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Friend with benefits Cedar Rapids Iowa male

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# Herbal Detox Tea Benefits #

She didn't have her own car with her to go to the store. I showed her where we kept the stash and told her to use what she needed. The next day we went out on the lake in small, inflatable rafts. She had a brand-new red hooded sweatshirt tied around her waist.

As we were getting into the raft, she leaned over and dipped part of the shirt into the lake. The dye from the material ran bright red against the yellow raft. In an offended hostess voice, I reminded her that, as a guest, she was welcome to use whatever she needed. We were still trying to push off from the beach while both curled up in the fetal position laughing.

That made our butts drag on the sand so we had even less chance of getting the raft launched. Waves came over the side and the raft filled higher and higher with reddish pink water. The guys paddled back to help us and see what we were laughing about. I think they figured it out. Any conversation including the words light, regular, and super means you need a tampon. At some offices, the employer thoughtfully provides a free supply.

Thus, women refer to 'certain paper products only available in the ladies room. She made a noise that I recognized and I asked her if she needed me to hand her something.

Through the crack in the door she saw me reach for a tampon, and said, 'No, the little square box. Synchronizing up was common in the dorm so PMS hit the floor like a tornado sometimes. It coincided with midterms once, and a floor mate dismissed a loud fight between two roommates as, 'They'll be friends again by next week.

They're fighting over the heating pad. Disposal issues fall under the term girl garbage. As in, 'Where do you put your girl garbage? I have special girl stuff to do. This means 'No, I can't wait until the next rest stop. I'm missing only wearing one sock. She's wearing white socks. How can you tell if she's having her period? She's only wearing one sock. What kills Whatever women? The Egyptian Flu makes you a mummy. I don't remember calling it the Egyptian Flow but that makes sense now.

We did add Walk Like an Egyptian to the song list, though. You think your typewriter's pregnant because it skipped a period. I was surprised that more terms involving mouse mattresses were not listed. Keeping the mouse up nights, making the mouse sleep on the floor or the couch, being a mouseketeer, Mickey Mouse gestures, etc.

Heavy periods meant evacuating all of the mice due to extreme flooding, of course. As for the communists invading the summer house, we called it the red army and it invaded the southlands. Strings attached was common in Michigan in the '70s as was ram a tam by non-sorority women. I was hospitalized in England and they referred to the pads by the brand name Dr Whites.

I was raised during a time when cramps meant you were unhappy with your gender or maybe a lesbian. My mother didn't tell me about cramps because she didn't want to put ideas into my head. I was even more upset to find that these symptoms were going to accompany each and every period. I'd need a heating pad, supply of hot tea, and a barf bucket for two or three days every month - for decades to come!

I remember sitting down with a calendar and trying to imagine how many life events were going to be ruined from that moment on. Some of them would catch me alone and whisper things about aspirin and whiskey, but most would smile that every 28 days like clockwork smile.

I knew they weren't going to help the women's rights movement any. I think that women who have never had uncomfortable experiences with menstruation have less reason to create humor around the subject. They miss out on a certain bond we fellow sufferers have.

Perhaps it is the other way around now, and women who don't get PMS or cramps feel less womanly. It would be nice if we could just be ourselves, just be the women we are playing the hands we were dealt instead of being judgmental towards each other. Yes, these have all been uttered at some point. Most were short-lived until I typed them. The average length in use for the less popular was three to days.

It did take quite a while to search my organic database for these terms. I had started a list when I discovered your site a few years back but I lost or deleted it. Every once in a while, I'd remember another one and add it to this new document.

In re-reviewing the list, I noticed that you might want to include that the Canadian flag's center portion is white with red. The flag also has red at each side. And, yes, indeed, my family members are a sharp-tongued breed. My mother was an English teacher; my father sent our first puns to a cartoonist who illustrated them and published them in a panel next to the Family Circus.

Friends at the girls school would spend days conversing only in song lyrics. On weekend trips to the cottage, we'd often pick a theme and do jokes on it from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Please do not ask about the deck hand with the chip on his shoulder and his Old Maid Ante with her face flushed from drinking gin!

College was another time for song parodies and repetitive jokes. I have had deliberately bad poetry published. It was only normal that this bodily function become fodder for wordplay. If you would like them, I would be happy to mail them to you with the semi-amusing instructions for making them. They may not fit into an ordinary PO box as they are made of four fully re-inflated pads. As for my opinion on why you started this project, there is often just one reason a straight man does anything: Kibalti I got "My grandmother used to simply call the period ' Stalin.

My mom says it's obviously because Stalin was red. I think it's obviously because he was nasty. Another expression used back in my mother's day was ' mehurbenet ,' which means ' shitty ,' as in ' I'm shitty today. Another very common expression is just to say ' kibalti ,' which means ' I got ,' short for ' kibalti veset ' or ' kibalti mahzor ,' without saying the dreaded words directly. These expressions are from Israel.

And they are used by women well, men would use the two official words, but only if they are at gun point: The only two expressions in Japanese for menstruation [but see a Japanese translator's many contributions, below] that I could find contain the interesting Kei, which might be just a phonetic and not reflect the component characters' meanings, as happens often in what someone called the most unnecessarily difficult language today.

But the character circled in red means "thread," and might relate to "rule," a word appearing in other languages see the entries for French, German and Spanish on this page. But that seems far-fetched. The familiar "moon" appears, as it does in the word "menstruation" in the form of "month," "menstruation" being a widely used word in the West. See these characters used at the bottom of this page. Strangely enough, the character for blood is missing in these expressions - but it's missing in the European word "menstruation.

Isn't it odd that blood is missing from the most common expression in English and in Japanese? What is standard seems to be a euphemism. Germans do say Monatsblutung, but just catch someone in an Anglo-Saxon country, and probably Japan, saying "monthly bleeding" in public! The only way I can interpret "ice person" is as an "ice breaker," but Japanese being what it is, it is undoubtedly something else.

A Japanese translator explains the expression, below. I'm glad you can use the Japanese contribution on the MUM site! It's a great resource, and I'm happy to be able to add to it. It seems to have been sponsored by Kao, a company that manufactures the Laurier brand of sanitary pads among many other products.

I'd be happy to provide more info if you'd like to include it. The entire survey, of which this is only a tiny part, is actually quite interesting. It reveals how Japanese women feel about their 'gekkei' this term is used as the neutral, technical term throughout the survey , what their main physical complaints are, and so on.

Maybe if there's a Japanese MUM in your future? As for the kanji [Japanese character] for 'go-between', well, I certainly can agree that 'under-moon ice person' doesn't sound like a traditional go-between to me! Apparently it's a mix of 'under-moon old person' and 'ice person', both of which denote 'go-between' and have their origins in China. On his way to the palace, a traveler came across an old man sitting beside a bag, reading a book in the moonlight.

There was a red cord in the bag, and the traveler asked the old man what it was. The old man replied that it bound two fates together by tying together the feet of a man and a woman who were to become husband and wife.

He then proceeded to tell the traveler who he would marry. Fourteen years later, he married the same woman the old man had said he would. A fellow dreamed he was standing on ice and speaking with a person below it. He consulted a fortune-teller who told him that, because he was speaking from a yang place above the ice to someone in a yin place below the ice , it foretold that he would become a matchmaker.

Indeed, soon after he was called to be the go-between for his master's son. So that explains things, in a way.

I love researching the origins of words and expressions in just about any language. Now we've both learned something--and I know as soon as I dip back into the MUM site, I'll be learning things left and right. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into that terrific site! The modern Japanese character, or kanji, AN, which means "restful, ease, or cheap.

The ancient Chinese forerunner showing a woman sitting on menstrual cloth? The jagged left side of the kanji normally designates dog , believe it or not, but here is the simplification of a character meaning clawed beast.

The two-part right-side character means a seedling or offspring , but is used here just for its sound, a very common practice in Japanese. That sound is MYOO - or meow. So a cat is the clawed beast that meows! MYOO comes from Chinese and is used in some Japanese compound words, but Japanese kids first learn their native word for cat, neko.

The word for "Japanese style" is wafu. Let me head off critics by saying yes, Japanese adjectives precede nouns, but that won't work here. Hey, I've got a cat named Prof. More about cats here. Strangely enough, Japanese children learn the character for "dog" at left, different from the one usually used in compound characters, above in the first grade but are not required to know the one for "cat" until after the sixth grade.

That must have cultural meaning, maybe that cats meant little in Japanese and Chinese society. My father ate in a Taiwan restaurant that cooked puppies; kittens were not on the menu. Pop did not partake. The modern symbol meaning "dog" is very simple and direct, unlike the "clawed beast that meows" for "cat," which lends credence to my hunch that dogs - as meals? I'm not a vegan for nothing. I'm always interested to know what different cultures call cats and why.

Chaupadi The custom of banning women to menstrual huts during menstruation. See 19 photos about this in one of Germany's best newspapers. See also Would you stop menstruating if you could? I've learnt from a colleague from Sicily her belief that if a man makes love to a woman having her period, he is 'bewitched' and will be unable to leave her, ever. I've heard also from a friend from Basilicata, another region of Southern Italy, that there, menstrual blood was considered to have magical power and was used to make love filters.

Enter your search terms Submit search form. AF "As I pointed someone to your site to read about all different names for menstruation because she asked what AF stands for, I guess it belongs in your list of words for menstruation. It is the abbreviation for Aunt Flo that some women use on Internet," writes a Dutch frequent contributor to this site.

March A friend comes to visit read about a film with this title Are you in need? April A little ketchup with my steak "I had a boyfriend who lustily referred to it as 'a little ketchup with my steak. Thought you might like a little extra positive terminology for your wonderful site.

She entitles her e-mail containing this information "That thing, that thing. First off, great site! I don't know if you're still collecting data, but I figured I'd email you in case you were. When I was a pre-teen and teen, my dad referred to tampons as 'photons,' which led to us calling pads and tampons in general 'ammunition. Have a great week!

They have both been created by me, but are related to historical circumstances: The Battle of Antietam during the Civil War is often considered the most costly single-day battle in terms of life loss on American soil. Whenever I refer to that time as 'Antietam' and somebody raises an eyebrow in confusion, I get that look on and say 'bloodiest battle of the war.

This euphemism arises from when I was studying Greek medical thought in regards to female anatomy. Plato is quoted as remarking: A diagram of these thoughts that I once saw looked like a badger, and I am also unfortunate to get very bad cramps, so sometimes I say that the badger is very angry.

I'm sure a million more things could be said as to why there are so many ways we avoid the issue of a bleeding woman behind so many word screens, but thank you for collecting them. July At war "I'm a college student and my roommate always uses the term 'at war' when she's on her period. All of the girls on my hall now use the term," writes the contributor.

In September , a male wrote the following: I woke up one morning covered in blood like a war like a warning that I live in a breakable takeable body I don't recall the title and am not near my CD collection at the moment, but if you'd like the reference, just e-mail me back here and I'll look it up. At 43 years old, my periods have always been irregular, so it is always a surprise when Aunt Fannie comes to visit again, usually after days.

Of course, Aunt Flow had to come along. It was a nicer way of saying it. Instead of "I got pms," plus the boys didn't know what the heck we were talkin about! We call pads or tampons ' welcome mats. Oh, I'm from the U. I loved that and use it all the time! It's quite funny and has a few more euphemisms in it I'd highly recommend it. Also I called it 'inauguration' for a while when I first began my courses, because my friends joked that I'd finally been inaugurated into womanhood.

And my husband just calls it 'icky'". She later wrote, "I'm actually from Missouri. The term 'courses' just seems a little more genteel than 'period' or 'menstruation'; a bit more Admittedly, it is a seldom used term, however, a lot of genteel-sounding language is not really used these days.

We always used to laugh at her name and say it sounded like a period. Now it's my family's favorite way to refer to it. I have a great aunt named Sally, who always meant well, but was constantly messing things up. I think that it's a very appropriate name for such a time. By the way, I'm 13 years old," reads the e-mail. My brother came up with it.

I am in my early 30's and as a teen we called it raggin'. April See also a comment under Period. Contributed again in March And we need 'Band-Aids' when it gets here. My girlfriend calls it her 'visitor' or 'being visited,' but you already have that one. None of the guys have been able to identify what we are talking about, so I guess it is a pretty good nickname for our monthly 'friend.

I only started a year ago, so don't worry when you are 12 and you haven't started! So what if all your friends started. You can go swimming without fretting! It's not that big a deal. I don't remember when exactly it was set, but the terms 'lady days' and 'being a lady' were used, and now I use those terms for my own unpublished writing which takes place mid-century.

March Being drafted see I'm gifted Being female see Drainage Being girly see Driving in a red car Being touched by the Goddess see Moon's blood Being unwell the contributor e-mailed September , "When I was a teenager in Queens, New York, in the s, we sometimes referred to having a period menstruating as "being unwell. December [The] big red monster is in town "I'm a year-old female from northeast Ohio and I'm writing to tell you what some of the terms I use are.

Whenever I'm on my period, my fiance always says "The big red monster is in town" and whenever he tries to initiate sex during that time I tell him 'I'm closed for the holidays ' referring to a time when he tried to initiate on a holiday.

We were living in Phoenix, Arizona, at the time; I've since seen a few people pick it up via Internet. My husband, born in Mexico, refers to tampons as 'vampiritos' literally, little vampires, because they suck blood. We both also refer to 'black towel time' because we toss one on the bed to protect the sheets if we want to play. Great site," writes the contributor. I'm 39, white and in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. December Bleeding like a stuck pig see B.

Bleeding the lining of my uterus through my sexual organs. Plus, it sounds like a great justification for copious consumption of chocolate and general grumpiness; after all, it's graphic enough to sound like an injury. I use this expression in the Pacific Northwest of the U. For cramps, I say ' My uterus hurts. It is particularily effective in clearing a room of men if announced loudly upon entering.

For those less-euphemistic among us. The new and rather more graphic description is bloodcannon. My partner-in-crime objects to this on the philosophical principle that a simple and factual description of things which happen may not be in good taste his example here is "explosive diarrhea" and that no, the hashtag does not make it better.

I register his complaint, but after passing golf ball sized blood clots at speed, bloodcannon is still completely accurate. The string on the tampon reminds me of a fuse, and blowing reminds me of a blow-out on a car with all the air leaked out. We use that term now to refer to the entire period, even if there's no sex involved! July Bullets "I used to call tampons 'bullets' because that's what the non-applicator ones look likewhen they are still wrapped up.

So this evolved to saying "I've been shot" when I had my period. I've since stopped using disposable products and using euphemisms in favor of just stating it plainly.

I also view menstruation as a positive thing now. By the way, your Web site is wonderful. Thanks for having it. I loved the list of words and expressions for menstruation - 'BUS' is my favourite and I have decided to appropriate it for myself with a variation: As a youngster I used to say, 'I am on,' now I say period or bleeding. I have BUD from now on. I have often wondered how to describe tampons and pads - I strongly dislike that they are called 'sanitary protection' - like we all need protection from the unsanitary i.

One of the things that really amuses me and my partner is 'panty liners' - we thought that they should be called something like 'blood-catching knicker liners' but that's a bit long.

I don't much like 'the rag' - I prefer something that says it exactly how it is. As far as I know it originated from my dirty pervert of a friend who inquired about a girl who took her purse to the bathroom with her.

He asked, 'Why do you need your purse? Do you have BV or something? For instance, the Lakota tribe would not permit a menstrual woman anywhere near warriors or healers. They believed that menstrual blood was so powerful that just the presence of such power would weaken the strength of warriors and interfere with a healer's ability to heal. The menstrual blood serves to purify, to cleanse, renew, and it prepares the woman for higher spiritual accomplishments.

There they celebrated the power of their menstrual blood. SO, at the height of my power, through the ebb and flow of life, giving and life-sustaining blood that flows through me, I isolate myself from the mundane petty distractions and instead focus inward.

Indeed I do feel more creative, more artistic, more insightful, and with each monthly cycle I become more in tune with my connection to nature, thus accumulating a greater store of spiritual energy. Instead I prefer to view the process in a more positive, healthy attitude: There are also native tribes that would return the sacred life-giving blood back to the earth. I add here to any who are asking, What?

NO, NOT sick at all. Fill the remainder of the jar with water then use the solution to water your plants. Be sure to use plain water on other plants for comparing the difference. Whenever asked how I keep my plants so strong and healthy, even in the dead of winter when the house is so dry, I just say,"It's a secret. Hope I haven't grossed you out.

Does that answer the query for you? Need to re-educate, re-evaluate what so many have come to see as a negative, gross, dirty monthly process for women. Have a great day! Can't go swimming a Carrie "Refers to a late bloomer. After Steven King's novel ," writes the contributor. I thought you might be interested in what my friends and I call our 'times of the month. Certain days used in at least one puberty booklet " Sally and Mary and Kate wondered.

My friend and I used to call or periods 'Charlie. The Kotex machine [see examples of dispensers ] in our school bathroom was the source of much embarrassment. Peanuts cartoons were very popular in 's - Jennifer. Now if I send my husband to the store for cheese sticks, he knows what I mean," writes the contributor.

September Cherry drink see Moon's blood Cherry topping see Cotton candy Chocolate time "That's what my friend said her grandmother [probably in her seventies or eighties now] always calls it. Needless to say, periods or their accompanying issues and accoutrement were not comfortable topics of discussion.

Not long after I moved in with him, we were at some fancy function, probably a bar mitzvah, and I was wearing some kind of clothing that didn't have pockets deep enough to hide a tampon I still refuse to use a purse, so that option was out of the question. My father kept them for me, and when I needed one, he came up with the phrase, 'Do you need a cigar?

July [The] circus is closed, the monkey has a nosebleed see The monkey has a nosebleed Closed for business the contributor writes, "When I was in high school I used to say that the 'Red Moon is rising.

May Closed for maintenance "I have often over the years used the term 'closed for maintenance,' which I don't think I saw; I can't believe that I am the only one in the world to have used it, even though I came up with it on my own," says the contributor November My husband and I call my period ' sluicing. I'm 47 years into this world and I think your site is a real hoot and informative too. I found it on a link at 'Free will astrology. I couldn't imagine what she was talking about but after a little hushed banter back and forth between us I figured it out.

I told her yes and she promptly made it clear in no uncertain terms that I was to 'watch out for the boys' from now on [good advice! All this as she cut and hung the best homemade noodles I'm sure I will ever eat on my mother's kitchen table, in San Diego, California.

I hope you can use it [it's great!! Thanks for the great site. Best Blessings to all. That was because men just had a 'pause' , - comma not a complete stop. Can't remember who started it, but I'm pretty sure it was a female, and as soon as they hear it, folks of both genders love it and use it with abandon.

September Actually, it's almost identical to the Norwegian Kommunister i lysthuset - see the entry under Norway, below - and I wonder if someone did not get it from this site, especially since I believe this is the only American entry containing "communist.

I'm definitely sure of it -- but I've only 'heard' it online, mostly from blogging friends. One who currently lives in California, but has also lived in D. We also use the phrase "crimson tide," but you have that one already. I'm 25, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Senator Joni Ernst is one of the members of a conference committee working to find a compromise between the House and Senate versions of the bill. While she had hoped for more progress by this point, she says she remains confident lawmakers can pass an updated bill during their lame duck session later this year.

The federal Farm Bill must be reauthorized every five years. One Dubuque County community is getting close to putting the finishing touches on its new veterans memorial. The memorial is currently only missing six stone pieces which will eventually be engraved with the names of about six hundred community members who have served their country. The work has all been done within about nine months. Those pieces are expected to be in place and finished within a couple of weeks…in time for a dedications ceremony.

The owners of a Dubuque coffee shop damaged by fire this summer are pushing back their anticipated re-opening. At the time, owners said they hoped to re-open sometime this fall. But even with extensive clean up, there are still signs of the fire. According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, last Saturday would normally have been the peak day for fall color in northeast Iowa. This morning, the river sits at about The river is expected to come back up beginning today.

It would hang there for a couple of days, before beginning a slow recede next Sunday. A chain-reaction crash in Jo Daviess County Saturday afternoon sent several people to the hospital. Highway 20 and Glen Hollow Road. Several eastbound vehicles were stopped in traffic waiting for a vehicle to turn north onto Glen Hollow Road. A car driven by 48 year old Kimberly Philbrook of Rockford was traveling east and was unable to stop in time.

A young male refused treatment at the scene. Philbrook was charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a accident, while Franklin was cited for failure to secure a young passenger with a seat belt.

According to a tweet from the school, the wall collapsed at about 7: The street was known as Cox Street when it was still owned by the city. Dubuque firefighters were called to the scene about an hour after the collapse, because one of the fallen rocks had struck a transformer. Fire Chief Rick Steines says a gas line was also exposed, but not damaged. He says there are no hazards in the area, and the collapse was likely caused by excessive moisture in the ground behind the wall.

The music promoter who fired several shots into a downtown Dubuque nightclub last year is headed to federal prison. According to police, Sanchez got into an argument with the owner of what was then known as Club Rise following a concert last November. After retrieving a handgun from his van, Sanchez fired a total of nine shots into the nightclub. He was arrested later that morning in the parking lot of the Galena Wal-Mart. As part of his plea, Sanchez admitted to the shooting, and to using both marijuana and cocaine earlier on the night of the incident.

Federal law prohibits drug users from possessing most firearms. In addition to his prison term, Sanchez must also spend three years on probation following his release. Friends found her body two days later on the floor of her kitchen. James initially pled not guilty to a charge of 1 st Degree Murder.

But as part of a plea deal, he pled guilty to a reduced charge of 2 nd Degree Murder. In exchange, prosecutors dropped several other charges, including 1 st Degree Harassment, Public Intoxication, and Unlawful Possession of a Prescription Drug. Those charges were mostly related to an incident James was involved in at a nearby bar after the murder. James must serve at least 35 years of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. The declaration issued by Governor Kim Reynolds Thursday comes after severe weather hit several parts of the state over the past week.

That weather has included damaging winds, heavy rains, flooding, and even tornadoes. Dubuque County Emergency Management Director Tom Berger says the proclamation allows state resources to be used to help people recover, and activates the Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program for qualifying residents. Residents impacted by the severe weather can apply for the grant program through their local community action agency.

Heavy rains and flooding forced the closure of some roads and trails around Dubuque County, but Berger says everything appears to be back to normal. The program addresses serious needs to overcome disaster-related issues.

Dubuque Police say that the early morning robbery of a fast food restaurant was an inside job. Two employees told police they were getting ready to open when a masked man came in carrying a handgun. The robber reportedly assaulted one of the workers, then took money from the safe. After speaking with witnesses and reviewing traffic camera footage, police sought year-old William Brown as a suspect.

He was located at his home later in the day, where police say he admitted to the robbery. Police say she worked with her husband to plan and carry out the robbery. The second charge was filed when police learned their young child had been left home alone during the robbery.

Minnesota state legislature candidate Jamie Mahlberg reacts as her opponent, Duane Quam, rips a microphone out of her hand during a forum Monday Courtesy: Jamie Mahlberg is running as a Democrat to represent State House district 25A, which covers rural areas around Rochester.

During a forum Monday night, Mahlberg and her opponent, incumbent Representative Duane Quam, were forced to share a microphone. At one point, Mahlberg had just finished answering a question about state funding for schools. Video of the forum shows Quam reach over and pull the microphone out of the hand of a shocked Mahlberg. After giving a rebuttal, Quam then tosses the microphone back towards Mahlberg, and it lands on their shared table with a thud.

According to online profiles, Mahlberg is the former Jamie Parkin, a Dubuque native who graduated from Loras College in She moved to the Rochester area in to begin teaching psychology at Rochester Community and Technical College. A few minutes before 6: An employee told officers they had been assaulted and an undisclosed amount of cash was taken. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds left and businessman Fred Hubbell are shown in a split-screen image from their debate Wednesday night Courtesy: The differences between the candidates running for Iowa Governor were more stark than similarities in their first debate.

Even in their opening remarks, the two showed they have vastly different takes on how Iowa is doing. Hubbell, meanwhile, wants to go back to having the state run the system. This was the first of three debates between Reynolds and Hubbell. The next one is Wednesday night in Sioux City. Their final meeting will be on Sunday, October 21, in Davenport. With overnight low temperatures expected to dip below the freezing point several times over the next couple days, many Tri-State area residents may be turning on their furnaces for the first time in months.

One of the power companies that serves the area is offering tips on ways to make sure that furnace is running as well as possible. Alliant Energy suggests getting a furnace tune-up from a local heating and air conditioning company, for one thing. That could catch any issues before the full force of winter arrives.

Alliant also suggests checking to make sure your home is properly insulated, and buying a smart thermostat to better control temperature settings. The heavy rains and flooding past couple weeks have prompted the Delaware County Supervisors to issue a local disaster declaration.

According to the declaration, the supervisors will provide emergency funds from any available sources, call in mutual aid agreements with other counties, and apply to the state for further help. Supervisor Board Vice-Chair Shirley Helmrichs says flooding has impacted many areas throughout the county, and emergency management officials are still assessing the damage. A large number of residents in Delaware County need financial assistance to replace some essential items after their basements flooded.

Helmrichs says once all of the damaged is assessed, the total may not be enough to qualify for state or federal help. The name of the person killed in a single-vehicle crash near Maquoketa Sunday night has now been released. Sagers was driving a pickup truck on a rural road about three miles south of Maquoketa, when the truck went off the road and rolled over about a quarter-mile north of Iowa Highway Sagers was not wearing his seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Four people or groups have expressed interested in buying a closed Dubuque County school. The deadline to submit bids for purchasing the former Bernard Elementary School building was noon yesterday. The Western Dubuque School District received four bids on the building. If the board chooses to move forward with any of the bids, a public hearing on the sale would be held at the next regular board meeting, which is scheduled for November Bernard Elementary opened in the mids and hosted students through May of last year, when the district closed the school due to declining enrollment.

The river is expected to reach the flood stage of 17 feet tomorrow evening. The Turkey River at Elkader is under a warning through Saturday evening. The river there has been above the flood stage of 12 feet since yesterday morning. The current forecast has the Turkey dropping back below flood stage early Saturday morning. It is only in effect through Friday.

The river there has been measured at A handful of downtown Dubuque businesses were honored as Dubuque Main Street presented its annual awards this week. While the Tri-States dodged some of the heavy rains that were predicted for the area last night, this morning has been a different story. A line of strong storms moved through the area around 7: That will be in effect until As you might have been able to tell from the counties listed in the warning, the storms did not extend very far north of Dubuque County.

Elkader picked up only about four hundredths of an inch of rain during the same time period. Rain chances will continue through much of the day today, but the likelihood of precipitation falls to near zero by sundown tonight. At that level, the jackpot would be the 3 rd largest in the history of the Mega Millions game. Today is the final day that bids will be accepted on a now-closed Dubuque County School.

One month ago, the Western Dubuque school board voted to begin the process of selling the former Bernard Elementary School building. That school was closed in May of due to declining enrollment. Bids must be submitted to the district office noon today. If any are received, the school board would likely hold a special meeting to review them, possibly next week. A public hearing would have to be held on any bid the board would decide to pursue. A youth basketball coach accused of recording his players while they were changing will plead guilty to several charges, including some for child pornography.

Stephens was scheduled to go to trial later this month. Last week, a judge denied his request to suppress evidence found on a flash drive in his home. There is no date set for his plea hearing. If Stephen is given the maximum sentence for each count, he would face a total of years in prison.

American Trust and Savings and Dubuque Bank and Trust have both committed to thousand dollars to establish a self-perpetuating rent security deposit that assist residents of Teresa Shelter and Maria House when they move into Francis Apartments or other permanent housing.

There are barriers that can sometimes prevent homeless women from securing permanent housing, and both shelters provide assistance to overcome those barriers. There are nearly 40 homeless women and children at Teresa Shelter and Maria House. A riverside park and campground in Dubuque will not reopen this season due to flooding. The city announced on Tuesday that Miller-Riverview Park will remain closed through next spring.

The park has been closed for about the last week because of high waters on the Mississippi River. That was the fourth closure the park saw this year. The first closure came in late April, only about three weeks after the park had opened for the season. It lasted until early June.

The park was only back open for about two weeks before another rise of the Mississippi forced it to close again. It re-opened about a month later and was open for a full six weeks before the next closure, which came just after Labor Day. That closure was short-lived, and only lasted about a week. The park typically closes anytime the Mississippi River reaches a depth of 14 or 15 feet.

Last year, Sheriff Joe Kennedy got approval from the county supervisors to convert ten positions from part-time to full-time, while cutting five other part-time jobs. In the past, Kennedy had said it was difficult keeping those part-time roles filled, which meant that full-time officers had to take on overtime to fill in.

Deputy Matt Goedken works in the county jail and likes the change. He says the amount of overtime that used to come with the job would wear on officers. A memorial wall is in Dubuque to honor veterans who have been killed in action during the War on Terror.

Among those featured on the wall are 92 veterans from Iowa. The event is designed to help connect veterans to needed resources and also thank them for their service. Dubuque County authorities have identified the man wanted in connection with a July burglary and are now asking for help finding him. In addition, Guttenberg Police believe Krieger is responsible for a break-in and theft at a convenience store in that community. Investigators say Krieger typically targets gas stations and golf pro shops.

Anyone with information on Krieger is asked to contact Dubuque County Crime Stoppers or the local law enforcement agency. Authorities in Jo Daviess County say a Dubuque man reached speeds above miles per hour as he led officers on a chase between Galena and East Dubuque. The chase began at about A deputy found the vehicle the person was in, and tried to make contact with the driver. But the man behind the wheel flipped the deputy off, squealed his tires, and drove out of the parking lot and onto US Highway 20 westbound.

While out on the highway, the deputy clocked the suspect car going miles per hour in a 65 zone. We now know the names of the people involved in a fatal crash near Bellevue on Sunday. According to the Iowa State Patrol, a sport utility vehicle being driven by year-old Andy Aherns of Maquoketa was headed north on US Highway 52 about four miles south of Bellevue at Aherns was taken to Mercy Hospital in Dubuque. The State Patrol has not yet released the name of the person killed in a single-vehicle rollover near Maquoketa.

That happened at about The northern portion of our listening area took the brunt of the rain that fell on Monday. Elkader received just shy of an inch, while Fennimore, Platteville, and Boscobel all took on between three-quarters and a full inch of rain.

There are still Flash Flood Watches out for our entire listening area, which have been extended to run through tomorrow afternoon.

As far as river flooding, a pair of area waterways are currently expected to go above flood stage later this week. From there, it will climb to a crest of The Turkey is currently expected to fall back below stage sometime late Friday. As for the Maquoketa River in Maquoketa, it was measured at about The Mississippi River here in Dubuque is not currently forecast to go above the flood stage of 17 feet, but to hold at For the past 3 years, the fire department has partnered with the American Red Cross of the Tri-States to give away free smoke alarms to Dubuque residents.

Some fires are unpreventable, but most are preventable. There are five stations located in Dubuque, including fire headquarters on West 9th Street. A former executive at a now defunct ethanol plant in Hopkinton is going to prison. Documents from federal court in Cedar Rapids say 61 year old Darrell Smith of Forest City was recently sentenced to over and-a-half years in federal prison. Smith was looking at 22 years behind bars after pleading guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

He used either pre-signed, blank authorization forms, or forged clients signatures. In late , Smith was sentenced to 13 months in prison for failing to pay employment taxes.

In addition to this most recent sentence, Smith was ordered to pay over a million dollars in restitution. There is no parole in the federal system. The early voting period opened this morning. Here in Dubuque County, early votes can be cast at the county courthouse, or the Elections Annex on Locust Street weekdays through November 5. Those who have requested a ballot be mailed to them should see the ballot show up sometime this week.

The deadline to request a ballot by mail is October 27…six days earlier than in the past. The overall early voting period was also reduced for this election cycle. It is now 29 days, rather than the previous The Iowa State Patrol is investigating the deaths of two people who were killed in single-vehicle crashes on Sunday. In addition, I address concerns around problem solving, anger management, spirituality, loss and self-esteem.

I've been in private practice for over 20 years and also work for Parent Care Family Recovery center dealing with parents who have addictions. I have worked in the field of Alternative life styles and Transgenderedism for over 10 years and I'm on the referral list for the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual Center in San Diego.

Serving TSs, TVs, and other minorities. I just wanted to let you know the following listing on your website is no longer valid because this therapist just passed away: Thank you very much for providing the resource listings for trans people--it's very helpful to the community. We are a project of Central City Hospitality House. Training in peer counseling, support group facilitation, job training.

Individuals, significant others, couples. Screening session with psychotherapist needed. Individual, family and group counseling. Therapy group for transsexuals meets every other week. Follows Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Psychotherapy, psychological testing, referrals, group psychotherapy, TS support group, TV support group, family and friends support group. In private practice since I provide complete pre- and post-op psychotherapy, and make recommendations for hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery when applicable.

Gender issues group work available and recommended. Founder of the American Transsexual Education Center. My many years of both personal and professional experience can only work to your advantage. Trans-gender, human sexuality, and personal development classes, seminars, and workshops are also available.

Services may be conducted through office visits, by telephone, or correspondence. Experienced with the gender community. D none Park Blvd. In Private Practice in Vancouver since Practices in Vancouver and in Nelson, BC.

Jennifer Anne Blair, M. Her practice is client-centered with an emphasis on free will and the practice of mindfulness. Jennifer Blair is located in central Denver. She serves the Rocky Mountain Region and neighboring areas. Weekend hours are available Available to support coming out process with family, employer, school. All Transgendered Issues Nationally.

Assessment and referral for hormonal and surgical sex reassignment. Counseling for spouses of transgendered partners, and guidance for families who must work through transition. Locust Street, Suite Denver, Colorado Kaiser Permanente for Kaiser Permanente Members only Licensed psychologist and member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, offering comprehensive mental health services to persons experiencing problems involving their gender identity and sexuality.

Psychotherapy for persons who feel shame, depression, and anxiety about cross dressing, who need help working through a resolution to their gender dysphoria, and who feel shame about not fitting into our cultural definitions of "female" or "male". Psychological assessment and referral for feminizing or masculinizing hormones, and for sex reassignment surgeries.

Second opinion doctoral level evaluations for sex reassignment surgery. Family and marriage therapy for transgendered persons with or without their family members to resolve transgender related family conflicts, anger, shame, and loss. Consultation services to attorneys involving discriminatory restriction of custody or visitation on the basis of cross dressing or gender transition, and to employers involving managing the gender transitioning employee in the work place.

Transsexual Transitions weekly psychotherapy group. Modest fees, insurance, and HMO members accepted. Private one-on-one psychotherapy, weekly support groups, process groups for those in or preparing for transition.

Box Arvada, Colorado office number Fax. D none N. Box Monument, CO Fax: Clinical Psychologist N. Colorado Springs, CO General psychiatry and individual psychotherapy. Knowledgeable about gender issues. Jones, Director Provides screening for pre-operative TS applicants desirous of hormone therapy and for sex reassignment surgery approval for pre-operative TSs who have met the requirements of the Harry Benjamin international Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards of Care.

I have extensive training working with people who suffer from anxiety and mood disorders, personality disorders and all forms of trauma including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The heart of my therapeutic approach is careful, thoughtful and nonjudgmental listening. It is important that you feel understood, hopeful and that we can work well collaboratively. My Post-Doctoral Psychoanalytic training included consecutive two and four year fellowships at the Florida Psychoanalytic Institute and National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

Carol Clark has been supporting and working with transgendered individuals for over 10 years. Clark provides individual therapy for those people whose pain has become overwhelming, those who are transitioning, and those who have transitioned but are still in need of counseling and support.

Clark has worked successfully with transgendered clients in states including Alaska, Kansas, and Tennessee, as well as other countries. Miami Shores, FL counselor drcarolclark. Please call or email to explore this option.

Works with parents who have children experiencing gender identity issues. Fee on a sliding scale. Petersburg, FL My email address is Dr.

E-4 Gainesville, FL Added Aug 6, I also work with people who feel that their gender is ambiguous. I also work with the significant others and family members of people who are transitioning.

I also work with couples, gay, straight, lesbian, individuals experiencing anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and people who want to use psychotherapy as a personal growth tool. Lauderdale, and about 20 minutes from Palm Beach, on the south east coast of Florida.

Neither man is trans, but they are both gay, and both have experience working with transpeople and dealing with trans issues. If you could put these on your list, it would be awesome and hopefully useful to other guys. D General Psychiatry West S. They also have a trans group that meets the first Tuesday of the month and is led by Lynn Santiago.

Its a small intimate group meaning everyone knows each other and feel comfortable to share openly. Coral Schlosberg Arvon Board certified sex therapist yrs. Individual and group therapy. Working with the gender community for twenty-five years. Specializes in Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues. Box Jacksonville, Fl. South, , Boca Raton, FL May offer sliding scale fee E-mail: I want to highly recommend Jack Boyan as a therapist.

Jack works with a variety of people, but also specializes in working with FTM clientele. Jack is my gender therapist, and again, I highly recommend him, and he happily works with FTMs. Jack doesn't do a lot of work on the computer, so when I asked him if he would mind if I mentioned him to sites online he emphatically said "Yes, please do. Atlanta, GA also Dr. Specializing in sexual identity issues, particularly those related to transgender exploration and transition.

In his office in Douglasville on Mondays. Erin Swenson, is a licensed therapist, ordained minister, and transgender woman, who will counsel face-to-face or via phone. Also offers periodic day-long workshops. Wood's Psychological Services, Inc. Jerry or Lynn Montgomery. TS support group and professional services.

Local professionals working with our members are screened. Hays, Boise, Idaho My goal is to help you clarify and resolve the difficulties you are facing in a way that makes sense for you. Offers a Sliding Scale Fee. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years experience. I specialize in all types of trauma read more at www. I also have experience with a wide range of gender variant and non-conforming identities and focus on helping you live as authentically yourself.

Edgewater neighborhood call for info Chicago, IL www. Supportive counseling and psychotherapy for trans persons and their families. Credentialed with Medicare and a large number private mental health care providers and EAPs. Specialties in identity, relationships, chronic illness, mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, and addictions. Development of psychotherapy group for women whose husbands and partners are transitioning from male to female.

Meetings are Saturdays 10 am - Broadway, Suite Chicago, IL jim jimcosenza. I worked for Howard Brown Health Center here in Chicago for nine years and helped develop their protocol for working with transgender people. Individual, couple, group or family therapy available.

Currently facilitate Genderwork, a donation-supported FTM support group, in Chicago that meets twice monthly. Broadway, Suite Chicago, IL I am in Chicago, IL. I have worked with all population-age, races, social and economical, sexual orientation and genders.

In addition to the above information I'm also a NADA trained ear acupuncturist for detox and reduction of symptoms related to drug, alcohol and cigarette use and abuse.

This technique is also good for stress reduction and anxieties. Healthy Alternatives 30 S. Baron, MD Private practice of psychiatry, Medical psychotherapy; sex therapy; psychiatric consultations. Her knowledge of alternative modalities of treatment, such as Reiki --hands on healing--, meditation, relaxation, yoga, makes therapy a complete approach for the person in transition. Chicago IL ext. Linda Wetherbe Therapeutic Services - Gender issues. Licensed clinical psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working with transsexuals.

Box , Suite 8 Flossmoor, Ill May "possibly" offer a sliding scale fee E-mail: Suite 5 Fort Wayne, IN Individual and group activities. Box Des Moines IA We are a specialist counselling organisation based in Belfast Northern Ireland who are dedicated in offering emotional and theraputic support to those from our transgendered and transsexual communities. The main objective of my service is to provide a friendly, respectful, supportive, beneficial and effective online experience for all clients.

One that provides information which can hopefully enable clients to either tolerate their gender issues or 'fix' them. Further also to support clients through transitioning, by way of a letter of recommendation for a hormones and surgery. Both flexibly and in a way that fits their unique personal circumstances, lifestyle and current situation. I hold a PhD specializing in Gender, in particular, transgender related issues and Human Development, a Masters degree in Humanities, plus a Social Sciences degree together with a UK social work qualification covering social sciences, social issues, psychology, psychotherapy, law and counseling, together with extensive mental health training, child care and protection experience, plus psychotherapy and counseling training with other relevant social work career qualifications.

All of my qualifications have been gained over a 35 year period as a counselor, psychotherapist and fully qualified UK Generic Social Worker, Social Work Team Manager, Head of both an Assessment and Children's Remand Center, Child Protection Team Manager and a fully qualified mental health approved Social Worker - acting under the UK Mental Health Act, a person who is charged with the responsibility of carrying out a further community mental health assessment following initial assessments being carried out by the community mental health doctor.

I further have gained clinical and online experience as a result of being involved with the setting up, development and then management of a gender clinic together with many years experience as a Gender Specialist with worldwide clients having practiced both online and face to face within a clinical setting.

Neaman, PhD Affiliated Family Counselors Knowledgeable about what resources are available in the area as in working with endocrinologists and psychiatrists. In addition to other issues, I work with transsexual persons at who are at varying stages of their transition process. I have never met a therapist that is more caring than he is. She was nice and knowledgeable I would recommend her.

NOT a support group. Box Bangor ME Journal of Gender Studies, information packets, publications, annotated catalogue Western Ave. Hopefully he'll be able to save some others. Ste 3 Baltimore, Md. I am a psycholtherapist with over 15 years experience working with the Transgender community and families. I provide counseling with gender issues, couple issues as well as depression and anxiety. I am able to provide letters for hormone treatment and surgery.

I also provide referrals to community resources. I am able to offer some sliding scale. I also take many insurance carriers. A Gender and Trauma specialist Joanna has twenty years of experience in issues of gender and has a private practice in Western Massachusetts. Evaluation and psychotherapy for those seeking gender transition. General psychiatry for transgenderists, TVs, their families and partners. Referrals within the medical community.

Supervision available for mental health professionals. Speckert, MEd Psychotherapist specializing in gender issues. Josie hosts groups on transsexual issues, and works with individual clients on transgender issues.

Ari Kane and Dr. David Seil's listed numbers are incorrect- Ari Kane is not at the office that his listed number reached, and David Seil's listed number is not in service anymore. I don't know if they moved, or what, but I thought I should let you know.

Nick's Notes; please call directory assist or look up these names in your local phone book for proper contact numbers. Counseling in gender issues, couples counseling where dressing is an issue in the relationship, gender clarification for gender shift people, long-term counseling for pre-op TSs, professional supervision for social workers and guidance counselors. All sessions are by appointment.

Qualified for health insurance payments. Evening and Saturday hours available. O'Donnell, PhD Psychotherapist offering supportive, confidential counseling for all people facing gender identity issues. Monthly group for CDs and TSs. D T-Male owner notes: Jones for his credentials; this listing was submitted anonymously with a vast amount of schooling credentials however, I am unsure if Dr.

Jones has given consent to post all his schooling here. Sender found these on his website but the sender didn't give Dr. Jones' URL From the submitter: I personally found him to be professional and non-obstructive; two trans friends who've seen him have had a less favorable experience.

Ask if he has a sliding scale fee. Private practice specializing in diversity, both with the population they serve and the issues they present. Practice established in Sliding Fee Scale Available to those without insurance. Day or evening times available. Leave message and your call with be returned. Licensed psychologist, marital and family therapist, certified sex therapist. Psychological evaluations for hormones and for SRS.

Transition support in employment. Day and evening appointments. Has been working with transgendered people for over 10 yrs. We provide the opportunity to learn about the transgendered community, gender issues and the new Minnesota Human Rights Amendment.

Consulting, diversity training, speaker's bureau. Box Minneapolis, MN or FAX Miller-Dwan Counseling Resources This is a safe and respectful place for clients, with a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has worked with transgendered individuals for the past five years on staff. Psychiatrist Sharon Satterfield works as the primary therapist, and refers her clients to Dr. William Robiner for secondary therapy. Satterfield is also very well versed at working with TG people who are chemically dependant and in recovery.

Comprehensive evaluation, gender dysphoria is clarified through psychotherapy. Services include an ongoing psychotherapy group for sex reassigned transsexuals, psychological services for families and friends, evaluation and treatment of gender dysphoric children and adolescents, complete physical health care.

University of Minnesota Medical School So. Kindly look at my web site www. MAY offer sliding scale fee - please ask E-mail: Warrensburg and Kansas City, MO Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Professional Counselor Specializing in gender and sexuality issues as well as sexual dysfunction in individuals, couples and families.

I have been in practice since Also, I am considering moving my office but will still be in the St. Louis area and my phone number will not change. Louis, MO Patricia E. Licensed Psychologist She is very well recommended among the St. Louis area TG community. She also works with an MD that works with the gender community, and heads up a support group for TS's that meets every other week.

Member of the St. A resource for transsexuals, transgendered persons, their families and friends. Provides support, education, advocacy, and medical referrals. Meetings are generally the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, but may vary; call for next meeting time. New participants must meet for a personal no-charge interview prior to admittance to the group. I have two Master's degrees in psychology, NE license for mental health practitioner and certified professional counselor since MAY offer sliding scale fee - please ask.

Click here It is too long for this section. Megan has 11 years of working with the community. She works with all aspects of the trans community doing work in the areas of: Runs a support group for Gender Variant teens and young adults. Megan dedicates her time to training and educating locally and nationally and co-founded the Professional Transgender Resource Network. Gender identity and sexuality issues, validation of individuality.

One or two hour sessions. Meadows Counseling Individual, couple, group and family counseling. Individual and small group counseling with the Gender Displaced and their families.

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