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Thank you for using Abuse Tracker during. Please make a donation to keep Tracker online in. Abuse Tracker is now brought to you by BishopAccountability. See a message about this transition. Click on the headline to read the full story.

October 18, Editorial: Those theories, which wouldn't pass for bad fiction, are easily unveiled as clumsy attempts to discredit the Francis papacy. Ouellet's out-of-the-ordinary pronouncement is fitting for these extraordinary times. Its very existence signals with some finality the end of the pretense of unity with which the hierarchy in recent decades attempted to mask deep divisions in its ranks. It also bares as pretenders those who previously claimed the high ground of "orthodoxy" as defined, in their world, by unquestioning loyalty to the pope and the magisterium.

In fact, their orthodoxy extended only so far as their agreement with prevailing papal tendencies. Posted on October 18, 7: Rachael Denhollander, the attorney who spearheaded the fight to take down Larry Nassar for sexually abusing hundreds of young female gymnasts, experienced both damaging and healing responses from her church communities.

Before she came forward, she recalled the kind of church culture that had previously silenced her. You can read why it is assault from a theological viewpoint here. Posted on October 18, 6: Paul Snyder, A Deacon at St. Mary's Church in Swormville, sent a letter and an email and this massive packet of material the us liaison to the Pope.

Synder says Bishp Richard Malone's handling of the sex abuse crisis brought scandal to the Diocese of Buffalo and has encouraged some of the faithful here at home, to lose their faith. Snyder said, "Silence is what got us into this mess, people not speaking out, got us into this problem. Posted on October 18, 5: Department of Justice has opened a much-needed investigation into the clergy sex abuse crisis. Too often institutions are able to escape accountability through a mix of archaic laws like statutes of limitations, strong-armed agreements to silence survivors who have come forward, or by advancing a culture that keeps survivors fearful, ashamed, and afraid to tell others what had happened to them.

This is certainly a welcome development. SNAP has previously voiced the importance of a federal investigation and has called for investigations in , in , and as recently as two months ago. We know that thousands have suffered needlessly due to these sex crimes and cover-ups, and while we are glad that this investigation is finally underway, we cannot help but wonder how many children and vulnerable adults would have been spared had the investigation first occurred after the Boston Globe report in Posted on October 18, 4: Coming one day after the General Assembly failed to advance a statute of limitations reform bill, news that the federal government had launched an investigation into clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania served to advocates a reminder that their fight is not over.

What was in this latest grand jury report was horrific," said Rep. Mark Rozzi, the Berks County Democrat who led the effort to enact a retroactive window into reform legislation. It's not surprising that the U. Department of Justice is investigating at all. The Associated Press on Thursday first reported that the federal government had opened an investigation into the sexual abuse of minors by priests inside the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

Dioceses have already received subpoenas demanding confidential files and testimony from church leaders, AP reported. Posted on October 18, 3: The Catholic Diocese of San Jose on Thursday released the names of 15 former clergy members who were known by the church to be credible child sex abusers.

All of the priests on the list are either dead or permanently banned from the ministry. Don Flickinger, who was sued for sexual abuse years ago, was described as currently being with the Fresno diocese, though that could not be immediately confirmed. Flickinger also was described as having been permanently banned from from the ministry in The allegations of sexual misconduct, which were not described in detail, spanned to the early s.

The 15 men were assigned to a parish or diocesan ministry in Santa Clara County by the bishop of San Jose or, before the diocese was founded in , by the archbishop of San Francisco. By Eric Chaffin A recent Pennsylvania grand jury report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church identified mostly boy victims, but some of those allegedly abused were girls, as well. Some of those girls, as a result of the alleged abuse, became pregnant.

At least one went through an abortion arranged by her abusive priest. Yet, the priest would not be removed until over 15 years later. Grand Jury Report Highlights Abuse of Young Girls The report notes several cases of abuse to young girls, and in each one, instead of removing the alleged abusers from the ministry, the church allegedly allowed them to continue in some fashion. Below are some examples. In the Dioceses of Greensburg, a priest allegedly got a year-old girl pregnant and married her when she turned 18 with a forged signature on the marriage certificate.

Though the marriage was legal, the priest was sent for treatment and repentance at the Foundation House in New Mexico.

After that, he divorced the woman and was allowed to stay in the ministry in a different state. The woman went on to give birth to the child. In the Dioceses of Harrisburg, a priest abused five sisters in one family, and also collected samples of their urine, pubic hair, and menstrual blood. When his collection was found, the church still failed to act.

In the Diocese of Scranton, a priest assaulted a minor female, got her pregnant, and helped her obtain an abortion. When his bishop became aware of the incident, he sent the priest to St. A few months later, the priest was again ministering in another location.

The priest was not removed for another over 15 years. Pero habla asimismo de presiones en directo, incluso en las fuentes laborales. Posted on October 18, 2: The collapse of legislation in Pennsylvania's Senate leaves questions about whether lawmakers will pass recommendations in a landmark grand jury report on child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests.

The state Capitol was quiet Thursday. Lawmakers left town and there are no scheduled voting days before the two-year legislative session expires Nov. Filed in Cook County Circuit Court, late Wednesday, the suit relies heavily on allegations of pedophilia by two Peoria clergy. One was removed from ministry years ago, while the other never has been publicly associated with such charges.

Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky did not immediately respond to a Journal Star request for comment, nor did Patricia Gibson, legal counsel for the diocese. The suit also names the Catholic Conference of Illinois, which represents Illinois bishops and archbishops and their diocese. Two of the plaintiffs make accusations of pedophila within the Peoria Diocese.

One alleges sexual abuse between and starting when the plaintiff was 8 and ending when he was 14 by then-Father John Anderson, who has since been publicly removed from the priesthood. Another plaintiff claims a different Peoria clergyman — heretofore never named publicly regarding molestation allegations — had sexual contact in with the plaintiff, then Justice Department has opened an investigation of child sexual abuse inside the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, using subpoenas to demand confidential files and testimony from church leaders, according to two people familiar with the probe.

Attorney William McSwain of Philadelphia, who issued the subpoenas, wants to know if priests, bishops, seminarians or others committed any federal crimes. He demanded the bishops turn over any evidence that anyone in their ranks took children across state lines for illicit purposes; sent sexual images or messages via phone or computer; instructed anyone not to contact police; reassigned suspected predators; or used money or other assets as part of the scandal.

May God bless you! Amid the offenses of a prelate in the Church as well as accounts of sexual abuse that took place in dioceses of Pennsylvania, we are distressed and angered by horrible events in which bishops, priests, and other church leaders broke the sacred trust with those they have promised to serve as well as their promises of chaste living. This history brings to the surface deep wounds of victim survivors of sexual abuse and testifies to the depth of the grave harm that has been done.

This harm has been compounded by the inaction, negligence, or inadequate response of bishops. I personally have felt the weight of these scandals. In the Archdiocese of Louisville, we share a sad history of such abuse. This pastoral report to you, the faithful of the Archdiocese, aims to bring the light of truth and the healing of Jesus Christ into the darkness of these sinful actions.

The wounds of abuse, even if decades old, reveal the terrible damage and pain for victims harmed by the sin and crime of sexual abuse. Our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones.

Amid a growing chorus of critics, the Archdiocese of Louisville on Thursday pledged to take advice from child sex abuse survivors as it creates new ways to offer them support. While revealing no new information about alleged misconduct, church leaders also said they will seek experts in law enforcement to review how the archdiocese has managed abuse in order to improve record-keeping and reporting. The archdiocese announced its next steps in a four-page report responding to the national outrage stoked by a recent investigation of Pennsylvania dioceses.

That grand jury report found church leaders protected more than "predator priests" for decades. Posted on October 18, 1: One of two Roman Catholic priests charged as a result of the damning Pennsylvania grand jury investigation admitted he sexually abused children, pleading guilty Wednesday to corruption of minors and child endangerment.

David Lee Poulson , 65, of Oil City, was arrested earlier this year during a grand jury probe that concluded hundreds of clergy in the state had sexually abused at least 1, children over seven decades.

Prosecutors say Poulson abused an altar boy in church rectories and had him confess afterward. They say he also abused the boy and attempted to assault another boy at a hunting camp.

Poulson took the victims to his primitive, secluded hunting camp in Jefferson County about a decade ago, where they watched horror movies on a laptop and he abused them, prosecutors said. The victims were 8 and 15 at the time the crimes occurred, according to authorities. Shapiro said he expected Poulson to have to register as a sex offender for at least a decade.

Sentencing has not been scheduled. Posted on October 18, Abbeville attorney Anthony Fontana, who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a St. Landry family in an alleged priest sex abuse case, is seeking a list of priests who have credible complaints against them. Fontana is representing a person alleged to be a victim of priest Michael Guidry, who was arrested earlier this year by St.

Read more of our stories about him here and here.


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Prosecutors say Poulson abused an altar boy in church rectories and had him confess afterward. They say he also abused the boy and attempted to assault another boy at a hunting camp. Poulson took the victims to his primitive, secluded hunting camp in Jefferson County about a decade ago, where they watched horror movies on a laptop and he abused them, prosecutors said. The victims were 8 and 15 at the time the crimes occurred, according to authorities.

Shapiro said he expected Poulson to have to register as a sex offender for at least a decade. Sentencing has not been scheduled. Posted on October 18, Abbeville attorney Anthony Fontana, who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a St. Landry family in an alleged priest sex abuse case, is seeking a list of priests who have credible complaints against them.

Fontana is representing a person alleged to be a victim of priest Michael Guidry, who was arrested earlier this year by St. Read more of our stories about him here and here.

Interrogatories are questions that parties in a lawsuit ask each other; Requests for Production are requests for documents. Answering them is not optional — there are deadlines and requirements that parties have to follow. In his discovery, Fontana asks Guidry and the Diocese to name all priests who have credible complaints against them since , as well as all church employees who have credible complaints against them.

Fontana, who handled several lawsuits against the diocese back in the s when the allegations of sexual abuse by priests first came to light, did not explain why he limited his requests to the time since Der gestorbene Homeyer war von bis Bischof von Hildesheim. Pope Francis told a group of Italian seminarians to report immediately to their bishop if they ever see or suspect any kind abuse, sexual or otherwise, on the part of a priest.

The text of the lengthy question-and-answer session was released by the Vatican Oct. We must be clear: On this point, do not yield.

Nearly five years have passed since the Catholic Church in Scotland took the first tentative steps on a journey many hoped would close the yawning gulf between its public statements and private deeds when it came to abuse. The subsequent report, published in August , became known as the McLellan Commission. Its recommendations were plentiful but two were key.

It's hard to miss St. Augustine Catholic Church with its metal crosses towering in the sky at the corner of Locust Street and Chestnut Street in Jeffersonville, but there are some things at the church that have not been as obvious until now. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis released a list last week of clergy "credibly accused" of sexually abusing children.

The Archdiocese said an allegation was deemed credible "if, after a thorough investigation and review of available information, the accusation was determined to be more likely to be true than not in the judgment of the Archdiocesan Review Board. I pledge to do everything within my power to protect our youth. Posted on October 18, 9: Legislation to respond to Pennsylvania's landmark grand jury report accusing hundreds of Roman Catholic priests of sexually abusing children over decades stalled on the Legislature's final scheduled voting day of amid a showdown over a key provision.

The dispute came down to opposition by the Senate's huge Republican majority to a provision recommended by the grand jury and backed by Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov.

That provision would give now-adult victims of child sexual abuse a two-year reprieve from time limits in state law that otherwise would bar them from suing perpetrators and institutions that covered it up. It passed the House overwhelmingly last month, but Republican senators had said they considered it unconstitutional and warned that cash awards in such lawsuits carried serious consequences for church charities.

A young woman filed a lawsuit and a police report accusing a Texas imam of sexual misconduct. Late at night on Dec. He was privy to her biggest teenage problems — an absentee father, discord with her mother, bullies at school. The lawsuit depicts a man who was more like a savior or a Svengali than a counselor, using his power over Doe to make her dependent on him. He helped her buy a car and loaned her cash for tuition and a laptop. He helped Doe navigate a turbulent home life and essentially stepped in as a father figure.

She even began calling the imam Baba, Arabic for Dad. To understand how wide this abuse within the Catholic Dioceses spans, you really have to look at where it all began. The first reports that stemmed a further investigation and pushed for change to the current Statute of Limitations came after allegations against priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese.

Then Attorney General Kathleen Kane, announced a grand jury report found that at least 50 priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese abused hundreds of children for decades and clergy leaders had covered it up. Victims want legislation that would expand the statue of limitations retroactively With hours remaining in the last scheduled voting day of the year, a proposal by the top-ranking Republican in the state Senate to exempt the Catholic Church from sex abuse lawsuits is landing with a thud among Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and other victim advocates.

Victims of child sex abuse have long sought legislation that would, essentially, expand the statute of limitations retroactively so that lawsuits can be filed. Late last month, the House sent the Senate a bill to create a two-year window of opportunity for lawsuits. But the Senate balked at that idea and now, after being briefed on it, Attorney General Shapiro says the latest proposal is to create a window for lawsuits against individuals.

The religious figure accuses Ugaz of having damaged his honor and reputation in seven tweets the journalist published on Jan. The SVC is an ecclesiastical community linked to the Catholic church. Ronald Tully was among those named by the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington as being 'credibly accused' of sexual abuse of minors. An ex-Catholic high school vice principal was among several priests named Monday by the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington as being "credibly accused" of sexually abusing minors.

Monsignor Ronald Tully became a priest for the archdiocese in s when he left the Augustinian Order. He was among more than two dozen others who faced allegations of abusing minors since The archdiocese did not elaborate on the allegations that landed Tully on the list, but NJ. A teenager abused by the former music director at a Long Island Catholic church is suing the Diocese of Rockville Center, claiming the church ignored guidelines designed to protect children. The church's former music director, Efrain Villafane, now 62, pleaded guilty to rape charges last year, and was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

He will also be registered as a sex offender for life. The head of the Diocese of Baton Rouge announced Tuesday he will release the names of clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse within his territory — a major milestone in the fallout of a widespread Catholic sex abuse crisis and a significant decision for Bishop Michael Duca in his short time as the church's leader here. The Catholic Church is being sued by a teen who says she was sexually abused by a former choir director.

The lawsuit says that Villafane often told the girl, "If you tell your mother or anyone, I will take you down with me. Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their supporters were back at the state capitol on Monday applying pressure on legislators who they say will either allow a path to justice or stand in its way.

Demonstrators stood in the Senate hallway, some holding signs demanding a WindowToJustice, while others took turns reading from the nearly page state grand jury report that was released in August and details sexual abuse of about 1, children by predator priests.

The window would allow survivors for whom the civil window has already closed to file a retroactive civil claim against their abuser. And yet, survivors who have passed beyond the deadline to file a civil claim have yet to see reform that they believe would provide them some measure of justice: When I think of grade school I think of this. I think of the abuse," said Dougherty.

They came to sit face to face with Rev. George Koharchik, their former teacher who they say molested them when they were in Catholic grade school. Dougherty said the abuse began when he was The priest worked in Hawaii for three years before his arrest and subsequent conviction. Sixty-four year old David Poulson has been free on bond since shortly after his arrest on eight charges involving the abuse of two boys.

He was charged with incidents at church rectories in Cambridge Springs and Fryburg , Clarion County and at a remote hunting cabin in Jefferson County. When Father Joseph Gatto last month was added to the list of more than priests in Buffalo who stand accused of sexual misconduct, many Catholics were stunned. Gatto was promoted by Bishop Richard J. Malone, who named him the president and rector of Christ the King Seminary.

Yielding to calls from Catholics who have demanded a full accounting of local clerical abuse cases in the wake of other disclosures across the U. Allegations are deemed to be credible when, after a thorough review, the clergy who are accused are removed from ministry, according to the archdiocese.

We will publish the list as soon as this work is finished. Local Catholics stunned to learn clergy they knew were accused of sexual abuse On Monday, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington released a list of 31 clergy members credibly accused of sexually abusing minors dating back to the late s. Local parishioners, including those affiliated with parishes in Bethesda and Silver Spring, are stunned to see names they recognize on the list. Embattled Buffalo Bishop Richard J.

Malone, who has come under fire for allowing an accused priest to work again with children, is being edited out of a national child abuse training video. The training videos are used across the country and are produced by Virtus, a national Catholic insurance group that conducts training sessions for Catholic churches and schools.

Employees and volunteers who come in contact with children in Buffalo and elsewhere are required to view the videos as part of their training sessions.

The sexual harassment and abuse of seminarians, and the response of seminary leaders, have been at the center of the case of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whose removal from ministry in June launched months of focus on the topic of abuse.

Many Catholics share a heightened, even unprecedented, level of concern for the well-being of Catholic seminarians. They rightly wonder, as well, whether our seminaries can not only screen out potential sexual predators, but also rise to the challenge of preparing for life and ministry men who are emotionally mature, and psychologically and sexually healthy.

This requires training for contemporary American society. The convergence of these concerns invites a long-needed conversation about reform in American seminaries. Bishop Edward Malesic of the Greensburg diocese said a retired state trooper, a lawyer, a college student, a clinical psychologist and abuse survivor are among the individuals who will serve on a lay advisory council the diocese formed to assure the safety of children and vulnerable individuals.

Malesic said the Safe Environment Advisory Council — which will advise the church on best practices for the protection of children and issue an annual compliance report on those guidelines — consists of Catholics and non-Catholics. The panel, which includes nine individuals from the four-county diocese, will begin its work overseeing listening sessions in parishes next week. The Catholic Church hierarchy has descended on Rome this month, and the theme of the gathering is youth.

Child sex-abuse finding have been made against Monsignor Charles Coen, a former pastor and famed Irish musician on Staten Island. IrishCentral understands the priest, now 85 and living in a retirement home in New York, strongly disputes the finding as do many in the Irish music community.

The Diocese of San Jose on Thursday is expected to release the names of its clergy who are "credibly accused" of child sex abuse, the church's bishop announced.

After holding several listening sessions for survivors and allowing them to speak about their experiences of abuse in the Catholic Chuch, Bishop Patrick McGrath said the meetings were informative and painful. After a marathon day of negotiations, Republican leaders in the state Senate failed to push through a compromise on an emotionally charged bill aimed at helping older victims of clergy abuse gain the right to sue, leaving its fate in limbo as they wrapped up the last voting day of the legislative season.

His plan would have allowed for a temporary reprieve in the statute of limitations so older victims could sue their attackers — but not the institutions, such as the Catholic Church, that may have covered up the abuse. Posted on October 18, 8: A Melbourne artist who was sexually abused at an Australian orphanage has commissioned a painting to document the royal commission and his fight for justice.

It is with a sense of pride that Melbourne artist Robert House gazes at the latest addition to his art collection. Mr House, who was sexually abused at an orphanage in Sydney as a young boy in the late s, commissioned friend and artist Peter Daverington to create a painting to honour survivors of child sexual abuse and the fight for justice.

And, mainly, the victory of the story, not so much the bad side of the story but the reason to fight for a cause and never give up until you achieve what you want," Mr House told SBS News. His announcement came as abuse survivors and their advocates waged a last-minute effort to push the state Senate to vote on one of the recommendations that came out of the grand jury report, which concluded that church leaders routinely covered up allegations that priests in six dioceses, including Greensburg and Pittsburgh, had abused about 1, children over seven decades.

The recommendation that passed the state House by an overwhelming margin earlier this fall would establish a two-year window of opportunity to allow adult survivors of child sexual abuse who were barred by the statute of limitations to sue their alleged abusers. Ochoa is working with a review board to determine what information the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno may release about area priests accused of sexual misconduct, including the possibility of publicly identifying those priests by name.

The board is made up of members that come from diverse professional backgrounds, such as law enforcement, education, social work and victim psychological services.

It remains unclear how much longer those discussions will take before a conclusion is reached on what to release and when. Two former students of the boarding school allege sexual abuse at the hands of Fessenden School employees in the s and s.

Two former students of the Fessenden School west of Boston have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the alleged sexual abuse they suffered by employees of the all-boys boarding school in the s and s. John Sweeney, who now lives in Connecticut, and William A. Greaves II, who now lives in Norfolk. The plaintiffs allege that Fessenden officials, including the headmaster, assistant headmaster, and director of residential life, were negligently hired, trained and supervised.

These employees knew, or should have known, about the abuse, the lawsuit alleges, and were thus not fit to be around adolescent boys.

Four Catholic priests with ties to the Santa Clarita Valley have been named a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, according to a report released this month. The report contained more than names of clerics from the Los Angeles Archdiocese who have been accused of sexual abuse. Emens is suing bishops in California for allegedly covering up sexual abuse, according to the lawsuit.

The California Catholic Conference, which oversees the California Catholic Conference of Bishops, said in a statement Wednesday, they use safety measures including background checks and fingerprinting. The organization has a zero-tolerance standard and training were implemented years ago and these safe environment programs aid students and staff in identifying and preventing abuse, according to church officials.

Augustine in Jeffersonville, abused at least 23 victims. Among the names listed is Albert Vincent Deery, who served as the pastor of St. Augustine from until his death in The Archdiocese reports Deery abused at least 23 victims. Shapiro spoke Monday while greeting victims of sexual abuse demonstrating outside Senate offices. Prosecutors announced in a press release Wednesday that a Texas grand jury returned felony charges on Penny in late September, prompting an investigation into his whereabouts.

Officials searched for Penny since Sept. The archdiocese posted the list of priests on its website late Monday. It names 28 clergy members and three priests who were part of religious orders, but served in Washington parishes or schools. Most of the cases date back multiple decades and only three of the alleged abuses took place after Of the 31 men listed, 16 are dead. Some were removed from their clerical positions or the ministry at some point.

Suit claims Diocesse of Rockville Centre on Long Island knowingly sent a priest previously accused of abuse to Florida and is therefore responsible for alleged abuse there When Mark Cattell was 9 years old in , he said, he met a priest who had been transferred to Florida from a Long Island, N.

He said the priest fondled him after Mass. On another occasion, he said, the priest forced him to give oral sex. Wisconsin Attorney General Schimel: The letter demands a full-scale investigation of the 60, court-ordered publicly available documents which detail alleged abuse by 48 Catholic priests of the Milwaukee Archdiocese. At least one hundred allegedly abusive clergy have never been publicly identified, and their documents remain sealed.

The Milwaukee Archdiocese is one of five Wisconsin dioceses the groups want Schimel to review. Posted on October 17, 6: Petersburg alleging that he was sexually abused as a child by a now deceased priest. According to the lawsuit filed this week, Mark Cattell says he was 9 years old in when he was sexually abused by the Rev.

Cattell, now 45, was a student at Christ the King Catholic School and attended the parish church. According to the lawsuit, Huneke had previously been assigned to St. Herman produced letters that he said Salveson, who is not a party in the suit, wrote as an adult to the Long Island bishop about the abuse that began when he was 13 years old.

By then, Huneke was in Florida, at Christ the King. In a July 26, , letter on Christ the King stationery to the Rockville Centre bishop, Huneke admits to "past incidents" in New York and says he has "undergone counseling as well as spiritual direction.

House Majority Leader David Reed warned the Senate Wednesday that his chamber will reject a plan to reform the statutes of limitation that exempts institutions from lawsuits. Lawmakers are clashing over plans to revamp the state's law regarding child sexual abuse and the statutes of limitation.

Most notably, the plan would include a clause that would require victims who file lawsuits under a retroactive window to name an individual abuser rather than institutions, such as the Catholic church. Gatto, who runs the seminary for the Diocese of Buffalo, has been placed on administrative leave by the diocese, as he faces an allegation of sexual misconduct.

The Archdiocese of Washington released a list Monday of 31 priests. It names priests involved in cases with credible accusations of abuse. Fortwengler keeps newspaper clippings in his car.

Like scars, they are physical reminders of his painful past. Fortwengler's abuser, Robert Petrella was eventually convicted of molesting David and another boy in the 60's, while they were both alter boys at an Oxon Hill, Maryland church. David says the list gives him little comfort. A former priest in the Diocese of Erie has admitted to sexually assaulting one boy and attempting to assault another boy, the state attorney general's office said Wednesday.

David Poulson pleaded guilty to two felony crimes - corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children - in a hearing in Jefferson County Common Court. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who has led the grand jury investigation of clergy sex abuse across Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania, said the former priest assaulted a victim in church buildings.

Citing the plea, Shapiro is urging lawmakers to revamp state law to help victims of clergy sex abuse take their cases to court. He used the tools of the priesthood to further his abuse. Today, Poulson is being held accountable and facing justice for his crimes. Poulson assaulted one boy repeatedly at two different churches and attempted to assault another boy at a cabin, the grand jury presentment found. Posted on October 17, 4: The Pennsylvania Senate reconvened Wednesday for its last afternoon session of the term amid disparate reports that a bill to reform child sex crime laws would protect the Catholic Church from lawsuits.

Some advocates have urged lawmakers to approve a window to allow clergy sex abuse victims to file civil suits, even if the abuse occurred decades ago. But critics say a new proposal would bar victims from using that window to sue institutions, including the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church figures large in the discussion over the bill. A reincarnation of previous attempts, the bill comes at the heels of a blistering grand jury report that found thousands of children had been sexually molested and raped by Catholic priests across the state.

Lobbyists from the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference and the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania have aggressively opposed the retroactive component to the bill. An Allegheny County man who says he was sexually abused for three years beginning in by a now-deceased priest in the Greensburg Diocese has sued the diocese, citing the August statewide grand jury report. The man, a former altar boy identified only as John Doe, filed his lawsuit Tuesday as the Pennsylvania Senate weighed a measure recommended by the grand jury and recently approved by the state House.

The proposal would create a two-year window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are now older than 30 to sue their abusers. The new complaint names the late Joseph A.

Tamilowski, a priest who served in several parishes from until his death in Diocesan records revealed that another former altar boy reported in that Tamilowski fondled him on multiple occasions during the s at Mission of St. Mary Church in Schenley, the grand jury report said. The Greensburg Diocese did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit, which was filed in Westmoreland County. Bono's selection had been immediately criticized by several high-profile gymnasts, including Olympic gold-medal winners Simone Biles and Aly Raisman.

Bono, who was appointed to her new roles on Friday, recently posted a photo of herself blacking out a Nike logo on a golf shoe. In response, Biles tweeted: News of a race riot against free blacks in Cincinnati, Ohio in inspired Humphreys to bequeath money in his will for higher education for free blacks.

He charged thirteen fellow Quakers to design an institution "to instruct the descendents of the African Race in school learning, in the various branches of the mechanic Arts, trades and Agriculture, in order to prepare and fit and qualify them to act as teachers In its early years, it provided training in trades and agriculture, as those were the predominant skills needed in the general economy.

The school's official name changed several times during the 20th century. The university has traditionally offered opportunities to many students from Philadelphia's inner city schools. It became part of a civil rights lawsuit against the state government; it alleged that the state had unlawfully underfunded the historically black university. The suit was settled 19 years later in This was five years after the U.

Department of Education 's Office of Civil Rights began investigating states "that once practiced segregation in higher education and were never officially found to have eliminated it. Burleigh Hall is named for Harry T. Burleigh, the first critically successful African American composer and a major international figure in the world of music in the 20th century.

The building, which forms the eastern end of the historic Quadrangle, was to Cope was instrumental in helping to raise funds for the institute throughout his long and loyal tenure as a board member. Browne Hall , was originally constructed as a home economics center, and is named for Hugh Mason Browne, who was principal of the school from to It subsequently served as Cheyney's reception center, and housing for several administrative offices.

Current plans call for renovation after which it will house high achieving students. Dudley Hall , named for Katherine Dudley a pioneering music faculty member, was formerly named Pennsylvania Hall. Dudley Hall was originally a gymnasium and later the home of the music department. After a renovation it became a fine arts center and theatre for student productions. The Dudley theatre has seen performances by Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, in addition to highly regarded student productions.

Andrew Carnegie Hall is located on the quadrangle and is named for one of America's most famous philanthropists, the steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie Carnegie had a passion for libraries and donated millions for the construction of libraries across the United States. The building served as library, cafeteria, and gymnasium and study area. In an addition was constructed for classroom use, and later housed the business department.

After a renovation, the grand hall is now used for special receptions. Emlen Hall is named for Samuel Emlen, Quaker board member, and the founder of the Emlen Institute in Philadelphia, from whose estate the ICY had earlier received considerable financial aid. Construction on Emlen was begun in and completed in Emlen was originally a dormitory for women; however, later it was used for staff housing, business support services, and the business school.

Currently, it is used for housing for the Keystone Honor Academy Students. Only these honor students are offered the privilege to stay in the historic building. Humphreys Hall Richard Humphreys Hall , located on the historic quadrangle, Humphreys Hall was the very first building constructed under the governance of the Quaker Board of Governors.

Construction began in , and the building was in use by Named in honor of Richard Humphreys , the Quaker philanthropist and founder of the Institute for Colored Youth ICY , who's will, bequeathed the generous donation that enabled the establishment of the institution in After an extensive renovation, the new use of the building is to house Humphrey's Scholars.

Biddle Hall , an administration building, is named for James G. Biddle who served on the Cheyney Board from until his death in When then-Cheyney Training School for Teachers was purchased by the Commonwealth, he became Chairman of the Board of Trustees appointed by the governor. Bethlehem - Moravian College - Rau Dormitory - In the '60's 3 people hung themselves on the basement floor also known as the pit.

It is haunted by these three ghosts. This floor is closed off at all times except Halloween when they open it for the big haunted house. Bethlehem - Moravian College - Wilhelm Dormitory - At night weird noises that are a mixture of banging and scratching coming from the walls. The walls are cement so It could not have been coming from the next room.

Bethlehem - The Sun Inn - now a restored museum and restaurant. Built prior to the Revolution and visited by many luminaries of that era. The Moravianshad built tunnels to use in case of hostile Indian attacks. The existence of these tunnels has been substantiated by several witnesses. One of the entrances is in the cellar of the inn. According to legend, Brother Albrecht hid some treasure and wine in a secret room. His ghost guards the treasure. Cold spots and feeling a presence have been reported.

Birdsboro - Covatta's Restaurant - This restaurant used to be a private residence that was built in the 's. There are 3 floors in the building, but tourists are only allowed on the first two. Employees of the restaurant have reported everything being moved around when they come to work in the morning.

On the second floor, if you stand by the steps to the third floor, you can hear whistling. There are even documented photos of the ghosts. She has tapped people on the shoulder, and pushed people down stairs. She also moves objects around and you can hear her at night. Bloomsburg - The Irondale Inn - A bed and breakfast on the site of an old plantation is said to have three ghosts haunting, one case in which and old woman has gone around the halls closing doors behind the guests, A large heating vent leading into the basement is believed to be the "home" to these specters.

The current occupants discovered soon after moving there some of these events. One weekend after coming home from a trip the lid to the hot tub was removed and the kitchen door was mysteriously open with nothing missing from inside.

We were told that the owners mother died in the upstair room right off the stairs. You can still smell her perfume and hear her walking at night.

In the guest house, the front enclosed porch, the rocking chair would rock and the room was airtight. The attic door would never stay close, so my father would wedge a knife in the top of the door. Every monday morning, the knife would be neatly placed on the step inside the door. Us boys were way too short to reach it. Blue Bell - Weichert Office - There has been sitings of a woman roming the last floor of this previous home made into a realistate office, there has also been noises and open doors seen but no one has been hurt.

According to many sources there are odd occurrences in the forest. Noises and whispers are a common thing, and are rumored to be the spirit of a hiker who fell off the rocks.

At some points people have even reported the forest getting extremely dark even just a few feet in while it is still light out. One is very common. She is called the night walker.

It looks like she is waiting for someone to come and see her. George Washington observed many of the unfortunate wretches when he organized the retreat of the survivors. Bradford County - Barclay Cemetery - This submission has been removed at the request of the owner.

This is private property and violators will be prosecuted! Brandy Camp - Gravity Hill - There is a hill where you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, and if you shut your car off u can hear horse galloping and your car starts to move up hill and you can hear horse hooves against the pavement. Bristol - Behind the Grundy Memorial Library in the Delaware River - The ghost is reported to be the ex-king of Spain looking for his long lost girl that is missing.

People have seen this ghost on a rowboat with a lantern in his hand calling out to his long lost girl. In before the Grundy Memorial Library was built. There was a house, which lived a women who said that she has been seeing a strange figure on a rowboat row by here house calling out to some strange name. Bristol - King's Inn - Chairs and silverware move themselves, as well as lamps and doors slamming. Pictures fly off the wall and the apparition of a man has been spotted there.

James Episcopal Cemetery - There are many ghosts that haunt this place including a ghost of a witch. There is a chair that sits right next to the tombstone of Merritt P. Wright called the Witch's Chair. Legend has it that if you sit in the chair at midnight in the month of October, you will feel the hands of a witch encircling you.

Sights of a small dog called "Binks" roams the woods. She went here in the beginning of this century. She believed she had leprosy, although the doctors could find nothing wrong with her. To cure herself, she took a bath in kerosene, and knocked a lantern in to the bathtub.

She is said to have run screaming in flames down the hall. Buckingham - Gravity Hill- If you stop your car and put it in neutral on a certain spot on the road, rumor has it that the soldiers of a war were carrying something up the hill, and when you are in neutral your car moves backward up the hill. Bucks County - Black Bass Hotel- In Lumberville, on the river, many haunts in this old hotel including a woman in white who walks the halls and has been seen in a guestroom with a pearl-handled revolver in her lap.

Also, Old Hans, an original innkeeper who was stabbed to death in tavern brawl by immigrant canal workers. The pool of blood on the tavern floor has been known to appear on several occasions. The ghost is believed to be the ghost of the former administrator Stella Tyler. Bucks County - Dark Hallow Road - The remains of a physically abusive school teacher were found in the school house a hundred years after his death. The entire road is haunted.

Mysterious lights have been reported flickering and moving around. Bucks County - Warminster - Warminster Volunteer Ambulance Corps - Sounds of doors opening when there is no one around to open the doors.

Moans coming from the ambulance bays. Faces of people in the back of the ambulances. Lights hooked up to light sensors going on when there is no one in the room to turn them on. BUckingham - Hansell Road - Located 2 blocks from Holicong Road - An old man is seen walking up and down the road and a glowing light comes out of the woods hovers over the road then disappears back into the woods.

Buckingham - Holicong road - It's a long narrow winding road with lots of hills and bridges. You pass many big houses before you reach a field. There are two huge rocks there. Witches haunt the road and when you try to go back up the hill to leave your car feels like its being pulled backwards down the hill.

At the time, there were a bunch of immigrant workers here who all contracted this flu and died. Instead of being buried in individual graves, these immigrants were thrown into a mass grave pit that had been dug out in the woods. An enormous black cross was erected on top. At night, it is told that you can hear unearthly howling at this spot; also a strong wind and mist are reported. When the mill was operational a man who worked there always walked the same path to work. He carried his lunch in a box and a lantern.

Rumor is the man died because of a malfunction in the equipment. Some nights if you park your car right above the mill the man can be seen walking down the hill to mill. He goes into the mill a light seems to be on and screams are heard coming from the mill. There is also the spirit of a caretaker that lived on the property from the early 's until his death around Times he can be seen chasing people away from the land he loved and took care of.

Legend has it that a girl died in auto accident on the covered bridge that crosses Slippery Rock Creek beside the mill.

Stories say she can be summoned by parking your car in the middle of the bridge turning off the engine and lights and honking your horn 3 times. She is supposed to appear in your rear view mirror. Natural human reaction is to turn around and look but she's never there and disappears from the mirror.

Many people have lost their lives in the treacherous Slippery Rock Creek, which is more of a river in the surrounding area. Numerous adventurous young people have drown in waters. Several people have perished climbing the park's huge rock formations.

There is no doubt it one of the most haunted areas in Butler, Pennsylvania. Also, something else could chase you out. It is Conrad Snyder who is haunting his family's resting place. Butler County - Moraine State Park - Snyder Cemetery - A green glowing light come from a small gravestone, white flashes of light, weird fog reported.

Butler County - Summit Township elementary school woods - At night, voices of little children playing can be heard when out where the old railroad tracks used to be in the woods. Also, the old train conductor lantern moves up and down the tracks, but disappears when approached. In the early dawn, a train whistle can be heard, with no active railroads in the area. At There are many trains that still run in the area and anyone that knows the area, also knows the trains still run in East Butler and in Butler itself.

As far as the lights, it is well known and also documented in the local newspaper the "Butler Eagle" about the "phantom train" in the area. It seems that some locals have fun and set up train lights and whistles near the cross roads and turn them on as cars and people pass by to see who will stop or look out for the train.

There are no tracks anymore and it is pretty humorous for those involved. Cambridge Springs - The Riverside Inn - Guests have reported ghosts crawling into bed with them, music heard coming from the ballroom along with, ghostly apparitions dancing.

Doors opening and closing can be heard at various times of the day even when no one is there. Although all of the school has been redone this part was left alone. The door is usually locked, although some have been able to get inside. The floor is still just dirt and there are mounds the span the small space. A small children's cemetery used to be where the school is now. It is said that when the school was built they did not was to disturb the bodies. People have reported seeing small girls running down the hall way, reports of foot steps down the halls and the sounds of small girl's voices can be heard.

The president was killed several years back and at nights the lights flicker along with doors becoming unlocked. Ironically no one has ever stole anything. Camp Hill - Sounds The Iron Kettle - Sounds has been said to be haunted for years by a bride and also possibly by another figure, a man. When you walk into the establishment, some people are said to have felt a presence in the room and many times feel"heaviness" in their head which sometimes turns into a different sort of headache.

Sometimes the presence felt is a sort of sadness, "heavy-hearted. Canonsburg - Subway - The Canonsburg Subway was said to have been built on an old nursing home.

The employees there have experienced a ghost whispering their names in their ears, swinging of the doors even though they are the only person in the store, and even report seeing a shadowy figure in the security camera again when no one is present in the store.

They have dubbed the ghost "Fred". Canton - 7 Steps - an old railroad tunnel with 7 large steps leading up to the top. It is said that a boy was riding through on his bike and was hit by the train and now still haunts the tunnel.

Some nights he will appear, but there are always sounds of train whistles, footsteps, and little kid laughing. There have been numerous reports of unexplained phenomena at the prison in recent years. The most famous ghost story associated with the prison is the hand print left in a cell by a man wrongfully accused of being a member of the Molly Maguires.

The Molly Maguires were a group of disgruntled miners in the 's who used violence as a means to bring about change in the corrupt mining industry. Several men were accused, arrested, and eventually hanged at the prison for being Molly Maguires. On the eve of his execution, a man who proclaimed his innocence ran his hand along the dirty floor of his cell and made an impression of his hand on the wall, claiming the impression would always remain as proof of his innocence.

The next day, he was hung and the hand print was washed away. Three days later, the print reappeared. As legend has it, the wall has been repeatedly washed and painted, but the hand print always returns. The wall was supposedly even ripped down and re-plastered, but the hand print returned yet again. The prison is now opened to tourist, but the cell with the hand print is off limits.

Visitors can still view the print through the cell door, though. Haunted by Charlie, a confederate soldier who is a young boy, an Native American lady and the basement which was a morgue at one time. Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Flower Road houses - A lady in a green dress walks in and out of the houses on this road. Also, may be the same lady in the LVCC. Most likely many more.

The basement is so haunted they call it purgatory. Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Washington Hall guest house - You may be awaken in the middle of the night hearing the cries of babies.

After her death at the school, reports of things moving and possibly sightings of her. When the told her father, he said that she had died the year before and came back. So it is possible that she wasn't dead when she was buried in the school cemetery.

There could be other hauntings there; she is just the best known. You can still visit the cemetery and se her grave as well as many, many, others. Carlisle - North Dickinson Elementary School - In the girls bathroom it is reported by female students that they see a girl in the mirror behind them. A short figure that has green eyes and a white hand on its left side. A little girl in a white dress that follows people. Strange noises, feeling of being followed.

Outside one tunnel always rocks falling from the road, even thought the road is paved. Centerhall - Egg Hill - Egg Hill is an old church where a reverend murdered the congregation after a sermon one night!!

All of them are buried outside the church!! On a full moon sightings of people killed have been seen there are still blood stains on the floor of the and a picture of an anarchy drawn on the floor!! Chartiers Valley - Old Kane Hospital - many different hauntings including large white figure that roams the property, shadow figures that dart in and out of hallways, phantom screams when nobody is around and also shuffling of feet and voices can be heard.

Chester - Widener University - Delta Phi Epsilon sorority - Residents of the house have said that they see and feel a presence of a woman in the top floor 3rd.

They say she's friendly. She's turns on and off things and moves stuff around. There are other sightings at Widener University also, it was originally Pennsylvania Military College PMC many have said that they've seen a young soldier walking around in the traditional gray uniforms not the type worn by the large contingency of ROTC cadets at the school now but then quickly disappears.

Clearfield - Clearfield Middle school - In auditorium there are reports by night crews that the old music teacher smokes vanilla pipe tobacco and plays the piano. Clifford - Clifford Hotel - It is said there are over 30 spirits haunting this place. There are voices heard in the main lobby of men, women, and children that were brutally murdered by a man who went insane in the hotel. There have been sightings on certain nights that the hotel will be fully light up and there will be music coming from it.

Coatsville - Hibernia park Mansion - It is said that a boy and girl got murdered by the owner of the house in the cellar so it's said that sometimes if you go down there you can hear the girl scream and he boy whisper. Her body was never found, but there are burnt outlines of a person on the side of the rock. When you go into the park passed the rock, you smell herbs and feel a chocking sensation on your neck; as well as icy cold hands, scratches and rashes, and even bruises.

Town people state that the story goes that Princess Anne's father refused to let her marry an English man and her ghost is very angry at who ever trespasses into the woods. Conneaut - Conneaut Lake Hotel - During a fire in the early 's, a young bride named Elizabeth was killed while trying to escape from room on the third floor.

Her ghost has been seen walking down a narrow hallway on that same floor. Ironically enough, the fire escape is located at the end of the hall. Elizabeth seems to be a likable spirit though.

She has been known to help employees by moving things around in various rooms. People have also reported seeing ghostly figures dancing in the ballroom, which is located on the first floor. Their origin is unknown. Conneaut Lake - Hotel Conneaut - A hotel in an amusement park. It caught on fire and a young bride named Elizabeth was killed. Covington - Fall Brook Cemetery - It is heard that there are screams, and some people have seen little girls walking around.

It is believed that in the s little girls died of the bubonic plague. Most of the graves are coming out of the ground. Cranberry - Knob Hill Barn - The present barn is a replacement, the original one having burnt down during a punk rock show in the early s. Police have responded to many calls from nearby residents claiming to hear a loud party going on at the site, some even seeing cars parked all around the barn. Every time the police arrive, though, the barn is empty and silent. Cranberry - Pinehurst Subdivision - The original owners claimed that there were at least twelve Indian burial mounds on this site that were later plowed under for farming.

Workers clearing the land unearthed bones dating back to BC. Pinehurst residents have reported countless unexplained phenomena. Indians in period dress supposedly emerge from the forest to cross the fairway before disappearing into thin air. Is now haunted by a young mans spirit, in this young man was playing the game called "chicken" with some of his buddies near the tracks and stood right in front of the tracks as a train was fast coming down the tracks, of course the train could not stop but the boy did move out of the way, he did not move far enough though, and unfortunately the train hit him.

It is documented that people have died in the house. National Park Service employees have reported strange noises of banging, and of windows and doors shutting at night. Foggy nights are the most active times. Cumberland - Newville - spook hollow - Back in the early 's a man was cheating on his wife.

He was doing this in a cabin somewhere back in the woods in the hollow. Well one day his wife found out and went back with a gun and shot both of them. And it is still said you can hear the screams of them getting killed some nights. Mary three times a Woman will come flying out of the house chasing you and will be crying, "Please Curwensville - Curwensville High School Auditorium - During late night theatre practices, many have seen the reflection of an old man in pictures and windows when nobody else was there.

His shadow is often seen in the lighting box. He is said to be the ghost of one of the men that were working on it when it was being built, he fell off the scaffolding onto the hard cement floor and it killed him instantly, not only does he show up in mirrors but he messes with the lights, and moves the curtains around on the stage.

One can never make out what he is saying, its mostly gibberish. Underneath the stage are the caves for like changing during a performances, which is where he looms most of the time, his presence can be felt very easily. Davidsville - Conamugh Twp High School - The lighting box in the auditorium is haunted by the spirit of an Indian Chief who is said to be buried under the school in the catacombs. The ghost has been sighted on special nights such as home football games turns the lights on in the box and the auditorium , opening night of the musical will undo all light settings and pull out plugs , and on the night of graduation people have reported seeing an Indian figure on the balcony in front of the box.

Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - George dorm - is an old recovery dorm for soldiers who went to the school to recover, late at night you can hear footsteps and a feeling of being watched. Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - Longstreth Dorm - there is a hand print on the window, when wiped off it reappears. Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - the main - is building where the founder Isaiah is buried under the steps, late at night an eerie feeling can be felt and your body casts 4 shadows in each direction Delaware County - Springfield near Drexel Hill - Indian Rock Park - The story goes back to the 's, when a girl overdosed on heroine in the woods of Indian Rock Park.

Supposedly her and her friends would drink and do drugs in the woods and one night she had too much to drink and overdosed on heroine. When the teenagers drank in the woods they would bring a lantern with them so they could see and camp out. Well, it turns out the girl died, and if you go into the Indian Rock woods at night sometimes you can sight a girl walking slowly through the woods holding a lantern.

Some sightings of this have been reported. Delmont - McCorys farm - this site will defiantly make the hair stand up on your neck. This house is a two story wooden farm house, but the weird thing is their is two of them.

Completely identical, this house is supposedly to be haunted by John Mc Cory. Back in he was sent to an insane asylum, because he killed his two children and hung his wife in the back yard.

After he was released, he built a replica of the house and hung himself on the back porch. Feelings of being watched and not being alone are reported. Dormonth - Library is said to be haunted by a librarian who worked there years ago.

The story is also in a book called Pittsburgh Ghosts. Also, just to let you know, I am a native Pittsburgher and the story that you have posted about the Green Man is not accurate. Story has it that he was an electrician who was working on a power line during a bad storm and was struck by lighting. It is said that he did not die due to his injuries but that the heat from the lightning bolt melted his facial features and he appeared to have a green glow about himself.

He is a well-known urban legend in the Pittsburgh area. Douglassville - Cavettos Brinton Lodge - Sightings of apparitions as well as ghostly sounds. He never ran so fast upstairs in his life. Also he saw with his own eyes a pregnant woman who worked there, was on the second floor collecting dirty dishes on a tray and proceeded to use the main steps to come downstairs.

As she did so she tripped and the tray went flying to the bottom of the stairs and the dishes broke into a million pieces but many witnesses say the she did not fall. Something caught her in mid air and set her back down on the steps.

Douglassville - Yellow House Hotel - It's said that a woman killed herself in the middle room of the Yellow House Hotel inn and restaurant. People have spotted her in the middle window, people that stay in the room claim to have seen the woman. Two tunnels connected by a sliver of open space with a wire connecting them. Stories say that a man hung himself from the wire.

At the entrance going towards boot rd. Writing by painting says "help me". She was said to have been killed by a motorcycle gang from the area in the early nineties. Doylestown - Delaware Valley College - The dorms are haunted by a ghost that hung himself, dorm is the original, from the 's and can be heard walking down hallway, from personal experience ghost has took and object in room and placed it in the middle of the room standing up in the morning.

The complex was used as the Bucks County Almshouse from to Several of the old buildings are still standing. People are said to have seen apparitions in and around the old buildings on the complex. Drexel Hill - Archbishop Prendergast High School - Originally the old Drexel Estate and then later before the school an orphanage- there are 2 tales here.

The 1st is the story of an orphan that was murdered by another. On the second floor of the school there are still 2 halls left with the original bedrooms- still not converted to classrooms. The halls are on the same floor as the chapel. Students have claimed to see furniture move in those rooms. Because of the hostile vibe felt in that room, people believe that is the spirit of the murdering orphan, who also died there due to a "freak" accident.

There are also reports of students seeing two children late at night, running, fighting, and screaming through those halls. The 2nd story is the tale of a nun who taught at the orphanage. She hung herself in the bell tower and haunts it to this day. Many times the bell will ring unexpectedly and late at night a light will go on and off. Unlike the modern light that is suppose to be up there which seems to always mysteriously short out , it looks like a candle.

Students who have tried to get up there have been spooked severely. The school has had the bell tower sealed off for years. Some students have reported coming back from school dances and looking up to see the nun looking at them from the bell tower. Many, many years ago, long before the school was ever built, the grounds were a holding house for prisoners.

Many of the prisoners were mistreated and murdered by the guards. Their bodies were buried on the plot, unmarked, and later the school was built over their graves.

Many times late at night you can see them walking the grounds. They are very restless and some quite hostile. One summer, after the night of a full moon, the following morning all the birds and squirrels in the surrounding trees were found mysteriously dead all over the school grounds.

And a little kid runs up and down the hallways. Theirs also another ghost that no one knows who it is, but it looks out the cafeteria windows. When employee's work at night up there by themselves the prayer bell will ring, and when someone else comes in it will stop. There are also times when radios in other offices will turn on by themselves. Sometimes if you put your feet on the back of the desk you feel something pushing on your foot. There is a very old cemetery right behind the hospital, in disrepair.

IF you drive into the field and turn off your car but not your headlights you can see the girl run across the field. IN the days of the PA Canal system, canal travelers used to stay there, then in the civil war days it was used as a hospital.

In the corner of the L-shaped building, very small bluish lights have been. The creepier place on the outside is a door at the end of a hall which is locked shut. The worst room in the house is upstairs, the trophy room. The glass and mirrors are all broken. Very faint white figure of what appears to be a woman in the attic window facing the parking lot can be seen.

Faint glows fading in and out of the windows, as well as small but somewhat bright points of light coming from the corner of the L-shape. Frightening black figures, not the shape of a dog, but about the size of a dog, linger in the parking lot. I believe they are called imps A particularly vengeful spirit has sat outside of cars in which males are present. It is also said that you can experience reenactments of the murder right in front of you.

Dunmore - Elmherst Blvd. You are supposed to stop there turn your lights off and drive around the circle 3 times and face the way you came in. You then wait there until a large truck, which comes out of no where, starts chasing you.

Once u start to leave the lights seem to disappear and you never see any thing behind you. Strange noises heard in night. Blue haze said too follow visitors in the night. East Stroudsburg - The Dansbury Depot - An individual has been seen and heard walking around this converted railroad station. The girl has been to come in only when one roommate is there and the other is at a class. Easton - Easton Library - haunted by several ghosts. The library was built on a cemetery. Easton - Papa Johns - The toilet flushes and no one is in the bathroom.

The back door always opens. The oven is on in the morning but the managers made sure they were off the night before. A worker had his girlfriend hired and when she started working there she cheated on him with a couple workers the boyfriend found out and lost it and then he killed himself in the bathroom Easton - State Theatre - The ghost of and old man "Fred" has been seen walking in the balcony and across the stage.

Eckley - stone couch on side of road - story be told Edinboro - Center for the Performing Arts - The PAC is supposedly haunted by a ghost those in the theatre department have named Dorothy, after a theatre professor rumored to have died in her home not far from campus. Reported events include foot steps on the back stairs and on the track running around the stage area as well as fluctuations in the sound system volume which seemed to cease after someone hung a rosary on the volume knob.

During a few sold out performances, actors on stage reported seeing a vague face that seemed to move from chair to chair as if looking for an empty seat. These sightings appeared to stop after casts started setting a chair with a program on it along the track facing the stage. Edinboro - Evergreen - Written about in Edinboro University newspaper in early 's. The tavern is over years old, and has always been a way station for travelers.

It is said to be haunted by a former employee from the 18th or 19th century. He likes to move the bed and other objects in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Other hauntings are said to be present, but of unknown origin. Tavern is now closed, but you can feel a presence as you drive by. Edinboro - Lawrence Towers - On the 5th floor of Lawrence Towers A, it is rumored that a college student music major who lived in room hung herself.

It is said she was depressed. Rumor has it that the floor was closed down for a few years being "renovated.

You may also feel a strong presence when walking through the halls at night - almost as if you want to run back into your room. Edinboro - Reeder Hall - The basement of Reeder Hall which currently houses the university's administration and President as well as the Honor's Dorm is haunted.

If you sit in the basement at night, the temperature drops and there is a cold breeze even though the windows and doors are closed. You get a very uneasy feeling there and the lights have been known to go out for no reason at all. Elimsport - The Bunkers - Near Allentown prison there is a set of bunkers for the storage of artillery during the wars over the 's. It's said that late at night strange events have happened in these bunkers. I've been there and seen some quite unusual things myself.

Elizabeth - 13 Bends - It is said that there was an orphanage in the 's, and one day it burned down and all the children died. They can be heard crying for help and their hands seen reaching for visitors. Ghostly cars are known to chase you around the 13 bends. Elizabeth - Central VFC - in a firefighter was killed in the line of duty and now haunts the fire co if you are at the end of the fire hall and a call comes in you can see machinery running to the fire truck with a fire coat draped over his shoulder, lights will be on and no one will be there if you stop to turn them off no sooner do you leave the building the lights are on.

Michael's Church - In the early 's the diocese of Pittsburgh ordered the church padlocked at 3: The only explanation the diocese would give is that the floor of the year old church was too weak and in danger of collapse. Since that time strange changes to the church have taken place. While the rest of the colored panes of glass in the windows have retained their color the faces of the saints have turned black.

Inside the church the walls have peeled and cracked, the pews are filthy with bird droppings and dead birds, yet the area around the altar and the altar itself, which is draped a year old altar cloth from Ireland, is in pristine condition.

As if it were ready for Sunday mass. There is a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel above the main entrance to the church posed with lance and shield.

Over the years the statue's shield looks as if it is battle worn and covered with dried blood. Elizabethtown - Chiques road - A man burnt his baby, wife and himself in an upstairs room. Elizabethtown - Purple light bridge - There is a bridge near turnpike road and it is said to have been haunted by a young boy who was killed by a train one night. Real late at night you can hear a train coming and see a purple light.

It is said to be his spirit. Elliotsburg - West Perry High School - It is reported that one summer a janitor mysteriously died while preparing the school for the next school year. While he was washing the window, the glass broke and he fell though died.

This supposedly happened in room of the school. Sometimes when it is real quit you can hear the squeaking of the window being cleaned then hear glass break and the sound of a man screaming. The janitor can also sometimes be seen in room and wandering the halls. Elton - Becky's Grave - Supposedly a young lass, Becky by name, was labeled as a witch because she befriended an Indian in the early 's, as he taught her the ways of herbs and incantations in place of medicine not readily available at this time and place.

It has been noted that your car may have trouble starting should you park in the lane leading to the old family cemetery. Also, it has been noted that on full moon nights, a shadowy figure has been seen rising from the gravesite of a WWII soldier while a west wind blows. Elverson - Marks Mansion - Several orbs of light and doors closing with no one around.

Noises often heard from the basement. Believed that 3 farmers died in a silo collapse in the early 's. No Trespassing Emmsworth - Dixmont Mental Institution - Used for mentally challenged patients in the 's and was taken over in a rebellion by the patients.

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