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Are there any old fashion ladies left


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Are there any old fashion ladies left

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Sep 12, 05, 1: I am currently traveling in Europe and am shocked how "modern" it is. Most people are far more "trendy" than in America. While still not as sloppy looking as Americans. What I am looking for is a place somewhere in Europe that people are still old fashioned in their appearance, beliefs and attitudes.

Someplace where things are a bit more traditional and old fashioned. So far I have not seen this side of Europe.

Maybe in a small town in one of the countries in Eastern Europe. Or maybe in Portugal? Or maybe in Bulgara, Romania, or Macedonia? Help me find OLD fashioned Europe! Find More Posts by greenery. Sep 12, 05, 2: Poland might be the most conservative and "old fashioned" country in the EU right now in many aspects. Rural communities in Norway and Holland where Christian sects are strong. Ireland and Switzerland outside of the big cities and the Basque country in southern France and northern Spain.

Also Southern Italy and Sicily. Find More Posts by mosburger. Well you mentioned Portugal yourself, I was in Lisbon earlier this year and found the city to be very traditional and not particularly modern in that sense no offense to any Portuguese people.

It is a very different city from most other capitals in western Europe. Krakow in Poland is also very traditional and not yet very touristy. Poland itself is very traditional. One of the few cities I have visited where they still have over-the-counter "supermarkets" in the city centre.

Otherwise if you want something very traditional you should probably go somewhere far east to one of the former communist countries where the state finances are so bad that they don't have money to modernise, at least not outside the capital or the major cities. Perhaps Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria or Belarus could be interesting Romania outside of Bucaresti. Slovakia outside of Bratislava. In general, you will find that in Italy many people are very attached to their values- but the country overall appears extremely modern although it is always a delight to see a Ferrari idling behind a farmer with his tractor.

Vilnius quickly becoming a stag night alternative to Prague though? Seeing Warsaw before it became completely Pepsified has that happened yet? Are Bucharest, Bratislava and Sofia still worth a visit for this reason? Edited to add a thankyou to Travelsig for answering some of my questions before I'd posted them. Find More Posts by Internaut. Originally Posted by Internaut. Find More Posts by Wingman Moscow IMO is still very traditional.

Find More Posts by Rejuvenated. Sep 13, 05, 1: Head out to the countryside in Albania and it is like going back years. Sep 13, 05, 2: Originally Posted by JPB. Find More Posts by civicmon. Sep 13, 05, 5: Yes, but you have to get off the beaten path and it takes awhile!

A 7-hour walk on the island was mostly us, the livestock, the wildlife and an occasional local in a car. They always waved at us. I think you'll find that it's less "touristy" the further you are form the main cities. Find More Posts by Athena Sep 13, 05, 6: Sep 13, 05, 7: Originally Posted by civicmon. Find More Posts by chtiet. Sep 13, 05, 8: I believe Molvania would meet the requirements http: Find More Posts by cjf.

Sep 13, 05, 9: While obviously in the big cities of any of these, things are mostly modern, getting into the countryside will show you much of what you are referring to. Find More Posts by auher. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Add a Poll to this Thread. Your question will be posted in:.


An Old-Fashioned Girl - Wikipedia

Although skeptical, the neighbor humored the woman and huddled into a small room with Margaret and her two young girls, Maggie and Kate. Their act took off, and soon the girls were touring the country. Maggie eventually found love while on the road, and settled down with an adventurer named Elisha Kent Kane. Kane convinced her to give up spiritualism, which she did until his untimely death in Meanwhile, Kate married a fellow spiritualist and fine-tuned her act. She was so successful in her deception that respected chemist William Crookes wrote in The Quarterly Journal of Science in that he thoroughly tested Kate and was convinced the sounds were true occurrences and not a form of trickery.

After her husband had died, she was left penniless and alone, and had turned to drinking. Every morning of my life I have it before me. When I wake up I brood over it. She then explained that the mysterious thumping was the result of an apple tied to a string that the sisters would drop to torment their mother. At the New York Academy of Music, with her sister Kate in the audience, Maggie demonstrated her tricks to a raucous crowd of skeptics and staunch believers.

She put her bare foot on a stool and showed how she could bang the stool with her big toe, producing the famous rapping noise. The Spiritualist world took a hit, but continued to persist. The same could not be said for the Fox sisters' careers. Although Maggie recanted her confession a year later—likely due to her poverty—the sisters were never trusted again and they both died penniless.

The Fox sisters may have burned out by the end of their career, but that didn't stop a slew of copy-cats and spin-off performers. Ira and William Davenport of Buffalo, New York, were inspired by the rappings of the Fox sisters and decided to try a session of their own with their father.

Their session was so chilling they would later claim their sister actually levitated that they decided to make a show. In , year-old Ira and year-old William got on stage for the first time. With the help of their spirit guide, a ghost named Johnny King , they performed a number of elaborate tricks that went past simple rappings; often bells, cabinets, ropes, and floating instruments would be utilized in the performance.

Members of the audience would swear they saw instruments fly over their heads, or feel ghostly hands on their shoulders. The brothers were heralded as true mediums and enjoyed fame for the rest of their professional careers. After William passed away in , Ira gave up the medium business for a quieter life. He was not heard from again until magician Harry Houdini sought him out years later.

The surviving Davenport told Houdini all about the tricks and trouble that went into keeping their secret, including reserving the front row for their friends and hiring numerous accomplices.

Reports of flying instruments and mysterious sensations were purely delusions of the audience members. Now armed with the secrets of the Davenport Brothers, as well as his own experiences as a medium in his younger days, Houdini set out to expose fraudulent mediums throughout the s.

He had initially believed that although it was all fake, it didn't harm anyone. The death of his mother made him realize the harm these fraudsters were really doing, and so Houdini set out to reveal their tricks. She would then let Bisson put her in a trance, where Houdini said he was certain she was truly asleep.

A researcher named Albert von Schrenck-Notzing spent several years— to —working with her, and by the end, he was completely convinced. He published his findings and photographs in his book Phenomena of Materialisation. She left home at 18 and somehow convinced the high society of Baltimore that she was of European aristocracy. Claiming that funds were tied up in foreign banks, it was easy to drain potential suitors out of money and luxury. After a quick stint at an insane asylum for trying to kill a doctor, Salomen took up hypnotism and married a man of slow wit named General Diss Debar.

She took advantage of this trust when she met a successful lawyer named Luther R. Marsh, who had just lost his wife. After convincing him that she was a skilled medium, Diss Debar persuaded him to turn over his home on Madison Avenue, which she then turned into a spiritualistic temple and successful business.

The swindler created spirit paintings , which, through sleight of hand, seemed to appear out of nowhere on blank canvases, as if the spirits painted them.

These paintings eventually landed Diss Debar in legal trouble when Marsh invited the press to come and see them. In , the so-called medium was hauled into court for deceiving Marsh and swindling him out of house and home. Many testified against Diss Debar, including her own brother, but the most convincing participant was professional Carl Hertz, who was called in to disprove her trickery.

Despite all this, Marsh continued to believe in spiritualism. Unfortunately for Diss Debar, he seemed like the only one—she attempted to resurrect her career, but was unsuccessful, later being hauled back into court for charges of debt a year after her release.

She traveled between London and America for years, going in and out of prison, before finally disappearing for good in She was no credit to Spiritualism; she was no credit to any people, she was no credit to any country—she was one of these moral misfits which every once in awhile seem to find their way into the world.

Better for had she died at birth than to have lived and spread the evil she did. In the s, Mina Crandon also known as Margery, or the Blonde Witch of Lime Street was one of the most well-known and controversial mediums of her time. Born in Canada to a farmer, Margery moved to Boston and took up a number of careers , working as a secretary, an actress, and an ambulance driver.

After divorcing her first husband, she married Dr. Le Roi Goddard Crandon, a surgeon who studied at Harvard. It was the doctor who introduced her to spiritualism and eventually led her down the path to becoming a medium. Margery was a friendly, pretty woman, but the ghost of her brother Walter was much less charming. The medium would conjure his spirit, who would then rap out messages, tip over tables, and yell at the participants.

Often ectoplasm would ooze from her ears, nose, mouth, and dress. The mysterious substance sometimes took the form of a hand and supposedly rang bells or touched the participants. When the female employees took the case to court and won, the GMB claimed it as their victory , since they had been representing the women: The ugliest example of this fissure came with the Socialist Workers Party furore , in which a number of women alleged that they had been raped by a senior figure in the leadership.

Again, at the time and to this day, when you raise the issue, SWP members will give you a thorough explanation of why this is less important than smashing the system, which is where violence against women, indeed all violence, comes from in the first place. No compromise is possible between these two positions: It cannot cede or defer to a battle over what is more important, because nothing is more important: The galling thing is that this implacability creates the silence that allows this culture to persist.

But in a political culture built on equality and solidarity, the charge is too catastrophic to discuss: Your entire identity is capsized. This tendency is not so much hard-left as incredibly niche. I would wager, though I cannot prove, that misogynists on the left are far fewer than they are in almost any other political environment: Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.

Here is a brief history of some of the fantastic things women once wore under their pot left no hands to pull (or “draw,” thus the term “drawers”) down underwear. Before handbags came into fashion in the 19th century, there were dimity pockets. “All old ladies wore these pockets & carried their keys in them," wrote the. As the first part of "An Old-Fashioned Girl" was written in , the demand for a Should n't have a crimp left if I went out such a day as this; and I want to look. Dig through your friend zone and see who you left there. Girls, the “I don't need no man” philosophy is literally murdering relationships and .. It is just too very bad that the real Good old fashioned women are all gone.