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478 sex 2 now 2 females only 8

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Jump to a detailed profile, search site with google or try advanced search. Recent home sales, real estate maps, and home value estimator for zip code According to our research of California and other state lists there were 43 registered sex offenders living in zip code as of October 18, The ratio of number of residents in zip code to the number of sex offenders is to 1.

The number of registered sex offenders compared to the number of residents in this zip code is near the state average. Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: Notable locations in zip code Churches in zip code include: Parks in zip code include: Bedrooms in owner-occupied houses and condos in San Diego, CA Bedrooms in renter-occupied apartments in San Diego, CA Cars and other vehicles available in San Diego, CA in renter-occupied apartments.

Median price asked for vacant for-sale houses and condos in Breakdown of mean house values by ages of householders. Percentage of zip code residents living and working in this county: Size of family households: Size of nonfamily households: Population change in the s: Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Use at your own risk. Jump to a detailed profile or search site with.

San Diego, CA County: San Diego County, CA. Profiles of local businesses. Zip code compared to state average: Unemployed percentage below state average. Hispanic race population percentage below state average. Foreign-born population percentage below state average. Length of stay since moving in significantly below state average. Number of rooms per house below state average. Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly above state average.

Races in zip code 22, White population Black population American Indian population 1, Asian population 63 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population 79 Some other race population Two or more races population 4, Hispanic or Latino population.

User-defined colors Preset color patterns. Based on data. Recent posts about zip code area on our local forum with over 2,, registered users:. Estimated median household income in Percentage of family households: Percentage of households with unmarried partners: Median number of rooms in houses and condos: Median number of rooms in apartments: Notable locations in this zip code not listed on our city pages.

Neighborhoods in zip code Year of entry for the foreign-born population. Most commonly used house heating fuel. Year Householders Moved Into Unit. People in group quarters in Fatal accident statistics in Conventional Home Purchase Loans. Conventional Home Purchase Loans - Value.

What do you like about where you live in SD County? Can i afford a condo? List of 24 hour emergency rooms in San Diego? Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 10 full and 8 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 6 full and 6 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 8 full and 8 partial tracts.

Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 5 full and 8 partial tracts.


Asexuality - Wikipedia

Aristotle's inheritance model sought to explain how the parents' characteristics are transmitted to the child, subject to influence from the environment. The father's semen and the mother's menses encode their parental characteristics. If the semen is hot enough to overpower the cold menses, the child will be a boy; but if it is too cold to do this, the child will be a girl. Inheritance is thus particulate definitely one trait or another , as in Mendelian genetics , unlike the Hippocratic model which was continuous and blending.

Features other than sex also depend on whether the semen overpowers the menses, so if a man has strong semen, he will have sons who resemble him, while if the semen is weak, he will have daughters who resemble their mother. According to Aristotle, there should be "political rule" of the husband over the wife. As for the differences between husband and wife, Aristotle says that these "always" consisted in external appearances, in speeches, and in honors. In his Economics , Aristotle wrote that it befits not a man of sound mind to bestow his person promiscuously, or have random intercourse with women; for otherwise the base-born will share in the rights of his lawful children, and his wife will be robbed of her honor due, and shame be attached to his sons.

It is fitting that he should approach his wife in honor, full of self-restraint and awe, and in his conversation with her, should use only the words of a right-minded man, suggesting only such acts as are themselves lawful and honorable. Aristotle's thought that a wife was best honored when she saw that her husband was faithful to her, and that he had no preference for another woman, but before all others loves, trusts her and holds her as his own.

Aristotle wrote that in Sparta , the legislator wanted to make the whole city or country hardy and temperate, and that he carried out his intention in the case of the men, but he overlooked the women, who lived in every sort of intemperance and wealth.

He added that in those regimes in which the condition of the women was bad, half the city could be regarded as having no laws. Aristotle gave equal weight to women's happiness as he did to men's, and commented in his Rhetoric that a society cannot be happy unless women are happy too. In an article titled "Aristotle's Account of the Subjection of Women", Stauffer explains that Aristotle believed that in nature a common good came of the rule of a superior being.

But he does not indicate a common good for men being superior to women. Aristotle believed that rational reasoning is what made you superior over lesser beings in nature, yet still used the term meaning stronger, not more rational or intelligent. On children, he said, "And what could be more divine than this, or more desired by a man of sound mind, than to beget by a noble and honored wife children who shall be the most loyal supporters and discreet guardians of their parents in old age, and the preservers of the whole house?

Rightly reared by father and mother, children will grow up virtuous, as those who have treated them piously and righteously deserve that they should Aristotle believed we all have a biological drive to procreate, to leave behind something to take the place and be similar to ourselves. This then justifies the natural partnership between man and woman. And each person has one specific purpose because we are better at mastering one specific trait rather than being adequate at multiple.

For Aristotle, women's purpose is to give birth to children. Aristotle stressed that man and woman work together to raise the children and that how they raise them has a huge influence over the kind of people they become and thus the kind of society or community that everyone lives in.

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Choose the one you would like replaced: All members and people appearing on this site are 18 years of age or older. Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal on observing and filming bonobos noted that there were two reasons to believe sexual activity is the bonobo's answer to avoiding conflict. Anything that arouses the interest of more than one bonobo at a time, not just food, tends to result in sexual contact. If two bonobos approach a cardboard box thrown into their enclosure, they will briefly mount each other before playing with the box.

Such situations lead to squabbles in most other species. But bonobos are quite tolerant, perhaps because they use sex to divert attention and to defuse tension. Bonobo sex often occurs in aggressive contexts totally unrelated to food. A jealous male might chase another away from a female, after which the two males reunite and engage in scrotal rubbing. Or after a female hits a juvenile, the latter's mother may lunge at the aggressor, an action that is immediately followed by genital rubbing between the two adults.

With the Japanese macaque , also known as the "snow monkey ", same-sex relations are frequent, though rates vary between troops. Females will form " consortships " characterized by affectionate social and sexual activities. In some troops up to one quarter of the females form such bonds, which vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks. Often, strong and lasting friendships result from such pairings.

Males also have same-sex relations, typically with multiple partners of the same age. Affectionate and playful activities are associated with such relations. Homosexual behavior forms part of the natural repertoire of sexual or sociosexual behavior of orangutans. Male homosexual behavior occurs both in the wild and in captivity, and it occurs in both adolescent and mature individuals.

Homosexual behavior in orangutans is not an artifact of captivity or contact with humans. Among monkeys [ clarification needed ] , Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox conducted a study on how Depo-Provera contraceptives lead to decreased male attraction to females. An October study by Dr. In addition, the oSDN of the female-oriented rams expressed higher levels of aromatase , a substance that converts testosterone to estradiol , a form of estrogen which is believed to facilitate typical male sexual behaviors.

Aromatase expression was no different between male-oriented rams and ewes. Aromatase mRNA levels in the oSDN were significantly greater in female-oriented rams than in ewes, whereas male-oriented rams exhibited intermediate levels of expression.

It should also be noted that the results of this study have not been confirmed by other studies. The Merck Manual of Veterinary Medicine appears to consider homosexuality among sheep as a routine occurrence and an issue to be dealt with as a problem of animal husbandry. Homosexual courtship and sexual activity routinely occur among rams of wild sheep species, such as Bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis , Thinhorn sheep Ovis dalli , mouflons and urials Ovis orientalis.

To initiate homosexual courtship, a courting male approaches the other male with his head and neck lowered and extended far forward in what is called the 'low-stretch' posture.

He may combine this with the 'twist,' in which the courting male sharply rotates his head and points his muzzle toward the other male, often while flicking his tongue and making grumbling sounds. Thinhorn rams additionally lick the penis of the male they are courting. Males of another wild sheep species, the Asiatic Mouflons , perform similar courtship behaviors towards fellow males. Sexual activity between wild males typically involves mounting and anal intercourse.

In Thinhorn sheep, genital licking also occurs. The mounting male usually has an erect penis and accomplishes full anal penetration while performing pelvic thrusts that may lead to ejaculation. The mounted male arches his back to facilitate the copulation. Homosexual courtship and sexual activity can also take place in groups composed of three to ten wild rams clustered together in a circle. These non-aggressive groups are called 'huddles' and involve rams rubbing, licking, nuzzling, horning, and mounting each other.

The family structure of the spotted hyena is matriarchal , and dominance relationships with strong sexual elements are routinely observed between related females. Due largely to the female spotted hyena's unique urogenital system , which looks more like a penis rather than a vagina, early naturalists thought hyenas were hermaphroditic males who commonly practiced homosexuality.

In Paedagogus , Clement of Alexandria noted that the hyena along with the hare was "quite obsessed with sexual intercourse". Many Europeans associated the hyena with sexual deformity, prostitution, deviant sexual behavior, and even witchcraft. The reality behind the confusing reports is the sexually aggressive behavior between the females, including mounting between females. Research has shown that "in contrast to most other female mammals, female Crocuta are male-like in appearance, larger than males, and substantially more aggressive," [] and they have "been masculinized without being defeminized".

Study of this unique genitalia and aggressive behavior in the female hyena has led to the understanding that more aggressive females are better able to compete for resources, including food and mating partners.

Several species of whiptail lizard especially in the genus Aspidoscelis consist only of females that have the ability to reproduce through parthenogenesis.

Those animals with currently high estrogen levels assume "feminine" sexual roles. Some parthenogenetic lizards that perform the courtship ritual have greater fertility than those kept in isolation due to an increase in hormones triggered by the sexual behaviors. So, even though asexual whiptail lizards populations lack males, sexual stimuli still increase reproductive success.

Certain species of gecko also reproduce by parthenogenesis. Some species of sexually reproducing geckos have been found to display homosexual behavior, e.

Jonathan , the world's oldest tortoise an Aldabra giant tortoise , had been mating with another tortoise named Frederica since In , it was discovered that Frederica was actually probably male all along, and was renamed Frederic.

There is evidence of same-sex sexual behavior in at least species of insects and arachnids. SSS behavior is often shorter than the equivalent heterosexual behavior. Yet, this list lacks detailed descriptions, and a more comprehensive summary of its prevalence in invertebrates, as well as ethology, causes, implications, and evolution of this behavior, remains lacking".

Male homosexuality has been inferred in several species of dragonflies the order Odonata. The cloacal pinchers of male damselflies and dragonflies inflict characteristic head damage to females during sex.

Male Drosophila melanogaster flies bearing two copies of a mutant allele in the fruitless gene court and attempt to mate exclusively with other males. Male bed bugs Cimex lectularius are sexually attracted to any newly fed individual and this results in homosexual mounting. This occurs in heterosexual mounting by the traumatic insemination in which the male pierces the female abdomen with his needle-like penis.

In homosexual mating this risks abdominal injuries as males lack the female counteradaptive spermalege structure. Males produce alarm pheromones to reduce such homosexual mating.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For homosexuality in humans, see Homosexuality. Seabird same-sex pairing and Seabird breeding behavior: Olympic marmot left and Hoary marmot right. Sexual behavior of lions. Animals portal LGBT portal. Biology and sexual orientation Cross species sex Freemartin Hermaphroditism in animals Homosexuality and psychology Innate bisexuality List of animals displaying homosexual behavior Non-human primate experiments Norms of reaction Plant sexuality Sexual orientation Sexual orientation and medicine disambiguation Xq Retrieved 25 March National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

Archived from the original on 13 July The Use and Abuse of Research into Homosexuality. Homosexual behavior occurs in more than different kinds of animals worldwide, and is found in every major geographic region and every major animal group.

Reprinted in Jahrbuch fur sexuelle Zwischenstufen 7 , pp. Diversity, gender and sexuality in nature and people , University of California Press , Berkeley, ; pp. A review of evidence and theory".

International Journal of Primatology. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge. The power of same-sex liaisons". The Genetics Society of America. The New York Times. Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. New York, New York: Homosexual Behavior In Animals: Archived from the original on May 28, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo. Retrieved October 6,

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