the emitter electrode and generate mist of charged minute water particles.

Formed within the housing is an air pressure chamber which surrounds the atomizing barrel. The atomizing barrel is formed in its peripheral wall with a plurality of air inlets which are arranged circumferentially around the atomizing barrel to introduce pressurized air from the air pressure chamber for carrying the mist on the pressurized air introduced into the atomizing barrel from the plural air inlets and discharging the mist outwardly of the housing.

A wide protection range can be ensured by extending the flying distance of fire-extinguishing agent particles electrified and sprayed from a head. A water-based fire-extinguishing agent is pressurized and supplied to an electrification spray head 10 installed in a protection area A via a pipe, the jetted particles of the fire-extinguishing agent are electrified and sprayed from the electrification spray head The electrification spray head mixes and sprays the fire-extinguishing agent having a comparatively small particle size included in a range from 30?

The electrostatic atomizing device includes a discharge electrode and an opposed electrode provided with an aperture. The opposed electrode has its inner surface opposed to the discharge electrode.

The inner surface is a recessed surface which surrounds a tip of the discharge electrode. The inner surface has at least one part shaped into a spherical surface which is centered on the tip of the discharge electrode and has a constant radius. The opposed electrode is provided with a cylindrical electrode extending from a periphery of the aperture away from the discharge electrode.

An electrostatically atomizing device includes an emitter electrode, an opposed electrode disposed in an opposed relation to the emitter electrode, liquid supply means for supplying a liquid to the emitter electrode, and high voltage generating means for applying a high voltage across the emitter electrode and the opposed electrode.

The liquid supplied onto the emitter electrode is electrostatically charged through application of the high voltage, as a result of which charged minute liquid particles are discharged from a discharge end of the emitter electrode. The device includes detecting means for detecting a discharge condition developed between the emitter electrode and the opposed electrode, and a controller for controlling the high voltage generating means to regulate its voltage output so as to maintain a predetermined discharge condition, based on detection results by the detecting means.

The electrostatic atomizing device includes a discharge electrode, an opposed electrode, and a voltage application device. The voltage application device is configured to apply a voltage between the discharge electrode and the opposed electrode so as to atomizing a liquid supplied to the discharge electrode.

The electrostatic atomizing device further includes a reduced water provision device configured to supply reduced water as the above liquid to the discharge electrode. An electrostatic atomizer comprises an atomization unit provided with a microstrip line having first and second ends, a microwave input unit configured to input a microwave signal to the first end, and a liquid supply means configured to supply liquid to the second end side.

Consequently, the emission of ozone with charged particulate water containing an active ingredient can be suppressed while the amount of generation of the charged particulate water is ensured.

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