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Country man looking for a Chapman Ranch

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She would never return to the school. In a postcard to her mother back home in New Jersey, Dara wrote: Burrows had joined a cult. But not just any cult. Over the next few years, Dara and thousands like her would travel to rural Oregon with Rajneesh, and build a sprawling commune in his name. As Rajneesh indulged a fetish for diamond-studded watches and a caravan of Rolls-Royces, his hand-picked goon squad went to war with local detractors.

Commune leaders sprayed salmonella on salad bars in a nearby town, poisoning at least people in the largest bioterror attack in U. They plotted the assassination of the U. And they organized countless fraudulent marriages to harbor foreign-born Rajneeshees, followers of the religion, in the U.

This outrageous yet underreported episode of American history is finally getting its due. The series, ambitious but flawed, has unearthed hours of home movies that the cult members shot themselves, in the fevered belief that they were building a true nirvana in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Dara Burrows and hundreds of former cult members around the world are binge-watching now. In , as a rookie reporter in Trenton, New Jersey, I convinced my editors to send me to Rancho Rajneesh on assignment. In reality, as later reporting and the Netflix series revealed, the cult was simply importing the homeless to pack local voting rolls and control local elections. In the winter of , Rancho Rajneesh was bustling, with a private airport, a teeming shopping center, the room Hotel Rajneesh and enough heated A-frame cabins to accommodate thousands of red-clad sannyasins.

Everywhere, the propaganda and groupthink was overwhelming. I was escorted around the well-armed property by an outgoing spokeswoman, Ma Dhyan Rosalie, formerly Rosalie Rosenberg of Scottsdale, and allowed to interview formerly homeless New Jersey transplants.

Her story was devastating. First, her husband, David Burrows, left her. He had been a tenured literature professor at Rutgers University, and the couple had four children together.

David met Rajneesh on a trip to India in , and the experience was profound. University life soon lost its hold, and Davis moved to India to be with Bhagwan full-time.

Mere weeks later, the terse postcard arrived back home. It was like I could breathe Sandra banded together with her two younger children, and especially her teenage son, Jamie. But she knew Dara was gone. I wanted her to go back to school, if not Bennington then somewhere. For five years, the Burrows children resigned themselves to the loss of their father and oldest sister. Then, in the summer of , year-old Jamie accepted an invitation to visit Rancho Rajneesh, where Dara and David had moved.

In desperation, Sandra called a cult psychologist to win her son back. Less than nine months after my visit, the cult imploded. After a three-and-a-half-year period of self-imposed silence, an enraged Bhagwan gathered the media to denounce her. He was arrested and jailed, and pleaded guilty to immigration crimes in exchange for a big fine and deportation.

State and federal investigators rushed in, and once-loyal insiders easily flipped. The charges included attempted murder, assault, arson, immigration fraud, wiretapping and conspiracy. Back at the commune, the residents of Rancho Rajneesh glumly packed their bags. I reached out to the Burrows family last month, and all the old wounds still seemed fresh. Dara married, raised a family and for 22 years has served as a senior editor for a scientific nonprofit.

Dara agreed to talk for the first time in three decades because, she said, she has nothing to hide. The directors of the series seem afraid to play referee, and viewers pay the price. They never question or fact-check her self-serving version of events, or ask what Bhagwan knew about the criminal underworld operating feet from his throne.

And did she wiretap the ranch and read through all incoming mail to protect her beloved Bhagwan, or merely to keep a close eye on her many rivals and shut down dissent? Viewers are left to wonder. Most of his current followers have accepted the canard that Bhagwan was manipulated by Sheela, and was an innocent dupe all along. The university professor who once wore ties and wingtips and had a Peugeot sitting in the driveway quickly forgave his master.

Then, in , he confided to Dara, he had begun pining for India. Burrows would live with Bhagwan once more. Jim Popkin is a writer in Washington, D. Follow him on Twitter: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Netflix Oregon Documentaries Religious Cults. I Covered The Rajneesh Cult. Go to mobile site.


Wild Wild Country - Wikipedia

They have plats, maps, photos, geneaology, etc. Hi there, We just bought 5 acres and want to make into an organic farm. Here are some ideas I had and some features for you to work with. There are a lot of things around here already with raptor-type names tho.

Also, my father died last year and we bought this farm with my inheritance. His name was Don and he was really into airplanes. We also had a beloved dog named Dusty who died too. Thanks for visiting the blog! Your farm and orchard sound really wonderful and I hope your business will be flourishing soon.

You shared a lot of different information and so here are some of the different ideas I came up with based on different themes:. Oh, I have more to add. Hello, My husband and I with our three beautiful children own a 87 acre farm with 2 Breeder chicken houses. We house around 20, chickens. We are a very happy, excited, up beat family that loves to do everythig together. We would love to have a funny farm name.

If you could please give us some ideas we would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much. Or perhaps Flighty Flock Farm? We are challenged to find a name for our farm! We want to use GG Farms my brothers use to call me GiGi and my niece and nephew do know, plus our last name begins with a G , but we need to register our sheep with a prefix. We have goats, bull calves, chickens and ducks, cats and dogs, as well as Guinea hens!

We dated years ago and got reunited and married a year ago…God Bless the Winding Road! If you could explain more, I might be able to give you some name ideas. Thanks for reading the blog. I recently purchased 3 acres on the snake river, we are across the river from a hillside that is called springs as there are a multitude of hot and cold springs that shoot out of the hillside wall. Sounds like you are building a wonderful dream there and I would love to help with the naming process.

As you can see from the note at the end of my post, helping with names has started to take up quite a bit of my time! I am offering it now as a service which can be purchased through my website. My family just bought a ranch outside of Abilene, TX. This place is going to be used primarily for hunting. Deer hunting is going to be the primary activity, but we will also hunt quail and ducks on the place.

His name is Robert J. Do you have any ideas? My Naming Service is now easily available through Paypal. You can click the link below to get started. You will receive your final email within 3 business days of purchase. Hi, We are buying a horse ranch in Mariposa, Ca. We have had a therapeutic horseback riding program in Nevada and just may start one again here. We also will be helping folks with their horses.

We need a name for the ranch and our last name in Stetson like the hat. Thanks so much for any suggestions you have. I would love to help you brainstorm and come up with name ideas for your therapeutic ranch!

As you can see from my blog and comments above, assisting with name selecting is starting to take up quite a bit of my time. Any cats we get are usually rescues or strays 2 of the 3 were from a pregnant stray we took in, and the other cat came from an animal rescue. It will be natural colored not red or anything. Hi, Can anyone help me with a farm name? We have a family farm. We have five horses, mostly Quarter Horses, and we have about beef cattle.

We live next to a beach, near a creek, woods and fields. We have barrel horses for speed events and have a few western pleasure horses. Your family farm sounds really fabulous! If you are still stumped with the naming process, I would love to help you brainstorm and come up with some good ideas. Hey I am looking for any help I can get to name a farm for my parents. They are two of the most wonerful people in the world. My dad is a hard working man who started with nothing and has been able to buy a plot of land that is 13 acres the front half is farm land and the back is all wooded with a creek as the back property line.

They just began building a home in the woods and my mom ended up having a huge surgery on her neck. She is very strong and doing well the house is giving her something positive to think about and us kids would love to be able to help with a name. We are Italian, there are 3 kids, the land is beautiful and quiet and there seem to always be hawks in the air above it. Let me know what you guys think. What wonderful parents you have and what a blessing!

I think it would be great to come up with the perfect name for their farm. Ive been breeding bunnies for a while now, and Ive decided to give my farm a name to use for showing and breeding. Im trying to find a name, but all my ideas just seem dum and corny! If you have any ideas or suggestions that you could help me with, it would be muchly appreciated!

I live in a small village by a beach, and breed Mini Lop rabbits. My favourite bunny Ive had so far was called Peppy. I love that you have a bunny business — that must be so much fun! We raised them when I was a child. I hope you got some good tips from my article, but if you are still searching around for a good name, perhaps my naming service could be the next step.

Thanks much for your article and suggestions to help with the farm-naming process. Does the plural indicate more than one property run under the same business, or more than one product type veggie, livestock, etc? Or is it just a matter of preference on how it sounds? It does not indicate multiple products being produced. I will be getting a mini-farm started soon and plan on selling products at farmers markets as well as some products over the internet. I would like to have chickens and bees at first and then expand to goats and eventually to miniature donkeys and miniature horses.

The name is significant because my last name is Klein which is German for small and my Husbands last name is Mooney and his favorite grandfather was called Moon. My farm would just be one farm though, not two or more farms joined together. Vanessa, you will be raising some of my favorites!

I love chickens and goats and mini donkeys. Using farms would not only be inaccurate, since you just have 1 place, but it may also give the impression of being a big operation instead of a mini-farm. Hello, Im looking for names for a farm we have currently 15 alpacas.

We live in North Texas on a dirt road. We have both suri and huacaya breeds. Hope yall can help us out?? The few names we have picked out are: Thanks for reading the blog! I hope the article will help get your juices flowing, and perhaps my readers might have some good ideas to share with you. Hi everyone… I need a farm name.

I have 6 acres in southern WI. My husband is a painter and I drive school bus. I raise hair sheep and chickens. We are the highest point in our county and have a great view of the area. I am originally from the south, Alabama. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking time to reading my blog. Hopefully, the article has helped get your juices flowing. Your farm sounds really wonderful and I would love to help pick a name with my exclusive service.

Please let me know if I can help out! Hello I need a name of course! My family lives in southern CA and we raise all kinds of livestock but we are starting a educational program and an agriculture learning center. This place is to learn what ag is all about. I hope the article was helpful to you, and perhaps my readers might have some good ideas to share with you. If you continue to find yourself stumped, please let me know if I can help out with my naming service.

There are a LOT of these. I think it refers to the way a letter is positioned on a brand. I just hope it helps a bit. I have barrel horses. I like speed, my first horse, who started it all for me is named Liberty. And all of our names in my family start with the letter D because there are 4 of us. I can not think of anything! Thanks for reading my blog, Danny. If you need more help or suggestions, I can offer my exclusive naming service!

Hope you like it or that this helps in some way. We currently are breeding Thoroughbreds right now, some of them are racehorses and are used in horseracing. Let me know if you are interested in working with me to find a great name for your thoroughbred ranch! I would like to know how to register my Ranch name. Is there a central place where all names are registered? How do I go about this?

Hi Susan, thanks for your question about how to register a farm name. Registering a farm name will vary from state to state. You will want to register your farm name IF you planning on doing business under that name, or if you will be incorporating. I LOVE your site its very unique and has lots of great info on it. However I still do have a few?

My naming service consists mainly of a preliminary questionnaire to get some information about your place, and your personal style, and then I spend a few days brainstorming and researching. I contact you if I need additional info during this process.

Then I send a final email with at least 10 name ideas and some other helpful tips. Hi Anne, I am purchasing a tract. One of the largest wetlands serve as the back boundary called Raft Swamp. The site was previously used by the decendants of the Scottish immigrants for their highland games. The road fronting the property is called Highland Games Road.

I will be raising registered cattle and running a kennel for the purpose of raising Labrador Retrivers. Lynn — what a great idea! I would love to help you out with a good name — just click here to get started http: My husband and I have just started our first miniature horse farm…we can not come up with a name. Could you please help? I would love to help, just click here to get started!

Looking for a name for our new farm we purchased. We moved here from MN and came here for a new beginning. We will be mostly a harvest or vegetable and fruit tree farm that will be selling pigs and eggs as well. We live in the most beautiful spot with the Tucannon River on or door step. I would like some suggestions as I am drawing a blank. Gods Beauty is in our back yard for sure and my husband and I have green thumbs so know we can make a go of this. Thanks for reading the blog and for telling us about your wonderful farm.

I am no longer able to offer free naming advice, as it has taken up quite a bit of my time, but I would love to help through my new naming service, recently launched here at http: Great Blog and Great Ideas!! It almost seams that naming our farm is turning out harder then naming our 5 children!!

So I am turning to you for suggestions because you seam to be doing an awesome job at it!! The farm we will be buying will be a acre piece of land that we will farm organic and raise about organic angus beef cows, the farm overlooks a lake! We believe that god was our entire influence and blessed us with LOTS of prayers to purchase and start this farm. We are a Norwegian family with 5 kids. We also will have a riding stable and gym for kids less fortunate then ours to come ride and train at!

So on that note………. I know that is a lot of information all in one! Hello Nichole and thanks for writing. I certainly do love to find creative names, and I understand what you mean about children. Your farm sounds really wonderful, and I would love to help find a great name. Helping folks out with name ideas has actually started to take up quite a bit of my time I also homeschool my children and have a website design business on the side so I now offer it as a service which you can learn more about at http: I am looking for information on where you need to go to get your already named horse farm registered?

I live in kentucky. Thanks for your question about how to register a farm name. I have NO idea what to go with. Critters Just think of what the terrain looks like and your animals. For example if you have a lot of pasture land or rollling hills you could do Green Pastures or Open Meadows. Depending on where you live and the animals you could do Crazy Critters or Dixie Critters, etc.

Have fun with it!! We are also taking on the project of naming the place. It will be a getaway for us and we will do some hunting and ATV riding. There is a small cabin on the property.

My idea is to have something using the letter C in the name for my family name. Any thoughts or ideas you can provide would be appreciated. I need a name for my small alpaca farm.

I would like to use my granddaughters name in it, her name is Willow, any ideas? I live in Lufkin,Texas and i need a name for my goat ranch! I need a name for a ranch we are buying.

We are just outside of a ski resort Park City, Utah. We are avid dog lovers. It is a valley with lots of rocks. She is a vet and I am a history teacher. We are avid travellers. Got any ideas of which way to go? We have beef cattle, sheep, poneis, but the main bredding is quarter horses about head, for three barrels and calf roping — speedy and work and bufalos, about 2.

Edu is the owner, the name of the family is Andrade Haik — Andrade has a portuguese root and Haik has a lebanon root. We wanted a name brand that encompass everything, and not just the bufalos.

Hope you can help us!!! Thank you for your time, Lina. The name of the ranch often describes how the brand looks. For instance, Bar M Ranch might have a brand consisting of a capital M with a straight bar over it. I need help coming up with a good name for our new farm in KY. It is acres, Little Eagle Creek runs throughout the entire property, there are many horse trails, and the meadows are situated on a large hillside.

I was wanting to include an Irish meaning to the name with our deep Irish heritage. We are hoping to build a cabin in the Spring and plant a small orchard and other unique crops.

What a wonderful farm! Maybe some of my blog readers can offer some suggestions for you. Hi, we have almost 4 acres and we have horses. We are talking about naming our little farm-et. We live in VA, 50 miles from DC, it is wooded around.

We barrel race and participate in other timed events. Hi Dana, helping name farms and ranches has been taking up so much time I am now offering as a service through Discovery Naming.

I need a name for a ranch that only has 30 cows at the moment but wants to be around by the time im 30 and im 20 now. We have a coffee farm, would like to name it.. Hi, I am trying to think of a name for my really small farm. I have 5 nigerian dwarf goats.

There are gum and pecan trees and the place we live is called Larto Lake. We have nigerian dwarfs on our place, too, and love them. If you need more help with the naming process, please visit my website at http: Our Nigerian dwarf goats are doing just fine in the Kansas environment.

Even with dry summers and harsh winters they are thriving! We are hoping to have some baby goes this spring. We have some land that we want to find a catchy name for.

It has a meadow on it, Rattlesnake creek runs thru it. My old horse Rebel, an old dog, Shelby recently died this past yr.

When we were building it, a fawn fell into the basement that was recently poured an died. I wanted a name maybe with that thought in mind, but am open to others. We felt so bad about that…. You have some great ideas for coming up with a good name.

Remembering an animal is always very meaningful. Hi, my farm naming service is now offered at my website Discovery Naming. God gave roosters their fierce fighting nature not to entertain people, but to protect the hens and eggs from danger. Maybe you would do better to just stick to the mangos and guavas! God bless you for your response to zshielah.

I am a muslim and Islam forbids cruelty to animals in any form. Cockfighting is certainly a form of cruelty to animals. I hope zshielah will find fulfillment in doing other things. Wale, thank you for taking time to comment here.

I was taken aback with the request above. If I indeed would ever need assistance with naming a farm, or if anyone else asked, I would definitely send them your way. I am looking to name a farm where we will be growing tomatoes, salad, greens, herbs and strawberries. I farm my grandpas quarter section and we rent a quarter section from his old high school teacher. My grandpa has had diabetes for years and a couple years ago lost his leg so he cant do any field work anymore.

I also work full time in town at a local elevator, and i love to take old John Deere tractors and restore them. I also enjoy tractor pulling with them very much!

I am a very meticulous person when it comes to machinery, tractors, and farming in general. We have 1 hog barn head and a small cattle lot maybe 50 head total. My favortie past time is probably tractor pulling though, I cant get enough! Let me know if you have any ideas for a farm name!!! Thanks for your help. Hi, i have been thinking of names, for quite some time now, but no matter what i come up with it is either taken or just doesnt fit.

I train horses, treat injuries and sickness, and i also find homes for them. Great blog right here! Also your web site quite a bit up fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate link for your host? I wish my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this.

I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for newbies.

May just you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post. Your post and the comments were a lot of fun to read.

My husband and I have 38 acres with a small orchard and lots of walnuts. My inlaws keep insisting we should name it, and we kick names around from time to time along many of the themes you mention. They would actually described our place pretty well, too. They want our chickens, our cat food and anything else they can get their paws on.

About picking a name…. It also saves you some time and brainstorming later on. We went ahead and picked Zephyr Hill for a our place soon after moving in. Three years later we are starting to keep bees and locals are already familiar with our place. We are also in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas and want a name for our ranch. We are beef producers and adamant about beef! We love dogs…not so much cats. This is a family ranch with one of our daughters and her family living on the place….

Can you give us any direction on a ranch name? I bet like me you are really anticipating spring coming to the Flint Hills. Sounds like you have a lot of good inspiration for a great name — creek, hills, cattle, bluestem grass…..

Let me know if you are interested! I am looking for a name for our farm. We have acres. We raise cattle, we have hay fields, we have horses, and plan on raising chickens. We are now in the process of building our home on this property. We live in the Mid Ohio Valley. We have a cabin that is on the historic society. We have 2 boys. Any help is appreciated. I will probably own horses, donkeys, rabbits and other farm animals.

I love to dream, ride horses and be unique. Do you have any ideas for a name? I need help naming my ranch as well. I have horses, chickens and cows. We have a german shepherd and a cat.

I would also eventually like to make a brand symbol out of my ranch name! Emily, I would love to help name your ranch! Please visit my site at http: This is going to help a lot. After struggling to come up with a name for a farm in my current manuscript, I came across your blog post.

I now have a fictional name in a fictional town for my current novel-in-the-making. Hello, My sister and her husband bought a small farm a few years ago and my horse Guess was moved to their place.

Since the purchase, my two sisters have aquired their own horses. Its a small horse farm of 3 horses and I am really wanting to give it a name lately. I was reading your post and was hoping you could help me out. Any idea would be great. I want to get jackets for my family as a present. Hi me and my husband live on a farm we have horses and soon goats and we foster rescue dogs and have dogs of our own and I was wanting to give it a farm or ranch name if anybody has suggestions I would appreciate it.

So far I have these: I was hoping if you could help me out here. She still has her grandfather there — a real stubborn cowboy — so nothing TOO frilly. Any help would be much appreciated!

The books by Lauren Brooke? Just thought id mention that! I find thats pretty inspirational! I am starting up a small breeding business. Very excited to hear what you have, your amazing! Have a great day! Did I read on one of the comments that you do website design as well as naming? I am looking for help in both areas so if you could help it would be great! If you do the website design could you direct me to that page? And is there a way that you could roll both services into one charge?

Web design services are offered on a limited basis, due to time constraints. I just bought a small property in Southern Utah. The main assets are a spectacular view of the mesas and redrock formations near Zion. At night you feel like you can reach up and grab the Milky Way.

Sunsets reflecting off the redrocks are worthy of a postcard. I want to include my horses name, he died a couple of months ago.

We have 40 cows breeding for beef, 10 goats, pigs, chickens, wild turkeys, guinea fowls. We are right on the curve of a high way. The land has a lot of stones and wild trees. Please help us name our farm. We have goats, too, and love them. Maybe some of my readers will have some ideas for you. Helping farms and ranches to find great names AND blogging has taken up so much of my time that I offer consulting now as a service at http: Greetings from Alberta, Canada!!

We are having difficulty naming our grain farm… who would have thought it could be so hard to come up with a good name?? My hubby has farmed all his life and I also come from a farming background. We just moved out to our farm 4 years ago. When we bought our homeplace it was a real disaster, the old batchler who lived here before us never took care of ANYTHING and we have spent the last 4 years cleaning up the yard and building a home.

We are trying to come up with a modern name… We wanted M5 Farms, but that is taken already! Last name is Moller. My readers might have some name suggestions for you. Hi I need a name for my soon to be ranch. Will you please help me!?

Looking for a name for our farm. We were thinking of Green Valley Farm as we live above Green Valley Creek, but that name is already taken in our area. Would love ideas for a name. Your farm sounds wonderful, Heather. I bet some of my readers would have some good ideas for you! I also have a professional naming service, if you want to go that route — http: We have a lot of manzanita trees and I love that name for our first bay girl goat. One of the goats that we are getting soon will have kids in April.

Once i come up with a name, how do I register the name? Surely you already know the humor in someone named Heather studying to be a herbalist. Owing to that connection I think Heather should definitely be part of your farms name. Manzanita is found in chaparral heathland plant communities and has medicinal properties, perhaps incorporating chaparral since it touches on both the manzanita trees and your name. I think Chaparral Hill is the winner.

We also have various pines, oaks and madrone trees. We also have some amazing views of forrest and we can see Mt. This was his his place away from where he grew up near S. Granted…there was no garden, chickens, honey bee hives, llamas, herbs, and soon goats without me: Chaparral Hill would be ideal. Now his family from near S. Now we have a name: I want to have names that are 2 words long with the same letter ex.: If you have anything please let me know!

We are starting plans to build our horse ranch, where we will raise gypsy vanners. Any great ideas for names? We have a few in mind, but were looking for something beautiful.

Any help is appreciated! I love the names you are coming up with and have a few to add to the list. My father purchased a ranch in Colorado and dedicated it to my grandmother his mother who was very passionate about her Native American culture.

She believed her power animal was an eagle so we named the ranch Flying Eagle Sanctuary. I recently bought a ranch in Wyoming and named it Chippowa Creek after my first horse Chippowa and the beautiful creek that lines our property. My brother owns a farm in Oklahoma named after a cow we had as a child named Funny Face, thus creating Funny Face Farms. I love the idea of dedicating the name to someone, even if no one would understand the meaning.

Makes for good conversation starter. I just recently leased a family barn and my daughter and I are trying to find a good name for it and we need some help! Its a little over an acre and its family oriented. I need some insperation! Its a little over an an acre family oriented and cozy. Hello, A friend and I are starting a small poultry operation that hopefully one day will grow into wool sheep and milk goats.

We are still in the process of finding land however we would like to get a jump on the name that will represent us. This is a great article, but please, oh please change the above sentence! Gretna Green was not made up by Austen — it was and is a very real place! Hi Jolene, thanks for commenting! We are starting a cattle and hay business on my grandfathers farm.

I am looking for a professional yet catchy name. Both of our intials are J. We will be raising beef cattle and cutting lots of hay, I fight fire and he work for the local natiral gas department, this has been a life long dream of ours. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!! Names of interest are rolling hills, green acres, MC farms… Any and all input would be great.

Grow grains, pulses and oil seeds. Thanks for the help! I have finally convinced the other half to let me get a chicken but I want a sign over the coop. I have picked Rancho de Anderson. Last name Anderson Ranch in English! My husband and I recently purchased a mini-farm in TN that is just under 12 acres. We have 3 retired racing greyhounds and 2 whippets both breeds are from the sighthound family of dogs.

We are planning on having chickens and might get some goats too. We will have a vegetable garden and also grow herbs. We have been dreaming of having a small farm where we can go back to the basics and become self-sufficient. Any ideas on a name for our mini-farm? We have had a chainsaw carving business for two yesrs SeeSaw Crafts on facebook but now we have decided to be a small farm. Really need some name ideas to include all thank you. I have Working Kelpies dogs and I am looking for a stud name.

I want an English name. Our name, Evers, should be perfect, but exist already. So we have cattle and some sheep to train my dogs. Working my dogs is my big hobby, during milking etc. Do you have the magic name for me? I was wondering if anyone could give me their 2 cents on the name I thought of for my new farm. My farm is about 75 acres, and I raise every kind of plants and animals you could think of. I have loved farming since I was a little girl, and I put in a lot of heart when it comes to my animals.

And I have always thought everyone should grow up around animals; I think it is just good for the heart… So I thought I would call it Good Heart Acres. What do you think? We have a farm which we need help naming. Any suggestions out there. Maybe shorten it like Pon The Hill Farm.

I am looking for help with a name. The property will provide individual allotments of farm land that will encompass everything gardening has to offer. It is in a flood plain, but not much rain or chance of flood anytime soon.

It will have a community greenhouse for growing transplants [available with allotment seasonal lease] as well as a community pavilion that will provide the community with weekend education for like minded gardeners.

In addition, gardeners will have access to a full line of tools for working the land. We want to bring life back into this sleepy town. There will also be a roadside farmers market that each grower will have free access and booth space provided to sell there goods.

Any ideas out there? Can you please make sure that the website name is clearly correct…. I am trying to name my little homestead. No trees or grass, just mostly dirt and my critters. Which I got from a random name generator, but the windy part surely fits…..

Add Farm or Acres at the end. Hi, I have a 16 acre property, It has always been my dream to own a small ranch, and finally it came true with my first horse Starla, I have been trying to come up with a name for the last 2 years and was wondering if you could help me out a little? We live back in the woods away from everyone and have swamps and woods all around us.

I have mostly horses with a couple dogs and cats. Sabrina, my readers might have some name suggestions for you. So glad you finally got your own ranch! Maybe you, and your readers can help!

Hey, I was looking for a name for my new goat farm. Want something playful and funny. Tasha, we had goats at one point and they are definitely playful and funny. In fact, we hope to get more next year, as as soon as a small shelter can be put up. Hope my readers have some good ideas for a name! Anne, what a wondering blog you have here!

So I want it to have a memorable, evocative ring to it. I was playing with the green mountain theme, but am not happy with any of those options. Aaron, thanks for stopping by! What a unique plot for your latest book! It really draws me in. I would love to help find a name for it, so to learn more about my exclusive naming service just visit my partner site: You are great with the names, I farm acres of grain and oil seeds as well as haul livestock.

Last name is Myhre, any other ideas would be great. I offer naming suggestion as a service now through Discovery Naming , but some of my readers might have ideas? I have read your blog about how to pick a name for your farm — there is some good information. I am recently divorced and I retained my Jersey show cattle in our aggreement.

I need to find a new prefix name for when I register any new calves. I am at a loss as to where to even start. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. From Wisconsin by the way! I need a name for my Need help comming up with a name for our new whitetail deerfarm.

The land is hilly and there is a pond in the middle. I started selling plants at farmers markets last year. In August I added Jams and meat glazes. No I have started making hand salves and lotion bars. Honey and mushrooms are in the works. I will always be expanding and experimenting so I need a name that will work in the future too.

I live on 10 acres in central Virginia and we have dogs, a cat, a mini pot bellied pig and a pygmy goat. There is a dry creek on the property also. Thanks in advance for your help. We are trying to come up with a name for our farm in NZ. We have a lot of hawks that fly over so we like the name Hawks Way to represent the flight of the the hawk. We are trying to decide a name for our homestead. I have been searching for a fram name for quite awhile now. I currently have 2 horses, 7 dogs and a cat, lots of chickens,quail, turkeys, ducks and geese.

I will also be getting rabbits, more pigs and a cow in the near future. I was about to ask you advise tonight, but my dad called, and I asked him. Immediately, he said Staggered Acres.

Can you explain what the connection is between Staggered and Newfoundland is? I have 24 acres with a pond and creek. I plan on having a fruit orchard and some chickens for starters. I also restore vintage trailers and plan on renting them out.

My daughter thinks I am turning back into a hippie! Any suggestions for me? I am 21 years old and will be graduating from West Virginia University next May.

My goal is to restart a hobby farm with some cattle on my parents land. It is located in the hills of Virginia. The place needs a lot of love and my nick name growing up and what my close friends call me today is Moo. Any suggestions for an old style farm that needs some love?

My parents are thinking of farming 2 acres so thanks for sharing. With the help of your ideas I will easily be able to name our farm. I train horses Natural Horsemanship , sell eggs, tomatoes and some produce. I have a beautiful leoard spotted Appaloosa plus a mammoth donkey and several other wonderful horses. This is a place people come from all over the country to hike and visit all the national parks. I live in a residential neighborhood but looking for a new place with more acreage.

We are near Best Friends Animal Sanctuary which is pretty famous. Any comments and suggestions are really appreciated. I like your ideas, Darlene! If anyone has more suggestions they can post on this thread. We need a name for a ecotourism farm in Pemberton, B. Almost acres set in a valley with soaring mountains on all sides and two glacial rivers running through. The farm will have animals, lots of fresh produce, private cabins and a long house. This was a wonderful post! I am looking to purchase a farm in KY that would be used for keeping retired horses.

One farm I am currently looking at is quiet and bucolic with a nearby creek not exactly on the property but along it and on the road. It has many mature trees. It is also in a historic area. Any suggestions would be welcome! We are in the Texas hill country, Frio river valley. We were growing all natural, no pesyacides fresh produce and herbs.

Free range livestock, chickens, pigs, goats. We are a christian people and love our country. I would like to incorporate the Salzman name as it is unique. It was always the end of one part of life and the beginning of a new adventure. In the song Willie describes all the unique things that make him love the thought of being a cowboy. We all grow up idolizing someone. It can be a parent, a sibling, and aunt or uncle. Other times it can be a person we see on TV or in a movie.

For those out there that have had the pleasure of meeting a cowboy and seeing them work the cattle or working the range there is nothing more impressive than seeing a cowboy or cowgirl ride their horse with an effortless appeal. Lots of people have had heroes. Many of those people have looked up to cowboys. For whatever reason the record company or Garth thought this song deserved a chance and I think fans were the real winners. He loves it too much. Wild horses keep pulling him in.

The song has that haunted kind of feeling. It fits the story of the song well as the narrator sings about a horse called Wildfire and his lost woman. Michael Martin Murphy is a true cowboy that performed great cowboy songs for his entire career. Michael Martin Murphy made a living doing what he loved most. His passion came through on all his songs and he made a living singing cowboy songs. He had to be included on this list.

Listen to and Download Wildfire. In , country music and cowboy song fans lost a treasure. Chris LeDoux succumbed to cancer at a young age. He was a great cowboy and a great performer. To pay tribute to Chris three songwriters wrote an upbeat song and it was the perfect song.

No one else could sing the song besides the man himself Garth Brooks. Good Ride Cowboy because a huge hit on radio and everybody was looking up stories and facts about Chris. It was a great tribute to one of the modern day real life cowboys. Conway Twitty can sing any kind of song. Conway is a country legend. He has more number one hits than most country fans have birthdays. His cowboy song was directed to women as a warning that there are quite a few guys that like to dress up and play cowboy while there are still only the true few that actually live the life and can love a woman like a cowboy.

She has the attitude, the look, and the toughness of a cowboy. Sometimes the best cowboys are not cowboys at all. Some girls are cowboys and the world is better for it. In King George Strait released another great cowboy song. Cowboys Like Us became another favorite for the baby boomers that loved to believe they were pat cowboys.

I think the song was about bike riders — kind of the modern day cowboys. Or maybe it was about truckers. Either way the cowboy way of life was captured again in the song. Hitting the open road. Talk about life but still act tough in front of our buddies. The song was kind of a sentimental song for the older generation. It reminded them that there is still adventure in life and there are still a few good cowboys out there just like us. Listen to and Download Cowboys Like Us.

Tim McGraw released what would become his cowboy song in The Cowboy In Me was a three part description of a man realizing he has cowboy in him even though me may not look the part or live the actual lifestyle.

Acting like there is nothing to lose. All of these things are mentioned in the song and they all seem to fit the nature of the cowboy we have all created.

Over time cowboys have taken on a personality we all relate to the image. Garth Brooks wasted no time mentioning his cowboy and country artist hero. Feeling the pressure, Garth and his management team did some hard work and spent their own money to work the song at radio and at shows.

The song climbed into the top ten and the rest was history. The song was about the tough life of a rodeo cowboy. Getting worn down on life was something country fans could relate to though and the song is still played frequently on radio today. This song was kind of the wild card on the list. Most might not think of this song when they think cowboy songs, but it sure fits all the criteria.

The song is about a guy and his daughter. They have to make due on their own because the woman in their lives has left for the life on the rodeo. The song is unique because it kind of turns things upside down on our usual thought of the cowboy life.

It can be lonely for those left behind, but the pull of the adventure and life on the road is too much for those cowboys out there. By , Garth Brooks was able to get his hero a major record deal.

Chris LeDoux had been a rodeo cowboy and a successful rodeo singer with the cred to back up the lifestyle he sang about. Chris was known for rocking shows. He would fly all over the stage and leave everybody in the crowd worn out just from watching him.

The song is about the cowboy lifestyle. It takes the upbeat approach to what women will do with the cowboys. One a true cowboy and the other a country singing cowboy that took country music to new heights. It was a remade song but George Strait turned Amarillo By Morning into a top ten hit back in the early days of his career. The song has the rolling groove to it that kind of follows the way it can be out on the road.

Lots of downtime alone with your thoughts. This song is true cowboy all the way through. Listen to and Download Amarillo By Morning. The tune is actually about the girls out there that want to be swept away by their cowboy dream men. The song was written by sister Marty for her sister Emily. At the time Emily was married to country singer Charlie Robson.

He was the cowboy that swept her off her feet. The leaving, the hard work, the roaming, the adventure. We go way back for this classic cowboy song. Marty Robbins was one of the greatest country singers of all time. He recorded a great cowboy song with El Paso. The song is the story of a gunfighter. He falls in love with a Mexican beauty. The cowboy life takes over and eventually he is taken down in a gunfight. The song is still popular on classic country radio today. Story songs have long been part of country music and cowboy story songs seem to have a more special place in the hearts of fans.

This one is truly a great country cowboy song. Listen to and Download El Paso. For Rodeo Garth Brooks left everything rodeo image out on the table. The song is all about the mud, the crud, the guts and the blood. The song shows listeners how gritty and grungy the rodeo life is. There is of course a woman in the story that has to put up with the life of loving a cowboy while hoping he someday changes his ways. Now the song remains popular because people can still see themselves in place of the cowboy riding the bulls at the rodeo.

George Strait seems to sing the best rodeo and cowboy songs. I Can Still Make Cheyenne is a song about a rodeo cowboy. His woman tells him not to bother.

The title of the song says it all. The song became a huge hit for the duo and it carried their stardom to new heights. Still today people look back fondly at this song. There is just something about cowboys that people both love and hate. The lifestyle of working hard and earning a living out in the wild open mixed with the restlessness and leaving has an allure to it that makes us all wish we could live like that.

Mamas may forever try to keep their babies on the straight arrow, but guys and gals will forever keep trying to be cowboys in some fashion.

An interview with directors of Netflix's "Wild Wild Country," a Business Insider talked to the directors of the series, which takes an in-depth look at a cult that a 65,acre ranch in rural Oregon to construct a paradise on Earth, Business Insider spoke to Chapman and Maclain Way about how they put. After watching Wild Wild Country, the buzzy Netflix docuseries that . average sannyasin that works on the ranch will just tell you, “Man, this. Filmmakers Chapman and Maclain Way dissect the hit Netflix Bhagwan Rajneesh pictured in *Wild Wild Country. “You start to see how devotion to one man can be used and a vow of silence—Sheela oversaw the transformation of Big Muddy Ranch It looks like we're experiencing playback issues.